12 Pet Safe Houseplants

Pet Safe Houseplants


Anyone that knows me well, knows that my fur babies are one of the most precious things to me. I am truly an animal lover which is what made me decided to write this post about plant safety.

Since I am also a floral designer by trade I do end up using a lot of different kinds of flowers and plants.  I often get asked if I work with flowers how come I do not have live flowers in my home all the time? Well is is simple a lot of cut flowers and plants are poisonous to pets, and if given a choice between pretty flowers and my fur babies….easy choice 100% fur babies all the time. While pretty these plants inevitably lure in my fur babies and they have been know to take a taste every now and then. Which sends me running to the computer and looking up toxic plants for felines on ASPCA site more times than I can count.  Using this picture as a prime example, it was taken several years ago during a busy wedding production. As you can see my oldest (which by the way is still with me today at 18 years old and was not harmed in the making of this photo) has taken an interest in an alstromeria corsage I had laying on the counter. Alstromeria aka Peruvian Lilies are toxic to pets in large quantities. According to the ASPCA  the Peruvian lily in excess can pose a problem to cats and dogs. Alstroemeria is from the tulip family, its bulbs contain tulipalin A. The tulipalin A component includes potentially harmful toxins that can cause diarrhea, mouth irritation, vomiting, salivation and digestive irritation in pets.  

THE DIRTY DOZEN- 12 Houseplants to AVOID if you own pets

These plants will cause sever reactions, organ failure and even result in death!!!!

Each plant name below has a clickable link to a picture for reference. I am sorry I could not personally photograph any of these since they are poisonous to pets, as I do not and will never have them in my home. 

Please notice that the above list does not include cut flowers that go in vase arrangement so please don’t think you are in the clear. I can tell you that any type of lily is dangerous to all pets, as it will cause renal failure and possible death. Tulips, Alstromeria, Babies Breath, Anemones and Hydrangea are other offenders which can make you pet very sick. Now I know if you own a dog and you put the flowers up high you are probably going to ok. Just make sure as the flowers dye to pick up any petals, stamens, or leaves that might shed onto the floor, as they are still problematic. 

I find while many may think that the choices are boring that all Roses, Orchids, Gerber Daisy’s (only), Snapdragons, Sunflowers and Zinnia’s are completely safe for pets that have the desire to munch. I do from time to time add in other types of flowers into my home but I usually refer the ASPCA poisonous plant guide  prior to leaving them out un attended in my home.

I do find that particularly with felines, more so than dogs, that they crave the ability to chomp down on plants. I seems to sooth there tummy’s and helps to relieve hairballs. Since this seems to be a issue in our household I decided to plant actual cat grass and catnip available in the herb section of your local garden shop. I placed the plants into containers that are low, easy to get too and outside. Since they have plants of their own to consume I find this also helps to cut down on the amount of  incidents when I do have fresh flowers in the house.  As you can see 3 out of 5 cats agree!!! 

THE GOOD GUYS- 12  houseplants that are SAFE for pets (non-toxic)

These are wonderful plant choices to put into your home, without any worry of accidental ingestion by your pet. I can personally attest to the Orchids and Christmas Cactus we have both and have had zero problems, plus they look beautiful year round.

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  1. I did not know that house plants could be so deadly to cats and dogs. Thank you for posting this is actually a very useful article, must bookmark for later.

  2. Very informational post, great list of plants to avoid in a easy to view format. I have a new kitten, not many plants be it is good to know for future knowledge. Thanks!

  3. Finally some writing useful posts! Thank for having a content with lists and knowledge for real people. I love my pets and this could save there lives! Go forth and prosper!

  4. Such a wonderful post and life saving tips for our beloved pets. It is fantastic that you are also promoting the ASPCA, a charity close to my heart! Good work. I love your blog and feeling everyone I know about it.

  5. Putting this list together was such a great idea! I knew that poinsettias were poisonous to animals, bu that’s about it. Thanks so much for sharing!! 😀

  6. Omg, I’m so happy I saw this. I’m getting my puppy on Friday and I didn’t even think about house plants! Thanks for this list. I’ll make sure to take it to the nursery.

  7. Wow, I can’t believe Lilly’s are poisonous. Very informative resource Jennifer, I will pass this along to my daughter with the new puppy!

  8. One of my dogs eats everything, so I’m always so afraid with houseplants and even taking her outdoors other than my own yard. This is a great article.

  9. My son got a cat recently and I didn’t even consider that I had so many house plants! Luckily he was safe around them, Will definitely share this post.

    • Yes and cats are the worst to hop up on a table and munch on a plant if their tummy’s are upset. Glad you found the list so you can be safe now.

    • I know it’s a supervising list. A friend of ours had their pup go into renal failure after leaving dead poinsettias with in reach over the winter holidays. It was truly heartbreaking.

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