Transitioning Your Home For Fall Home Tour

Transitioning Your Home For Fall Home Tour

This season I decided to release a Transitioning Your Home For Fall, Home Tour with some fun ideas to get you ready for the season.

I do not know about you, but I am really craving the Fall days more this year than ever before. This year I decided to host a Transitioning Your Home for Fall Home Tour to help get us all ready for the season. Let me first start by saying this will not be the only post about my fall decor, you will still get to see my Halloween decor and my outdoor Thanksgiving Table setting.  However, this year I just wanted to keep my fall decor simple and add to it as we go along.Around the House

I did pick up a few of these cute vintage pumpkin gas cans to get ready for Halloween. A local artisan Eric Rife, in my area was kind enough to to create a few at my request. Which turned into a pretty popular thing, so now he has created a great selection available online at his online store Rife Repurposing & Salvage which is located in Ballground, GA. He is also attending several local fall festivals this year so you may just be seeing them all around town as well. I  personally love them near my outdoor fireplace at the moment which is decorated just for me.

I do have say that the gas can pumpkins are going to be cute on the front porch with this little Fall Welcome Wagon. I loved the idea of a little red truck all filled up with pumpkins from the pumpkin patch as my front door decor this season. Needless to say this was a one of of kind creation that I came up with while I was shopping at my local Hobby Lobby, and I came straight home to put my idea in motion.  Since I can hardly keep a secret it was posted last month on my Instagram Account to share this fun Inspiration for the season. Of course, I had to get some matching pillows for the bench and rocking chairs. I will put a link to these cuties at the bottom of my page so you can shop my style. I also did a little LIVE Instagram container planting for these pretty front planter urns the last weekend in August. Just to get you all ready for the season and how to make big beautiful containers that will last through the season. Don’t get me wrong I will also be adding a few mums to the mix as it cools off, but right now they will never make it to November, so it’s a Fool’s Errand for those of us in Georgia.I also wanted to share my latest antiquing find, this fun vintage letter box that now adorns our porch. I think it is a nice way for people in my neighborhood to leave things for us that they do not want to put in the mailbox. Especially since our postman tends to take everything in the mailbox whether your flag is up or not. Hence my pancake breakfast tickets on one occasion, and a box of custom hugs and kisses cookies on another. I think that he thinks we REALLY like him at this point, lol. It also works great for small amazon packages too. In fact I just mentioned it to our sweet delivery lady today and she loved the idea. Our front porch is very breezy on most days so things can easily get blown off into the yard. I have actually seen it happen via our Blink Cameras which give us live updates on everything from package drops, to visitors. We can even see if things go missing and where they went, which is why we added an additional personal letter box. The fun thing is we were even able to put a new lock set on this piece so it is completely functional.Also I’m sharing my love of the layered outdoor rug look. I have done this for 3 seasons now, and I am still loving that I can change up the look without having to invest in a new door mat for every season. Let’s just say I have been there and done that and got the door mat! Honestly, I really started thinking about it, do I really need all those door mats with cutesy sayings for each and every season? I guess as I have gotten older and wiser, I now see how impractical it really is, plus it is an awful waste of your hard earned dollars, or maybe I am just identifying with the simplistic, green lifestyle of all the millennials. Not to mention, who wants to try and store a dirty door mat that says Hey Pumpkin, because you are not going to want to be using that in the spring, LOL!Designer Tip-  get some fun patterned indoor/outdoor rugs like this Geometric Orange one from Ballard Designs, that you can use on a screened porch or at a basement door later on, and layered with another more basic welcome mat. You can still do cutesy if you like, a nice Hey Y’all which is seasonally appropriate year round. Just avoid the specific sayings, unless you find them on clearance for a really great deal,  you can toss them at the end of the next season after you use it.  My Welcome mat seen here from Front Gate is actually several years old and still looks as good as the day I got it, no fading or visible wear at all, so I recommend the quality.  As for these cute pillow covers they are easy to store, if fact I have a set that match the layered rug on the truck bench.

Dress The Rooms Simply

This year I have opted for more leaves and a more botanical feel in our home for fall. I wanted it to feel like you just went outside and clipped a branch or two of your favorite fall tree to bring inside with pine cones, and sweet gum balls. I use a lot of plaid, flannel, tribal printed items to transition from summer to fall.

I took all the spring pillows in our living room and opted for more of a Native American tribal vibe by adding in some handwoven rugs pillows. I grabbed a few this spring at a sample sale during the High Point Market with this very idea in mind. You will see a few more in our front library room which I took in more of a wine and aubergine direction. Since this area is all very open, I stayed with more of the burnt oranges, browns and burgundy tones. I did decide to go ahead and run a garland across the mantle just because I truly love that look around the holidays, but I still kept it very simple. No candles, no extra cha cha, just basic and botanical. The farmers market Mason Churn has some faux wheat added for a little texture and my olive bucket of river birch logs with a few deer antlers we have found.

You may have noticed that I said Faux wheat and thought, “Jen wheat is not toxic to pets why the faux?” ( You can see my Toxic Plant for Pets  post here)

Well, about 4 years ago my cat Dexter decide to eat some of the real wheat that I had used in table arrangements and throughout my home. Wheat has a beard which is a bristly material that protects the wheat kernel and is called awn. Not all wheat grasses have this; those that don’t are called awnless wheat. Both awned and awnless wheats are frequently dried and used in cut flower arrangements but the awned wheat is sticky. Therefore it got caught in his throat, unable to go up or down and essential begin to choke him. I was able to remove the majority of it but several pieces where left behind causing him to constantly gag which would normally require surgery.  We were so lucky, I was able to treat him at home with a medicinal method of honey, to coat and soothe his throat to get the pieces to pass, but I swore then, never again!  That is why a majority of my household plants and decor are faux.
Speaking of faux I did add in a few green fading leaves since we are in Georgia where everything is still very green. So as you enter at our front door it is not so in your face that the leaves have only changed color inside the house. I do have a simple dough bowl of mixed pumpkins. I liked the idea of keeping them all together at the moment, and I will slowly distribute them thought out the house as the season grows.Here are those pretty Aubergine pillows I also grabbed in High Point North Carolina this spring. I love the mix of flannel wool pillows with the Dhurrie Rug pillows and the one little sparkly Vera Wang pillow for just a touch of glam. This shows you can really mix and match styles for a fun unique look. I used just a few little, all white pumpkins in this room along with some succulents and ferns to keep the botanical feeling alive. Plus, I loved how the sage greens played with the purples.  I have always loved purple, one of my first guest rooms I ever designed was a purple and green theme and that was almost 20 years ago now. I will show you a quick look into the dining room but I am a part of fall Dining Room Blog Hop next week, so I do not want to give to much away yet. Plus it is not completely set yet, I still have a few more botanical tricks up my sleeve, lol.  I did find this cute little sign this year at Hobby Lobby and just had to have it along with every other home blogger in the world, but that is one of those “great minds think alike” things I guess. There is a little bit of foreshadowing of things to come as we move towards Halloween. This year I thought a bright and fun color palette of burnt orange and navy might shake up the traditional fall tablescapes I have done in the past. I reused my copper mule mugs from last year and added in a unexpected pop of mercury glass to play with metallic elements.

Set The Table Fall Home Tour JENRON DESIGNSI continued the leaves theme on to the table along with fresh orange roses and thyme. I also used vintage Clorox and Purex bottles that are normally housed in my laundry room, to add the much needed height to the table, so it does not appear too flat and two dimensional. Set The Table Fall Home Tour JENRON DESIGNS You may notice that I did place the bottles sporadically along the center of the table in order not to block conversation for our guests. This is another great design tip to keep in mind as you create a table that you guests can actually sit at and enjoy each others company. If the vases were too tall on not properly placed you would have to move them prior to the actual meal. You can see more tips like this over at: How to Set Your Table for Fall.Set The Table Fall Home Tour JENRON DESIGNS


We all want our guest rooms to be seasonally ready for visitors that may drop in, but that does not mean you have to adorn the entire room with pumpkins. For my Woodland Retreat room we just added our simple fall throws that we used for last year’s Traditional Thanksgiving Tablescape. Since I had four, it was easy to place two in each of the guest rooms. We also added a few sparkly fall leaves in gold and brown to an existing door wreath. Which added an instant fall feel but not an in your face vibe. The throws were artfully draped on the desk chair and tucked into the queen size bed. In the adjacent twin Guest Room, the plaid throws were just added for a punch of fall color to the foot or each of the beds. Which adds a campy vibe to this already green botanical space. Since the sideboard normally contained spring floral vases, I replaced them with dried ears of corn. To bring a fun fall feeling into the room. Besides this room would normally be utilized for the children of our guests. Usually nieces or nephews, of some sort, which may find the dried corn to be very interesting. However I will need to remember to put up my antique fan since it could be a finger chopper when it is running, so hopefully cooler weather is on the way.


I have to say I am really loving my new master suite after all the renovations. I have changed up a few things since you last saw it at the reveal for the Shiplap Ceiling and Shutter Wall. I have relocated the guest room benches, which are a little more durable for the daily use of my cats into this room. The beautiful new storage bench from Walmart is now located into our Guest Room which provide much needed storage space in that room.
The addition, the basket makes removing the throw pillows at night such a breeze.  They all have an easy, go to home, instead of being tossed into a corner which was driving me crazy. I really like to have homes for things at all times, so there is an easy method to daily chores. Otherwise things just end up in chaos, which just makes you home look messy all the time.
I have added in a sage green Macramé pillows to match the runner from my Lemon Thyme Tablescape which is now located on my dresser. (Hint, hint, keep a watchful eye you will see this sage again for my Thanksgiving Table this year!) I also loved the idea of adding the thyme to my little tin buckets which originally had basic grass plants. There is just something appealing about having a little more “Thyme in the Bedroom”. Which seems perfect as we “Fall Back” an hour on November 7th this year and get that extra shut eye.

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