The Birds: Halloween Home Tour

The Birds: Halloween Home Tour

The Birds is this years Halloween theme for our Haunted Home Tour.

Every year I like to do a fresh new Halloween theme for my home decor. This year I landed on the theme of “The Birds” which is based on the old Alfred Hitchcock movie starring Tippi Hedren.

I feel like everyone that drives by my house thinks that I might be a big Doctor Who fan, and that I put a bright blue Tardis on my front porch this year, since it is so visible from the street.  However, in fact I am actually paying tribute to a friend of the family, Tippi Hedren and one of her biggest movies, The Birds. 

While I am very aware that this is not a new theme, I just wanted to share my take and how easy and inexpensive it was to create this simple front porch Halloween scene, that took less than 1 hour to assemble with just a little prior, proper, planning.The first step was collecting sticking, with all the storms we have had recently this part was really simple. I just laid the branches to the side in my backyard. I allowed them to get dry and hit them with black matte spray paint I had laying around to darken them up a bit.

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I then attached the large branches and stick to my porch with twine and added these birds I ordered online from the Dollar Tree . I ordered 48 total, for a mass quantity effect so under $50 so far.

I really love how they flanked the front porch and draped around as if they had actually grown that way. It really adds to the creepy effect for Halloween.

Then it was all about putting the birds everywhere. Mass numbers is what you want to create the feeling of a swarm of birds. So they are sitting everywhere on the porch and swooping down from above as well. 

Next, I created the iconic telephone booth from the movie. I am very lucky that my front door just happens to look like an old fashioned phone booth. I used blue poster board, 2 for $1 at the Dollar Tree and blue painters tape to create the grid and attach it to the door.The letters were clearance from Hobby Lobby along with the duct tape I used for the pin striping. We also had this cool cling blood from a previous Halloween party that works perfectly for the inside of the phone booth. My skeleton, which I already had,  I was able to dress her up in the iconic green dress and add a blond wig from my Linus and Sally costume from 4 years ago and voila, an insta skela-Tippi. Sorry Tippi, but I thought it was kind of funny after hearing the stories from shooting the movie, and how those birds nearly picked you clean.Cue up a little “Freebird” music by Lynyrd Skynyrd on a continuous loop, for the outdoor speakers, because for me it is all about the details! Now you have one eerie themed front porch, especially if you are afraid of birds. Which I know several people that are terrified of birds, so all I can say is maybe you might not want to visit our house this year, LOL!The best part of the theme is you can overlay this directly over the top of any fall based decor you may have already set for your home, it is very similar to my Halloween Haunted House I did last year. At night just add in a few spooky yard LED lights of bats flying around to add to the effect, while they may not be birds, you have already put the idea in people’s minds so the effect is there. Now let’s head inside and see what we are “roosting up” for dinner shall we?


To go ahead and carry the the theme inside our home I thought it would be fun to do a nesting dinner party theme, and set the table accordingly. I wanted to give you the ambient feeling of what the candles would look like lite for a dinner but for the sake of actually seeing the room. I decided to do a daytime photo shoot so the details could be viewed easily.
The entire idea of this table is to create the feeling of the birds coming home to roost. The table is given a very organic feeling withs stems of faux wheat and rye to simulate pine straw, and I utilized grapevine wreaths in lieu of plate chargers.   You may remember my recent fall DIY the Lucky Penny Table Runner  which we plan to use for the remainder of the fall season. I added a few striped black and white placemats in to add more of a Halloween touch to the table, and some fun Halloween Gift Crackers.  The thermal copper mule cups are the perfect choice for this table setting. Not only do they look great and go with our rose gold and copper seasonal theme, but since they are insulated they will keep any drink hot or cold, all night long. These babies are truly the Cadillac of copper mugs, since they are thermal insulated they do not require those gold handles you so often see on traditional mule mugs. I don’t know about you, but I rather like the sleeker look on this version.  I have a great fall mule recipe coming up in a few weeks to share with you that is perfect for all your holiday entertaining and gatherings. 

Alright, enough about my mugs, let me draw your eyes to my feat of engineering in the center of the table where I have created a floating, yes floating, birds nest. Just to make conversation among the nests a little easier, and you can still pass things about between your guests. I reused all of the faux pumpkins from the previous fall table and added in these fun Gremlin gourds that were available at Burt’s Pumpkin Patch this year. I just felt like they looked like monsters from the garden. Again one of the biggest tips I can provide you with is to mix faux, dried and live florals it will keep your guests guessing what is real and what is not.I continued the nesting theme over to sideboard as well, just to create a full back drop for the guests in the center of the room, so there is a total immersion feeling. I guess I need to warn my diners that if they have Ornithophobia, or a fear of birds, they may want to skip this one, lol.

I really loved that I was able to use the copper pots again on the sideboard. By adding in this reedy grass with feathers and sticks, it added a touch of spookiness to the side board.  All I need to do is just add some dry ice to the pots for the smokey effect the night of and we will have a mystical setting.

Here is one last picture of the birds sitting on the Gremlin gourds and Pokemon pumpkins. Again these were both varieties that were available at my local pumpkin patch; which I thought screamed Halloween when I saw them. PIN ME for later and be sure to follow us on Pinterest at Jen @ JENRON DESIGNS 

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  1. Suzy Lummus

    Love! I am the one that slowly drives by your house in the white car! Love that I get to see all your creations each day. Your creativity and detail amazes me each post!

  2. Suzy you are hilarious, girl I know your white car!!! Thank you so much for all the love, and support I really do appreciate it very much. We need to have you and Scott over for dinner soon so you can experience the table creations up close and in person, as long as you do not have a issue with birds that is…..?LOL

    P.S. Loved the pantry pictures it really turned out fantastic!!!!

  3. Really great idea. I love all of the creativity and tips. You make our decorations look really bad! 🙂

  4. You have a wonderful home. You have amazing taste. I am not sure anyone else could make The Birds theme look tasteful. You definitely pulled it off!

  5. Your decorations are incredible. I especially love all the crows. I have a crows tattoo, and I think some of these ideas would be absolutely perfect for my apartment!

  6. Jessica I am so happy to hear that this post really resonated with you, that is exactly what I am hoping for when I write and create these posts. Thank you so much for the sweet comment.

  7. Thank you so much Julie, I really wanted to do Tippi proud since we actually do know her. No pressure at all….. I would feel badly if I did everything less than perfect, even though I know it has been done a thousand times before I just wanted to give it some panache.

  8. I really enjoyed your creative ideas. I love the pumpkins best though it’s about the birds. Great ideas!

  9. This is an amazing 😉 decorating theme for Halloween Jennifer, but yup, I am not a fan of scary birds 🦅 and I would be terrified if I drove by your house, good way to scare me away. 😂

  10. Oh, my word! I love this! I am not much for Halloween decoration and the whole Halloween thing, but I love what you have done here. The effect is absolutely dramatic, and I do love drama. This is inspirational. Very creative.

  11. Chrishon

    I love your decor and the theme. This is awesome.

  12. Oh no Lisa I am sorry. I was surprised by how many people have a true fear of birds. I know my previous neighbor, has a fear of birds too, part of the reason I never did this theme before, I did not want to terrify her, so I waited until after we moved. I also know that Tippi herself is not a big fan of birds anymore since they did use real birds back in the day during filming, boy does she have a few stories, lol.

  13. Thank you so much Jane I do like to create a showstopper if possible. LOL

  14. Halloween is such a fun holiday, especially for decor. I love the festive traditional autumn pieces –like the pumpkins– mixed in with the Halloween pieces; the skeleton and the creepy crows.

    So cool! x


  15. Farmhouse Fixer Upper

    Such a great looking Halloween porch, I knew it was the birds right away, it is undeniable. Great job my friend.

  16. That tradition is so interesting! It is something new that I would like to see one day, and participate in it:)

  17. Marni

    What a great idea! I love the concept of a theme for Halloween! On a side note, my parents debated naming me Tippi or Marni. Marni won in the end!

  18. This looks seriously amazing! I wish Halloween was more of a “thing” in the UK – I could totally get into the decorating and themes!

  19. You are so talented! I really admire your decorating style. The details are so intricate!

  20. Very nice decor! Loved it – thanks for sharing

  21. I am so impressed with the effort you put into Halloween and its decor. It must be huge in the USA. It looks so pretty and inviting. I just might swing by!

  22. I love this theme! You did a great job!

  23. Southern Sassyfrass

    Hello… this is awesome 👏 I love all you holiday decorations they are so interesting and innovative.

  24. Terri Beavers

    Hey! This post could not be written any better! Many thanks for sharing with my friends!

  25. sunshine and daisies

    So I wanted to say I am sorry that I just now got to see your Halloween table things got busy around here with the holidays, but it was really cool! Great idea.

  26. Tren

    I have not seen The Birds but know I want too. Cool idea.

  27. OMG! You have such a lovely home. But those decorations 😍 you definitely outdid yourself. If I was a kid on your street I’d be scared to even walk up to your door 😂 Although houses with amazing decorations usually have the BEST candy. As an adult I can appreciate all the time and hard work you but into decorating your home. It looks awesome, inside and out!

  28. OMG, I just love your decor so much. This is so festive, and beautifu!

  29. It is something about the black crow in the branches that set things off for me. The time and dedication that went into this and the details are great.

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  35. I love decorating for Fall and Halloween. The birds are a great touch!

  36. Tasheena

    Your home is so beautiful, I just love all of your fall decor.

  37. I absolutely love the front porch, it is fun but still classy

  38. Monica Simpson

    This is definitely the most creative outdoor Halloween decor I have seen yet! Nice work!

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