An Easter Nesting Table

Easter Tablescape JENRON DESIGNS

An Easter Nesting Table

Join me as I show you how I created a fresh new look for an Easter Nesting table with items we already had on hand.

As may of us have been nesting in our homes over the past few weeks, it seemed like a great theme for An Easter Nesting Table. All dressed in shades of blue and white with some fresh flowers to adorn the center of the table. Here is how I reworked all my Easter Decor to create a brand new theme and look for this holiday season.

Welcome to the Easter Table JENRON DESIGNSI actually fell in love with the shades of blue for my Easter table early last fall when I found these pretty close out dishes in gingham blue at a local department store. The bone china was running a mere $3.00 a plate after all the discounts, which was a total steal. I just loved the simple watercolor pattern and sky blue color, so my color theme was set literally last September, if you can believe that?

Easter Place Setting JENRON DESIGNSThe sweet bunny salad plates were a set I lucked up on at my local Home Goods in early February of this year. They came in a cute multi pattern set of four. So you will see four different styles of bunnies through out my Easter table, which creates a fun personal touch for your family members or dinner guests. Bunny Salad Plates JENRON DESIGNSThe light blue chargers and white lacy edge napkins were a few items I picked up at the end of February at my local Hobby Lobby, as soon as it went 40% off. I decided that it would be fun to place the blue chargers on the very same wreath nests I used for Birds Halloween Table from 2 years ago. This creates a layered effect for the chargers and a bit of a thicket feel as well as a nest vibe. Since thickets are where bunnies tend to live, I thought it worked well with the nest and robin’s egg theme.
Easter Charger Napkin and Plates JENRON DESIGNS This application shows the versatility of this particular decoration which is really what I wanted to show you. Don’t get caught up in decorations only being for a specific season, while yes bunnies are Easter, the grapevine nests worked great for Halloween, and then again this spring for Easter. If you pick classic pieces you will get a lot of longevity from them, which in turn, will save you a lot of money on decorations.  Sideboard JENRON DESIGNSYou can even see the nest wreaths a little better here on the sideboard which also features my little chocolate bunnies and a vintage chocolate bunny mold. I gotta say, I would love to find a few more of these chocolate molds, but they have become so popular now they are pretty hard to find. Heck even the knock off versions are hard to get right now. Chocolate Bunny Mold JENRON DESIGNSYou may or may not recognize the blue eggs, which are the very same eggs I painted last year for my Bunnies in the Berry Patch table. I simply spray painted over the hand painted strawberry pattern with a pretty robin’s egg blue spray paint. This was a very quick and easy upgrade, plus I already owned the spray paint since this is one of my go to garden finish colors for watering cans, and clay pots. Milkglass Pedestal JENRON DESIGNSThen just pop in a few of the speckled mini eggs that go with everything from year to year. This is one of the easiest ways to upcycle and reuse the same wooden Easter eggs over and over each year for decor and create new looks. I also did a similar technique with pumpkins for a fall table as well. You can see that information in my post called Recycle Your Pumpkins.Vintage Milkglass Goblets JENRON DESIGNSYou may have also noticed that I accented this tablescape with some vintage milk glass pieces. These goblets seen above were part of the treasures we found on trip to Waco, Texas last fall, for the Silobrations. We noticed that milk glass, while expensive and sought after here in Georgia, was really easy to find while we were there. We were able to pick up this entire set for $6 which breaks down to a dollar a goblet. So I am sure you will see these pretties again on another table setting soon.

Blue Eggs and Flowers JENRON DESIGNSFresh flowers are so important when setting a table and really do add a lot to your home. Since I do have pets and mine are cats, which get into everything, I am always very careful about the types of flowers that I use and showcase in my home. Fresh Easter Flowers JENRON DESIGNSYou can see that I am mainly using roses as my feature flowers, which are not considered toxic to pets especially my cats, that have a tendency to eat everything. I also used a selection of eucalyptus, both seeded, traditional and silver dollar. The long pink cone shaped flowers are some of my personal favorites called stock, and they have a lovely scent, but not overpowering.

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Easter Centerpiece JENRON DESIGNSA few plants to keep in mind that are highly toxic to cats this time of year are Easter Lilies. They can be fatal if eaten so I highly recommend that if you have pets and love them as much as I love mine, don’t even take the chance of bringing them into your home. Virtually any lily is toxic to cats and dogs and causes renal failure within minutes of ingestion, My little Evie which is the tiniest cat I own, at 7 lbs, is way too important to us, to even risk it.

Evie In the window JENRON DESIGNSIf you are unsure if you plant is toxic you can check out my post on 12 Pet Safe Houseplants  or go directly to the  ASPCA poisonous plant guide site if it is an emergency. Another trick I use all the time is to decorate with really great looking silks like this Easter entryway arrangement. Not only does it last longer but it is so much safer for your small children and pets. I just recommend getting silks in naturally occurring colors for the flowers you want, like these Peonies. Peonies come in white, pink, hot pink, burgundy and if you are lucky maybe a peach that is it.  So that means no yellow, purple, blue, red or orange, just keep it natural. Entryway Arrangement JENRON DESIGNS

What on the Menu for Easter this year? Well this year we will be have a small more intimate holiday gathering so we stuck to just the basics that we always love.  Here are the links for a few of the recipes below:

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PIN ME for later and be sure to follow us on Pinterest at Jen @ JENRON DESIGNS

Easy Easter Nesting Table JENRON DESIGNS


  1. Amanda

    Stunning pictures! Just lovely.

  2. I hope to enjoy a beautiful and loving Easter because I would like those who love to enjoy such a table … the fresh flowers then bring joy and beauty.

  3. OMG, beautiful decorations and pictures! Good times to post too as easter is coming, thank you for the inspirational ideas.

  4. Jen

    This is such a gorgeous Easter table! Your eye for detail is amazing. I feel inspired to go and create my own now.

  5. Olufunke

    Oh my! These are just too beautiful. I love them all.

  6. Another gorgeous table! My favorite part are the twig place mats used under the plates – they really bring the whole look together! Beautifully done Jennifer!

    -Madi xo |

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  9. Everything looks amazing but I’m in love with those bunny plates! Well done, looks gorgeous!

  10. Karletta

    Loving all the details. Bunny plates are adorable. Roses always a hit. As I’m reading, I’m thinking I wonder what Jennifer cooks up to serve with this divine setting … and then you had the menu! Bravo 🌸

  11. Bellab

    This table setting is so pretty! I wish I had a big enough table to do this at! your such an inpiration so jelly

  12. You have the best ideas! I have so many ideas for our Easter table now!

  13. Nina

    I personally don’t celebrate Easter but this is a really pretty setup. Those florals are absolutely gorgeous!

  14. The table is gorgeous and I love the pretty fresh flowers.

  15. So adorable and classy! I love this set up! Thanks so much for sharing and giving inspiration!

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