Follow The Spiders Halloween Home Tour

Follow The Spiders Halloween Home Tour

Hello all, Happy October and welcome to our Follow The Spiders Halloween Home Tour!

Are you a Harry Potter fan? Well in the wise words of Ron Weasley, ” Why spiders? Why couldn’t it be follow the butterflies?” Well Ron, butterflies are for my artisanal floral design company, Butterfly Landings, and this, well this is Halloween, so we shall do a Follow The Spiders Halloween Home Tour this season!Follow The Spider Home Tour JENRON DESIGNSThis year we decided to let spiders be our theme for the inside and outside Halloween decor. It seemed almost fitting since the Joro spiders are currently taking over the US and every article on my social media so might as well! While I do not particularly find spiders to be “spooky”, I know a lot of people that are really  scared by them; which gives me the perfect throwback intro for my Birds Halloween porch & table, a tribute to the movie by Alfred Hitchcock. I had a neighbor once  that was so scared of birds she would literally cry when she would see a turkey buzzard and almost wreck her car; quite a driving hazard I might add.Spider Porch JENRON DESIGNSNow with the Joro spiders invading the United States, and being seen on social media everywhere, arachnophobe’s everywhere are threatening to burn their houses down on site. This just seemed like a legit scary theme for Halloween, right? Surprisingly, in all my years, I have actually never done a spider theme before, so I had to order up all the webs seen here from Amazon. The pie shape web included a 60″spider with the web pack which made decorating easy. We also ordered a second large round 50″ web and several other spider sets to add in the mix. It all breaks down very easy so storage is going to be a breeze since they take up very little room. Spiderweb JENRON DESIGNS

The Porch Halloween Add In Details:

Transitioning your already decorated fall porch into a Halloween fright fest can be as simple as adding in a spooky theme, as we have done with the spiders this year. We add in a 4 pc set of egg sacs to hang from the ceiling. Along with a fuzzy 6pc spider set to place around the porch. Spiders on the Porch JENRON DESIGNSAs you can see, we have just layered in the x-large spiders directly over our fall mum and pumpkin display. Added in our yearly light up display of vintage gas can jack o lanterns, which I commissioned several years ago from our friend Eric, at Rife’s Repurpose & Salvage Co. located in Ball Ground, GA.  I believe he is still currently making them every year to sell at his shop, you are so welcome for the inspirational idea my friend, hope the sales are going well, sending you guys all the best!Spiders Porch JENRON DESIGNSI will admit I had the spider theme already in mind when I did the original fall set, so I matched the black and white ribbon tied on the metal pumpkins to the door wreath; which was designed with Joro spider egg pods and a custom painted glow in the dark tinsel spider web in the center, originally found at Dollar Tree.Spider Wreath JENRON DESIGNSI used my DIY Eyeball Black Roses, tutorial seen here, that I created a couple of years ago for a Haunted Mansion Tablescape, to add into my wreath to give the feeling of being watched as you ring the doorbell. This is just another way of using what you have until it is no longer a viable option and needs to go away. My front door and porch get so much sun, so once things become a door wreath or porch decor it is usually the last hooray for them. Spider Sacs Porch JENRON DESIGNSOne last spooky detail we have added are these LED battery operated spider egg sacs. These again, are very easy to store at the end of the season just like the rope webs and the collapsible spiders, yet they make a great big decorating impact to the Halloween theme. My husband likes that they are battery operated so you can hang them anywhere without the worry of tripping over the cords. Later in the season we will probably move them out to our tree but for now they will stay on the porch.

Enter In My Pretties, If you Dare…

So the greatest portion of the spiders are located in my dining room. I was inspired by the Spiders fleeing from the castle in Harry Potter, so I wanted to create the look of spiders climbing all over the walls, and lowering themselves down from the chandelier. For ease, and a total time saver, I decided to keep the moss table runner I had created for my Woodland Fox Hollow Fall Table last month, seen here. I just removed all the fall foliage and started from that point, adding in pumpkins, skulls, chain, and graveyard style sticks.

Designer Tip- A great designer tip is to plan out your tables and decor ahead of time so you can work off a base all season long. This is a time saver all designers use, and to be honest we usually plan ahead up to year in advance, so our themes and color stories are already set and designed way out.   I added in the web style place mats, which were actually a woven jute in a brown color, which I spray painted white to look like a spider web. Added in some dark colored plates and simple white napkins with black stitching. Then it was all about the spiders and web being stretched across the chandelier and candle operas. I used white thread on a few spiders to give the illusion of them lowering down into the center of the table. You can see I did dress my drop zone area with some simple fall foliage and the remains of the previous table centerpiece. I found this great Rae Dunn Trick or Treat blanket, which is perfect for Halloween night if it should be cold as we hand out candy. We filled up Ron’s favorite piece, Frankie with a few little treats for us until we actually get to Halloween! Some years we fill up book, which is a knockoff of the Sanderson Sisters book, but a candy holder. This year he really wanted to use Frankie, with the green and white pumpkins and spider theme.  We added a few more pumpkins and leaves in our Books and Bourbon library, which is where I put book this year. Along with Thing (our creepy ceramic hand) which is our remote control holder. You might be able to see them over in front of the fireplace. Finally, I leave you this little iconic picture, I posted the real one on my Instagram with Zooey all up in the middle of the tree and gravestone, as a teaser picture for this Blog Hop post. Make sure to check out all of my talented friends below to see what they are up to this October.

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  1. Emily

    Ok – this is so so good and this is also something my boys would LOVE. Thanks for all the great info!!!!!

  2. You’re Halloween decor is amazing! You are so creative! Also…..I didn’t know this about the Joro spiders!!!!!! Eeekkkk!

  3. I never would have thought that spiders could look so good!! Love it all, and the tablescape is perfect!

  4. I know those Joro Spiders are taking over here, LOL! They have golden webs strong enough to catch hummingbirds, sadly and the spiders can fly 😱

  5. Jen this is absolutely incredible! Your home looks so spooktacular!!!

  6. Amber Myers

    Okay, you win in Halloween decor. I love it all. My daughter would be all about the spiders.

  7. You make me want to decorate our home for Halloween tomorrow! I love it all.

  8. This is so fun and festive. I love the spooky season – such a clever way to decorate your tabletop and home!

  9. Nina

    I’d be afraid to go into that house! But I am terrified of spiders :p

  10. Wow so many spiders! We just have the 1 big one with red eyes from last year and haven’t put the Halloween deco out yet.

  11. Okay so randomly this year my kids have been BEGGING for giant outdoor spiders. LOL I’ll have to try these.

  12. Shar

    Wow! This is so exciting. I enjoyed especially the skull on the table. Thrilling.

  13. This is SO magical! I still haven’t broken out my Halloween decor but totally need to.

  14. So much creativity and thoughts into each one of these Halloween decor. As always an amazing post to read

  15. Byakuya

    Hi, Thanks for sharing this information! Home decor is something really important for any home, there are many things that make your space look so classy for the holidays.

  16. Digitaldaybook

    This is a creepy but cute tour I think my hubby would freak though lol

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