A Tale of a Table 3 Ways

A Tale of a Table 3 Ways

How to Design a Fall Table Setting for 3 holidays: A simple Set it and forget it process! Here is how to take one beautiful base tablescape and change it up for 3 holidays this fall.

I am sure everyone can agree that the autumn season can be a very busy time of year. Holiday gatherings and family functions, on top of football season and all the fun fall festivals, it is enough to make ones head swim. That is what inspired me to make a tablescape that could easily be converted into 3 tables just by adding and eliminating a a few decorative items throughout the season.This is our base autumn tablescape filled with pumpkins, green moss and farmhouse cotton.  The focal point is the ton of milk glass vases topped with white taper candles. It is simple, yet it makes a huge statement when you look at it, plus it can add ambient dinner lighting. This is our “Haunted Mansion” Halloween tablescape. I simply added in black silk roses the existing centerpiece and by removing a few candles, I was able to add some additional black roses to a few of the milk glass vases. Keep in mind these are not just any roses. Do you feel like someone is watching you? Well it’s the roses, they are alive and looking back at you, with evil glowing eyes. For my Farm Fresh Thank-Full-ness Tablescape I removed all the black roses, and added in some of my beautiful dried autumn hydrangea. These blossoms were use as a fresh table centerpiece for my Bushel and Peck Table  over a month ago. Now that the blooms have dried they will last for years, or at least months until you grow tired of them.  Since they are the autumn hydrangea they have a lovely touch fuchsia and purple and brown which goes lovely with our Thanksgiving table theme. Now let’s take a closer look at the actual place setting for each of these tables. We started with a basic formal white china setting, which could actually be reused again for a formal Thanksgiving Day dinner. Layer with a galvanized charger to pull the silver out of the china while adding a casual feeling. Layered linens also add a touch of elegance to the setting. For our Halloween table we removed the tea cup and saucer  and replaced it with a spooky cameo place card marker. This is really fun idea, especially if you can get the actual silhouette of your guest to be, from a profile photo. Honestly, I am not sure why I find these black and white cameos so spooky, but they just evoke a classy haunted house experience. I imagine if you were to dine in a haunted house this is what the formal dining table might look like, so I call it under stated creepy. For our Thanksgiving Day table I eliminated the galvanized silver charger and replaced it with warmer more casual burlap charger. I utilized  my casual basket weave china and added a fun themed turkey plate from Pottery Barn. I decided to kept the solid gray napkins and added in a burnt orange napkin for some additional visual interest. It is okay to layer your napkins and linens it creates texture on your table.  I placed the orange napkin only on the underside of the plate to loosely emulate a turkey’s “snood”. If you are unfamiliar with what snood is, it is the reddish orange thing on a tom turkey’s beak.
Designer Tip- I like to pick classic items that can be reworked into many different design combinations. That’s a sure way to get the most use from them.

The Designer Details:

Honestly I am going to tell you , they key ingredient to any decorating, event or entertaining is in the details. What will set your table, home, or your life apart from everyone else is attention to details. People will notice and appreciate the little things or unexpected surprises that sets an ordinary design idea or concept apart from all the others. REPURPOSED DESIGN or UPCYCLING– For this fun original tablescape centerpiece I repurposed these pumpkins. Literally, the pumpkins you see on the table are the exact same ones from this wreath. Which I made in 2012 for my previous front door. Be sure to check out my previous the post on how to Recycle Your Pumpkins for all the details on this project. It is amazing what a little imagination, vision, and spray paint can do.For my Halloween Table I utilized cameo pictures instead of place cards. I tried to match up attributes of my guest to each of the cameo silhouettes. My original plan was to print out profile pictures of people and black them out with a sharpie, cut away from the backdrop and then reprint. However you would be surprised how hard it is to find a good silhouette of people, in modern day pictures.  This next unexpected detail that helps to create this spooky vignette table is to draw the curtains and light up some candles. It truly helps that my curtains are gray, an unexpected bonus. Also in most boarded up old haunted houses most rooms have no natural light and heavy dark curtains (usually covered in dust) blocking the windows.Finally, I added a the creepy factor by gluing eyeballs to the center of the faux roses. How unnerving is it when you sit down that you realize that the flowers are actually staring back at you. For this project I purchased black roses and glass eyes, then just hot glued the eye deep into the center of the roses.The final outcome is a subtle kind of creepy, which goes perfectly with our Haunted Mansion theme. I decided to use two different types of eyeballs to illustrate the different looks you can achieve. The one below is based on human eyes and come in brown, blue and green. While the creepy glass monster eyes peeking out of the center of the flower give more of a fantasy or mystical monster vibe. Either way the end result is fantastically eerie, whichever eyes you choose.The last detail I would like to point out are the Autumn Hydrangeas, which do require “prior, proper, planning”. You must make sure to clip and dry the hydrangea in early autumn. I personally recommend late August to late September. Once cut them, you then can put them into a vase or bucket and leave them until they are completely dry. Check out my article on Autumn Hydrangea for my information. I hope you have enjoyed my post about a Table done 3 ways. My hope is that no matter who you are, these tips will enable you to save time and money to enjoy these holidays to their fullest. Hopefully these resources will let people think that you worked really hard on your table, but by utilizing these simple steps I promise you will be done in flash.


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3 fall festive tables JENRON DESIGNS
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    I love that you are showing us how to layout a table 3 way for the fall season. It is hard as a busy mama to keep up with everything, so this concept makes my life a whole bunch easier. Also thank for mot breaking the bank with the supplies, that is the best part, I can see why you blog is so popular. I must take my friend out for coffee as a thank you for referring me.

  2. Torri Sykes

    Your table is sheer perfection! Thank for showing me 3 options, in such a simple manner. I wish more bloggers would do this type of post. They should keep things that a relevant to ordinary people. I imagine their area lot of busy mommies and working women that could benefit from this type of plan.

  3. I really love your dining room! Thank you for doing a post that shows your beautiful table as it transitions and progresses through the autumn season. Also thank you posting in enough time I can copy you. 😉

  4. tj.girl

    Now this is my kind of decorating, set it once and forget, no truer words for a busy mama like me. Great post I will have to mention during carpool pickup at school to get you more followers.

  5. Cat Vonburen

    Jen, I love this idea. You are making decorating even simpler for those of us not born with your creative thumb. I really think I could actually pull this off.

  6. Alicia @ What a Difference A Day Makes

    I love these tables, and how you easily converted them for each holiday. My favorite is the Haunted Mansion table, you are right those eyeball roses our pretty creepy, I could not imagine sitting down and feeling like something was looking at you. Talk about a living centerpiece! Those cameos turned out really great too, thanks for the printable!

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  149. Thank you it released December 11th so be sure to make your calendar!

  150. Hi Rebecca, You counted right there are 21 milk glass bud vases. I got most of them at a local antique store called The Green Bean Exchange. The rest I already had from my mom and grandmother’s collections. Thanks for stopping in and leaving a comment 🙂

  151. Thanks for stopping by. Sorry, no I am not a trained photographer. I just got a good camera, and I eye for what I like. No training needed lol.

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  166. Hey Julie thanks for stopping by!!! I did have a few piece that belonged to my mom, but the majority of it I had to go find at thrift stores and antique shops. I got lucky and found a whole bunch for $3-5 a vase last year so I bought them all.

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  169. Hi Darlene thanks for visiting my site and leaving such great comment. I saw a picture on Instagram, where a lady had used them a candle holders on a old antique dressing table. She had grouped a few together for a vignette picture. I can still draw a clear picture of it to this day, and it really resonated with me. I knew that I would have to do something similar on a grander scale, if not for wedding inspiration than as a over the top tablescape, which I tend to do regularly.

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  179. Hi Teresa thank you for the sweet comment. Yes I had a Easter table last year called the Bunny Picnic, link here http://jenron-designs.com/the-bunny-picnic/ You can see all of my table ideas at the “Design to Table” tab if you are just looking for tablescape inspirations.

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  190. Ashley, I think that is absolutely a brilliant idea, and I love the sentiment behind the gratitude flowers. I hope you plan to let you kids create a few as well 🙂 they would love it. I can wait to see your pictures once you get the table created for Thanksgiving this year, please make sure to tag me or email me so I can see them 🙂

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  194. Wow has it posted already??? I gave permission for it to be used, but I was not sure if it had been released yet? Can you send me the link and I would love to see it 🙂

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