Haunting Halloween Home Decor

Halloween Decor JENRON DESIGNS

Haunting Halloween Home Decor

Boo Y’all thanks for flying today to see our Haunting Halloween Home Decor Tour!

This year I may have been inspired for a front porch mortuary theme after spending hours watching the queens funeral. I just had to go out a find myself a casket and I did!Halloween Decor JENRON DESIGNSI know many of you that follow my blog have already seen the purple pumpkin themed porch I set a few weeks ago, which I did with this end game in mind. Just add in a few ravens, toss a casket on the porch and voila instant mortuary. Visitation hours on October 31 5-9 pm to pay your respects.Ravens Decor JENRON DESIGNSI posh purple mortuary theme porch. Yes it is a bit over the top but it is Halloween! The casket is complete with a shrouded skelton inside holding a dried rose bouquet I made years ago and just decided to toss inside for a full effect.Halloween Decor JENRON DESIGNS Who knows on all hallows eve it might contain a live person to scare the trick or treater’s with a spirit that has come back from beyond, or maybe it will just be our massive candy bowl of full size retro treats! Halloween Corpse JENRON DESIGNS I will say I have been asked already by several of my neighbors, where on earth I plan on storing it after Halloween. Which I have all planned out as well; of I would have never dreamed of purchasing it to begin with, you see I have to at least have 5 ways of using it before I will invest in an item. Halloween Decor JENRON DESIGNSSince it is completely hollow this will also double as my new storage container for all of my Halloween decor. All of my decor will be stored inside and go into the season storage room instead of the usual rubbermaid container. Yep I love a multi tasker! Plus it will be pretty easy to determine what is in that box. While I am not going to disclose the other uses for future Halloweens just yet it fit the bill as we multi tasker, not a one trick pony.Halloween Tombstones JENRON DESIGNSSince it is such a large container it will easily hold all of my new yard gravestones the one above. We opted for metal this year after last year’s styrofoam dollar store purchases got blown down the street. Cat Skulls JENRON DESIGNSI might have a slight obsession with cats, dead and alive. Please know that no cats were harmed in the making of our Halloween decor however I do get a bit of side eye from them from time to time, LOL! Especially with a bowl full of cat skulls in the dining room next to spooky soup. Soups On JENRON DESIGNSThese decoration prove you can add just little touches to everyday items to make a Halloween feel in your home without having to go overboard. Just plop a few eyeballs into your soup tureen with black tulle and spooky soup. Halloween Dining JENRON DESIGNSMy rat infested table is filled with all the apothecary jars you might find on a witches table. Eye of Newt, Wool or Bat or Dead Man’s Toe. You know all the things your add to make dinner just right. Pass The Flys JENRON DESIGNS I stuck with your basic black and white theme from the placemats, chargers and plates. I carried over the black Southern Living plates from my Fall Feels Home Tour Table Setting, but added a fun white salad plate and layers the Beetlejuice themed charger underneath. Then I precariously mixed both silver and gold from the charger rim, and salad plate beads and goldware.

Halloween Place setting JENRON DESIGNSAt each place setting I added a few nostalgic treats for my guests that might remind them of when we used to trick or treat as kiddos and a few new ones.Candy Cigarettes JENRON DESIGNSRemember these, candy cigarettes, lol? As a kid I used to love these! Nowadays they are probably pretty PC incorrect, so I would never dream of handing them out, however if you are my private guest of the inner circle, you get the spoils of Gen X childhood memories! Plastic mask, candy ciggies, the works! All availablee from Amazon delivered right to your door!I also have some new finds as well like Pechkeks Misforntune Cookies. Yes these black fortune cookies will bare a horrific fortune to you upon cracking it open if you dare! They are based with dark humor like, “Thing will get sometime, maybe” or “Your ship hasn’t sailed it was delayed two lifetimes ago” LOL!    Halloween Door Decor JENRON DESIGNS

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Halloween Home Tour JENRON DESIGNS

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  1. Amber Myers

    I love all your decor! Halloween is awesome. I have my stuff out too!

  2. Monica Simpson

    Oh I love how you added a bouquet of dead roses! That’s super clever.

  3. Halloween is such a fun time! Love all of the spooky decor my friend!

  4. LOL, yeah it was laying around from some dried roses I bundled together so I just tossed them out there for the details.

  5. Ohh You’re decors are the best! I love how spooky but cute they look!

  6. Theresa

    A casket makes a great buffet base for a milestone birthday ! You’ll need risers.

  7. Tisha

    Absolutely love that coffin! Your decorations are perfect

  8. Thank You so much we always try to do something fun every year!

  9. I completely agree! We do have plans for it moving forward, I always say I have to invision using a big purchase 5 ways before I invest!

  10. It is a fun addition to our Halloween decor, the fact that it becomes our storage container after the holiday is just a bonus!

  11. Trudy

    Your home is so spooky for the holidays I love Halloween and all the good fun it brings.

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