Ugly Sweater Halloween Party

Ugly Sweater Halloween Party

First day of October gets me thinking about Halloween Party themes. I came up with a really fun idea for a ugly sweater Halloween party. Seriously, what could be scarier than that? 

I think I might have actually laughed out loud when I dreamed up the ugly Halloween sweater party theme. Then of course, the next thing I had to do was Google ugly Halloween sweaters. Oh boy did I hit pay dirt on that Google search! There are so many awful halloween sweaters out there and you are in luck I have attached all my favorite ones at the bottom of the post  for you to shop! 

1.Witch Spellcraft Ugly Halloween Sweater 

2. Ripped Skeleton Ugly Halloween Sweater  

3. Pumpkin Patch Ugly Halloween Sweater

I will say that finding any type of invitations for this particular party theme is not exactly easy, since the concept is not exactly out there yet. So, I did have to to get a little crafty and create my own. I was able to take a free template, that I downloaded from my friends over at Basic Invite, for a Ugly Christmas Sweater Gift Tag and craft it into an ugly Halloween sweater with  fall colored scrapbook paper and  3D scrapbook stickers. Then, I added them to a basic printed invitation that I was able to print myself on card stock at home. I think they turned out pretty cute. 

Your guests will probably really appreciate the lack of needing to put together a costume, and the comfort factor involved in this particular party theme. So it will be perfect for sitting around a back yard bonfire and just socializing. You can check out our Trick or Treat Smore’s to Drink which would be a perfect campfire drink for your party. Plus I have a brand new set of drink ideas for this party theme that I am pre-releasing as a test run next week, so be sure to check back in to see those innovative treats. 

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While these are a few of my favorites, you can find more shopping options in my Amazon Storefront. 


MEN’S:  (Ron want’s the Dracullama seen below- lord help us) 


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  1. Your creativity is always on point, you have such a unique take on everyday things, I am always intrigued to see what you will do next.

  2. I gotta says this is a really fun idea for impromptu Halloween party, also I love the sweaters you have picked out, cannot believe you found “the dude” that is awesome.

  3. This is a fabulous idea for a pretty theme, I have seen the ugly sweater parties at Christmas but I love your fresh take on this concept. Great idea and so much fun, great job as always!

  4. Fantastic idea for a Halloween gathering, I love this idea so much.

  5. I have heard of ugly sweater for Christmas but this is truly a first, what a great idea and the llama one is too cute.

  6. Yep this is another winner, I somehow feel like we are doing to be seeing ugly Halloween sweater for decades now.

  7. Wow! Great idea I love the cute invitations too! So amazing that you were able to come up with this idea, you are so creative.

  8. I think this might be one of the best Halloween party ideas I have seen in a while. Great job, love this idea so much!

  9. No reader will want to miss out on this idea it is brilliant! How do you keep coming up with these ideas? Some days you simply amaze me. Can not wait to see the drink ideas too!

  10. Such a wonderful idea I love the fact no body has to wear a costume and it is just easy breezy. Can’t wait to see the drink ideas.

  11. How creative I have never heard of doing a ugly sweater Halloween party but then again you are a trend setter.

  12. I love this idea! I scrapbook and have enjoyed seeing these kind of paper crafts. Carmela & Ava have such fun together scrapbooking too, and most of the time stay out of trouble!

  13. This looks like so much fun! I think I am going to try this with my girlfriends this year for a stay-in Halloween!

  14. Very cute idea but I want to be Hollywood fly for Halloween and ugly for Christmas haha.

  15. Such a fun idea!! And a different take on Halloween for sure

  16. This is such a great idea, I love it! Never thought about have an ugly sweater party in Halloween, funny and cute!

  17. What a fabulous idea! Why should Christmas be the only holiday to have ugly sweaters! Great idea

  18. Those invitations are adorable. I have to say that I’d never considered an ugly sweater party for any season but Christmas, but this is such a great idea!

  19. What a cool idea! The invitations are too cute! Can’t wait to read your drink ideas!

  20. I have never heard of ugly Halloween sweaters and wish I had sooner! These are too much fun, especially throwing an ugly Halloween sweater party!

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