6 Easy Fall Door Decor DIY’s

Fall Truck Wreath JENRON DESIGNS

6 Easy Fall Door Decor DIY’s

Hey y’all, today I am sharing a few of my favorite Easy Fall Door Decor pieces from over the years to inspire your fall.

Fall is such a fun time to decor your front porch and doors. I know over the years I have done a lot of different types of wreaths for the season. The trick is creating one that can float over many holidays all at once, instead of having multiple wreaths for every holiday. Within this post I am sharing my 6 Easy Fall Door Decor and how you can dress them up for the holidays too. You may also notice that several pieces are reused over and over but look new each time, another money saving tip. Fall Leaves Vintage Hoop Wreath JENRON DESIGNSThe vintage hoop wreath seen above with leaves was very easy to create for my rose gold harvest porch,  seen here. It was wiring a premade garland to a vintage embroidery hoop. To dress it up for Halloween, I simply added some small witches brooms and bats to the hoop; which were removable for Thanksgiving.Fall Metal Welcome Wreath JENRON DEISGNHere is a look at the same Hoop wreath with a floral accent piece affixed to the base of the hoop, verses a single garland. Here I’m using harvest yellows and chocolate browns with a luscious lambs ear greenery. Same hoop designed two different ways and the welcome sign was spray painted copper in the previous picture.

Designer Tip: Spray Paint is my number one way to change the look of a design element that I love and use over and over. 

Fall Harvest Door Basket JENRON DESIGNThe hanging Harvest Basket was such a pretty fall door wreath, filled with wheat and rye for a very natural look. Nothing to this arrangement but simply sticking those stems into a basket that hangs on a door. The show stopper was really the ribbon bow and adding a cute fall sign. For fall I popped in a set of monster eyes seen in Halloween Home Tour here, to make it look like a creature from beyond. Fall Cotton & Burlap Wreath JENRON DESIGNSMy High Cotton and Burlap wreath was one of my first door wreaths that I ever made for our home. This was a little more involved, with a lot of hot glue and a grapevine base. Honestly it is a very basic wreath that looks nice year round for a farmhouse style home, no matter what the season.  FALL word Decor JENRON DESIGNSThe FALL letters are a super easy door display, even though I am showing them on my drop zone area.  These letters can translate to a door, simply use flat head thumb tacks to secure the ribbon to the top side of your door frame and on the backside of these styrofoam letters. Hang them in ascending lengths to give a falling effect. Fall Truck Wreath JENRON DESIGNSThe Truck DIY:

These are all the supplies I used to create the little red truck door wreath.

  • Metal Red Truck
  • 3 Pumpkin Picks
  • 3 Fall Picks
  • 1 Sunflower Pick
  • 1 Roll Duct Tape

Truck Wreath Supplies JENRON DESIGNSLayout where you like the picks to go while the truck is laying flat on your table. Then carefully lift and flip over, holding the pieces in place. Truck Wreath Layout JENRON DESIGNSUsing duct tape, create a pouch to hold the stems in place on the back of the the metal truck. The duct tape is waterproof and strong, so it should hold the items in place all season, versus hot glue, which can heat up and melt with the sun.

Designer Tip: if you have a glass door use a matching color of duct tape to hide the pocket. 

Truck Wreath Duck tape JENRON DESIGNSPIN ME for later and be sure to follow us on Pinterest at Jen @ JENRON DESIGNS



  1. Amber Myers

    So cute. I might have to make some of these! I love fall decor.

  2. Such clever ideas. I love the FALL on the wall hooks – adorable!

  3. So many cool design ideas! My son loved the truck.

  4. Jasmine Martin

    I absolutely love these Fall decor ideas, especially the hoop wreath with leaves. It’s so lovely and perfect for Autumn.

  5. Digitaldaybook

    I normally don’t do seasonal decor but this year I just had to do it and now I got more ideas lol

  6. Jenny

    These are all so cute! We don’t do a lot of seasonal deco at our house but I do need to start making more effort!

  7. All of these are so beautiful! I’ve always wished that I was creative in that way and could make stuff like this. 💕

  8. Karletta

    Loving the vintage welcome wreath and the Truck DIY. I’ve never put a wreath on my door, but you’re inspiring me.

  9. All of these are gorgeous but my favorites are hanging basket wreath and Fall letters hanger. Fall colors are so lovely.

  10. Digitaldaybook

    Oh I love these welcome signs! I just might have to upgrade our door sign!

  11. I love the second wreath, such a pretty design

  12. Each one looks amazing! I think I will try 1-2 of these cool DIY ideas

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