Setting a Fall Transitional Fall Porch

White Red & Green Fall JENRON DESIGNS

Setting a Fall Transitional Fall Porch

Ask The Designer: One of the biggest questions I am asked this time of year is tips on Setting a Fall Transitional Fall Porch that will last throughout three seasonal changes.

Today I’m sharing this seasons tips on Setting a Fall Transitional Fall Porch. This year I have decided to work smarter not harder with my seasonal decor, and I wanted to pass some of my tips and tricks on to you.White Red & Green FARMHOUSE JENRON DESIGNSAs you can see with my porch this year I have chosen a simple color of all white pumpkins. Yes I know this can be a very trendy choice, and I completely understand why you may or may not want to go this direction. However please note that my design tips can still possibly work with a basic orange pumpkin as well, in some cases.White Red & Green JENRON DESIGNSSince September is considered the beginning of football season, white pumpkins will work with most team colors. If you happen to have orange in your team colors, even better. This season I opted to add these beautiful bold red mums that I found at my local  Tractor Supply. They works great for the Georgia Bulldogs color, however if you are a Georgia Tech fan a bright yellow would be just as easy to add in here as well.White Red & Green Pumpkins Go DAwgs JENRON DESIGNSHonestly here in Georgia mums do not last all the way into November, so I always plan on buying at least two sets for the season. This always gives me two colors mash ups: a pre-Fall and a Thanksgiving set. The second set of mums can be more fall toned such as a harvest orange, rust or even those fun purple mums, to represent a fall Thanksgiving vibe.Apple Pickin White Red & Green Pumpkins JENRON DESIGNSYou may notice, and remember my metal pumpkins from previous years, that I have invested in; which have been  Farmhouse SilverRustic Rose Gold and now this year are a Monsterly Moss Green.White Red & Green Pumpkins JENRON DESIGNSI chose this moss green as a neutral color that will look great with our Halloween decor theme. Plus it is an unexpected choice to offset the the red, black and white for the early fall football set. I do feel like it is a slight nod toward “the hedges” which the Dawgs are known for and football field greenish, however a brown could also work here as well.White Red & Green FALL Pumpkins JENRON DESIGNSAdding height with hay bales is also a great way to set up a pretty vignette. I would recommend buying the bales of wheat straw at a local home improvement store, since they have the best prices and larger sizes. I have found that these work  better for our porch. White, Red & Green Fall Decor JENRON DESIGNSYou can also use other themes like apples or apple picking for fall, which I found these cute pillow covers at our local Tractor Supply a few years ago. I do love the idea of adding in apples this time of year either in lieu of pumpkins or in addition to pumpkins. 
Apple Picking JENRON DESIGNSHowever, they are a perfect match for these mums and my black and white Buffalo Check pillows that I picked up this past spring from Amazon with my matching layering front porch rug.Caramel Apple Toddy JENRON DESIGNS My rocking chairs on the porch are also a great place to curl up with a warm Caramel Apple Toddy, which are a seasonal favorite around here. Be sure to check out my recipe link above to give your fall the perfect apple flavored kick; I promise they do not disappoint! 
As you can see this red and white fall set is quite visually stunning against the all the green trees and lawn, since here in Georgia our fall color does not show up until the end of October to November. At which point I am pretty sure these lovely mums will be spent, and I can be on to my next color story for the season. It will just be a simple removal of the old mums and replacing with a new fresh color to make everything look new again.Red Mums JENRON DESIGNS

Designer Tip- Save your money, brown dead mums look great for spooky Halloween Decor, your can even hit them with back spray paint if you like, add some spider webs or spooky green or purple orbs. Then I usually just do a full refresh for Thanksgiving with a new color story and new mums,then when those die spray paint them white or silver and add in holiday colored ornaments. White Red & Green Fall JENRON DESIGNS

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Transitional Fall Front Porches JENRON DESIGNS

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  1. joy abou zeid

    These are amazing tips and omg your porch looks AMAZING!!

  2. I love the apple pillows! I was just talking with my husband about changing the decor in the front of our house for fall. I was feeling like it was too soon because its still warm, but this definitely makes me want to change everything TODAY!!! I love the white pumpkins and mums!!! So pretty!!

  3. I LOVE your porch, looks absolutely charming! I’m a big fan of farmhouse decor!

  4. Shar

    Very interesting themed design with pumpkins for a fall porch! Well arranged and neat.

  5. Victoria

    I think I would go with a fall apple theme or colored pumpkins like the teal and off white ones. So pretty! Great inspiration

  6. This is so lovely!!!! I adore a pretty fall porch and you nailed this for inspiration. Will you come do mine???

  7. Thank you so much, I really like to think outside of the “traditional decorating box” and do things that are different and eye catching for the season.

  8. karletta

    I would love to be a neighbor on your street … ever transforming creativity that is always thoughtful and beautiful. I wouldn’t mind popping up on your porch and taking a caramel apple toddy.

  9. Everything you do always look so inviting Jennifer. Don’t be surprised if I show up to sit on your front porch one day soon!

  10. Lisa that would be awesome and you would always be welcome. In all honesty I have had so many people drive by a take pictures of my house at the point, nothing really phases me anymore. Two years ago I had a lady that was photographing my porch up in my yard so I just invited her to come on in… my family was all sitting around for Christmas eating breakfast and such in there pj’s, it was a hoot!

  11. So many great ideas. I love all the colors and textures.

  12. This is so beautiful! I especially love cream colored pumpkins, and I love that this can last a while and not just a few weeks in October!

  13. Amber Myers

    Your porch is gorgeous. I love all the different colors!

  14. I love that you used red instead of orange! So pretty and different

  15. YOU are so talented! I need to hire you to do my porch! Just finding these ideas again and still love them.

  16. Julie you are the sweetest, funny enough I used to do porches & home about 20 years ago when I first started floral design. I would go to a very high end area of town here in Atlanta called Buckhead. I would decorate the front porches and homes of what was known at the time as the “Buckhead Betties” or the pre Atlanta Housewives LOL! Very affluent and gobs of money to spend on seasonal decor. I built a portfolio that would choke a horse and my business at the same time. Now I simply do this for fun.

  17. Mimi I loved the red too, and the use of apples verse the standardized pumpkins. Here in the south sometimes it is just too early for pumpkins.

  18. Thank you so much, I appreciate all of your support friend.

  19. Plus I do not bleach mine, so I can leave them out in the woods for the critters afterwards. If you do the bleach wash which I know so many bloggers do, it makes wildlife sick and sadly can kill them.

  20. Tisha

    I love this set up!! It’s perfect for fall

  21. Thank you not only is it our favorite sports team colors it has the apple picking vibe verses the pumpkins.

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