Recycle Your Pumpkins

Recycle Your Pumpkins

Ask The Designer: I have been asked for tips to budget decorate for the holidays to save money.

Sometimes the holidays just sneak up on you. It’s mid October and you find your wallet get stretched in ways you had not planned- Costumes, parties, neighborhood events, and fall festivals. I find if you are working with a budget it is always good to shop your own home first. Maybe you saved something that can be upcycled into a new piece for the holiday.  Today I would like to show how I recycled or upcycled some of my Fall Decorations from years ago. 

So this was my front door wreath circa 2012. (Please excuse the horribly grainy picture, as I had no idea I would be a blogging about this 5 years later….LOL) At the time this wreath beautifully adorned the front door of my home.  I had so many people that loved it, I made 7-8 just like it for customers, friends, and family. I kept the wreath into the next year but by the third year 2014 I wanted something new. So I disassembled the pumpkins and used them in vases and baskets, and bowls around my home. I decided this year that I wanted to eliminate the traditional orange from my dining table, so I decided to spray the pumpkins from above with these 3 colors of spray paint, to create a shabby chic table. I taped off the stems and divided the pumpkins into two sets. I sprayed them all with a white primer paint, and cited for them to dry. Then I sprayed half the pumpkins sage and the other half taupe. Once dry I removed the tape and hand painted the stems with a brown craft paint. 

As you can see the final product is fantastic. The old faded orange pumpkins now looks brand new and carry a modern current day vibe.  It always amazes me what can be done with a can of spray paint and a little imagination. 


  1. You blow me away, this is such a great tip, and very frugal for those of us out here on a budget. Not everyone can afford to go buy new for the holidays, we are to busy buying presents, but it is a great way to upgrade what we already have. Thank you sod much I really love your site and I am a big fan!

    • Thank Laronda, I appreciate your candor and your love for my blog. It is the fans like you that inspire me to come up more unique ideas to keep you all interested. 🙂 Happy Holidays!!!

  2. Girl this is a really great idea, I am new to your blog, but I gotta say your content and ideas are out of this world. Great job!!!

  3. I can really get behind your ideas, you are showing us all how to conserve and be beautiful at the same time. I like what you stand and the projects that your do.

  4. You have some really great ideas, I would have never thought to just paint my decor a different color. Honestly I can’t believe I literally never thought of that!

  5. I think spray painting them was the best option to update them, but your original wreath was pretty too. I would have just been happy to use it too. You are just so creative.

  6. I have got to remember this technique for next fall, but in that same vein I have been spray painting a few of my Christmas decorations. Thanks for the inspiration.

  7. So should I paint hem now or next year? I was thinking just store them away and pick new colors next year.

  8. A very nice way to recycle older decorations from past holidays. How very green of you!

  9. Love this, I decided to hit mine with a little gold spray paint this morning after reading your post. I will send you a finish picture!

  10. Wow you could literally do this every year and make it look new just by changing up the colors, because pumpkins do not change there shapes, lol

  11. Okay this such a good idea, especially for us budget-wise new home owner. Save where you can thanks for the tips.

  12. I am impressed with how easy this change up was, and how you took existing pumpkins and repurposed them.

  13. Spray painting pumpkins, clearly I am missing something, but the table looks great.

  14. Too funny that you just sprayed painted them, I bet people though you spent a fortune on new ones, lol

  15. Perfect way to change up a table for the holidays, love that you give spray painted the pumpkins to match a decor style.

  16. I was looking for an easy way to make a Thanksgiving Day table, thank you so much I will be picking up spray paint today!

  17. Well here is a concept for an easy centerpiece, that looks different from Halloween. Do you have to use spray paint or can you hand paint them too?

    • Zandra I think you can do whatever feels right for you. A hand painted version would be very pretty too. You could add leaves, words, scrolls or dots and really customize your look. I just used spray for even coating and a fast finish, since I was on a time crunch. Thanks for stopping by the blog see you soon!

  18. Such a great idea, I wonder how many people look at this and think, why did not think if doing this, I know I did.

  19. Clearly I am going to add you to my rss feed, you have so many great ideas and I just don’t have the time today to read them all. Don’t worry I am a fan and will be back soon.

  20. I love how you spray painted those pretty pumpkins, now that is not something I had thought of before.

  21. I love that you can change up your table every year with the spray painting the pumpkins, such a great idea, very green and eco friendly.

  22. I spray the shit out of everything. If it’s ugly I spray paint it, if it’s rusty I spray paint it. So I am totally loving your mindset.

  23. I really like how these turn the colors you picked out are perfect for that table.

  24. This is a great idea for changing up between the years to make what you have look different. Thanks for the inspo.

  25. Such great idea to just spray paint them. I love to up-cycle stuff like that all the time.

  26. I love how you spray painted the orange metallic and made a entirely different look, such a great idea for a Halloween to Thanksgiving transition.

  27. We love how green you are, and that you reuse things that are perfectly good. No need to always buy new.

  28. Recycling like this will really help the earth, glad to see a designer taking this approach to such a serious topic.

  29. Oh I get it now you recycled your pumpkins from a previous craft project, I was thinking you might have posted on how to recycle and grow pumpkins from the seeds.

  30. You are very crafty and full of great ideas. Thanks for sharing them with us!

  31. I am surprised that you were able to make something so pretty with last years leftovers, you are brilliant.

  32. Now this is really a ingenious idea, and I am really loving it. 3 months out of pumpkins who wouldn’t like that?

  33. Hey! I just want to give an enormous thumbs up for the nice information you have here on this post. I will probably be coming back to your blog for more soon.

  34. The look you created by spray painting the pumpkins is great, you could literally do this every year and change the look over and over as long as they hold up. Great idea.

  35. That table is so pretty and it is hard to believe those are leftover wreath pumpkins. I feel like everything you touch turns to gold.

  36. Now thats a great idea, love the before and after pictures, shows your inspiration and create flair.

  37. Such a good idea. I could do think with my orange & black Halloween ones and make them look totally different for Thanksgiving. Like white and teal. Hmmmmmm this is a great idea.

  38. Okay this is a great idea, I love that it used to be a wreath and you had a picture of the before, that is awesome! What a beneficial re-work there!

  39. Wow I love the before and after pictures, that is great, and shows off your talent.

  40. Spray paint, now why did I not thing of that? You have just insipred me for next year!

  41. Well I wish I had seen this before Halloween but honestly now I can take the orange ones from Halloween and make them more classy for Thanksgiving, now look who’s studying you article and mixing her own ideas. Thanks for all the good inspiration.

  42. Oh I thinkI will paint my left over pumpkins brown and turquoise blue to go with my Thanksgiving day table! Such a great idea, thanks!

  43. What a cheeky idea, I really like you ability to rework something old and make it look fresh and new!

  44. This is a really great idea, and I still have time to do it before Thanksgiving, yay!

  45. Ah ha the perfect thing to do with my leftover pumpkins, the turkey’s are adorable!!!

  46. There are some great ideas in this article even if Halloween is over, I can still use them for Thanksgiving. Good article , thanks and we want more! Added to FeedBurner as pumpkins properly

  47. Good idea this is the type of earth saving ideas I like to see in a blogger. No waste, good job.

  48. Your blog is really jam-packed with fun projects and ideas. So glad I stumbled upon you. Booking marking to rss feed.

  49. Such a great idea wish I had seen it earlier, but now I know where you are so Christmas I will be on it!

  50. I enjoyed the reading, and submit that folks think decorating is easy, but it not. Someone has to come up with the ideas, guess your it. Thanks!

  51. This is the suitable weblog for anybody doing holiday decor. You understand so much how the rest of the world operates and career to those people. You undoubtedly put a brand new spin on a subject thats been written about for years. Great stuff, just great!

  52. Amazing how you did something so simple, and came up with a entirely new look. I must remember spray is my friend. Thank you for the whole lot!

  53. Spot on with this write-up, I actually suppose this web site wants way more consideration. I will be back again to read further, thanks for this great fall decor info.

  54. Decided to take a gander at the rest of your site. I would like to express, thanks to you again for being a budget friendly designer. I will absolutely suggest your blog to all my friends and neighbors, we are all first time home buyer and need some help in the area.

  55. Thanks a lot for giving everyone an extraordinarily brilliant possiblity to reuse old decor and make it new again.

  56. Thanks so much for providing individuals with remarkably brilliant possiblitiesrigth at there own finger tips.

  57. This web page can be a great green article. We appreciate environmental conscious decisions like recycling and up cycling, that for helping raise the awareness.

  58. A lot of thanks for all of your hard work on this blog. Your doing a terrific job. This post alone has saved me a ton of money for fall decor.

  59. You always have a great money saving tips! Thanks for sharing them with the rest of us. I still can’t believe you beautiful table was created with leftover metallic pumpkins… turned out so good.

  60. I want to express thanks to you just for rescuing me from such a pumpkin crisis. After scouting through the patch and pitching unproductive ideas to my family. Your site and personal kindness helped me sort out my fall pumpkin scape this year.

  61. Howdy! I simply want to give an enormous two thumbs up for the good info you’ve gotten right here on this post. I might be coming again to your weblog for extra read soon.

  62. 멋진 블로그, 그리고 난 정말 당신이 어떻게 당신의 호박을 재사용 사랑해. 눈사람 너무 귀 엽 다.

    Translation: Great blog, and I really love how you reused your pumpkins. The snowman is so cute.

  63. Thank you for sharing such a nice post. It amazes me that you were able to keep them that long with out any deterioration or melting here in the south. Do you use any kind of pumpkin sealant?
    P.S. I love seeing another southern girl making it begin the blog world.

    • Thank you you are just the sweetest!!! I did clean them with bleach water and apply a store bought pumpkin sealer for carved pumpkins, then of course I used white spray paint for the snow pumpkins. They did start to get a little mushy and cracking by the December, but their longevity really surprised me too!!!

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