Poisoned Apple Halloween Cocktail

Poisoned Apple Halloween Cocktail

This Halloween I wanted to try my hand at a Poisoned Apple Halloween Cocktail!

I could not think of a better spooky cocktail that mixed apples and spite, but a Poisoned Apple Halloween Cocktail. This super easy and eye appealing cocktail can be made several ways, fresh cider or bottled juice. I personally like using the ruby red colored Snapple Apple drink for the visual appeal, plus it comes in a diet version for those of us watching our sugar in take. While I was considered pre-diabetic a year ago, I am currently no longer considered pre-diabetic, due to some amazing therapeutic medications I have been taking, however I am still remaining vigilant to make sure I do not go back. 

The poisonous Halloween recipe is VERY simple for a easy, yet tasty drink on the fly. You can keep the items stocked right in your pantry for an easy to create cocktail any night of the week:

Single Serve Cocktail

  • 8 oz  Snapple Apple
  • 1 tsp cinnamon
  • 1 tsp orange zest
  • 2 oz Bourbon
  • 1/2 cup crushed ice -shaken
  • Apple slices (optional)

The Party Punch Bowl Option

  • 1 gallon or 128 oz or 8 bottles of Snapple Apple
  • 5  Tbls cinnamon
  • 5 Tbls Orange Zest
  • 16 oz  or 2 cups Bourbon
  • Ice Ring- use a bundt cake mold and fill with colored red water, cored apple slices, orange zest, and plastic spiders for visual effect. Then freeze until it make a floating ring of doom.

Designer Tips- While you can use dry ice; I personally DO NOT like using dry ice inside of drinks just because of the chemical compounds inside of the ice itself. I have used it around the base of the drink stands and punch bowls to gain the same kind of visual effects.

If you want a brighter red color, add in 2-3 drops of red food coloring or 1-2 drops of blue if you want a funky purple color. Either of these colors would be acceptable Halloween festive colors to be honest. You can also use dry ice if you want to make it a spooky punch bowl and add in spider ice cubes. Seriously the possibilities are endless.

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  1. Grammy Mae

    5 stars
    This would be a fun punch bowl drink, you could even make it for a princess party for a Snow White theme. What a fun idea, and you have so many great ones thanks for sharing.

  2. Wanda

    5 stars
    What a great idea for a sugar free cocktail I have not tried to Snapple Apple but it looks pretty and sounds yummy.

  3. Oliva & Megan

    5 stars
    Hi! Just wanted to leave you a little note and say how much I enjoyed this years cocktail and the list on this post to the others, it made my party a hit at the bar with drinks. Cheers witches!

  4. Peggy Dursley

    5 stars
    I always love to read and see what you guys are up to at the holidays, you have some of the best ideas around. They are fun but practical and easy for anyone to pull off and make themselves.

  5. Angie Gregg

    5 stars
    Love this for our Halloween party this weekend, it is simple and easy to make but really tastes good which is what you want in a cocktail, and what you need for a party where things are already crazy. Thank You!

  6. Milton Mama

    5 stars
    YUM Love this super simple recipe for a tasty Halloween treat for adults!

  7. Nadine

    5 stars
    Love this super simple cocktail idea, those are always the best way to go. Cheers!

  8. Pamela Sumtner

    Fun, Fun, Fun that is all I can say about this little cocktail and it was so easy and tasty

  9. Cara Ingram

    5 stars
    Love this cocktail recipe for Halloween, and the idea to add dry ice brilliant.

  10. Megan Burke

    5 stars
    Love how fun this super easy cocktail is for Halloween! Great color and flavor makes it a smash hit!

  11. Madlyn Dollar

    5 stars
    Such a cute idea for a Halloween cocktail, love how simple the recipe is too. You need it to be easy on those busy nights.

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