Bunnies In The Berry Patch Easter Table

Bunnies In The Berry Patch Easter Table

This year I went with a berry special Easter table design based on bunnies in the berry patch, while featuring a strawberry menu theme as well. 

My sweet husband has always loved strawberries since he was a boy. In fact, growing up his mom would buy Neapolitan Ice Cream so his sister could have the chocolate, his brother the vanilla, and Ron would always eat the strawberry. Pretty handy if you ask me, and saved a ton of money I am sure. Well, I was always a die hard chocolate lover; but after 22 years of marriage I have to say he has slowly converted me over, I now have a love of strawberry as well. So it is only natural that we would embrace this love during strawberry season. 

I really wanted to step away from the whole carrot theme for Easter this year, since that was more of theme last year with my Carrot Door Wreath and my signature cocktail the Fuzzy Bunny Cocktail. Which was a quirky take on a Bloody Mary made with carrot juice for my Easter Brunch. This year the menu was all about a light spring evening supper and based all around tasty strawberry based menu items. 

Not only did we have bushel crates of fresh strawberries, ripe for the picking and dipping, in a variety fruit spreads or balsamic glazes’, but we featured my coveted Strawberry Fried Goat Cheese Salad as the main dish, which is always a spring time favorite. So be sure to check out the recipe link for it. We had a sour cream strawberry shortcake with fresh strawberry compote for a light dessert, along with some sparkling strawberry lemonade. 

Our signature cocktail for the day was a Bailey’s BerrySlide Shortcake, which we served up inside these real hollow, Lindt White Chocolate Bunnies, because that is just too cute not to do for Easter. No worries, I have included the full recipe at the bottom of this post, so you can make one too!  


The decorations were just as much fun as the food.  I wanted to make sure the traditional Easter fare was not lost, so I decided to paint Easter Eggs to look like Strawberries. I took a basic set of faux Easter eggs, I  picked these up from the Dollar Tree. Then I painted them red, added yellow dots for seeds and green stem tops. You could even do this with real ones, but just make sure to store them in the refrigerator. 

They really turned out very cute, and I will be the first to tell you that I am not really a free hand paint artist of any kind. I really do require some kind of a template or stencil, so if I can do it, you can do it. That is all I am saying here folks. 

I nestled the eggs into some green foliage to give the illusion of berries growing in a patch.  I added a few of my stainless steel garden tools after running them through the dishwasher, because yes I do actually use these, and a few little mini clay tera cotta pots.  That created the berry patch, then I added in two moss bunnies that almost look like garden topiaries. I just love the green on green effect and it really made the red berries pop verses my white ceramic bunnies. 

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You may be wondering were I got these sweet little strawberry napkins from, since they are so perfect for this theme. Well they are custom created and will be a DIY coming out this Wednesday featuring my friends at Stencil Revolution. You may remember I mentioned them in my Spring Home Tour last week for that beautiful Mandala’s Pattern DIY Coffee Table? If not I have included both links so you can check out both the posts if you like. I also thought it would be a cute idea to give everyone a little chocolate bunny in a compote dish as a place marker. Since we are all pretty much grown ups in my family now, with not too many littles running around anymore it is fun to embrace the childlike quality of the quintessential Easter baskets of our youth. I mean how many of you had a brother that bit the ears off your pretty little chocolate bunny while you were not looking, or did you have peep fights in the back yard because honestly who ever ate those? I just wanted to add a little bit of nostalgia with the Baby Bunny Binx we all remembered from our youth.

Well I hope you have enjoyed my Easter table this year, since Easter is probably a close second on my favorite holidays, it really ties with Halloween and Christmas being my favorite. So I really love to be creative and show off a really pretty, yet fun, tablescape built to inspire. Be sure to keep reading to see how I created those cute little BerrySlide Shortcake Cocktails below. If you are in the mood to see more of my Easter tables, from past years, please feel free to check out: The Bunny Picnic & My Traditional Easter Egg Roll.


This little cocktail is sure to please all your guests of all ages. It makes an impressive showing and is really super simple to make ahead of time. So you can easily pull them out of the refrigerator, add a garnish and serve.

These were the ingredients that I used for the adult version of the cocktail.

  • Lindt Hollow White Chocolate Bunnies-  For the Edible Glasses 
  • Bailey’s Strawberry’s & Cream Liquor (Note: you can use Strawberry NesQuik for a Mocktail Version for Kids) 
  • Organic Strawberry Jam 
  • Whipped Cream 
  • Fresh Strawberries
  • Small Funnel
  • Cute Paper Straws

Just a fun tip as you unwrap your chocolate bunnies, I retained the cute little bows already provided on the Easter packaging by Lindt and reused them on my bunnies. I always find if you are already given a great resource, you should use it to your advantage. Take these bows for instance, they are already sized to fit and saved me a ton of work, yet my guest will think I put so much more effort into these drinks but all I did was use what was already provided for me. Sometimes you do not have to reinvent the wheel to get great results, you know it is that K.I.S.S. method we should all really remember sometimes. 

You are going to start by slightly punching a small hole through the top of your white chocolate bunny. I recommend using a heated blade to make piercing the chocolate easier. This can be done with a knife, over a candle or with hot water. You will want to make sure that the diameter of your paper straw fits through your opening, this also is the perfect time to cut your straw template for your perfect length as well. 

Once you have all you holes punched out you can fill your bunnies. I personally recommend pre-chilling the liquids since it will make the chocolate less likely to melt. For this process you will want to use a small funnel and pour slowly. To make your jam into more of glaze, I added 1 Tablespoon of water to 2 Tablespoons of jam to thinned it out in order to make it go through the funnel easier, this was also my base layer as well followed by the Bailey’s or NesQuik. You then can store the bunnies on a tray in the refrigerator until you are ready to serve. The chocolate will hold up for an hour or two, but I really do not recommend doing this over night, you could have leeks. When you are ready to serve place your precut straws and a dollop of whipped cream and a fresh cut strawberry for garnish. They sure make a cute little holiday treat for kids of all ages. 

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* This post contains affiliate links for your convenience. These involve no extra cost to you, but may result in me receiving a small commission should you decide to purchase after clicking on my links – for which I am very grateful! You can view my full advertising disclosure here.

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  1. Omg this is literally the most beautiful table setting! I love the colors and I honestly never thought of the idea of strawberries being such a big part of a spring setting. I love everything about this!

  2. How pretty! I love how you still used Easter eggs for decor but made them fit such a cute theme.

  3. The filled chocolate bunnies are amazing! Definitely trying that this year, thinking I might try strawberry milk for my kiddos. Great idea!!

  4. This is so pretty! I love the colors! Very creative to choose strawberries instead of carrots too!

  5. Lisa thank you so much! You know those are not glasses? Those are real hollow white chocolate bunnies from Lindt Chocolates. I just poked holes in them and filled up with the drinks, so you can eat them when you are done, dessert and a drink.

  6. The tablescape I gorgeous, as I expected Jennifer! The painted strawberries 🍓 are so cute and the perfect addition to your theme. Love how you reuse things or create something amazing from a dollar store finds! Can’t wait to try the cocktail 🍹although I will not have the cute bunny glasses, I am sure it will taste delicious!

  7. This tablescape is gorgeous! And that cocktail sounds amazing!

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