Fall Home Tour, Falling In Love with Rose Gold

Fall Home Tour, Falling In Love with Rose Gold

Welcome to my Fall Home Tour, as many of you know I am a big fan of fall, I just love pumpkin season. I am very excited to announce that this year my seasonal color palette inspiration is, Verdigris Patina.

Fall is always so beautiful and I just love all the beautiful harvest colors during the changing the season. This year I my Fall Home Tour, to add a little something to really make all of those beautiful fall colors pop. To create my color story of Verdigris Patina, I decided to pull a color from this summers hottest fashion trend, Rose Gold. Then I added in a selection of copper and bronze, all various ages and degrees of antiqued beauty. Just wait until you see what I decided to use for my fall tablescape. I promise this is about as verdigris and patina as you can get. I have also re purposed a lot of my decor this year, and shared all my best designer tips and tricks on how to make it look brand new, so you can save your pennies.
FALL FRONT PORCH 2018 JENRON DESIGNSSo as always I start out with our front porch. After an adventure to Burt’s Pumpkin Farm, our favorite north Georgia pumpkin patch, we decide on a selection of orange rustic looking pumpkins. I know, I actually bypassed the white pumpkins that I have coveted for the past 3 years, which I am so completely shocked that I did not buy a single one. In fact my husband even asked to make sure I just had not forgot to get some, lol. What I have noticed is that they do not show up on my porch, thus not creating the curb appeal I really desire. If you have a white or light brick home, that are uber popular right now, you find this also true for you as well.This year the oranger the pumpkin the better, so I went with these really bright orange, almost red looking beauties for the front porch. Along with sugar pumpkin varieties, which are more of the traditional orange color and have that perfectly round shape. They are usually reserved for making pies, so they may start to disappear off the porch as the season goes forward. We also snagged a few of the blaze pumpkins, which are considered strictly ornamental, they are the pretty yellow ones with green stripes.Fall Front Porch JENRON DESIGNSFor my mum selection, I know that it is kind of hard to tell what color they are right now, but I promise I will continue to post pictures on my Instagram as they begin to bloom; so be sure that you are following me over there. Also, you always want to buy mums that are buds like this, to get more life out of them. If you buy the mums that are already blooming and full of color, they will be dead within a week, so go green!Pumpkin & Mum FALL JENRON DESIGNSSo my mum are a mauve pink color, purple and red. I really felt like these colors would play nicely with all of the orange, copper and rose gold when they bloom. Since the rose gold has that pink undertone, it will be nice to have the mums in the shades of pink, burgundy and purple to play up that side of the color. Plus it is kind of unexpected to see that much orange and pink for the fall, and you know how I like to do unusual things. Mum adding a Pop of Color JENRON DESIGNSSo speaking of unusual things, do you remember these Rose Gold Pumpkins? Maybe from my Fall Harvest theme from last year? Can see them in the farmhouse wheelbarrow below, tucked in among the apples and pears? These were originally galvanized metal pumpkins I picked up at Hobby Lobby last fall for my porch last year. While I still love the pumpkins, I wanted them to look different, so I decided to spray paint them with copper paint and voila, brand new, on trend, pumpkins for this year.
Pumpkins Painted Rose Gold JENRON DESIGNSAnother decor feature I would like to talk about on my front porch new for this year is the fall wreath, or maybe I should say hoop. Funny story, I recently did a DIY Summer Hoop Wreath that I made out of a metal embroidery hoop. To be honest I really wanted a large wooden embroidery hoop, but at the time they were so popular that all my local craft stores were out of the larger sizes; so I just created something completely different with twine and a metal hoop.  Fall Front Porch JENRON DESIGNSWell, about 2 months later I was at a local antique store when I found this amazing huge old antique embroidery hoop, for $15! Which is less than what the local craft stores were charging for the new ones. Well you know I had to buy it, duh! Now I have a fun story and pretty new vintage hoop wreath for the season.Vintage Embroidery Hoop Wreath JENRON DESIGNS I decided to make it my fall wreath this year. I added the silver Welcome logo seen in the wreath from last Christmas. That was spray painted with the same copper paint as the pumpkins. Then the leaves were repurposed from last fall’s basket and now I have reinvented a brand new one of kind wreath, for this year, with the addition of my new antique market find.

Fall Embroidery Hoop Wreath JENRON DESIGNSThe last little stop on the front porch is my rocking chairs which I always have pillows in, but we will occasionally take a blanket out with us on cooler mornings with our cup of coffee. Not that we have had too many of those yet, but I still wanted to share these magnificent throws.Gather Pillows JENRON DESIGNSI found these at my local Home Goods! Now, I know that my local Target store has been carrying the Magnolia home collection, but that was my first time seeing her collection at Home Goods and for such amazing prices. I just want to say, the quality is everything you would expect it to be and they are amazing!Magnolia Blanket Jenron DesignsThis cute bucket below is another example of some of the Magnolia Home pieces that I recently found at my local Home Goods, on my most recent shopping trip. Also, you can also see my fall garland draped across the mantle. Again sticking with the verdigris color palette I have mixed green moss,  pine cones and fiery orange leaves. While it is yet another unexpected combination of flora and fauna, it still creates  a warm inviting feeling of a fall home. A Fall Mantle JENRON DESIGNSThis year I also decided to keep it pretty simple for the fall, so I can layer my Halloween decor in over the top of it in October. So I have a garland and few wheat sprigs that I changed out here and there, maybe adding in a few sticks or leaves, but all in all we kept it simple. Another great tips is you can use branches from your yard, as seen in my Tribute to The Birds Tablescape. Just spray them with a bug spray and leave them in your garage for a week, then hit them with a fun metallic spray paint.Branches on the Bar for Fall JENRON DESIGNSThe dining room is where I went all in. I guess you could say, I really wanted to create a memorable table to rival last year’s Fall Table 3 Ways with all that beautiful milk glass and those autumn hydrangeas.Autumn Hydrangea JENRON DESIGNSThis year I even repurposed those very same Autumn Hydrangea , which were already dried, as seen in the post from last year. However, this year I added a little bling to the party of course with our theme color of copper. By just adding a hint of spray paint to the petals as you can see below, I think the effect is truly beautiful and absolutely one of a kind.Drying Autumn Hydrangea JENRON DESIGNSThis is such a simple way to grow and even reuse your own homegrown flowers for holiday decor, in fact they would be beautiful for all kinds of holidays. You could paint them any color, maybe gold for Christmas or Thanksgiving, maybe giving them some pep and go pink, purple or even tie dyed for Easter, the possibilities are truly endless.Autumn Hydrangea Centerpiece JENRON DESIGNSPlus, they really do look so nice with my DIY Lucky Penny table runner, which is the true star of the Verdigris Patina show this fall.  Yes you heard me correctly, the table runner is constructed of copper colored and verdigris pennies. Talk about saving your pennies, LOL. I just love it when I coin a phrase!I gotta say, I fell in love with the penny idea long ago prior to any coin shortage, when Pinterest first started and people were doing floors and tables and everything with pennies. I have always wanted to a penny project, so when I was inspired to do a Verdigris Patina fall color theme, I knew pennies had be involved somehow.Pennies and Pumpkin for Fall JENRON DESIGNSVerdigris is a bright bluish-green encrustation formed on copper by atmospheric oxidation, while patina is a green or brown film on the surface of bronze or similar metals, produced by oxidation over a long period of time. Pennies have this happen naturally, over a period of time, and you can also create several patina colors to make the lovely mosaic patterns seen here. I have also be posted a complete DIY on how to create your own Lucky Penny Runner here on the blog. (Please note that this project was done way before the national coin shortage and all the coins were returned back to the system via my local coin star.)Penny Table Runner JENRON DESIGNSI really loved the overall effect and how this runner tied in with the fantastic Large Copper Flower Pots I was able to find at William Sonoma. I think that these copper flower pots are absolutely gorgeous and I can see myself using them for so many things in the future, so for me they were a real investment piece.Silk Kale and Pumpkin for Fall JENRON DESIGNSThe large silk winter kale heads are kind of an inside joke for me and my husband. Since recently we discovered that I have a kale intolerance. Do you even know how hard it is to find a bag of salad these days without kale in it? Yeah, super food, not for for me, I love it and it kills me, slowly from the inside out. So silk is the only way I can have kale in my home now, sad but true.Lucky Penny Tablescape for Fall JENRON DESIGNSAgain you might recognize the little pumpkins on the table from last year again seen in the post Recycle Your Pumpkins, with a little help from my friend copper spray paint, they are now good to go for this years Lucky Penny table. I decide to leave the the majority of green, white and taupe pumpkins from last year the same, since they worked with the Verdigris Patina theme.

Lucky Penny Tablesetting JENRON DESIGNSJust to dress up the farmhouse rustic white chargers I added a few of the more unique pennies we found during the separation process as a boarder to the edge. The nice part about using hot glue, you can add them on this season and literally pop them off next season, I mean seriously talk about saving your pennies, am I right?Lucky Penny Charger JENRON DESIGNSSo, check out the funny little kitty cat penny we found in one of the bank rolls. Can you guess who’s place setting that might belong too? Yes of it is my place setting, I believe we should do nice things for ourselves that make us smile, even if no else notices.Pumpkins for Fall JENRON DESIGNSSometimes it is just having the unexpected touches of fall, like these fun Gremlin gourds and Pokemon pumpkins in the kitchen. The green and black tones in no way feel like a traditional fall, but when used in a grouping as we have clustered them on the kitchen counter you are still creating a fall setting.Leaves and Feather for Fall JENRON DESIGNSI have also added a few more fall leaves in a few of our outdoor areas like the sleeping porch and the outdoor fireplace. Just to add a few more touches and hints of fall since the leaves are not yet turning and everything is still very green here. I hope you have enjoyed this years Fall Home Tour, please check back next week for the full DIY tutorial on how to make your own DIY Lucky Penny Table Runner and the full details on the Lucky Penny Tablescape.

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Fall Home Tour Rose Gold JENRON DESIGNSAlso if you are looking for a few more Fall Inspirational ideas check out our Fall Y’all word link in the sidebar, to see all things fall. A few of my fall favorites for this time of year, are the Hot Caramel Apple Toddy’s and my famous Cheddar Cheese Crust Apple Pie!

Hot Caramel Apple Toddy JENRON DESIGNS

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  4. Suzy Lummus

    I Love all your designs! I have re created several and look forward to any time you post. Would love to come if you ever had time to do local how to clinics.
    Keep posting!

  5. Your displays are so beautiful. Fall is one of my favorite times to decorate because I love the colors! I have so many pennies lying around – so I’m really looking forward to the table runner DIY!

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  14. Hey Alys!!! I think you may have been one of the first people I told about this project 😀 I am so glad that it has inspired you the rose gold and copper are so pretty together 😉

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  16. Hey Suzy thank you so much for all the amazing emails and supportive notes. I would love to catch up with you soon 🙂 I have several great things coming up on the calender, so I will absolutely keep you posted about the DIY panels I will be hosting. I apologize about the one this Thursday being cancelled, it really is a bummer when things like that happen, but such as life. We just move on to the next thing, LOL 😛

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    I have never decorated for autumn/Fall, it’s not really a thing in the UK. I enjoy watching all the beautiful pumpkins you put around your home and how you have taken pride in making your home beautiful.😊

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    God, I love fall and I LOVE your home, can you decorate mine? I so look forward to your posts because yes, you may put my home to shame but you also inspire me to try new things and really up my decor game. Thank you for the tour, I love all of the details and fall touches. That table is to die for!

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