Creepy Halloween Tablescape

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Creepy Halloween Tablescape

This year I wanted to have a super creepy Halloween Tablescape.  See how adding a skeleton as a centerpiece achieved the look.

This year I decided to play up the spooky factor for my Halloween decor after last year’s “The Birds” theme. While it was unnerving to people that did not like birds, it really didn’t have a spooky vibe.  To create my creepy Halloween tablescape this year, I decided to added a skeleton to create a corpse look, to my centerpiece. Honestly, I think the beauty of this creepy Halloween tablescape is that it appears so unassuming as you enter my home. It is only after you get on top of it do you realize there is a body in the middle of the dining table, lol.

Each guest is welcomed with an eerie epitaph place card, labeled for there final resting place, and a vial of poisoned elixir so you too can  truly join the party.
I decided to take a cue from a few classic Hollywood horror flicks with my overall design. I used inspirations from Frankenstein being resurrected from the dead and Beetlejuice where the corpse bride rises out of the dinner table.  I even think it has a slight touch of  Día de Muertos, or Day of the Dead, with my creation of a mad scientist style altar. Día de Muertos is a Mexican holiday celebrated in Mexico. The 3 day celebration starts on Halloween, and involves family and friends gathering to pray for and remember friends and family members who have died. In the Mexican culture, death is viewed as a natural part of the human cycle, so the legend dictates that it is a day of celebration because their loved ones awake and celebrate with them.Creating an alter on my sideboard became a mixture of these ideas. I included candles, apothecary jars with spooky specimens and colorful flasks that might just contain poison or a resurrection spell. I add a few real occult items like spell books and smudge sticks, to add a more authentic vibe.Speaking of authentic, this is probably the most authentic thing on the sideboard. Check out the real snake skeleton we found in our yard. Eek! I have no idea what kind of snake it was, but apparently something really liked it. Yes, and to rest it on my “Thing” style hand sculpture makes it even more creepy, wouldn’t you agree?Creepy crawlers are just a part of the season, so not only did I add spiders all over the table. I also put the granddaddy of spiders in one of the viewing jars. Along with this boney bird and a vat of bad blood, a punch style drink complete with a skeleton hand ladle. I also found the weird double pumpkin while at Burt’s Pumpkin Patch last week.  I thought it resembled a heart or a pumpkin heart. So I handpainted a few veins  across the skin to give that illusion.I also added a few bleeding flame candles to the side board candle operas, which adds another element of eerie to the room. It is just a subtle touch but it still adds just a little haunted feeling when you lite up these candles and they start to burn and melt red blood.Let’s take a quick look at our mobile bar cart, resuscitation station. I have filled this little cart up with snack and drink viles.  So drink up if you dare.I ordered medical grade test tubes to fill up with snacks and drink shots. This is a fun way to offer up a few grab and go drinks and snacks through out the night.  It would be perfect for a larger Halloween Costume Party as well. Above you see a selection toasted pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, truffled almonds, candy corn, and my DIY eyeballs I will explain more about later. For the cocktail shooters I used a mixture of Midori and Blue Curacao to create evil colored elixirs to savor.  I find that the natural blue and green colors lend themselves nicely to create a spooky adult beverage. I also used the same cocktail mixtures over on the table too.  I found these fun beverage stickers to add to a few bottles of liquor that did not already have a themed spooky label. However we did discover that many of liquors already had many labels that would work for this holiday like William Wolf, White Walker, The Kraken, and Angels Envy.  Proving that sometimes you do not have to recreate the wheel.

As for our Haunted House wine we did add a fun label to that bottle, but there are plenty of ominous titles already out there like Apothic Inferno or Dark. Here are a few other great available titles for your table wine, Sinister Hand, The Velvet Devil, Hocus Pocus and Spellbound. I found these titles and more over at Wine Folly. I also made a potion for each of our guests to drink at there place settings to join the land of the undead or maybe it is the non-living.  For argument sake, let’s just say the spiritual realm. Where on earth did I find these sweet little medicine jars, well they were made for that exact reason, you can get your own set here: Mason Recycled Blown Glass Vases come in a set of 8 Assortment.One last fun treat I wanted to share from our Memorial Resurrection dinner is my Pumpkin EYE-scream. How cute is this?  This is such a fun way to celebrate a end to the festivities before you release your captives back into the wild. Check out my Homemade Pumpkin Pie EYE-scream shot recipe  I promise, this is a tasty treat prefect for all climates. Whether you have hot days like us here in south or cold days this pumpkin spice ice cream is divine. 

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  1. Farmhouse Fixer Upper

    What a fantastic table! I love Halloween too, so this whole party theme is right up my alley.

  2. I must say this is quiet interesting and out of the box. Never seen such a set up before.

  3. That’s so much fun not just for children but also for us adults. Love your creativity!

  4. Wow, this needs super effort. By the way, that black rose table cloth is cool. It so Halloween-y.

  5. Right from dishes, beverages to ice cream cones all look amazing. Must say you put in a lot of effort to come up with this table. It looks perfect for Halloween party.

  6. Jennifer, you are a genius! This is TOO good! I love the skeleton down the center of the table!!!

    -Madi xo | Everyday with Madi Rae

  7. Southern Sassyfrass

    You designs never cease to amaze me, the creativity and ideas that you come up and amazing. You just need to write a book.

  8. Takes a lot of creativity to pull off any design; a whole lot more to pull off a creepy design that looks cool. Great job.

  9. So fun and creative! I am not one to decorate for Halloween, but I definitely enjoy your designs!

  10. I live for a good tablescape and Halloween is one of my favorite holidays to decorate for! Bookmarking and saving for some ideas!

  11. Love it! Why did I never think of Eye-scream! Lol. My kids would love this. And I love the skeleton on the table. You could serve some food that looks like guts and put it inside it’s abdomen. Creeepy!

  12. Shay

    The decor is the whole package, you went all out on these designs.

  13. Ugh I love this aesthetic. I wish I had more room in my home for something like this.

  14. Omg this was so creepy especially that granddaddy spider in a jar!
    I think the ice creams look cute. Loved the overall decor.

  15. Windy

    This is so cute! I love the creativity and those cupcakes look so yummy.

  16. LOVE THIS!!! I didn’t even realize the skeleton in the middle of the table until I went back and looked through the pics a second time! NICE!

  17. This. is. SPOOOKtacular! We have been living in our RV for the last three years, but just bought a house. We may be in by Halloween, but if not I am saving this for next year. Halloween is my favorite holiday!

  18. This is the Halloween tablescape of my dreams! I absolutely love the skeleton centerpiece.

  19. Bella

    This table setting is so cute! I love halloween!! so excited for it! thanks for sharing this

  20. Tisha

    This is an amazing set up!!!! Love Halloween!

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