3 Ways to Dress Your Pumpkins

3 Ways to Dress Your Pumpkins

As you get ready to head off the pumpkin patch, I wanted to share one of my favorite fall projects; Pumpkins 3 ways to Dress Your Pumpkins for 3 seasons.

You might notice that I am a huge holiday decor person, and I just love going Burt’s Pumpkin Farm. They have the best Pumpkin Patch here in Georgia and are a local hometown favorite. Last year we loaded up our little wheelbarrow with tone of great finds just look at our wheelbarrow below filled to the brim with heirloom pumpkins. This is only 1 out of our usual 3 wheelbarrows, yes I might have a slight pumpkin problem, and I do realize that LOL. These lovely pumpkins became my stacked Halloween Tower of pumpkins as seen as part of my Fall Home Tour, link here. I decide to use them to flank either side of our garage doors, in a set of urns that originally housed summer annuals. I dressed them using Spanish Moss, added some spiders to them.

(Side note- the birds really loved the Spanish Moss, they were constantly pulling it out of the pots and flying off with it, lol)

I have seen several post that show placing dowel rods through the pumpkins to secure them. However, I did not need to secure them. I actually pre stacked the pumpkins up at the patch to make sure the would all sit evenly and have a matching finished height. Now I know, not everyone out there is going to put that much time effort and energy into picking out their pumpkins, which is why I mentioned the dow rod option. However keep in mind once you pierce them they will rot faster outside and attract critters. After Halloween was over, I really wanted to make sure I could use my pumpkins for Thanksgiving as well, to get my monies worth out of them. While at Burt’s Pumpkin Patch I saw a great set of galvanized set of stick on turkey parts which consisted of a head, feathers and feet. This allowed me to recreated and carry the tower forward for Thanksgiving by making them into this cute turkey sitting in top of pumpkins.I added a few fall leaves to the bottom of the pot to create a nest or turkey in the straw vibe, which  I think it turned out super cute. This allowed me to keep the pumpkins for another whole month.

Side note: I do find the fade and color change on the pumpkins very interesting as they weathered outside. It actually made the turkeys look even better, and more natural color tones. Then as if the turkey conversion was not enough, I had two very sweet neighbors recommend that I turn my turkey’s  into snowmen for the winter. This was an idea they had seen on Pinterest, and they just wanted to see my pumpkins to continue to live on. I got to say I love my neighbors and neighborhood, they are some of the best people on the planet.Who am I not to for fill the requests of the very people that drive by my house and see it every day, right? So, I created snowmen, by spray painting all the pumpkins white. Then I found a great snowman kit at a local craft store, Hobby Lobby. In hindsight I think I should have added some cotton fluff to the base to cover the the urn, but all in all I think they turned out nicely. Bonus the pumpkins lasted another whole month right into January. Who knew you could buy pumpkins in October and keep them for 3 months in the Georgia heat. This is the progression of my seasonal pumpkins done 3 ways. The perfect way to keep them through 3 holidays and 2 seasons, and get your monies worth. I hope you guys enjoyed this post, Happy Fall Y’all, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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  1. Kacy Howell

    Thank for such a useful fall post. I love how you were able to reuse the pumpkins for 3 seasons. That is awesome, and you are right the big pumpkins like that can be expensive, for just decorations, so you might as well get the use out of them. Love your talent and all that you do.

  2. Crosswords & Coffee

    This is such a good idea, I am soooooo doing it. I really hate having to throw out the pumpkins after the holidays. Your creativity is so inspiring, thank you.

  3. I just can’t seem to leave you blog, I keep finding more and more great things. This post show just how smart you are, 3 seasons with the same pumpkins! Thrifty, talented and creative all good qualities in my book.

  4. Stephanie McMicheals

    I seem to remember this last year on your IG. It was amazing then and still is now!! Glad I was on the front lines for this one!!

  5. Karen Gavalond

    We are picking out our pumpkins this weekend, and I am so glad I saw this post. I think I want to do these stacked towers for the season, just got to talk the husband into it, ha ha. But you gave me all the tools I need, once he sees they will last until January, he will be on board.

  6. tj.girl

    Love this idea, it is frugal but festive. My kind of craft for sure.

  7. 80's baby

    Pumpkins 3 ways is a ground breaking idea. I would have never thought they would last that long. Then to make them snowmen…. blows my mind. I will be a loyal follower of this blog just as soon as I figure out how to bookmark it.

  8. Alicia @ What a Difference A Day Makes

    Had to check out just one more post before I start the laundry. I really like this idea and I am going to try and do this at my home. We go to the pumpkin farm tomorrow. So hopefully it won’t be too picked over.

  9. mamaknows

    Okay now you are just showing off…… is there anything you can not do? Please tell me, this is so stinking cute and frugal at the same time. It so good its giving me the feels.

  10. gigi58

    Holy smokes this is a good idea. How do you come up with this stuff? I could have used this information when I was raising 4 kids and had a plastic jack’o’lantern.

  11. Patriot143

    Oh my goodnesss I love this idea, the snowmen are precious. So that was just spray paint and a snowman kit from Hobby Lobby? How easy is that!

  12. LOL, yes there are plenty of things I do horribly, ironically I think I am a horrible writer, but I want so badly to share my ideas that some how I muster through it.

  13. bunnytime

    Okay this is a really great idea for the fall. I love that pumpkin became turkey’s and then a snowman. So cool!

  14. Yuki Koepp

    I appreciate the article on your pumpkins collage. They are very festive and make nice decor for you home.

  15. tweedy

    My god you have some of the best stuff I have seen and it just keeps coming. Happy Fall my friend.

  16. Dotty Mitchell

    Another great post, as always. Thanks so much for providing us with a chance to check out tips from such a highly sigh after designer.

  17. Little Farmgirl

    Your ideas are so valuable to me, I always get so inspired every time I come to your site. Thanks!

  18. Tara Rigsby

    Fall pumpkins will never be the same to me after reading this. I really love those metal turkey parts. As I say turkey parts I realize how bad that sounds, but I do not know what else to call them 🙁 Sorry. I do love your blog 🙂 and find myself fall inspired.

  19. Tosca Kellerman

    I found you on Pinterest a linked over, you have some unique and interesting ideas. I will now bookmark you to my rss feed.

  20. Rachel D.

    Great post for the fall Halloween season, I can not believe you got 3 months out of your pumpkins. Amazing idea.

  21. Aubrey Andrews

    Oh these turned out so great, I will have to try to do that with some of mine this year! Great stuff!

  22. Limby

    I would have never thought to rework my pumpkins, how do you come up with this stuff! Great job.

  23. Addison Wheeler

    You undoubtedly did more than readers’ expectations with these pumpkins way to make them last. Many thanks for showing these practical, and fun tips about the topic.

  24. Kendall | Is it nap time yet?

    Wow this is a really good idea, I think I might have to try it out this weekend!

  25. Coco82

    I am impressed, I have to say. Your concept is outstanding, the idea to keep your pumpkins for that long is really great and cost effiective. I am overjoyed that I stumbled upon, this.

  26. Jamie Montauk

    Great idea, I am totally going to do this with my pumpkins, even if they do not stack. Happy Fall Y’all!

  27. Boris 1977

    Now this is a really good idea, and the exact reason why love your blog so much. Keep showing me all your great ideas, that is what I come her for. 🙂

  28. sunshine and daisies

    I simply had to say thanks yet again. I’m taking note of a well-written techniques you have managed to provide. Now I’m happy for this help and I hope you know what a great job that you’re providing teaching the others through this site.

  29. Ingrid

    I keep running across great idea here on your blog. Three seasons on pumpkin is really a great idea, and the conversion seemed super easy too. Thanks for the share.

  30. Angie Pickler

    I am so impressed, I have to say. Actually I hardly ever do pumpkins because they cost so much and you have toss them after Thanksgiving. Your concept is outstanding and make so much sense.

  31. Marla Weinzimer

    Grat idea, you are such a wealth of knowledge.

  32. Beth

    This is a great post with fun ideas for pumpkins decor. Thanks

  33. Nikki

    Right on the pumpkin of what people want with this write-up, I truly think this web site warrants much more consideration. I will be back again to learn more info. Thanks for that!

  34. Debra Voit

    A lot of thanks for all of your work on this website. You are doing a really good job.

  35. Our Little Fox Hole

    My husband and I ended up stacking our pumpkins like this, so I think I will try to do the turkey and snowman too! Thanks for the idea on the whole thing!

  36. Sybil Kavanaugh

    After research just a few of your weblog posts on your website now, and I truly like your method of blogging. I bookmarked it to my bookmark web site checklist and will likely be checking back soon. Please know I will be trying to do this with our pumpkins this year, thanks!

  37. Dakota Manifold

    I think your blog needs some love. I will share you with my social media audience. I know how hard it is to be blogger wondering if anyone is out their reading your stuff. Well we are, and it’s great. Just want to tell everyone it is okay to comment, and leave this hard working girl some love!

  38. Katie Moore

    You definitely know how to convey a good idea, that could easily be overlooked and make it important. More individuals must read this post and understand this incredibly smart, time saving facet of your story.

  39. yellow posties

    I appreciate you for coming up with such great, yet educational and very cool guidance on the topic of reusing pumpkins. I am just writing so you understand the value I found using your web page. You truly exceeded blog readers’ desires on all topics.

  40. LeeAnn @ Girl Bosses Rock

    Good idea, like the thriftiness being utilized for expensive pumpkins.

  41. Keith Pofen

    Great idea for Halloween

  42. Annie Jung

    Okay now I am going to do this, after tonight I will have turkey’s everywhere! I always feel bad that Thanksgiving gets lost in the holiday shuffle. Fantastic idea 😀

  43. meet our littles

    You are performing a wonderful job of informing the public how to recycle and reuse stuff they would just throw away. I can see turkey’s in my future for these pumpkin towers. Love, Lindsey

  44. Brendantes

    Oh my goodness how come I did not find your site sooner? Now I know what I can do with my pumpkins tomorrow 🙂

  45. Jerry Zopsy

    You know what I am doing with my pumpkins tomorrow!

  46. Kendra Maytree

    Oh my gosh this is the cutest idea, I saw a friend of mine had pinned it to her board, so I also pinned it and the clicked the link to see the post. I am know a Jenron Designs fan, and started following you. I bet your Christmas will be fabulous!

  47. Brenda Short

    Absolutely genius, I always hate throwing out perfectly good pumpkins after Halloween. Thanks a lot so much for this expert and effective guide. I won’t hesitate to tell all my friends about your site and this fantastic idea.

  48. Bethany

    Turkey’s!!!! I am going to turn my pumpkins in turkey’s where did you find those great metal pieces? Thank you for the unique tips and tricks, and the hard work you put into all the writing at this site.

  49. Heather

    Wow, wow, wow now I know what I am going to do with my pumpkins.

  50. Diane

    So I will not be tossing out my pumpkins today, this is a great idea.

  51. Sandra Dom

    Seems like a really good idea for keeping our pumpkins around a little while longer. Thanks for the advice!

  52. Hey Bethany thanks for stopping by, I got my turkey kit at Burt’s Pumpkin Patch which is local to GA. If you are not around this area check online I know I have seen them several places and Etsy had some cute one too!

  53. Maria Gallo

    I really love this idea especially the snowmen, although I am not sure why you chose turkey’s…. is that an American thing?

  54. golden goose

    This is what I am doing this year, but where did you find the turkey parts? Great stuff by the way, just great!

  55. Tonya

    I just want to tell you what a great idea this really is, I think I am going to see a lot of this in my area. Pumpkin conversions to be seasonal charters. One guys did Peanuts with the heads as pumpkins I think he is just going to change there clothes and add the seasonal specials for each holiday.

  56. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I got my turkey parts at Burt Pumpkin Patch, here in north GA. I have seen a few places on Etsy to order them as well. Trying looking up turkey pumpkins, it brings up a lot of options.

  57. Ronda Glynn

    Guess who’s make turkey’s today, that’s right this girl!!! Such a great idea, and I can’t wait to do the snowmen too!

  58. Raven Street

    OMG, this is the cutest thing I have ever seen! Gosh now I wish I had done stacked pumpkins this year.

  59. Deedee

    Best idea I have seen yet for after Halloween pumpkins! Bravo!

  60. Darius Mets

    Totally adorbs, love the snowman, what a hoot.

  61. Julius

    Great blog post. I really like the idea of taking old pumpkins and recreating them for the seasons.

  62. Josie Ryder

    Snowmen pumpkins who would have thought of that? What a quirky little idea you had, but it turned out great.

  63. 42 herber

    I am so doing this, great site love what you are doing here

  64. Julie Timms

    Turkey’s and Snowmen oh my! Such a fun way to continue using those pumpkins. I would have never thought to do this.

  65. Rilley Gregg

    I have seen the snowmen before but not the turkey’s those little metal inserts are great. I will have to check out Burt’s.

  66. Maria Gallo

    you have some really great ideas on you blog, this is very useful this time of year.

  67. zoom zoom

    I believe my eyes that it’s best idea I have seen yet. Cheers

  68. Cindi Johns

    Now I would have never thought to do this with our Halloween pumpkins. I will have to go find some of those iron feathers for turkey’s, too cute!

  69. Roberta Wisk

    Now this is a very innovative idea, and you got 3 seasons out of your pumpkins, how crafty.

  70. Marilyn Dugger

    How cute are these little guys! Oh my goodness I wish I had done tower pumpkins so I could do a snowman for Christmas.

  71. May Victors

    The snowman is adorable! I love this idea and now wish I had not cut all my pumpkins up, since they are now rotting.

  72. Marcie Bonn

    Okay I would have never though to do this at all. Brilliant idea! I think I saw some turkey plug ins at Hobby Lobby, I am going back for them today!

  73. rhea

    That snowman is the cutest thing, and to think you just spray painted the pumpkins such a good idea.

  74. Shante Sweam

    I like how you made the pumpkins into other things, it makes them last a whole lot longer that way. The snowman turned out so cute.

  75. Reva Shapiro

    I agree with the other the snowman is adorable, and such a great way to decorate for the winter months.

  76. Dot Roberts

    Well isn’t that snowman just the cutest thing. Such creativity you have, and so much energy too.

  77. Julianna Mentzer

    A total home run in my book for pumpkin reuse! Boy that snowman turned out cute!

  78. Rosanna Hinrar

    This is one of the most interesting things I have seen tonight in my Pinterest search, I really gotta check out the rest of your site, you got good stuff.

  79. Chloe

    That little snowman melts my heart. Too Cute!

  80. Lea Kenneth

    So cute! I am going to have to remember this for next year. We already hacked ours up and trashed them 2 weeks ago lOl

  81. dorla wood

    The environmental standards you are upholding by repurposing, recycling and reusing items like this is so refreshing. I wish more designer thought like you guys, and would look at reuse on new.

  82. Ally Bernard

    Oh my gosh these are cute I love the turkey’s maybe I could pull some together in the next week of so for Thanksgiving.

  83. Alexandrina Brittcar

    Cute idea, but why turkey’s? I get the snowmen but turkey’s seem kind if random.

  84. Michelle Viask

    What a great idea the turkey and snowman both turned out so cute. Maybe I will paint them green and make a grinch, or red and make a Santa. Thanks for the inspiration.

  85. Gayle Curtis

    Oh my that snowman is adorable. I must check my Hobby Lobby to see if they have those cute little snowmen sets.

  86. Alexandrina thanks for the great question. I am located in the US and we celebrate Thanksgiving. The turkey is actually one of primary symbols for that holiday. Cornucopias, Pilgrims, Native American Indians and Pumpkins are also used a lot for this holiday. 🙂

  87. Beth

    Oh I wish I had seen this sooner, we just tossed out our pumpkins, the craving made them decompose. We do still have our little pumpkins and gourds. Maybe I can make them turkey’s some how.

  88. Maurine Michaels

    These little characters are so cute. You could even have done witches or cats for Halloween.

  89. Nika

    I know both my son and daughter will love this project. So cute and a great way to utilize something we already have.

  90. My son would love the snowmen, he loves Olaf and that would be so easy to make them look like him.

  91. Loni Douglas

    The creativity you have is astounding. I would have never thought to do this.

  92. Stormy Francis

    You have some really cute ideas, I really like the idea of snowmen topiary’s for the winter. Plus the cold keeps the pumpkins from rotting.

  93. The kiddos will love to help me do this conversion. Thanks for the inspiration for a fun family project!

  94. Reilly Donaldson

    Wow I like this concept a whole lot. I hate spending money on pumpkins that I just throw away after a few weeks, I cannot believe you got 3 months out of them!

  95. Rita Warren

    Oh my this is so cute and such a great way to keep your tower pumpkins longer. I do agree the color change is interesting I Thought you painted the turkey’s to until I read that.

  96. Lexy James@NUB

    Now this is a adorable idea, I think my nieces would love to do this, I guess Aunt Lexy will bringing turkey feather to Thanksgiving.

  97. Willie Mae

    Cute, cute! This is a fun idea especially for the grandkids. I thought my mooning a puking pumpkin was ground breaking but these are really sweet.

  98. Taylor & Mamo

    Great idea, I am a single parent and this feels like a great project when the kids come to visit.

  99. Adrian Clancy


  100. Tidewalker

    Another winner in the long line of Jenron’s ideas. You are so going places with this much useful content.

  101. This is a really great idea, especially with school being out next week, what a great project to do with the kids before the holidays.

  102. Chelsea Abner

    OMG I love this idea, I may still be able to do this with a few of our uncut pumpkins.

  103. Danielle Howard

    Very nice idea, maybe we can make some snowmen over the Thanksgiving Day break!

  104. Deb

    These pumpkins ideas are just the cutest thing I have ever seen.

  105. Libbie Stewart

    We missed doing the turkey’s but I love those snowmen, I feel an kids project coming on.

  106. Walters & Ruicy

    Inventive idea for those leftover pumpkins, we will have to create some snowmen soon!

  107. Lilly Adove

    Wow this is a sweet little idea for pumpkins after the fall season.

  108. Kensie Harbert

    Fun idea and great kiddo project t over the holidays too, that is a win-win in this household.

  109. Maris Asher

    What I though you were kidding about dressing up pumpkins then I saw the snowman, he it very cute!

  110. Skye

    Great idea for the holiday, I have read in comments people a planning on making this a holiday project, I love to see plans come together.

  111. Bobby Sue Does

    The snowmen are so adorable, my grandkids would love them!

  112. Betsy Leonard

    Oh my this is great idea for carry our pumpkins forward, They are surprisingly still in good shape. I guess since it stay’s so cold here, like a refrigerator. I would cook them but I am not sure they are the cooking kind of pumpkins.

  113. This is a fabulous idea, I still have my pumpkins sitting around for the holidays, but was dreading throwing them away. Thanks!

  114. Reilly Donaldson

    Again another great idea for repurposing holiday decor. You creativity astounds me.

  115. Michelle Keith

    I have a feeling we are going to see a lot pumpkin snowmen this year, LOL Love this idea and so do the kids.

  116. Saundra Guedo

    Great idea, I will give the kids that project to do over the weekend.

  117. Liliana Nelson

    Pumpkins to Snowmen underway at the Nelson household. Thanks for the great idea!

  118. Sarah Bennett

    How funny we are make the snowmen this weekend as a family craft project. I have seen several around town and just had to participate in the trend then I see you post from a couple of months back, guess I know where they got there ideas from….

  119. Sophy Floyd

    These are very funny, I can not wait to see how many snowmen I see this year. I can make it a “caroling” drinking game.

  120. Jillian Fripp

    Well isn’t this just the most creative thing I have seen today. Such great idea of recycling pumpkins, well at least until spring comes and the heat rots them, lol

  121. Ressie Gerrard

    These little guys turned out so cute, I think we may have a project for our leftover pumpkins now.

  122. Alexis Danielson

    Now see this is the innovative ideas I have been looking for, when googling what to do with your leftover pumpkins. Thank you for a family fun idea.

  123. Stacy Darnell

    We a totally doing this tomorrow, I can get my 9 and 6 year old out into the yard for a paint project. I will check Hobby Lobby today for the snowmen kits, those would be handy for the winter too.

  124. Abby Lynn

    Another great tip, I have a feeling that we will see a lot of snowmen this year.

  125. Terry Rex

    Oh no, we just tossed our pumpkins into the woods!!!!!!! I could have had a family of snowmen, why did I not see this soon!!!!!!!

  126. eden.leketola

    I am going out back and getting my pumpkins we left out for the critters, I think they are still ok, if so were will be having snow pumpkins. Great idea.

  127. Charlye Salten

    Snowmen pumpkins, I am sold! You know this is a really great idea.

  128. Erica Guast

    Oh I wish I had seen this post sooner I could have saved my pumpkins to create some fun snowmen. Next year for sure!

  129. The snowmen are very funny, I have seen them around my neighborhood and some how I feel you are to blame or thank depending on how you feel about them. LOL

  130. Casey Boatt

    Sucha cute idea I wish I had left my pumpkins from Halloween whole but we carved them and chunked them.

  131. kesharoyal

    Such a great use of the those pumpkins and with cold weather they will last until spring up here, in Michigan.

  132. Gloria Tearp

    Am I going to snumpkins everywhere this year? Just trying to make up a word and see where is goes.

  133. Gloria I love the word Snumpkins!!! I think it is the perfect name for those little guys. LOL

  134. Louise Tate

    Look these sweet little pumpkins all dressed up for the winter. Such a cute idea.

  135. Kelly

    These are so cute and I am starting to see a lot of snow pumpkins around my area, clearly you got the word out there!

  136. Anell Tyson

    Such a fun way to reuse the pumpkins into the winter. Such a very green idea too, then early spring you can toss them into you garden to grown pumpkins for next year!

  137. Glynda Lloyd-Geals

    The snowmen are adorable, and I have seen a few around town today. Thanks for inspiring such a fun recyclable opportunity.

  138. Suzanne Spiegoski

    Great idea and those snowmen are perfect for this time of year.

  139. jonnie.fairweather

    These are so cute and such a great idea. It stays pretty cold here so we would get a long life of out them too.

  140. Nikki

    This is a great way to get a lot of use out of those pumpkins, I am really impressed.

  141. Katrina Ridge

    I just wanted to stop by and let you know I made the snowman pumpkins after reading your blog post, and then it snowed! My neighbors all said it was the cutest idea, so thank you for sharing.

  142. Meg

    I really like the snow pumpkins what a great idea. We just got 3″ of fresh powder, I wish I had kept my pumpkins because they were in perfect shape, pinning for next year!

  143. Shannon

    I just saw these snowmen while we were visiting my mom, almost the whole neighborhood had them! Now I know where they go the idea from, they all looked great in her community, it was almost like they planned a theme. Merry Christmas!

  144. Maysz

    Just wanted to let you know I used this inspiration for holiday table and it turned out great. Thank you for being a part of our holiday gathering.

  145. Viki

    Alright alright alright that’s exactly what I needed!

  146. Teresa Best

    I wondered where the pumpkin snowman idea was coming from… now I see. There were so many in our town this year!

  147. April Helmsworth

    WONDERFUL Post. Thanks so much for sharing you know I am so doing this!

  148. the cheap jordan’s

    I am so motivated to try this, your concepts and all the things you serve up here at your site are great. Good job my friend!

  149. Penny Edwards

    Thank you so much for giving everyone an extraordinarily possibilities this holiday season. I love to check tips from this website. It is always so fantastic and also full of fun for me.

  150. Gwendolyn

    The following time I read a your weblog, I was amazed at all the thing you were doing. Let me say that you still contour to amaze me. Dressing up pumpkins like snowmen, brilliant and I have seen them all over town too. I can not believe that I missed this, that’s it you going on a rss feed now.

  151. Elyse G.

    Well this is a fun idea, I will have to pin in for next year.

  152. Pamela Emasy

    Ah I saw a lot of snowman pumpkins this and wondered where the inspiration came from I love them, and they are still up.

  153. Paris Cresy

    This is a very fun site and full of great ideas for seasonal home design.

  154. Pearl

    Very interesting concept especially for those purchasing the live pumpkins.

  155. Ronna Winston

    I love all the milk glass vase on this table. The cast collection really makes a great statement.

  156. Naomi

    Your blog is one of the most entertaining ones I have read in a long time. This is a great idea and one that anyone can do.

  157. Michelle

    Such a good idea to reuse your pumpkins through out the season. I am still amazing that they made into to January as snowmen that is awesome!

  158. Ellis

    Well this was a cute idea and very thrifty too.

  159. Bella

    Oh my gosh this is adorable, I got some pink pumpkins for my front door! lol something cute. I will have to share this with a friend these are amazing

  160. These are SUCH cute ideas!!

  161. Such great ideas. I LOVE the stacked look. The snowman idea is just brilliant. I’m impressed that your pumpkins last that long. Mine always get eaten by the squirrels!

  162. Tisha

    Awesome way to repurpose pumpkins!

  163. Karletta

    You bring so much fun to every season. Love these pumpkin stacks! Colours are amazing

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