We made it!!! We are here the week 6 “FINAL REVEAL”!!!!!  Oh my gosh I didn’t think we would ever get here!!! For those of you that are following along on the Spring 2017 One Room Challenge. Here is a link where you can check at all the talented participants in the 2017 ORC hosted by House Beautiful and Linda @Calling It Home.  


If you happened to have missed a week here are the links to check out the previous weeks work so you can catch up or revisit a project that interested you:

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I wanted to give you a quick reminder for what the room looked like before we do the big reveal. So here is where we started 6 weeks ago. A simple screened porch, furnished with your basic outdoor furniture, and it was nice but I have always dreamed of a southern style sleeping porch.


  This is the inspiration board for this project: So without any further ado I present the Final Reveal of our Southern Style Sleeping Porch by JENRON DESIGNS.

This lovely pallet bed was designed and constructed by my husband Ron. If you just love the way it turned out and must have one of your own please check out the FREE Blueprints in the link for Week 3  . 

As you can see I implemented our seaglass color story from the inspiration board. I was able to order the fun pillow cases as seen on the board as well.

We have created cozy nooks and corners to invoke the feeling of being inside a genie bottle. Pillows and periodicals everywhere, all with in arms reach.

We added in some driftwood complements of our dear friends located on Lake Hartwell, thanks Marci and Nancy it really is beautiful and the perfect piece!!! 

We got this beautiful Wall Mounted Votive Holder from Pottery Barn for ambient light at night. 

Utilized the large blue glass urn minus the rope overlay from HomeGoods. You can check out all the details for this room and others at the  Shop My Style page at the top of this post.

Don’t forget the Haint Blue Ceiling from Week 3. It really lightens and brightens the space, even more so than the original white ceiling. It really makes the area feel very serine and carries the outside in. Not to mention I thin I will be missing out on all the visits from boo hags, spirits, and the bugs!!!  

Finally here is the Rug…… the bane of my exisitance!!! Well….what do think??? It was not my first choice,  as listed on inspiration board since Wayfair was backordered until July. (Funny store it was actually a feature rug in this months Goodhouse Keeping….nope, sorry out of stock my friends) This rug was not even my second choice, which was from Overstock, it ended up being too tropical and was almost a zebra print. I actually found this rug at Ross, of all places. I would have never thought to look there, but I was desperate, looking everywhere to find anything that worked with my color story. It was only $20 and I figured it would be fine as a place holder until July, but now it’s kind of growing on me.


Here is the reveal of the “mystery antique item” I have been teasing you all with for 6 weeks. I know my subscribers got a  preview of the item in it’s original state, but look at it now!!!!! WOW what a transformation!!! Amazing what a little paint barn wood and some corrugated metal can do. This was an item that our friend Alexis was getting rid of, and it was headed straight to the curb. Thank you Alexis it turned out great! 

Here are the original before pictures just so you can get the full scope of what we were working with, it had a faux brick back  and laminate facade. Not to mention all that red velvet, which was not in the color story for this project at all. 

Yes it’s a Quagmire style bar you would expect to be in Elvis’s Graceland suite. It has a working 8 track and record player behind the facade of the fireplace. Oh yes my friends this antique was to good to pass up, it’s literally like a working time capsule from around 1962.

Even though I probably won’t use it very much we redid the inside, mainly so we could keep this quirky blast from the past bar and music center. We have added a mp3 player in just to update our tunes, since my vinyl collection is quite limited…..hahaha


The bar is actually revolving and has working lights…..hehehehe it is so funny, it’s cute.


Time to turn in??? Well after all it is a sleeping porch, so what good would this article be with out the night time photos? As you can see the ambient lightening turned out amazing!!! We actually ran the fireplace and under the bed lights to a bluetooth switch, that we located in the bedroom next to the door. So now we can just flip on the lights as we head out the door, no hassle with plugging in cords etc. 

Tip: The under the bed lights are simple leftover icicle lights from the holidays. I figured we used them last year and our theme this year will not be same so might as well gets me used out of them else where. So these fun candy colored lights are stuffed into the pallets and unless you are belly crawling on my floor or take a picture like I am you have not idea that they are Christmas lights. We have decided that we will be putting in a permeant wall switched fireplace in the near future, but for now to complete the One Room Challenge we were able to fix up this fun little antique and make it something useful. Plus we will probably just relocate it to our basement as we finish it out…… lots more projects on the horizon this year!!!

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EXTERIOR WALL PAINT- Dorian Gray Sherwin Williams TRIM PAINT- City Loft Sherwin Williams FLOORS- Thompson Water Sealer Acorn CEILING FAN-52″ White Ceiling Fan Home Depot CEILING PAINT-DCR075 Piazza Blue Sherwin William CURTAINS- Outdoor Weighted Panels White Ballard Designs MATTRESS- Hampton & Rhodes 6.5″ HR100 Firm Mattress Firm of Cumming (see Aaron) MEMORY FOAM MATTRESS- 4″ Gel Foam Mattress Wayfair  MATTRESS COVER- Waterproof/Bed Bug Blocker Hypoallergenic Wayfair  MATTERESS TOPPER- Waterproof Mattress Topper Wayfair EURO SHAMS WHITE & NAVY- Clairebella 200 Thread Count Wayfair BEDDING/QUILT- Cynthia Rowley Blue Green Medallion, HomeGoods HELLO HANDSOME/GORGEOUS PILLOW CASES- Wayfair  END TABLE BASKET- Jacquelyne Lidded Barrel Basket Pottery Barn  WALL MIRROR- Wall Mounted Votive Holder Pottery Barn LARGE GLASS URNS-HomeGoods DRIFTWOOD VASES-HomeGoods  CHEVRON THROW PILLOWS- Wayfair,  ROUND THROW PILLOW HomeGoods, TASSELED THROW- Anthropology (similar) EMBROIDERED THROW PILLOW- Pier 1 (similar), BLUE & WHITE TICKED THROW PILLOWS- HomeGoods AQUA THROW PILLOWS-Overstock. EURO SHAMS QUILTED TURQUOISE- Overstock RUG- Ross 


  1. Wow, wow, and wow!! What else can I say? This is beautiful and an amazing idea for a screen porch. You got mad skills girl! Keep up the good work!

  2. I absolutely love this! You have spoken to my deep southern roots, and revived a part of me forgotten. My grandmama had a sleeping porch back in the day… which is where us kids would spend the night and tell moist stories. Too bad we did not have that haint blue ceiling to keep the boohoos away!!!!!! Love your style xoxoxo

  3. I love your sleeping porch. I would spend all my time out there. I especially love the DIY makeover on the fireplace, that is truly a inspirational refurbished project.

  4. Just lovely, your ORC project turned out amazing! You can count on my vote.

  5. I am obsessed with your sleeping porch. I hope you win the designer challenge, based on creativity alone. #housebeautiful #callingithome

  6. This is such a great idea. I have never seen a outdoor, sleeping porch before. Do you actually sleep out there? Seem like a fun idea to me, like camping but better. Fun Fireplace refinish too, I love that old retro stuff.

    • Hi Rainy yes we have actually slept out there, and it is quite peaceful. We have a private wooded lot with tons of trees and view of a small fishing lake, so the frogs and fireflies alone make it magical. 🙂

  7. Wow this is a amazing space in your home! You should be so proud of your accomplishments, in 6 weeks that really is a challenge. Do you actually sleep out there? Just wondering, because I would 🙂

    • Barbara, first of all, thanks for following we appreciate your support 🙂
      Yes, we have actually slept out on the porch and it is divine. There is nothing better, and it makes all the hard work worth it. We have lots of fun things on the calendar so make sure to stop by regularly or you can sign up for our monthly newsletter 🙂

  8. I saw your post at the ORC have you heard anything back from House Beautiful? They should be making a decision soon!!! I love your creative idea of doing a sleeping porch, it very retro and cool. I bet you spend a ton of time out there, I know I would.

  9. I was so excited to find your article about a southern style sleeping porch. It is a old southern tradition you don’t see much anymore, I hope your post will revive it. I love that your decide to keep the haint blue ceiling too, another southern tradition. Great post love your style.

  10. This is one of the most amazing things I have seen. You are so innovative and creative, I wish I had half you creativity. I would never have though to put a bed outside….talk about glamping. You go girl I love everything you do, keep up the good work!

    • Thank you so much 🙂 I was really excited to make a sleeping porch, since I have always wanted one, since I as little. You are so right about the glamping, hahaha that is so me. Take care and thanks for stopping in the check my blog 🙂

  11. You write awesome posts, but you should rank your website higher in search engines. Let’s make you site the next big thing!!!

  12. This is such great project to bring both, yours and Ronnie’s talents together.
    Now “Team Gainer” can put on some Sly & the Family Stone,”Hot Fun In The Summertime”, a cold drink in your hand and welcome the summer season.
    Well done y’all!

    • Somehow I knew you would be able to envision the “southern sleeping porch vibe” even if your all the up in NY. Girl…. I miss you, come home Mitzy Tarbubbles!!!! Love, Muffy Cloverchains

    • Thank you Erin, I have been spending some down time out there as I devise the next big project’s plan 😉

    • Thank You Kelley!!! You know how I love a good use for Christmas lights 😉 Your guest room turned out divine, so glad I was able to participate in the ORC with you guys!!!!

  13. Your home blog is a very valuable resource for me. I am finding a lot of great weekend project ideas!! Thanks

  14. Oh my! That bar is so cool! It’s a great time to start collecting vinyl! 😉 Such a dreamy space! You did a great job! I hope that you get lots of time to enjoy it!

  15. That bar…Amazing makeover!!!! This is such a great space. I absolutely love your wall mounted votives. I would light those up and spend the entire evening out there!

    • Thank you Jessica. I agree, and I do love that votive mirror it creates a ton of light since it reflects double the amount of candle, and unexpected plus!!!

    • Thank you, it was totally not part of the original ORC plan. It was improvising with something we found out on the curb, and could not pass up…LOL

    • Thank You Lidia!!! I have coveted a sleeping porch since I was a little girl. I have always wanted to sleep under the stars, but away from the things that live on the ground….LOL

  16. Beautiful space! And oh my goodness we have that exact same bar. I hate it soooo much but my husband loves it. Maybe there is hope for it yet..

    • Oh my gosh, are you serious???? How funny is that, do you have any history on it? I would love to know more about mine. Well if it looked like the original piece I can understand how it is not your favorite, but the Amy Howard paint made it a simple refinish. No sanding, no stripping just 2 coats and it was done. I even used it on the felt on the bar part, it worked gloriously. Thanks for dropping hope see you again soon!!!

    • I know I was so excited after the photo shoot that I spent that night out there. The weather was still cool, and with the ceiling fan on it was perfect. The bar is a very funny piece, we do plan to put a real direct vent fireplace in soon, but for now it works 😉

  17. This reveal is amazing I love the concept and execution. You have such a talent we would love for you to come take a look at our home.

  18. Very pretty Jennifer! You are so lucky to have a sleeping porch and now it looks amazing. I hope you enjoyed your first One Room Challenge. You already seem like a pro!

    • Thank you Jennifer, it was a learning challenge for sure, as a newbie. All of you guys have all been so supportive and great to work with. I am not sure what makes me happier the room being complete or the friends I have made along the way. Let me know if you end up doing a progressive dinner event again I would love to join you guys!!

  19. Girl, girl, girl! You rocked this room! I am at a loss for words on that 8-track wonder, record spinning, bar thingy. LOL! That is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen. I’m going to look for one of those for sure. Great, great job!

    • Thank you!!! It is a great piece of retro Americana history, as cheesy as it is I just had to save it and refinish. I am so glad you like and were able to check out post. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

    • Thanks Day it was a project I am so glad to have done!!! I have always wanted a sleeping porch. This one is just so dreamy with the lights and fireplace.

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