SOUTHERN STYLE SLEEPING PORCH: ORC 2017 SPRING REVEAL We made it after 6 long weeks we made through our first One Room Challenge!

We are here the SOUTHERN STYLE SLEEPING PORCH ORC 2017 SPRING REVEAL!  Oh my gosh I didn’t think we would ever get here! If  you are following along on, (Spring 2017 One Room Challenge) this is where you  check at all the talented guest participants for the 2017 ORC hosted by House Beautiful and LindaWeinstein@Calling It Home.


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Here is where our outdoor room started off before we do the big reveal. A simple screened porch, furnished with your basic outdoor furniture. Yes it was nice, but I have always dreamed of a southern style sleeping porch.

A view like this deserved so much more….

  The Inspiration Board:So without any further ado I present the Final Reveal of our Southern Style Sleeping Porch by JENRON DESIGNS.

My husband Ron built this lovely pallet bed for me, from scratch out or reclaimed wood pallets. It holds a full size mattress perfect for lounging around and light afternoon cat napping. If you just love the way it turned out and must have one of your own please check out the FREE Blueprints in the link located in Week 3 .

As you can see I was able implement our sea glass color story from the inspiration board. I love how this color invokes relaxation and  a coastal vibe even here in the middle of the North Georgia Mountains. I was even able to locate and order the fun pillow cases as seen on the board as well. Just to keep things light and cheeky.

Don’t forget the pretty Haint Blue Ceiling from Week 3. It really lightens and brightens the space, even more so than the original white ceiling. It adds to the serine feeling and carries the outside sky in. We have created many cozy nooks and corners to soften the space and create a  cozy feeling almost like  being inside a genie bottle. Pillows and periodicals everywhere, all with in arms reach, without ever having to get up, so we can just relax and feel the breeze .

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I always love to add found pieces or one of a kind art pieces to make a statement to any room. We added in this natural driftwood complements of our dear friends that are located on Lake Hartwell, thanks Marci and Nancy it really is beautiful and the perfect piece! We got this beautiful Wall Mounted Votive Holder from Pottery Barn for ambient light at night. It really is spectacular when you light all the candles up and the reflect in the mirror adding yet an another natural element to the space of fire. You can check out all the details for this room and others at the Shop My Style page at the bottom of this post.

I think the number one question I am always asked about this space, is why we did not install a swing bed? Well that answer is so simple we get so much wind here in the foothills of the North Georgia Mountain. Somedays they can rival the Santa Ana winds in California, it is really pretty crazy. For that reason we never even considered putting anything that would be suspended  from the ceiling with any weight on our home, since it would just crash into it during these wind storms. Plus this is right off of our master bedroom, so who would want to wake up to that racket during a nigh time storm? While I love the look of swing beds the practically for our home is just not there, you need to live in a calm no windy valley area for them not to do damage to the beds or your home.

Finally here is the Rug, the bane of my existence! Well, what do think?Honestly, it was not my first choice, as listed on inspiration board since Wayfair was backordered until July. (Funny story it was actually a feature rug in this months Good Housekeeping, nope, sorry out of stock my friends you will not be getting it) This rug was really not even my second choice, which was from Overstock, it ended up being too tropical and was almost a zebra print, for real. I actually found this rug at Ross, of all places. I would have never thought to look there, but I was desperate, looking everywhere to find anything that worked with my color story. It was only $20 and I figured it would be fine as a placeholder until July, but now it’s kind of growing on me.

Another bonus is that the kitties really seem to be enjoying the new outdoor space. So much that it is hard to find a place on the bed some days, with five of them it always seems to be “occupido” on regular basis. The good news is that it joins all ages groups from 18-3 together in the sacred unity of the great outdoors and they coexist in harmony while they are out there.


For the last few weeks I have been hinting about  the “mystery antique item” that I have been working on restoring. I know my Instagram subscribers got a  preview in my stories of the item in its original state, but look at it now! WOW what a transformation! Amazing what a little milk paint, barn wood, and some corrugated metal can do. This was an item that our friend, Alexis, was getting rid of, and it was headed straight to the curb. Thank you Alexis it turned out great!

For those of you that missed out on my Instagram story here is the original before pictures just so you can get the full scope of what we were working with, lol.  It had a faux brick back and laminate facade. Not to mention all that red velvet, which was not in our color story for this project at all. We used a custom color mix of Amy Howard, Dot Dot Dot A36-5 from Ace Hardware.Yes it’s a Quagmire style bar you would expect to be in Elvis’s Graceland suite. It has a working 8 track and record player behind the facade of the fireplace. Oh yes my friends this antique was to good to pass up, it’s literally like a working time capsule from around 1962.

Even though I probably won’t use it very much we redid the inside, mainly so we could keep this quirky blast from the past bar and music center. We have added a mp3 player in just to update our tunes, since my vinyl collection is quite limited, hahaha. Besides who would keep vinyl in an unconditioned space, eek that is just asking for trouble.

The bar is actually revolving and has working lights…..hehehehe it is so funny, it’s cute. You can see both the front and back sides in theses pictures. 


Time to turn in? Well after all it is a sleeping porch, so what good would this article be without the night time photos? As you can see the ambient lightning turned out amazing!!! We actually ran the fireplace and under the bed lights to a bluetooth switch, that we located in the bedroom, next to the door. Now we can just flip on the lights as we head out the door, no hassle with plugging in cords etc.

Tip: The under the bed lights are simple leftover icicle lights from the holidays. I figured we used them last year and our theme this year will not be same so might as well gets me used out of them else where. So these fun candy colored lights are stuffed into the pallets and unless you are belly crawling on my floor or take a picture like I am you have not idea that they are Christmas lights.

We have decided that we will be putting in a permanent wall switched fireplace in the near future, but for now to complete the One Room Challenge we were able to fix up this fun little antique and make it something useful. Plus we will probably just relocate it to our basement as we finish it out, lots more projects on the horizon this year!

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EXTERIOR WALL PAINT- Dorian Gray Sherwin Williams TRIM PAINT- City Loft Sherwin Williams FLOORS- Thompson Water Sealer Acorn CEILING FAN-52″ White Ceiling Fan Home Depot CEILING PAINT-DCR075 Piazza Blue Sherwin William CURTAINS- Outdoor Weighted Panels White Ballard Designs MATTRESS- Hampton & Rhodes 6.5″ HR100 Firm Mattress Firm of Cumming (see Aaron) MEMORY FOAM MATTRESS- 4″ Gel Foam Mattress Wayfair  MATTRESS COVER- Waterproof/Bed Bug Blocker Hypoallergenic Wayfair  MATTRESS TOPPER- Waterproof Mattress Topper Wayfair EURO SHAMS WHITE – Clairebella Euro 200 Thread Count Wayfair BEDDING/QUILT- Cynthia Rowley Blue Green Medallion, HomeGoods HELLO HANDSOME/GORGEOUS PILLOW CASES- Wayfair  END TABLE BASKET- Jacquelyne Lidded Barrel Basket Pottery Barn  WALL MIRROR- Wall Mounted Votive Holder Pottery Barn LARGE GLASS URNS-HomeGoods DRIFTWOOD VASES-HomeGoods  CHEVRON THROW PILLOWS- Wayfair,  ROUND THROW PILLOW HomeGoods, TASSELED THROW- Anthropology (similar) EMBROIDERED THROW PILLOW- Bed Bath and Beyond , BLUE & WHITE TICKED THROW PILLOWS- HomeGoods AQUA THROW PILLOWS-Overstock. EURO SHAMS QUILTED TURQUOISE- Overstock RUG- Ross 


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  5. Tatina Smoltz

    This reveal is amazing I love the concept and execution. You have such a talent we would love for you to come take a look at our home.

  6. Thank you!!! It is a great piece of retro Americana history, as cheesy as it is I just had to save it and refinish. I am so glad you like and were able to check out post. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  7. Thank you Jennifer, it was a learning challenge for sure, as a newbie. All of you guys have all been so supportive and great to work with. I am not sure what makes me happier the room being complete or the friends I have made along the way. Let me know if you end up doing a progressive dinner event again I would love to join you guys!!

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  12. Oh my gosh, are you serious???? How funny is that, do you have any history on it? I would love to know more about mine. Well if it looked like the original piece I can understand how it is not your favorite, but the Amy Howard paint made it a simple refinish. No sanding, no stripping just 2 coats and it was done. I even used it on the felt on the bar part, it worked gloriously. Thanks for dropping hope see you again soon!!!

  13. Nori Blagg

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  19. Thank you, it was totally not part of the original ORC plan. It was improvising with something we found out on the curb, and could not pass up…LOL

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  33. Thank you so much 🙂 I was really excited to make a sleeping porch, since I have always wanted one, since I as little. You are so right about the glamping, hahaha that is so me. Take care and thanks for stopping in the check my blog 🙂

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  37. Barbara, first of all, thanks for following we appreciate your support 🙂
    Yes, we have actually slept out on the porch and it is divine. There is nothing better, and it makes all the hard work worth it. We have lots of fun things on the calendar so make sure to stop by regularly or you can sign up for our monthly newsletter 🙂

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    Pretty pretty! This has been an incredibly wonderful article and really inspired me to create a little space like this in my home too. Thank you for providing these details.

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    Very nice article, just what I was looking for.

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    Oh my I have always wanted a sleeping porch, my granny used to have one and I loved it as a kids in the summer.

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