A Traditional Easter Egg Roll Table

Spring Blog Hop: A Traditional Easter Egg Roll Table 

I am so excited to join some of my talented blogging friends for a Easter blog hop. This year I based my Easter table on the theme of a traditional Easter egg roll. Egg rolls have been done for generations around the world in celebration of the holiday.

When I mentioned this idea to my husband he thought I meant a “egg roll”,  like Chinese take out, which just proves he has food on the brain 24/7. Hmm, I thought not a bad idea for an April Fool’s Day joke on the blog. I entertained that idea for about a minute, lol.

Actually what I really had in mind was a traditional Easter table, that felt like a spring in full bloom on an English hillside. Which lead me to the idea of the more traditional Easter Egg Rolls which take place globally this time of year. In fact they still do them every year in Scotland and London. Which I love to see my friends photos on social media of their eggs and who won the race.
I have always been fascinated specifically by the White House Easter Egg Roll that take place every year. According to the White House Historical Association, all credit goes to first lady, Dolley Madison, for first proposing a public egg roll in 1810. There are accounts of some private, informal egg rolls held by Presidents Abraham Lincoln and Andrew Johnson for their children while in the White House. However, the first official event on record was hosted by President Hayes on the South Lawn in 1878.For my table this year I wanted to inspire the feeling of a grassy hillside or woodland lawn. Complete with tulips springing to life out of an old tree stump and Easter eggs scattered across the green way.

To create this look I decided to use a floral moss to cover the center of the table in lieu of an actual cloth runner. I ended up purchasing a large box of moss from my floral wholesaler. To protect my dining table from possible moisture and dirt. I cut plastic garbage bag into the shape I wanted to create, and placed it under the log table urn that I picked up from Arhaus. Then I covered the area with patches of moss, much like you sod a yard.

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To create the centerpiece I filled the log with floral foam bricks and covered them with the same moss. I love the look of forced tulips, but you know my felines (seen stalking the table in previous pictures above) would be right in the middle of that arrangement munching away.  Bad idea since tulips, like daffodils, are a bulb plant and they are highly toxic to dogs and cats. As a side note, so are Easter Lilies (You can check out my list of toxic Plants for Pets, link here) Since I love my animals so much more than a live vignette, I ended up finding some pretty nice looking silk tulips. I arranged them in such a way, that they would look like forced tulips growing out of the moss covered tree log. The small purple flowers are called Allium, which are the blooms on onions and garlic, also highly toxic to pets, so those are silk too. I set each place setting with an ivory lace placemat, burlap charger, casual basket weave china, and a cheery yellow shadow print tulip napkin. I also thought it would be fun to include a Cascarones at each place setting for my guests in a sweet little tin bucket. In case you missed my previous post about these fun smash eggs. Cascarones are a festive confetti filled egg used in Hispanic cultures for celebrations and holidays. Traditionally you smash the hollow egg on top of the head of your recipient. Which made them a perfect addition to our table since Easter is on April 1st this year. Here is the link to my Cascarones DIY post if you are interested in making a few of your own for the holidays. We were able to get all the supplies we needed to make the them from the Dollar Tree so they were super affordable to make.You may have noticed that I left the place setting Cascarones eggs blank. While you could absolutely bottle brush paint the name of your guests onto each individual egg. I thought it might be fun to allow your guest to decorate their own eggs. Just set out a cup of multi color paint pens for your guest to personalize their own egg for your backyard Easter Egg roll. This is also a great way to entertain the kiddos while putting those final touches on to your Easter Brunch. Speaking of brunch. Be sure to check out my up coming posts this week for tips on making a super easy Easter Brunch that will get you out of the kitchen quicker and utilize all those eggs from the Cascarones. Be sure check the full DIY tutorial on How to Make Easter Smash Eggs for your set.Our menu will have a savory Pineapple Cottage Cheese Salad,  this was always one of my dad’s favorites. A selection of pre-made ready to bake Quiches (3 Ways recipe here ), Fresh Fruit, Chocolate Croissants and a Fuzzy Bunny Cocktail (recipe here).  All of these recipes will be available on the blog coming up  this week just in time for the holidays.

If you enjoyed this post don’t forget to check out my super cute DIY carrot door wreath (DIY link here) this has been the talk of my neighborhood. You can’t miss my house it has the big carrot on it, LOL. I clearly had carrots on my mind this year, from door decor to mocktails and cocktails. This year was all about the carrot, because like Bruno Mars  says, “there is only one carrot and they all gotta share it!”

Now that you have seen my place, it’s time to BOUNCE! Be sure to hop on over and check out all my super talented blogger friends and all of their incredible Easter inspirations. I am personally excited to see what what all they have been up to myself.

And now… An Easter Blog Hop!

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  1. This table is just gorgeous. I love tulips in the log and the bunnies. I am not excited to design a table for my family.

  2. Oh my goodness!! I love your centerpiece such detail, it is amazing! And what fun would it be to crack an egg full of confetti on someone’s head on Easter since it is also April Fool’s day…hilarious!!

  3. Jen, I LOVE your mossy woodland tablescape! You totally nailed it! And those tulips… completely had me fooled! I must say tho, I am with your husband and was totally like, I didn’t know egg-rolls were for Easter??! Yummy! LOL

  4. Thank you Sarah I was so excited to join you guys on this Easter Hop. Sidebar: I know he warned me that everyone would think egg rolls as in food, especially after the Chinese New Year & Valentine’s holiday mash up. LOL

  5. Susanne, I am so going to get my hubby with the confetti eggs, it’s on!!!

  6. Thank you Pam, I just wanted it to look like it grew out of the table, lol.

  7. Luna S

    That table looks fantastic and so cute! Makes me wish I had a bigger table I could decorate. You did a wonderful job.

  8. You are so creative! This is absolutely adorable!

  9. Thanks Katie, my husband love brunch, so it is a easy go to for the holidays.

  10. I love how much you have thought about this setting, it brings back fond memories of egg rolls we did back in England. Unfortunately, there is a serious shortage of hills here in the Netherlands so nobody does that here. I also love the idea of your cascarones, I have never heard of them before – I am so going to do these for my girls this year!

  11. Thank You Sam! The cascarones come from an idea I saw on a trip to Mexico. I thought they would be a fun way to celebrate Easter on April Fool’s Day this year.

  12. Your table is BEAUTIFUL!! And your food sounds incredible. You did an amazing job. I loved seeing all the creativity you put into this holiday. Keep up the good work!

  13. That’s just so pretty! I love to paint eggs for Easter! It’s part of tradition 🙂

  14. Elisa

    Your decorations are beautiful but why was I like your husband and thought of a Chinese egg roll? lol I am not very familiar with traditional Easter.

  15. saw this and love it.. I wish i were that creative. My eggs just end up like brown balls of doom

  16. Hi Elisa thanks for commenting 🙂 Well Easter is on April Fool’s Day this year, I actually thought about showing a picture of a egg roll at the beginning of the post. It also gives the post a attention grabbing SEO from a blogging standpoint LOL people just got to look at what a egg roll table would be 😛

  17. This is so adorable, I love it so much!

  18. Your tablescape is gorgeous Jen!! I love the tulips and all the spring colors!

  19. I am in love with your whole house! This looks so fab and I love creating traditions our children will take with them.

  20. This is so cute! I’ve never done much at my house to decorate for Easter because we go to my parents’ for the actual holiday, but it would still be fun to add some cute touches!

  21. This is a gorgeous set up . Omg . I want to come over for brunch that menu sounds heavenly. Your creativity is so inspiring 🙂

  22. This is so simple, yet so lovely. I love that you included the Amazon links to make it simple.

  23. So fun! I love the moss table runner idea! You are beautifully creative Jennifer! I love it. Enjoy your Easter brunch! ❤️

  24. sunshine and daisies

    I really love this table, and the fact you themed it on a old time Easter egg roll, that is so smart. I used to love them as kid and everything retro is hot right now!

  25. Oh wow! this is so gorgeous. I love your table too. Amazing job!

  26. brandy.grainger

    You have the best posts. Such a cute idea to incorporate the egg roll tradition to your table, and the way your created a lovely lawn effect with that moss.

  27. Mira

    Fun table I looked at it several months ago but I wanted to write back a let you know I was so intrigued by the egg roll concept that I ordered my family personal eggs from the same place as the white house link your had in the post. Thanks for the information.

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