An Easter with My Peeps

Easter with Blue Willow JENRON DESIGNS

An Easter with My Peeps

Join me as I show you how I created a fresh and fun tablescape for an Easter with my Peeps!

As Easter is headed our way, this year I wanted to do something a little different. Not all the bunnies and eggs that I have done before, so I dreamed up a duck pond theme. Imagine little yellow ducklings or chicks amid a pond of blue and I am calling it, An Easter with My Peeps!  Easter Peeps Sake JENRON DESIGNSYes this is also a nod to that famous marshmallow treat, which funny enough I actually won’t eat. However, I know so many people that actually do love them, and I totally question their judgment! While I do think they are cute, and my mom would put them in my Easter basket every year as a kid, I absolutely hate them. I have never eaten them and never will I ever, touch them! Art projects, yes Peeps are perfectly suited for modern pop culture art projects, I can totally get into that, but that is it, since they are just not edible, lol! Why am I doing a table about peeps if I do not like them? I actually really fell in love with using shades of blue on my Easter table two years ago, when I did my Easter Nesting Table. This year when I purchased a set of vintage Blue Willow china, I decided that I loved it so much, that the Easter table would indeed need to be a blue theme for this year, so I started to “hatch” the idea. I also really wanted to feature ducklings or baby chicks this year. Not that I do not like bunnies, but I just wanted to do something different, new and fresh.  Easter with The ZOZO JENRON DESIGNSI started with the inspiration of these little yellow chocolate chicks or ducks. I guess they could be either, however they remind me a bit more of a rubber duckies. I found them at World Market and they were too cute to pass up, so the theme was born. Which has now morphed into the chicks or peeps.
The Duckling Peeps JENRON DESIGNSThe next thing I added to the table was a light blue table runner to look like water. Then I placed my log centerpiece in the middle with a simple moss layer and some bottle bush chicks, from Hobby Lobby. Then I added in some cattail reeds and ferns to make the pond look on the log.  Easter Peeps JENRON DESIGNSThe place mats are a foam tropical Monstera Leaf mat which I used to look like a lily pad in the water. Again trying to create a pond feel to the table, and then I added in a few moss covered Easter eggs from a previous year, Bunnies In The Berry Patch.Peeps on a Log JENRON DESIGNSI also found these super cute Blue And Yellow Seaside Scallop Napkins Set Of 4 while I was at World Market. Not only were they the perfect colors, but they reminded me a bit of Easter eggs. The fun colors and patterns you see on pretty hand painted pastel eggs, so I just had to get them.  Easter Goldware JENRON DESIGNSI also love that my gold ware is getting used again, and how it pops on this table. It is fancy, but not overly fancy. I think it gives the table a bit of a cheeky vibe, like the foil on Easter candy, and not like grandma-ma’s musty old antiques! Easter with Blue Willow JENRON DESIGNSHowever, it could just be that I paired with chocolate stylized rubber ducks, in my total weirdness, but I’ll be the judge of that, after all it is my house. It is always fun to dine at our house that is for certain, and you never have a boring meal. All we ask is that you are a Good Egg not a “Veruca Salt”.  Easter Good Eggs Only JENRON DESIGNSWhat’s on the Menu for Easter this year? Well, this year we will be having a small more intimate holiday gathering, so I decided I would cater in from one of our favorite places which is right in theme. Chicken Salad Chicks, to go with our table filled with chicks. If you have not tried them you should, they are awesome! What’s our favorite flavors: Lauryn’s Lemon Basil, Sassy Scotty, Fruity Fran, and don’t forget the grape salad! As you can see all my little chicken hawks show up for it! Easter with The Peeps JENRON DESIGNSI also wanted to do a quick sneak peek at my front door wreath for the the porch, since it is completely in theme with chicks and peeps! I found this super cute duckling at World Market and added the pale blue mesh base to look like pond water. I also re tied the bow, it came with a very basic little green sheer bow which was simply not up to my bow standards or in the color story.  Easter with Pond Ducks JENRON DESIGNSSo moral of the story, don’t be afraid to make it your own with store bought items. Take the time saver, then make it custom so it is not like everyone else’s on the block. Be your own PEEP, not a just another dumb bunny LOL! Try something new nothing says you have to so the same old tired thing every year, be creative and think outside of the preverbal box.

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Easter with Pond Ducks JENRON DESIGNS


  1. Ayesha Ayub

    It is just so cute, I am loving your theme and all other arrangements!

  2. This is so beautiful! It’s colorful but very classy. I also love how your cat got into a few photos 😉

  3. Amber Myers

    I just love this decor. I adore the chick theme. Too cute!

  4. Thank you! Yes my sweet kitties are always photobombing these days, to be honest they love it when I am iam decorating for the holidays and join in the festivities. So I figure to keep it real let them be in the pictures why would I want boring sterile staged pictures LOL!

  5. Bellab

    oh my gosh how cute is this!! I love this whole thing! the peeps are the best. perfect theme

  6. Monica Simpson

    I love how your table turned out! It’s perfect for Spring with such happy colors!

  7. Shar

    Wow! This is great home decor! I also like the way the cat matches the grey in the background.

  8. I love how you decorated the place! And that table is just perfect! cute and adorable pieces… I love the gold utensils!

  9. I do love to decor with felines, and “little” Miss Zooey had learn the art of photobombing from her elders. However she is not so “little” anymore her Maine Coon status is kicking in big time a 9 months old LOL!

  10. Karletta

    Adorable. Love seeing your ideas dreamed up turn into reality. And that Goldwater. Yes please, I’d love a place at your table. What should I wear?

  11. this is so cute! On easter I’m probably staying alone with my mom I wish I had a bigger party to make my table this pretty

  12. Nina B

    I personally don’t celebrate Easter but I do think your setup is adorable. I love your decorating style in general, so pretty!!

  13. Your tablescapes are always so festive and joyful. I need to start buying more dinnerware so I can do them.

  14. Oh my goodness! This came together so perfectly. I love the pretty colors and peeps theme. SO stinking cute.

  15. As always, you have knocked this holiday decor out of the park! Just seeing it gets me excited for Easter.

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