Hello welcome to our blog!!!

Hi, I am Jennifer Gainer, although most people just call me Jen. I am a floral designer by trade, a graduate of interior design, and basically a lover of all things beautiful.  I own 5 cats, yes 5, no I am not crazy….yet. They ranging in ages from 4-19 years old, and make interior design……well…challenging. They are not camera shy at all, and love to have their pictures made, whether they are my target subject or not. That being said, no matter how hard I try to avoid it, my cats will probably end up on this blog page somewhere, but they are pretty cute so you probably won’t mind.

This is my husband Ron, he’s in charge of all things “tech related”. He also does  all the heavy lifting, oh and that boring paperwork stuff for Jenron Designs. He’s pretty handsome, and I like him a lot, so I think I will keep him. We have been married 20 years, and together we make up JENRON DESIGNS. Yes, I came up JEN-RON before all the “Bran-gelina’s” and “Ben-nifer’s” came along, but Enron derailed my entire business branding plan back in 2000.   

As I stated above, we started JENRON DESIGNS in 2000, and unfortunately the “Enron” scandal hit in 2001, so we decided to shelf the Jenron Design portion of our company, until after the scandal had died down.  So we did not have to hear “Jenron? You mean like Enron?” So over the past 17 years I focused all my time and energy into my custom floral design company, Butterfly Landings. You should check it out www.butterflyladnings.com (a shameless self promotion) Needless to say, I will probably cross pollenate my floral design ideas and some holiday tutorials on this site, because that’s just good business. 

What made me decide to start blogging? Every year I make a New Year’s resolutions every year, both personal and professional. I find it gives us goals to reach for in the up coming new year. This year as one of my 2017 professional resolutions, I decided I wanted to start a new project for JENRON DESIGNS. I wanted to try my hand at something shiny, new, and different. Something that I had never done before. I wanted to incorporate all my creative ideas, and all the things that I love into one pretty package. To quote my father: “If you do something you love, you will never work a day in your life, and success will find you.” 

Well I have to say that am truly excited to share all the things that I am passionate about with all of you. I love pretty home decor and interior design, so I plan to share some of our current, and on going DIY projects, for our new modern farmhouse style  home located in the foothills of the north Georgia mountains. We just built semi-custom with Sharp Residential from the ground up starting in 2015. We moved in a little over a year ago. Which means we have a ton of fun projects on the to-do list, to finish my dream home vision. 

I also love to cook. I draw inspiration from my favorite cooks; Rachael Ray, Paula Dean, Pioneer Woman, Sandra Lee and of course AB- Alton Brown. I plan on sharing some of my simple southern recipes, along with my undying fixation for exotic international foods. I think my food passion is fed from my love for travel. Oh yes we also love to go on adventures, and visit foreign cities and far away countries, to truly emerge ourselves into the local culture. My travel rule is “Never go to the same place twice”. I personally think there is just too much to see, and if all your vacations are to the same place you never get to experience anything new, and where is the adventure in that?

 Well I look forward to taking this journey with you all. Thank you so much for visiting our site. Please don’t forget to sign up for our monthly newsletters, that way  you never miss out on a post!!! I plan on doing some pretty cool stuff this year, and I would really hate for you to miss out.