Halloween Home Tour

Halloween Home Tour Jenron Designs

Halloween Home Tour

Welcome to our Halloween Home Tour, since the release of my Fall Home Tour. I have been asked about all of my Halloween decor, so here it is in all it is glory.

So last year I went big for Halloween, so inquiring minds wanted to know what are you doing this year? I decided why not  follow up the Fall Home Tour with a Halloween Home Tour, to showcase all of my fun Halloween ideas and stuff.Halloween Home Tour Jenron Designs

The Ghost of Halloween Past:

As I mention last year I went big,  my front porch Halloween theme was “Double, Double, Toil & Trouble”.  Complete with potions, spells books, black cats, floating witch hats that glowed, broom sticks and a of course witch crashing into the door wreath, that I made. Check out those stuffed witches legs, oh they were super cute, and I got them from Frontgate, which I think they may be at the outlet now.Halloween Home Tour Jenron Designs These floating witch hats were so popular on Pinterest, so I just had to try them out. I must say they are really cool but if you have any wind at all, the fishing line can get tangled, ruining the effect and creates a huge mess to sort out. For that reason I decided I would not be doing them ever again, LOL! However if you just have to try them by all means be my guest, but don’t say I didn’t warn you. Maybe an indoor use might be better suited.
Halloween Home Tour Jenron Designs


This year I had a harvest themed front porch so I decided to go with a traditional haunted mansion theme. I just added in a few Jack o’Lanterns and my Tootsie Pop Owl, lanterns, and brooms and you have a Haunted Halloween porch. Halloween Home Tour Jenron DesignsSo that the Harvest decor can stay and we will just add in some creepy things for the month of Halloween to keep it simple.Halloween Home Tour Jenron Designs I added big monster style eyeballs to my front door basket. I can say I have had a little bit of a obsession with eyeballs this year and creating inanimate objects that are looking back at you. Halloween Home Tour Jenron Designs Cue the music to Somebody’s Watching Me, if  you think my front door is looking at you, which is playing on the outdoor speakers, but just wait until your see the dining room table. All the eyes will be on you as our dinner guest. Halloween Home Tour Jenron Designs Another easy decorating tip I love to do, is tie up my fall grasses with a pretty ribbon bow. This is super to do and  functional too. Then when you go to cut back your grasses at the end of the growing season they are already bound up for you to throw away.
Halloween Home Tour Jenron Designs I really like to add just a few touches around the main living space to invoke that Halloween feeling . This sign has been with me awhile. My husband in particular always likes to know when I am home or not, LOL, so this seasonal sign makes his life easy.Halloween Home Tour Jenron DesignsA witches potion sign behind the bar table along with a fun halloween flask sets the tone for a creepy cocktail if your dare. Theme in you beverage selections too, the Kraken, William Wolf, and Angel Envy to add to the theme.  Brew up your own special potion or just follow the spell to mix your spirits together. Halloween Home Tour Jenron Designs A few simple wooden ghost to dress the entryway table. I really love how rustic these little guys feel. Again I have had them forever.Which is so weird it is almost as if somehow I knew I would end up in a farmhouse style home.Halloween Home Tour Jenron DesignsIn the dining room  you will find my haunted mansion themed table. Which has been converted with creepy looking glass eyes embedded into the center of black roses. All Eyes On Us Halloween Table JENRON DESIGNS.A table lined with silhouettes of our guests as the table markers make a fun little addition. You can find the rest of my haunted tablescape details at A Tale of Table 3 ways.Halloween Home Tour Jenron DesignsI love this custom change dish, we found at a local art show. It is as if I have my very own “Thing” like in the Addams Family . My husband particularly likes it when I pair him next to the remote controls. 
Halloween Home Tour Jenron Designs
My creepy spell book reminds me of the one from Hocus Pocus, which just happens to be one of my favorite Halloween Special. A spooky witch voice speaks to you as you open the cover, which is actually the candy alarm, so you know when someone, eehmm, MR. GAINER,  is getting into the candy sash. You see this is where I stash the candy we open early, so I can alway hear when my husband gets into it. You think he would just disable the battery, lol, but no he owns it, he is a candy monger.Halloween Home Tour Jenron Designs We also love to set up out Frankie to help us hand out treats. Halloween Home Tour Jenron Designs These are a few of my favorite thing in this picture. The framed picture, is a  greeting card, I got from a friend years ago since it was purrfect for me.
Halloween Home Tour Jenron Designs It shows a cat that went on a Halloween bender and has clearly had too many treats, but looks just like my Khaleesi, LOL.
Halloween Home Tour Jenron DesignsThis is my Pier One Imports Halloween tree, may they RIP.  The quality of the ornaments they sold was amazing, so my vintage collectable tree will always be a part of the season. Check out all the details and craftsmanship in the close up pictures below. Halloween Home Tour Jenron DesignsThose are actually sequins lining the bat, the amount of work that went into that, OMGHalloween Home Tour Jenron DesignsAnother fun Halloween scene I set every year is the my butler Ryan, holding the cheshire cat head on his platter. It is just too cute and funny not to do. The cat head is a vintage paper mache’ candy bucket which I absolutely love. Halloween Home Tour Jenron Designs Below is a great sign, I picked up from Danielson Designs during my days of working at the Merchandise Mart in Atlanta. I always loved working with the Danielson family and repping their products to buyers. I have had it for years but the saying  never gets old. It is the perfect understated little sign for this spooky holiday. Perfect for the wicked witch of the west.
Halloween Home Tour Jenron DesignsI also love to do things that make people take a second glance, like bones in the fireplace. Creepy, yet still understated.
Halloween Home Tour Jenron Designs This picture is by far my favorite piece of Halloween Decor. It is handmade art, called the “Tricker or Treater’s  Parade” done in black paper silhouettes. I always think this is a classy little piece of seasonal art. Halloween Home Tour Jenron Designs In my kitchen I have these sweet hand me down items, from a group of my friends that were moving. They had to down size, and bestowed several great vintage pieces to me which creates this precious halloween memory. Every time I look at them I think about my group of girls. Thank you ladies!!
Halloween Home Tour Jenron Designs Finally don’t forget to set the table, or in my case the breakfast bar with your seasonal dishes. I figure I only get to use them 30 day out of the year so they need to be out and showcased. Halloween Home Tour Jenron DesignsThanks for taking the Halloween Edition Tour, JENRON DESIGNS wishes you a safe and happy Halloween!


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  8. Girl it is so good to hear from you!!! As I sift through my comments every day, seeing one from you is like a big hug and has brighten my day. Hugs right back at you!!!

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