Set Your Table for Fall

Set The Table Fall Home Tour JENRON DESIGNS

Set Your Table for Fall

This week on Ask the Designer: Join me as I walk you through how to: Set Your Table for Fall, with flare!

Hi Everyone I hope you are having a great fall! This season during my Fall Transitional Home Tour  last week, my home took a cue from nature, with a primary focus on leaves and botanical elements. The same is true here in my dining room as I show you a few easy tricks on how to set your table for fall. My table incorporates a lot of leaves and natural elements. I find that the foliage is how I tired all the areas of my home together. Set The Table Fall Home Tour JENRON DESIGNSI enjoyed playing up the stark contrast on the complementary colors of Navy and Burnt Orange. I call this out as complementary color design since the two colors will appear opposite or opposing each other on the color wheel. I also used a monochromatic theme within each of the the two focal colors by using an ombre’ effect of the the colors through the table.  You will notice various shades of blue with the focal being navy.  This is a very important tip to keep in mind as you set your table for fall.
Set The Table Fall Home Tour JENRON DESIGNSThe navy is the main background color in our Williams Sonoma table runner. Which also has the burnt orange and traces of the metallic accent colors of copper and silver. You can see the placemats, while providing a nice texture, are also in the blue and navy range, and the light denim napkins continue to carry the blue theme on to the tops of the plates. Set The Table Fall Home Tour JENRON DESIGNSOur secondary focal color of the Burnt Orange is then replicated by a secondary napkin adding to the layered linen effect. This is seen throughout the room with the shades of leaves and the lovely Orange Unique Roses.  Orange Uniques are the actual name of this particular rose, just in case you think I was insinuating that these roses were rare or unique in a specific way.Set The Table Fall Home Tour JENRON DESIGNSThe Orange Unique rose is a hybrid mixture of two quite different roses. In the 1900s a great deal of work was put into cross breeding yellow and red roses. It is said that Gardeners in this era needed a rose that combined the “unruliness” of the wild yellow rose and the “imperialism” of the red. Now one of the most preferred color ranges of the 20th century is orange-red and orange roses. Announced in 1951 and was originally named the Independence, it has had a few rendition like the Tropicana (more Vermillion)  and Marmalade Skies (more Tangerine).Set The Table Fall Home Tour JENRON DESIGNSSo this would be an overall look into my dining room from the hallway drop zone area. As you can see two out four felines are approving the current table set and design concept. Honestly, I have just decided it is easier these days to do the photoshoots around them. They are a part of our home, and our lives. So why upset our daily routine of them watching my every move, just to get the perfect shot? Set The Table Fall Home Tour JENRON DESIGNS This one maybe a little bit more magazine worthy, but it really shows how the natural light plays so nicely with the leaves and the colors in this space. I added the vintage amber bottles on a whim, mainly because I needed height but I love the way light streams through colored glass bottles.

Set The Table Fall Home Tour JENRON DESIGNSThe amber glass when lit up almost takes on an orange color, adding yet another layer of our ombre orange tones to the table. I also like the idea of mixing metallic metals, and since the main layout of mercury glass pumpkins leans in the direction of silver, I really wanted to add in just a touch of copper with the mule mugs to offset the abundance of silver on the table.Set The Table Fall Home Tour JENRON DESIGNSThe perfect drink to fill these copper mules and go with this navy table is my Blackberry Sage Moscow Mule. I created for Thanksgiving last year. It is such a savory cocktail,  a fresh blackberry puree’ paired with ginger beer, garnished with candied ginger and fresh sage. This is such an elegant drink but so easy to make, so be sure to check out the link above.Another area I felt like needed a little sprucing was the sideboard. Normally I would have this piled high with food if it is a seat and serve verses a buffet that I would run through the kitchen. I wanted to address the huge mercury glass pumpkin patch that was in the middle of the table so I found this cute rustic sign, added a tray and few other seasonal accessories. Set The Table Fall Home Tour JENRON DESIGNSOne of the items is a blessed picture frame but I thought it would make a cute recipe card holder or even menu holder during the fall season. Currently I have a few of my mom’s and grandma’s recipes on display.  They are hand written  which gives the space a more personal touch, instead of looking too sterile like a  magazine or catalogue.  You should always keep in mind, this is your home and it should reflect you, your family, your values and your story. If it all looks too store bought and impersonal, it will feel that way and in essence be that way. Set The Table Fall Home Tour JENRON DESIGNSAnother fun little vintage piece I added to table are the original 1950 Aluminum Jello molds.  Even though I am not serving Jello, I thought they looked like little silver pumpkins on each place setting.  Plus they are a fun conversation starter over dinner.Set The Table Fall Home Tour JENRON DESIGNSI also chose a natural wood grain charger to continue the botanical feeling of trees to go with all of our leaves. I considered a set of tree ring bases I have but they were just a little too rustic for the mercury glass pumpkins this time, but soon they are going to make an appearance on my table, since I have used them all over town, but not for myself yet.Set The Table Fall Home Tour JENRON DESIGNSYou may also notice that I have some sterling silver mint julep cups with candles. I will be the first to tell you that these candles are unscented. Rule number one for a dining table is to never use a scented candle. It will ruin your dinner because you have a tendency to taste what you smell, so you always, always, always want unscented candles on your dining table, end of story. Set The Table Fall Home Tour JENRON DESIGNSThis tip comes from years of working at one of the largest wedding event facilities in Atlanta, so I am not making this stuff up. Honestly, even a heavily scented flower like a lily or possible a rose could over power your meal. So keep you fragrances to the savory food kind when hosting a dinner or gathering. Well I think that concluded all my best advice and tips for Fall Table Setting 101, and how to entertain with style all mashed up into one. I am excited to hop on over to my all friends posts throughout the week and see all the lovely creations they have come up with this season. Set The Table Fall Home Tour JENRON DESIGNSWe hope you enjoyed this little fall gem from our cocktail idea from the recipe box. Sign up for future recipe cards for your recipe box, just sign up for our Email updates at this link!

How to Set Your Table for Fall Pin JENRON DESIGNS

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  1. What a beautiful table! I so much enjoyed reading your post and admiring all of your table’s detail. Your brown Clorox bottles look so pretty as flower containers and complement the color of the roses and your copper mugs. Layering napkins is a great tip that I haven’t thought to do. Using a vintage jello mold on each plate does look like a pumpkin and it’s a charming accent to each place setting. I love seeing your kitties and am glad that you didn’t make them move for your pictures.

  2. Lindsay Aratari

    The navy and the orange look so pretty together!!

  3. Lovely! Blue and orange complementary colors are perfect for a fall table. I love all the sparkle and the fresh roses are gorgeous too.

  4. Your fall dining room is so pretty. I love blue and orange together (must be from growing up in Syracuse!). The gorgeous roses are the perfect touch!

  5. Hi Jen! Wow, your table is STUNNING! I have always loved the combination of blue and orange and you did it just perfectly! And yes…I learned the lesson of no scented candles at the dinner table the hard way! So glad you pointed that out.

    Thanks so much for opening your home and thanks for the inspiration.

    So happy to join you on this fantastic blog tour!

    Hugs, Lynn

  6. Wow, your fall table is stunning. I can’t wait until we get our new dining room table so that we can add some seasonal decor.

  7. What a pretty table…love all the orange accents and those roses!

  8. Amazing fall ideas!! Decor GOALS seriously!!! Love the place settings!!

    -Natalie | NaturallyNatalieEng | @naturally_natalieeng

  9. Love the vintage jello molds mixed in with all the new. Old + new is my favorite combo. Very pretty table setting!

  10. What a gorgeous table! I adore the runner and how you pulled the colors from it to create this tablescape. Stunning!

  11. Kim

    I just love Fall. That table is very beautifully decorated. The roses really make it perfect.

  12. Love this, so pretty! This gives me such great inspiration to start decorating for fall!

  13. I love the combo of the roses and the copper elements with the blue. Such an inviting tablescape. And I just picked up some Jello molds. You’ve inspired me to use the as part of a tablescape someday.

  14. AHH such amazing fall inspo going on here! I LOVE your table & how you incorporated those beautiful blue tones – you would never think of blue being a typical fall color, but wow, it sure does work! So gorgeous!
    -Madi xo |

  15. Love your tablescape! Love the copper mugs and particularly the layers of napkins. Your colors are very pretty and cozy for Fall!

  16. Gorgeous table setting! Love all the colors!

  17. Every picture looks like a masterpiece. Very creative. Loved it.

  18. Copper and orange are the colors that I love, and I’ve got some of those old bottles too and they are perfect for this time of year. Beautiful!

  19. I knew I would love you’re fall table decorating ideas. Jen, your decor never disappoints! Excited to check out all the blogs sharing fall table styles!

  20. Thank you so much Lisa you are the sweetest and your unwavering support is truly appreciated. xoxo

  21. Your beautiful fall tablescape looks exactly like the sun coming in through the fall leaves while out walking in the forest. I love your use of complementary colours to really bring in the whole look together. The vintage touches are lovely, especially the hand written recipes.

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  23. Cassie Larocca

    Hello, I constantly check your weblog posts here early at the break of day, since I enjoy to learning more over a cup coffee.

  24. Kim Pemberton

    This is a great share for and beautiful table you have created for the fall, without making it overly fall. It is very classy and elegant with the addition of navy and silver.

  25. What a gorgeous set up! I love the little vintage pieces you were able to find and add!

  26. Amber Myers

    I just love your table. I will have to get more fall decor for mine.

  27. Monica Simpson

    Fall and Thanksgiving is my favorite time to go all out and decorate my table. I love how you did yours!

  28. Warm and cozy! And that’s what fall is all about! Love the design and combination of colors! Just perfect!

  29. Tisha

    You always have the most amazing set ups! I love seeing what is created, this is gorgeous!

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