DIY Rustic Burnt Wood Ornaments

Gratitude Tree DIY JENRON Designs

DIY Rustic Burnt Wood Ornaments

Hey Everyone you may have recently seen my rustic Gratitude tree featured at House Beautiful, for my easy DIY for Rustic Burnt Wood Ornaments.House Beauitful 2020-12-18 at 11.39.02 AM JENRON DESIGNS

I recently received a Wagner Furno 700 heat gun and it has quickly become my new favorite tool. I had previously tested one at the Haven Conference back in July and fell in love with all the options and capabilities. I had several ideas brewing way back in July, to make some custom DIY Rustic Burnt Wood Ornaments for the holidays. I just knew this rustic wood look would be perfect for my Thanksgiving themed Gratitude Tree.

*Please note that was compensated for this post and. These involve no extra cost to you, but may result in me receiving a small commission – for which I am very grateful! You can view my full advertising disclosure here.Gratitude Tree DIY JENRON Designs We have been so unbelievably blessed this year, I really felt a pull to create a Gratitude tree filled with all the things we might take for granted. A tree filled with simple gifts that we have been afforded, and we have taken time to really savor and enjoy. Blessings that have come in abundance to our little family and this tree represents our gratitude for each and everyone. Gratitude Tree DIY JENRON Designs I also wanted to share this fun DIY with everyone, in case you might be inspired to create a gratitude tree with your family this holiday season. You can also see how this whole theme came together for our completely for  holiday dinner as well at my Thanksgiving Tablescape & Gratitude Tree post which show the table setting and buffet layout as well.

Gratitude Tree DIY JENRON Designs

The DIY for the Rustic Burnt Wood Ornaments:

Creating the ornaments for my Gratitude Tree was very simple. We used leftover scrap wood from various projects, and then we cut them into the shape of gift tags. To get the burnt charred wood effect I used a Scorch Pen which allows you to write or draw directly onto your wood. Then the non toxic chemicals are heat activated with my Furno 700 heat gun by Wagner. Gratitude Tree DIY JENRON Designs Check out how the scorch liquid goes on transparent below. I know it is a little difficult to see, but I have written the word husband on the Gratitude tag. I thought single words, representing what we are grateful for seemed like the best option. Sort of a keep it simple method since this was my first attempt at a project like this. Gratitude Tree DIY JENRON Designs I found that the wood-burned words look most striking against lighter woods such as birch, poplar, basswood, walnut or aspen. Also if you make a mistake, no worries you can simply sand it off and try again. The chemicals used in these markers are non-toxic and odor-free, making them food safe, so you can feel free to use them on cutting boards and other surfaces you might eat off of. Gratitude Tree DIY JENRON Designs The next step was like watching magic happen. I set my heat gun to around 1000 degrees, the recommended temperature for use with the scorch pens. Gratitude Tree DIY JENRON Designs

Once my Furno 700 was heated up to temperature, I began to make slow passes over each of the tags. You will want to do this on a heat safe surface, like concrete, to prevent any unwanted melting. After all the Furno can be used for paint stripping, or shrink wrapping, so keep that in mind.

Gratitude Tree DIY JENRON Designs Slowly the words I had written started to appear on my gift tags. A good tip is that you can go over the light areas a second time to produce a richer or darker design. Gratitude Tree DIY JENRON Designs The scorch pen also works great with stencils too, if you want to make a design or if you want a specific font for your words. I personally liked the homemade, handwritten feel so I did a freehanded version of these tags for a more casual look and personal touch. Gratitude Tree DIY JENRON Designs I would also like to say how grateful I am to Wagner for their extreme generosity and continued support of all DIYers all over the United States. They are truly an amazing company, based right here in the US, in Minneapolis, MN and we love to shop support our local brands as much as we can.Gratitude Tree DIY JENRON Designs I hope that this post has provided you with some holiday inspiration. I can see where this could be fun for and entire family. Since the pens are non toxic you could have your little ones create a cherished momento for your holiday trees to come. However, I would strongly not recommend allowing them to use the heat gun, it should only be used by a “responsible” adult.Gratitude Tree DIY JENRON Designs Be sure to check back in next week for my full dining room post for the Thanksgiving Tablescape & Gratitude Tree Thanksgivings post. This is just a small corner of the dining room, but I promise I have some really fun ideas for the rest of the room too, showcasing  the farmhouse table and buffet layout.   Gratitude Tree DIY JENRON Designs

Tools for this DIY & Tree:

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  4. But this Halloween (not Christmas) tree is brilliant! The idea of ​​using wood is wonderful. So natural. So perfect for fall! I love this season!

  5. The tree is so pretty!! The ornaments are so pretty and simple to make!

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  12. I agree the possibilities are endless, and making your own custom ornaments is fun and makes a keepsake for the holidays.

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