Trick or Treat S’mores to Drink

Trick or Treat S’mores to Drink

Halloween is a week away, are you looking for something fun and unique to do for your Halloween party this weekend? How about something that would make you feel like a kid again, a S’more Bar?

Let me be the first to tell you I know that S’mores  are not exactly ground breaking news, but I will say they have really seen a recent resurgence since my youthful days as a Girls Scout. Ahhhh, I can remember sitting around a camp fire, roasting marshmallows and telling ghost stories, how much fun we had.  So, why not try and recreate some of those memories at your Halloween or fall gathering?

Since the weather has finally cooled off here in Georgia, and the pesky bugs have all died, we are finding ourselves spending more time outside by the fireplace. This past weekend we had some family staying with us and we wanted to do something a little bit fun and different from just our normal visit. So I threw together the makings of a basic Smore’s Bar from things I had stashed in my pantry and even created these fun little cocktails too!

As I was making our tasty little cocktails I thought this would be a great idea for a Halloween party. Playing off the theme of a S’more’s DIY Bar, I literally wanted to make adult beverage  that would taste just like a S’more. I ringed the shot glass with crushed graham crackers and garnished the shooter with a mini Hershey bar and star shaped marshmellows. Seriously,  just look how cute these shots turned out, I even impressed myself, lol. 


1 16oz Container of Half in Half

1 Bottle of Kahlua

1 Bottle of Bailey Irish Cream

Chocolate Syrup

4 full size Graham Crackers (crushed)

1 Large Hershey Bar

1 Bag Mini Marshmellow

Dip the shot glass rim in water then dredge into graham cracker crumbs. Squeeze in enough chocolate syrup to cover the bottom of the shot glass.  Layer in equal parts of Kahlua, followed by Bailey’s and then top with a layer of Half n Half.  Float your marshmallow and Hershey Bar on top then Enjoy!

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  1. I LOVE s’mores! So much so, that I tend to stick up once the stores start displaying them, ahaha! So this drink is PERFECT for me!

  2. S’mores are literally one of my favorite desserts and this drink sounds incredible!! If I were still drinking (long story haha) I’d be all over this. But I know my sister and my friends would love it!

  3. Well. I just sent my husband out to get everything on this list so we can make these. It sounds awesome! I’m always looking for a new drink to surprise my friends with at parties, this one looks great!

  4. Thanks for sharing your amazing recipe and thoughts. I really appreciate your efforts and I am waiting for your further posts for the season, thanks once again.

  5. Jen, these look soooo good! I love love smores – can’t wait to make this. And oh my gosh I would love to have that outdoor fireplace set up. So amazing!

  6. This is a perfect idea to go with a Smore’s party theme. Theses are so cute!

  7. Wow these look amazing. I can not say I have ever had a s’more but they sound good. I love it 💗

  8. Major thankies for this tasty treat idea, and article post. Really looking forward to making this and reading more.

  9. These are adorable, I love a good drink that looks cute too! Presentation 🙂

  10. What a cute little idea for a after dinner drinky by the fire!

  11. Now I am ready for the fall and pumpkins this is the perfect fireside drink.

  12. Pinning these for the fall, I hear some campfires calling my name, and these little shooters will be the perfect treat.

  13. Oh my goodness these are such a delightful drink for fall gatherings around the old fire pit. Can you tell I am over summer already?

  14. I can not wait to try this sweet drink out, I love S’mores so I am sure they are great.

  15. These are so going on my fall bucket list, they are adorable and look so yummy.

  16. Now this is party favor, what a great idea for shots!

  17. These look tasty, I can not wait to try and make them soon.

  18. This is perfect for our summer camping trip! I know I found this pin under fall drinks but your should rebrand for for a summer version too!

  19. Such a cute idea and the again your pictures sell the scene, great job!

  20. These little tasty’s look super delicious!

  21. This looks super tasty and simple to make. I like the recipes like that, easy to do with a big pay off.

  22. These turned out so cute. Are they very strong or could I make them in a larger glass for sipping verses a shooter?

  23. I love how cute these look, so cute I wouldn’t want to drink them, but I would. Thanks for this great share I will be passing on to our campfire crew this weekend.

  24. These look great a prefect little campfire treat and the weather is getting better for a outdoor campfire too!

  25. I love s’mores they are one of my favorite desserts, I guess they remind me of happy childhood days. I will have to try this.

  26. I think we will try to do a kiddy night around the fire pit, these would be a great addition for the adults.

  27. This looks like a fun shooter for a fireside party. Great pictures and I love that fireplace.

  28. These look delicious I had to check out the recipe to see how to make them.

  29. These are so cute and I bet they taste really good too! Great idea.

  30. I stumbled upon this great idea, it looks great. I think I will check out more of your site too.

  31. I really appreciate the tasty little treats you came up with for this post. To have a special little treat for adults only, is a wonderful to say thank you to you readers and friends.

  32. We would have to make a kid friendly one which would be chocolate milk with a Hershey bar and marshmallows. LOL

  33. These look very tasty, also I love your fireplace it is really beautiful especially with the wooded private yard.

  34. I desire to make use of some with the content on my blog whether or not you don’t mind. Natually I’ll give you a hyperlink on your web blog. Thanks for sharing.

  35. Thank you so much for giving everyone a chance to read from this blog. It is packed with amazing stuff. This is such a pretty and impressive shot to serve to guests around a fire pit, keeping it classy of course.

  36. Hey Regina you can get about 20-25 out of a bottle depending on the size of you shot glass and how full you fill it up. You can also stretch it with the half half if you find yourself in a bind.

  37. I love this idea for sitting around the bonfire. The fact you took a childhood memory and turned it into a fun adult beverage is really brilliant. Also just wanted to say I love your fireplace. Goodness it is so pretty, I would spend my days and night right there.

  38. I simply desired to say thanks we made these over the holidays and absolutely loved them. They were the hit of the season and my family was so impressed with the creativeness.

  39. My daughter in-law made these tasty treats for us over the holiday and I had to know where she got the recipe from, I am now signed up to follow and am becoming a big fan too.

  40. This is a exceptional great recipe and can be used anytime of year, you should change the name for SEO purposes to something more universal.

  41. Well I guess I don’t have to spend the weekend figuring out what to make I will try this one out!

  42. Yum the pictures alone have me drooling. I bet these are really tasty and perfect for entertaining guests.

  43. Do you know how many you can make from one bottle? I was thinking about doing these for a large party but I wanted to make sure I owl have enough to go around. I guess I could do a trial run before the party in February to get my answer, lol that would be fun.

  44. I made these over the holidays as a fun treat since we had Bailey’s in the house. We let the kiddos do Smore’s around the fire while all the mom’s dad’s had a few of these to stay warm.

  45. Been googling drink ideas, love the idea and look of this one. Came out to your site and you have a ton of great drink ideas. Are you a bartender? If not you should be, lol

  46. Yes we will be trying this recipe out on our next camping adventure. Seem like something that we pack and will travel well, plus the kids can still have Smore’s just the parents will partake in this treat. Might make sleeping in the woods more enjoyable too 😉

  47. I am not sure why you have this listed as a Trick or Treat, in my humble opinion it is all treat. Seriously tho this is a perfect shooter for around the fire anytime of the year. Great pictures too, they are so clear.

  48. These look to good to be shots, they look like mini desserts. Great pictures pinning for later.

  49. I think this looks like the perfect fireside drink, and I plan to do these when the carolers come through the town. I will just use plastic cups instead, thanks for the great idea.

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  53. Smore’s are one of my families favorite things, and some of our best memories. I love that you have created a drink with that flavor profile.

  54. This looks so good, and great presentation the mini chocolate bar and marshmallows really sell it.

  55. I must try this over the holidays, it sound delicious and looks adorable.

  56. I really like this idea as a campfire drink and I think it would really be good year round.

  57. I made these for our Thanksgiving guests we went through a entire bottle of Kuala in one night, those are very dangerous, but we had fun.

  58. I really love the flavor of Smore’s, this drink will be perfect for me. They look so cute too!

  59. We tried this over the holiday and they were delicious. Everyone loved them!

  60. I do not really do shooters, but my college aged kids do. Maybe I can make them some for the holiday and be a cool mom.

  61. Holy Cow this looks like a great idea I would want a large cup of this than a shot glass.

  62. These look incredibly tasty for the cooler weather days. Beautiful fireplace by the way!

  63. Of I love smores and this is perfect for adults while the kids make the real ones. 😉

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  74. Yep these are going on the grocery list for next week, what a fun holiday idea. Plus I will already have marshmallow and and graham crackers for other Thanksgiving day treats, just add in chocolate.

  75. These will be perfect mourned the fire pit over the holidays. The kids can do Smore’s and a tray of these for the adults will be perfect!

  76. These look like awesome sauce!!!! Hey maybe that is what you should name them.

  77. Adult Night staple right here! I can imagine a few of these going back around the fire pit this season.

  78. I am always on the prowl for tasty and unique drink ideas since I entertain so often. This one is perfection, thank you!

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  80. Talk about some fun around the old firepit, these are great, gotta try um.

  81. I am making these this weekend for a girls get together. I think the ladies will really love it. Plus I can send them your way for you Holiday Home Tour!

  82. Now you are talking my language, I love a good shooter. Campfire down by the river and shooters that is the life.

  83. The presentation on these little drinks are perfect. That little Hershey square lures me in. Whether I drink or not.

  84. My kids areal about S’more’s right now, what a fun way to give the parents a little bit of fun too!

  85. This looks so good, I love S’mores! Such a fun adult version.

  86. Ok this looks so good for anytime of year, but the thought to trick or treat with them is a killer idea.

  87. Ok so a S’more if a self made campfire cookie. Traditional made by toasting a marshmallow over a campfire, then placing it between two graham crackers with a piece of chocolate. They are a camping tradition here in the US, which has gone main stream into other sectors of culinary treats.

  88. Saw this pin too on a fun store shooter. Such a great idea! It sounds tasty and seems simple with basic ingredient. Thanks!

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  90. What is a Smore? The drink looks nice, it is kind of small, but would make nightcap.

  91. I think we will do these for Thanksgiving by the fire pit. Still the perfect weather for it.

  92. Yum I just want that chocolate bar on top, the PMS has got me me like CHOCOLATE!

  93. Yummy to my tummy, I got pin this and try it out of the neighbors.

  94. This looks like campfire fun in a glass. Thanks of the recipe share.

  95. Did you actually give these away at Halloween? Obviously only to the adults, but such a cute idea. i know when I took my kids trick or treating years ago, I could used 2 or 3 of those.

  96. This drink looks like a prefect dessert of night cap. I am not a fan of marshmallows but the could be optional, the recipe looks almost like a White Russian or Mud slide.

  97. This is such a great idea for a cool weather shot. I am tried of all the Fireball recipes, it’s had it s day people, move on.

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