All About Autumn Hydrangeas

All About Autumn Hydrangeas

Today on Ask the Designer, we are talking all about Autumn Hydrangeas. All of your questions answered!

I have been getting a lot of questions about my hydrangeas, and the elusive “autumn hydrangea”. What variety are yours? Is the autumn hydrangea a special variety? Does it only bloom in the fall? What can I do with it?  Well here is everything you need to know about my hydrangeas, which just happen to be an autumn hydrangea variety.

Okay, so my hydrangeas seen above are a variety called the Limelight Hydrangea. They are one of the few varieties that actually love the sun, which make them super easy to grow here in the south. Mine are only a few years old and are absolutely gigantic. They are so big that I will probably be transplanting them to a larger area next spring, so I will let you know how that goes.

Updated side note: I did transplant them in to the main garden and they did great! We dug them up at the end of the growing season in the fall, and moved them to their new home. When doing so I cut them way back, almost down to stubs. Most people would have been horrified, but I had faith that they would could back even bigger and they did. 

Keep in mind that all hydrangeas love water, so matter what your variety make sure to water them regularly. They also prefer to drink through their petals and and leaves, as well as their root system. So a nice misting will go along way with this plant. Also after cutting the stems, submerging the heads will keep them looking fresh and hydrated for a longer period of time, prior to floral design work.

Floral design notes: I have heard urban legend in the field of burn the ends to hold water, using bleach or allum. I will say I have tried all of these techniques and none them work as well as just plain, clean water. Except for submersion which is how they drink, I have brought wilted dead ones back to life before, true story. 

Autumn Hydrangea refers to the color of the actual hydrangea heads plus the fact that they are still on a hydrangea plant in the fall. Some will turn a beautiful pinkish purple tone in the fall months as the plant starts to go dormant. The Limelight Hydrangea, is a prime example of this color change, and are highly sought after by floral designers everywhere. These are the exact same hydrangeas above as they enter into the autumn.Here is a look at the same variation while still on the plants in the summer. You can see the above picture during the prime growing season, of June, they are still a white and lime green combination. Which are very different from my current day hydrangeas as they change colors in late September and October.To winterize hydrangeas, cut back the entire plant, and leaves all the way to the ground, as hydrangeas can handle freezing weather during their dormant period. I promise they will grow back even stronger the following year. Make sure to mulch around your plants as well, to keep them warm through the winter.
Another tip is cutting the autumn hydrangea blooms as the plant starts to go dormant. This will allow you to dry them and they will actually retain their shape and color. These blooms above in the white pitcher are actually dried from a previous arrangement from my Bushel and Peck Table seen below, which were fresh cut from the plant. Please note that not all hydrangea will dry up pretty. I covered this more in my how to dry flowers post, so check that out for more information. The fresh white or lime green hydrangea seen in the spring and summer will eventually droop and turn brown. Which are not very pretty dried heads for arrangements. So it is better to cut the heads and dry them individually as the plant begins to go dormant.The versatility of the Limelight variety of hydrangea throughout the year is truly amazing. I can have fresh cut white flowers in early spring, lime green during the summer and then lime with pink/purple highlights in the fall. It is like having 3 plants in one, which is a floral designers dream!Here is a sneak peak at where I plan on using my plethora of dried autumn hydrangea this fall. It will be part of my “Fall Table Decorated 3 Ways” , along with our Fall Home Tour! There may be some copper spray involved for a rose gold delight as well, so be sure sign up for designer tips and tricks emails so you don’t miss it!

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  1. Charmaigne

    Is there anything that you can’t do? You are clearly amazing and have wide spread talent over several subject matters. This is one of my favorite reads so far since I love hydrangeas. Great tips on drying them, thank you.

  2. P. Vladermer

    I love Hydrangeas and this post, you blog, and photos is spot on. Thanks for all the helpful information such as the drying and painting, I mean who knew that was possible.

  3. Cilla Nickols

    I did not know this about hydrangeas, you are just a wealth of knowledge. Wow I really scored big tonight on stumbleupon, I am signing up to follow you.

  4. Stephanie McMicheals

    Okay I had no idea this was how you were getting those pretty, dried hydrangeas. Where have you been hiding these magical bushes?

  5. The Fat Hydrangea

    I am a huge fan of hydrangeas, but I did not know all this. Cutting, drying and painting had not crossed my mind at all. You have taken my blog to another level my friend thank you!

  6. Michelle Tabor

    I came out to see you DIY Top Reveal post, and was mesmerized by the pictures of hydrangeas. Now this post has a lot of great information in it. I will pin this post for next planting season so I buy the right ones!

  7. potter of plants

    your hydrangea pictures are fabulous. i love the limelight variety and that they turn colors in the fall. i did not know they could be dried, and preserved with floral paint. see you learn something new every day. best wishes my fellow dirt digger.

  8. Alicia @ What a Difference A Day Makes

    Your hydrangea plants are so pretty. I wish I had a green thumb like yourself. Thanks for the information 🙂

  9. Gardening in near and dear to my heart. While I do not get out much to do it anymore I have found that my yard from years past still keeps blooming and is beautiful with just little maintenance. Thank you for sharing your pretty hydrangeas.

  10. Patriot143

    These are absolutely beautiful, I linked over from your bushel and peck post, which now I have that song stuck in my head…..oh brother. Thanks for all the great growing information I will look for the limelight variety next year.

  11. Penny

    Hydrangeas are my favorite flower. I am so happy you had so much great information about them for me. Thank you!

  12. Ingrid

    Such a pretty yard and flowers. I wish I had a green thumb like you.

  13. Actually, we do live in a neighborhood. Currently the lots on either side of our home are available to build the house of your dreams on, so I guess we are looking for neighbors, lol. The woods behind us back up to a creek, lake and wetlands so it can never be built on. Honestly after living in Gwinnett county for 16 years, we learned a lot about how land builds up, so we were very cautious in picking an area that would be protected when the building boom reaches us.

  14. The Green Shutters

    This is a great post on hydrangeas, with really pretty pictures. I know we use them all the time in vases to fresh up our place. I did not know about the autumn version, I will look for those in the future.

  15. Patty’s in the Kitchen

    Your yard is so pretty, very lush and looks so private. Do you actually live in a neighborhood? It is hard to tell. You house is surrounded by trees and wilderness, so it looks like you might live on acreage.

  16. Kathleen Betancourt

    You have such a pretty blog site with lots of great information. I hope that your become the next Joanna Gaines since she is retiring, so sad.

  17. Little Farmgirl

    There are actually loads of details like that to take inform this post. I had no idea that hydrangeas could be dried. I will look for the Limelights next year, they seem very useful.

  18. Vanessa Prudhome

    Thank you for all the information! Your hydrangeas are stunning!

  19. Brianna Hatch

    So pretty I just love hydrangeas. Thank you for the very informational post, while I love them I had no idea that I could do all these things with them.

  20. Dotty Mitchell

    Jen, you have a eye for beauty, your home, plants even your pets are cute. You should consider widening your horizons into fashion consulting, it is very lucrative ands I think you would be good at it. Just a thought.

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  24. the film maker

    I do a lot of wedding video and I must say these are some of the prettiest hydrangeas I have seen. I have been trying to create a oasis in my backyard for photo shoots, I will look for this variety and have the landscapers add them into the plan. Thanks!

  25. Mountain Mama

    So pretty are these flowers I wish the would grow here but I afraid its too hot and they will melt. My silly neighbor tried to plant them and put lava rock around the base, fried them within the week. Sad, I mean she literally murdered them. Proves you can’t fix stupid.

  26. Aubrey Andrews

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  28. My husband and I actually pick and plant all the items you see in our yard. We enjoy doing it and it is one of our many hobbies. Honestly, you should have seen our last yard, it planted like a botanical garden and actually was a huge selling feature when we put the house on the market. Never under estimate the power of a pretty yard.

  29. Boris1977

    Oh my I really do love hydrangeas, mine all very blue due to my alkaline based soil. I wonder if this kind would hold it’s color and not change to blue, if so I would be willing to try them for variety sake.

  30. I believe this variety would do just that, I highly doubt that they would turn blue. You should get one and try it out, I really think you would like it, and then you could have blue and white hydrangeas which would be gorgeous!!!

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  32. Boris 1977

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  33. golden goose

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  45. Awww thanks Joella, yes I am sure I have knowledge I may have failed to include this time around, so you will just have to check back in to see what we are up too 😀 As for hydrangeas they prefer to drink through there petals verses there stems so if they get wilty submerge them in water for a few hours, they also prefer clean bleached containers and will easily absorb bacteria and die if not kept in clean containers. Oh and burned the ends does not work so don’t even try it. I think thats it….LOL….. for today.

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    I simply, thought you would be the perfect authority on plants since you have floral company and it seems that I was right. YOU have some really great hydrangea advice, things I have not seen on other posts, is there any information you are holding back on? I feel like you have so much to share you can pick and choose the posts you are wanting to make. Thanks for everything ~T

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  67. Seagull Watcher

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  88. Hey Madison I have seen a lot post too about these pretties, I guess great minds think alike 😉 Mine are doing so good this year, with all the rain we have been having and I really should post a few pictures somewhere, lol.

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