The Farmhouse Harvest Fall Home Tour

 The Farmhouse Harvest Fall Home Tour

Hi everyone, welcome to The Farmhouse Harvest Fall Home Tour. I hope you are all enjoying your fall so far. I know we sure are, and this cooler weather has been very much appreciated.

Well, as the sign on my front door says “Welcome to Our Home”. This is where we will start our Fall Home Tour, The Farmhouse Harvest. We are really excited to host our first fall home tour on the blog. I will be joining a talented group of home decor and design bloggers to bring you a link party home tour so you can get the full fall experience.We can start at my front door arrangement, which consist of multi colored leaves, wheat and rye. The grapevine basket is an item I have had for years. I found it on a girls day out adventure, purchased from a cute little floral shop located in Senoia, GA. Incidentally that is where they film the Walking Dead, if you are fan. I scored this cute welcome sign at Hobby Lobby, as it was the last one at my local store……. of course did not have a price tag…… which could only mean one thing, it had to be mine, lol.When I was originally planning the harvest decor for the front porch I was thinking that I would put a more colorful pillows out for the fall, but I just loved the saying on  these cute pillow covers. I also picked up a half dozen of these pretty merlot plaid throw blankets, so you will see them everywhere, specifically for outdoor use, since the price was right, at 40% off, wink wink.
My dear, sweet, husband hand built all the apple crates and this beautiful wheelbarrow for me, at my request. Why because he is awesome, but mainly because I could not find the size, shape or style wheelbarrow that I wanted. For those of you that may not know my husband had shoulder surgery on August 11th for a Labral tear. So, he was actually building this 4 weeks after his shoulder surgery, and he literally it while still in a sling, with his non-dominant, left arm. I am telling you the man has skills, mad crazy, building skills. Upon entering my home feel free to drop off your coat, hat or bag while you enjoy the rest of my home tour. This is our lovely DIY Shiplap Drop Zone also built by my super talented husband. I really love that I can use it as a decorating vignette for every season, and it is also a functional space, since our coat closet is near our garage door not the front entryway.
Directly across from the drop zone is our dining room. This year I decided not to put any orange on my table, because I was using the vintage milk glass as a focal. So I chose to keep an all white, sage and ivory color theme on the table as a very classic look. Why does fall have to be orange, red and yellow? Here is Georgia everything is still green, LOL. I did post an article on how to easily convert your table for the seasons called a Table 3 Ways, for The Busy Holiday Season. Be sure to check  it out to see how I will transform this autumn table, to a spooky Halloween table, then into a festive Thanksgiving Day table for a family gathering. I figured out of all my pretty tablescape pictures, and I just had to include the one with, my sweet kitty, Ralphy in the window. This will truly give you a sense of my home, in a nutshell. You see I have so many cats, I actually decorate with them, lol. At least he is not on the table this time, I guess there were too many candles for him, and he thought it would be a fire hazard.This table was inspired by a beautiful entry I received on my weekly hashtag I created and host on my Instagram account, called #farmhousedesignrules. The picture was of a beautiful antique vanity with pillar candles in milk glass vases. When I saw it over the summer I just knew that inspiration would be my fall tablescape, add in some green moss, fresh cotton, and pale colored pumpkins.Over on the buffet, I have a second set of galvanized pumpkins flanking my pheasant feather designed cornucopia. This cornucopia arrangement is made with silk magnolias, real cotton bolls, mercury balls and pheasant feathers. Just the perfect touch for fall and keeping with the neutral design of the tablescape.Meanwhile, another one of my felines, Khaleesi,  has decided to”gather” herself in a sunny spot on one of my, pull to the table, dining chairs. You know it is hard work living in the Gainer house, I tell you, lol. I will let her snooze but she was just too cute not to take a picture and add her to the post. Moving on, across from the dining room is our living room. I have decide to keep this are very simple just added a few fall colored leaves to a glass jar. Which match my favorite throws we picked up from England at Kew Gardens, tucked over an old  rustic ladder. I added small stem of fresh picked cotton in the corner vases to carry the fall harvest theme throughout the house.As we head back into the great room I have relocated the decorative birch logs to a pretty basket beside the fireplace, to make room for the seasoned firewood which will be put to use, as soon as it cold enough to lite a fire. We are so lucky to have a wood burning fireplace in our home, since builders today are moving away from building them. I have to say I would own a home without one.I carried stems of the same type of leaves into the great room too, along with some great new plum throws and cuddly gray pillows of varying fur varieties. Nothing say fall quite like snuggly soft pillows and throws. The Mongolian fur pillow seen below, may be my absolute favorite out of the whole bunch. It soft and fuzzy like a small animal, but unlike my felines I can pet it whenever I want too. That was a total cat joke, for all my cat people out there. Now let’s head on upstairs to our humble abode, the master bedroom. Again, I kept things super simple just adding in some more of those fall colored leaves and merlot throws, blankets and quilts. We recently changed out our bedding to an all white quilt and comforter set which makes seasonal changes so quick and easy to implement.I also purchased a new heating blanket for the foot of the bed in a beautiful charcoal gray. Not only does it keep our feet warm, but the cats love it too, especially our 18 year old that hates how cold we keep the house. Now with 20 settings and a, keep on feature, she never has a day that she can’t find a warm place to curl up and sleep in the house.I also added some fall feather to an existing floral piece. Sometimes the easiest way to dress up area for the season is to shop your home. Just add season pick to existing pieces already in your home, and now you have a brand new seasonal item. It gives the space a more organic feel since it is something that normally lives in that space. This is our quilt basket that normally stays on the Sleeping Porch, located off of our master bedroom. I always make sure to have plenty of soft waterproof blankets and throws along with the latest and greatest reading materials for the season.
This is one of our two guest rooms. It was designed for the children, of our guests, so it has twin beds to allow for extra sleeping capacity.  I always keep soft chunky faux fur blankets at the foot of the beds, great for story time or sipping a cup of cocoa before bed time. Keeping that in mind we might be having younger guests, I like to add fun little touches like a stuffed owl, our Harry Potter Books and a trick or treat jar on the night stand full of candies.A few fall leaves added to an existing floral arrangement gives the room that easy farmhouse fall feeling. This guest room carries a gray and orange color story so the rustic orange leaves that we did not use anywhere else, were perfect for this room.This is the final room inside the house, which is a second guest bedroom. This room is normally a gray and yellow color story, so the merlot plaid with the touches of yellow work perfectly in this room and really make those fun pillows pop.  I added a few dried autumn hydrangea to the night stand just to make it homey and inviting.Check out these fun antique 1970’s Avon after shave bottles, they make a conversation starter in this room. I really love to use the quail and goose bottles in the fall. A fun story about these bottles, they belonged to my husband, given to him as a childhood Christmas gift, from long ago, these bottles are over 30 years old, and (unfortunately) still house the original Wild Country and Windjammer fragrances. Guess they were not his signature scent, lol.Notice I said last room inside the house, now we can head out to backyard. Of course I had to add a cozy blanket and pillows to the truck bench, which is by far one of our favorite places to cuddle.  It’s close enough to the outdoor fireplace but yet it is still in a covered porch area. This is our outdoor living space and fireplace. Yes, I even decorated my outdoor fireplace. I added a few fall colored leaves surely some will be showing up soon. I have a feeling we will spend a lot of time out here this fall as the weather get cooler. Last weekend we had a few Caramel Apple Toddy’s by the fire and it was marvelous. Check out the link to get the recipe, I promise you will love it.I hope you enjoyed my leg of our Fall Home Tour, The Farmhouse Harvest. Be sure to check out all of our participating home decor bloggers at the link below. I promise you won’t want to miss out on these talented ladies.


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  1. Love Decor

    Wow, wow and wow you house is beautiful, I am so excited that you released a Fall Home Tour, I was wondering if you planned to one. If this fall….I am so excited to see what you do for Christmas. Oh my goodness I just can’t wait! Hugs and Kisses, Jessie

  2. dee thomson

    Beautiful Jen!

  3. Wanda. Cain

    Everything is so lovely! I expected no less from you. Attention to every detail is your superpower! Great job!!

  4. Thank you Ms.Cain!!! I really appreciate that you follow me, and my work. Just think, it all started with learning roof lines, in your interiors class, I was sold and knew design would be the life for me 🙂

  5. Beautiful fall style and you have a gorgeous home!

  6. Tiara Hodum

    Some truly nice stuff on this web site, I enjoy it.

  7. Waiting on Prince Charming

    Oh my gosh you house is beautiful. How old is it? I ask because it looks very new. I would love to have a big ol’ pretty house like yours. So if you ever want to trade let me know. I am so excited to see the rest of your holiday stuff, you have really got me going with the Fall Home Tour!

  8. I adore your home! I love all your thoughtful fall touches, I’m struggling to pick my favourite! Your dining table is spectacular and I am obsessed with your truck bench! Thank you so much for letting us in your home!

  9. Thanks for stopping by, and for the thoughtful comment. I am so happy to share my home with great bloggers like yourself. I am excited to say I have a Halloween edition coming up soon and don’t get me started about Christmas!!! It is my absolute favorite!!! Make sure to check back for my tree lighting after Thanksgiving.

  10. Your home is so lovely! Yay for an awesome building husband! I love all of the fall touches!

  11. OMG Girrrrrl!! You are a fall festive decorating queen! I love your entire porch and your dining tablescape and your patio….ok, all of it!! Way to go!

  12. Thanks Emy, yeah he is a total keeper! He built that wheelbarrow, in a sling 4 weeks after shoulder surgery, with his non dominate arm.

  13. Awww thanks Tina!!!! Now I getting ready for the ORC, so excited and I can’t wait to see your project too 🙂

  14. Your home is amazing! I just love that little owl in the kids guest room and your drop zone and all the throws. And that tablescape is breathtaking! It makes me want to curl up in one of your chairs and visit with you!!

  15. I am soooo in love with your home! Especially that gorgeous front porch! All of your fall decor is just perfect too! Loving the milk glass vases as candle holders for your table setting – so smart!

  16. OMG your house is gorgeous! You have given me so many ideas that my head is swimming. I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!!!!!!

  17. Seun

    Your home is absolutely the most gorgeous thing I have ever laid eyes on! I love that you are a participant in the Fall Home Tour Blog Hop. The internet has just got a little bit more interesting.

  18. Rebecca Mackay

    I LOVE you home!!!!!! I could move in to it right now and not change a thing. I can not wait to see you Christmas Tour I am sure as always it will be a glorious show stopper!!!!!! Also wanted to say I love that basket you have with the blankets, where did you get it? Oh and I also love those really great white candle holders too, on the dining table. Anyways, I can not say enough about your beautiful house, keep posting because love seeing it all.

  19. Alicia @ What a Difference A Day Makes

    Okay now I really feel like a stalker. I have read 6 articles today, and now taken a full on home tour of your beautiful house. I am signing up for you newsletter because I am now officially an addict of your home decor and designs. Take care I will be back soon after I, seriously this time, go do the laundry!!!!!

  20. Brandi

    Absolutely beautiful! Love the great room!

  21. Cristina

    Your house is so beautiful and welcoming. I love your dining area! Also, the outdoor fireplace is truly dreamy!

  22. Heather

    I decided to pop over to your Home Tour as I saw it listed on the sidebar. (Good layout by the way) I just wanted to let you know you home is beautiful, every thing I would want in a house. It’s light and airy, the rooms feel so large. Your porch looks like it belong on the cover of Better Homes and Garden, and don’t; get me started on your back yard with the fireplace. I love it all.


    I really love you home, thanks for such a pretty fall home tour. Your dining table is stunning, and oh my gosh you kitchen is exactly what I want for my next house.

  24. Wow your house is gorgeous!!! You did a amazing job decorating it!!

  25. GA Peach

    Your home is absolutely beautiful! Your porch is absolutely stunning for the fall, I wish I was your neighbor, I would be so proud to live next to someone with all your talent. I must say your blog has kept me very excited all day, and I can not stop looking at all your great posts.

  26. You are so sweet thank you for all the kind comments, I appreciate you following me 🙂

  27. I should start by saying you have a beautiful house. Loved the cosy corners, everything is so welcoming and that dining table decor is the epitome of elegance. Absolutely in love with the fall-inspired decor! Thanks for sharing!!

  28. Nice decorations! I can really feel the season with the look of your home. – Peng

  29. Kelly Goodwin

    You home is absolutely the prettiest thing I have ever seen. I need you come decorate my home, pretty please. I am very excited to see what you will do fro Christmas!

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  31. Tara Rigsby

    You home is delight to tour and thank you for graciously opening it up to the world. I hope all your feedback has been positive, I know as a blogger, you can get some trolls out there. Just know you have a following of people that really like what they are seeing from you, and clearly want more. We all just want to show you our support and love from the blogosphere.

  32. Fix it Up

    You have such a beautiful home it is hard to believe that you are adding so many upgrades to a already beautiful space. It will be a showplace after your are done that is for sure. Good luck on all your endeavors.

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    Okay now I have a better picture of your glorious home. It is all beautiful and you have done a exceptional job decorating it. It is a comfortable feel, not overly staged and feels like a real home, but it could still hold it’s own with the magazine pictures too.

  36. Nailil

    Your home is tight, I mean girl, you have got it going on. Thanks for the invite in to see what’s what, and how to spice up the fall decor. Take notes and going shopping.

  37. Brianna Hatch

    Thank you for allowing the entire internet to tour your home, it is beautiful. I personally loved it and can not wait until your Christmas Home Tour. Super excited to see what you do. How many trees do you actually put up? We are a two tree household one pretty “don’t touch” and one “family art” tree.

  38. Hi Brianna, thank you for join us on the Fall Home Tour I am so glad you enjoyed it. To answer you question we put up 4 tress last year, one 15′ tree and three 8′ trees. Each of them have a theme similar to yours, so be sure to check in to see our theme this year. I just love Christmas, I used to be custom tree designer for a large company and I was also a seasonal designer for 3 local event homes. Now I just concentrate on my own home and share ideas through my blog.

  39. Kendall | Is it nap time yet?

    This is really a great idea, thank you! I loved being able to peer inside your charming southern home. It is perfection and everything that I hoped for, adding your to rss bookmark feed so I can find you easily on my next visit.

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    I remember back when Home Tours where all the rage the Street of Dreams, Designers Ally, and now The Milton Home Tour, which is this weekend, Are you a part of it? If not you should be, I will chat up the ladies and see what we can work out. 🙂

  41. I do know that is is this weekend, I tried to get tickets and you guys were sold out in 30 minutes flat!!! I went on the wait list but apparently nothing has opened up. Can you help a girl out?

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  44. Tatum Sanderford

    I do not have my own home yet, I am actually getting married next year, but I wanted to say I love your home, the decor and floorpan it is all just perfect. I also notice you are a floral designer, do you have a link for your flower pictures? I am pretty sure that your will not be coming to Denver CO just do my flowers but I like your style so I wanted to see what you would recommend for a June wedding.

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    You’re so cool! I don’t suppose I’ve seen anything like this before. A blogshop Home Tour, am I correct on that? What will you guys think of next? So good to some authentic ideas and a little bit originality. Thanks for bringing something new to the web!

  46. Hey Ramona, yes I am working on putting together a Christmas Home Tour together as we speak. I hope you come back to see it, Christmas is my favorite so it will be very festive. 😀

  47. Ramona Mitchell

    Your house is amazing, and the fall home tour is exactly what I hoped to see. Are you doing a Christmas Tour? If so I can’t wait to see it!

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    You have a beautiful and it such a blessing that you share it with us. I have gotten so much inspiration for fall decor and the entire post just makes me smile. Thanks~

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    You home is so beautiful for the holidays I would love to be a part of the next big home tour. Pls check out my web page as nicely and let me know what you think.

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    Well now my fall is complete, your home for filled everything I could want in a fall home tour. It’s possible to now look ahead to the future and Christmas is right around the corner. Thanks very much for this high quality picture and sensible help. I won’t hesitate to endorse your web page to anyone your the tops!

  52. Maryann Barker

    I had to check out your Fall Home Tour since I was already here for the ORC release today. You have a beautiful home and did a great job decorating for the fall.

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  57. Hi Kaitlyn yes it is kind of on the bigger side of homes. It is 3,900 sq/ft finished space and a little over 5,500 with our currently unfinished basement. Thanks for stopping by 🙂 Be sure to check out of holiday home tour!!!

  58. Morgan Vantassel

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    I am happy for the suggestions for fall decor as well as I sincerely hope you realize what a great job you have been getting into instructing many people via your web blog.

  65. I am so glad you enjoyed the Fall Home Tour, this was actually the first one I have done for the Fall and yes I will be doing a Christmas Home Tour as well. I am just trying to get all my fantastic home blogging participants signed up, so be sure to check back in around the first of December for all those details.

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  97. I always wait until after Labor Day, it’s just a southern thing I guess, no white after labor only pumpkins!

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