Fun Halloween Front Porch Ideas

Fun Halloween Front Porch Ideas

This year I thought it would be fun to showcase not only my Halloween front porch but several fun Halloween Front Porch ideas to get you inspired!

So what makes the list for Fun Halloween Front Porch Ideas this year? Well this year, I decided to go with the traditional “basic” orange pumpkins and  mixed them with with my metal pumpkins which I painted gold this year. It is my “Great Pumpkin Porch” with the focus on all orange and golden pumpkins. I chose dark blood red mums this season and added in orange twinkle lights and harvest leaves, since the leaves here do not bother to change colors until November.

Designer Tip: Buy your mums with buds still on them so the will last into November, for Thanksgiving. If you buy the ones with flowers they will not last as long. Also I keep mine in galvanized buckets of water, since mums tend to be very thirsty especially here in the south, they will just burn up on hot day. (That means no drain holes)

This year I made a garland to go around the door; using two types of leaves then twisting them together to make a thicker multi- colored garland. One garland was a basic orange, red and gold leaf garland, the other was a grapevine garland with burgundy leaves, berries and twigs. This created added heft for a thicker garland for the door along with a place to add the lights. The lights are actually a golden orange light, not a white light, which is really perfect for the fall months. I added in pre made a bittersweet door wreath, with red berries and Chinese lanterns. Yes I know, I did not make it, I bought it, what heck? Well sometimes you just find exactly what you are looking for and it is a better price to buy it pre made, while other times you have to make it.

The bench has a mix of Orange buffalo check pillows and a fun set of Sanderson Sister, Hocus Pocus themed pillows which I snagged for a deal of Amazon this year, check out my haul below:

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The Mortuary Theme

Last year I did a creepy mortuary theme using all purple and white pumpkins covered with ravens. I even put a full sized casket on the front porch with a skeleton popping out!  You can click the link above to see more details about this entire theme.Halloween Decor JENRON DESIGNS

Beware Of The Spiders

Back when we were first invaded with Joro spiders I felt like there was a theme hatching, so I quickly laid the ground work that Halloween with a porch filled with eerie green and white pumpkins. Gigantic cobwebs and enormous spiders every where. Sacks of nests hanging from the ceiling and drippy dead wreath filled with spiders on the door.


The Birds

This porch was inspired by Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds, I covered the porch with dead branched and crows. I made the front door look like a the iconic blue phone booth, which was confused for Dr. Who by a few of our neighbors. I turned our skelly into Tippi with the iconic green dress and blonde wig, and put birds all over her as if they were “picking the bones”.

Fall Home Tour, Falling In Love with Rose Gold

When Rose Gold was all the rage, I painted my metal pumpkin “rose gold” or copper and paired them with a mix of fall colored mum’s. The year I used an assorted section of red, purple, yellow and orange. However I decided to keep the pumpkins all in the the orange and golden yellow tones since I felt like the white would just be to stalk with the rose gold. It was a really pretty set, very fall.


The Fortune Tellers Ball

One year I did a gypsy wagon theme with a fortune tellers ball dinner theme inside. I used basic corn stalks on my columns along with lanterns and selection of pumpkins and gourds. I had a bunch of crocks and lanterns and drippy plants all over the place and tons of black cats, moons, stars and crystals. You can see what the tablescape and dinner theme looked like at the link above.Black Cat Theme JENRON DESIGNS

Farm Fresh Halloween

This was one of my favorites, because my sweet husband built me the wheel barrow wagon you see on the porch for my farm fresh harvest. You see I could not find one I liked, a typical theme in my life, so we had to build one that was suitable. He was actually injured at the time, in a sling, and built it with one arm believe it or not. I had this little cart as a deer feeder up until this year, when a tree fell into it during the tornado and shattered it, which broke my heart. This was also the first year I had the galvanized pumpkins before I started to paint them various colors every year.

Halloween Home Tour Jenron DesignsWe hope you enjoyed these Halloween inspirations for our home to yours! Happy Halloween everyone!

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  1. Sharon

    Oh I miss having a front porch to decorate some days, but this traveling suits me to a tee if I am completely honest. I do love seeing your decor very much, it keeps in feeling festive no matter where I hang my hat.

  2. Ann Davis

    Loved every single porch theme you posted!

  3. Niki

    Love it!
    So festive and ready for the season.
    You always bring the fun, friend!

  4. Maria G.

    Jen I love all of your front porches from all the years, it is always such a treat to see how you have decorated for the season and gets me in mood to decorate myself.

  5. Thank you so much my sweet friend! I was feeling a very traditional porch this year, with and the “fall feels”. I wish you were here to have a warm cup of apple cider and some peanut candy corn and long sit in the rocking chairs on the porch that it is long over due!

  6. Thank you so much Ann! I really appreciate your support so much. I have been thinking about you and Don a lot right now and keeping you all in my prayers every night.

  7. Jenna Williams

    This is such a pretty front porch it gives me all the fall feels for sure. I love that you kept it simple and traditional this year, sometimes all that stuff can be over whelming and just over done after a while, so I totally get why you change it up from year to year. It is nice to just do a pretty southern style porch sometimes which yours is flawless.

  8. Irene Peterson

    Love you porch this year and every year, you have such fun ideas.

  9. Stacy Green

    So many green porches you have created over the years, you have so much talent and creativity. I wish I could get my porches to look half as good. I guess as long as I have candy to give out it okay.

  10. Maria Beaty

    So many great ideas and porches you have done over the years good job!

  11. Teresa Romine

    5 stars
    Your front doors are so cute I love several of your ideas and plan to try and recreate them for my own porch this year.

  12. Melanie A.

    Thank you for consistently putting out such great content! I feel like I getting all ready for fall.

  13. Debbie Scheuer

    5 stars
    I love your site and have been a follower for some time now. Your style really resonates with me unlike all the Tik Tok crap these days, which is WAY overrated. They all need to get some class and stop eating Tide Pods clearly it has gone to their heads.

  14. Janice Hier

    Great ideas and such a pretty porch for the holidays. You guys must have a bunch of Trick-o-Treater’s in your area? Sadly we don’t get that many to warrant this much decor.

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