3 Ways to Dress Your Pumpkins

3 Ways to Dress Your Pumpkins

Hi everyone, as you all get ready to head off the pumpkin patch for the weekend.  I wanted to take a little time to share one of my fall projects from last year, pre blog that is… Pumpkins 3 ways.

I am a huge holiday decor person, and I just love going Burt’s Farm they have the best Pumpkin Patch, and are a local favorite here in Georgia. I tell you, last year we loaded up our little wheelbarrow with tone of great finds. Below is a picture of 1 out of our 3 wheelbarrows, yes I might have a problem, and I do realize that….LOL. These lovely pumpkins became my creepy Halloween tower of pumpkins. I decide to use them to flank either side of our garage doors, in a set of urns that originally housed summer annuals. I dressed them using Spanish Moss, which I felt added a creepy spider vibe to them. (Plus the birds really loved the Spanish Moss, lol) I have seen several post that show placing dow rods through the pumpkins to secure them. However, I did not need to secure them. I actually stacked the pumpkins up at the patch to make sure the would all sit evenly and have a matching finished height. Now I know, not everyone out there is going to put that much time effort and energy into picking out their pumpkins, which is why I mentioned the dow rod option. 
After spending all that money on the pumpkins, I really wanted to make sure  I could use them a while and get my monies worth out of them. While at Burns’s I decided to purchase a galvanized set of turkey parts- head, feathers and feet. This allowed me to recreated and carry the tower though for Thanksgiving. I added a few fall leaves to the bottom of the pot to create a nest vibe and  I think it turned out super cute. This allowed me to keep the pumpkins for another whole month.

Side note: I do find the it fade and color change on the pumpkins very interesting as they weathered out side. It actually made the turkeys look even better. Then as if the turkey conversion was not enough, I had two very sweet neighbors recommend that I turn them into snowmen for the winter. A idea they had seen on Pinterest, and they wanted my pumpkins to continue to live on. (I got to say I love my neighbors and neighborhood, they are some of the best people on the planet.) 

I mean who am I not to for fill the request of the very people that drive by my house and see it every day, right? So  I created snowmen. I sprayed the pumpkins white with spray paint, and found this great snowman kit at Hobby Lobby. Hind site I would have added some cotton fluff to the base to cover the the urn, but all in all I think they turned out nicely. Bonus the pumpkins lasted another whole month right into January.  So this is the progression of my seasonal pumpkins done 3 ways. The perfect way to keep them through 3 holidays and 2 seasons. I hope you guys enjoyed this, Happy Fall Y’all



  1. Iam so impressed, I have to say. Actually hardly ever do pumpkins because they cost so much and you have toss them after Thanksgiving. Your concept is outstanding and make so much sense.

  2. I keep running across great idea here on your blog. Three seasons on pumpkin is really a great idea, and the conversion seemed super easy too. Thanks for the share.

  3. Now this is a really good idea, and the exact reason why love your blog so much. Keep showing me all your great ideas, that is what I come her for. ­čÖé

  4. I simply had to say thanks yet again. I’m taking note of a well-written techniques you have managed to provide. Now I’m happy for this help and I hope you know what a great job that you’re providing teaching the others through this site.

  5. Great idea, I am totally going to do this with my pumpkins, even if they do not stack. Happy Fall Y’all!

  6. I am impressed, I have to say. Your concept is outstanding, the idea to keep your pumpkins for that long is really great and cost effiective. I am overjoyed that I stumbled upon, this.

  7. Wow this is a really good idea, I think I might have to try it out this weekend!

  8. I would have never thought to rework my pumpkins, how do you come up with this stuff! Great job.

  9. I happen to be commenting to make you be aware of the really good encounter I have had viewing your blog. You undoubtedly did more than readers’ expectations with these pumpkins. Many thanks for showing these practical, and fun tips about the topic.

  10. Great post for the fall Halloween season, I can not believe you got 3 months out of your pumpkins. Amazing idea.

  11. Oh these turned out so great, I will have to try to do that with some of mine this year! Great stuff!

  12. I found you on Pinterest a linked over, you have some unique and interesting ideas. I will now bookmark you to my rss feed.

  13. Fall pumpkins will never be the same to me after reading this. I really love those metal turkey parts. As I say turkey parts I realize how bad that sounds, but I do not know what else to call them ­čÖü Sorry. I do love your blog ­čÖé and find myself fall inspired.

  14. Another great post, as always. Thanks so much for providing us with a chance to check out tips from such a highly sigh after designer.

  15. My god you have some of the best stuff I have seen and it just keeps coming. Happy Fall my friend.

  16. I appreciate the article on your pumpkins collage. They are very festive and make nice decor for you home.

  17. Okay this is a really great idea for the fall. I love that pumpkin became turkey’s and then a snowman. So cool!

  18. Oh my goodnesss I love this idea, the snowmen are precious. So that was just spray paint and a snowman kit from Hobby Lobby? How easy is that!

  19. Holy smokes this is a good idea. How do you come up with this stuff? I could have used this information when I was raising 4 kids and had a plastic jack’o’lantern.

  20. Okay now you are just showing off…… is there anything you can not do? Please tell me, this is so stinking cute and frugal at the same time. It so good its giving me the feels.

    • LOL, yes there are plenty of things I do horribly, ironically I think I am a horrible writer, but I want so badly to share my ideas that some how I muster through it.

  21. Had to check out just one more post before I start the laundry. I really like this idea and I am going to try and do this at my home. We go to the pumpkin farm tomorrow. So hopefully it won’t be too picked over.

  22. Pumpkins 3 ways is a ground breaking idea. I would have never thought they would last that long. Then to make them snowmen…. blows my mind. I will be a loyal follower of this blog just as soon as I figure out how to bookmark it.

  23. We are picking out our pumpkins this weekend, and I am so glad I saw this post. I think I want to do these stacked towers for the season, just got to talk the husband into it, ha ha. But you gave me all the tools I need, once he sees they will last until January, he will be on board.

  24. I seem to remember this last year on your IG. It was amazing then and still is now!! Glad I was on the front lines for this one!!

  25. I just can’t seem to leave you blog, I keep finding more and more great things. This post show just how smart you are, 3 seasons with the same pumpkins! Thrifty, talented and creative all good qualities in my book.

  26. This is such a good idea, I am soooooo doing it. I really hate having to throw out the pumpkins after the holidays. Your creativity is so inspiring, thank you.

  27. Thank for such a useful fall post. I love how you were able to reuse the pumpkins for 3 seasons. That is awesome, and you are right the big pumpkins like that can be expensive, for just decorations, so you might as well get the use out of them. Love your talent and all that you do.

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