ORC Final Reveal: Bathroom 

ORC Final Reveal:Bathroom 

We made it to the ORC Final Reveal: Bathroom.  Now you can see how our Bathroom went from drab to fab in six short weeks.

Welcome to the ORC Final Reveal: Bathroom. This season we have completed our the challenge of our on suite Bathroom, which you all may remember got started last fall with our little toilet room upgrade, for the $100 room challenge, The Game of Thrones. That challenge just left us thirsty for more beautiful things in the rest of our Owners Bathroom and Hallway, so now we have upgraded the entire space.


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Just in case you maybe wondering exactly what The One Room Challenge is here is a link, and the scoop. This event was started by Linda Weinstein @ Calling It Home and is hosted twice a year, in April and October for the past 15 seasons. The ORC has hosted over 300 interior designers & home decor bloggers, that have joined together in this challenge to makeover one room in their own homes.  The participants have total of six weeks, from start to finish, to complete a full room transformation. Over 3,500 rooms have been transformed through the One Room Challenge to date, and many spaces have been recognized and featured by several prestigious sponsors sites here:



I just wanted to give you a reminder of where we started on this project six weeks ago.  The area was a fine space but it really lacked any kind of pizzaz or wow factor. We had done a few upgrades to the space but it still did not feel complete. I think the artwork was mismatched and over all their was not a continuity to the space, it was just what we had and we went with it, putting our personal private space on the back burner from the the rest of our home.


I am so excited to share how this room has turned out. While it is still very understated, I think that the design upgrades are just enough, and reflect our personal design style while keeping with the overall style of our home. It also is neutral enough to not be a deterrent when we decided to sale our home on down the road which is always something I keep in mind when designing a space.  The Wainscot wall treatment immediately dressed up this space. It truly is one of the easiest ways to dress up a space next to paint. Trim and millwork will always add a level of custom flair to a home, but you really have to be careful not to go over board and put it everywhere or in every room. This can create the look of a hotel or bed and breakfast very quickly too. So I limited my Wainscott room to my On Suite Bathroom, mainly because I wanted to paint the walls with a gloss paint for cleaning purposes. Think hairspray, candle smoke and shower stream build up, on your walls, every day, over time….. yep gloss paint with scrub-ability is the way  to go. I matched the Wainscot panels to build in a cornice to go over the window and fill the major empty void and elongate the room to give the illusion of a bigger window without knocking out walls. I also love that I finally got my chandelier over the the garden tub, which just adds that element of luxury to this space that this bathroom truly deserves. The large scale art in matching tones and simple patterns really plays well in this space. I also love the subliminal circle and square theme that is happening. If you notice most of the elements are either a circle or square in the space.Playing for team circles: the art, chandelier, rug, tacks heads, metal baskets, cosmetic stool, towel rings, new drain cover, can lights, and I even rolled all the towels to make cylinders. On the square team we have all the Wainscot panels, the new tile, the accent tray, the drawers on the apothecary chest, and the large pieces of artwork.  As you look through the photos see how many more your spy.

I love how the all white walls have brighten up the space. Which was not that dark to begin with, with the walls being Agreeable Gray, but it really does make a huge difference. Along with the addition of the new light fixture and new LED can lights that we installed. I also am so glad that we added the tile to the toilet room and the additional Wainscot panels, now this space truly feels finished. Plus it now feels like a part of the bathroom where before it was just this random room across the hall.  The accent tray on the hall ceiling really does a nice job of pulling these spaces together as well and dresses up an otherwise very plain pass through area, while the white walls make the this space fill more spacious despite the narrowness of the hallway as well.


Good design is all about the details that you put into the rooms, so I want to take some time go over some the amazing products and sponsors that made putting this beautiful room together possible.  First I want to thank Designer Drains for this gorgeous custom made drain cover that really elevates our shower. While it may seem like a small touch it really is a very luxurious element to add, especially when designing a high end shower. We kept ours on the simpler side, by only doing dual rain tree shower heads with storage niches, verses a full pivoting body wash system.

*Please note that I was compensated for this post. This post contains affiliate links for your convenience. These involve no extra cost to you, but may result in me receiving a small commission should you decide to purchase after clicking on my links – for which I am very grateful! You can view my full advertising disclosure here.We are in love with these amazing baskets which were the perfect gift for our new bathroom renovation. These are the perfect storage solution for towels and linens and match our industrial farmhouse theme perfectly.

These basket are super handy and come in a set of two, available from Walmart. They are sturdy and so pretty for a rustic farmhouse, but also have a great industrial chic vibe too. This is just a part of the new MoDeRN collection & Drew Barrymore lines they have recently just launched this season, which I have to say are absolutely amazing.icon

No bathroom renovation would be complete without plush fluffy new towels and The Casablanca Hotel Collection, available at Walmart is icing on the cake.  These come in a 6 piece set which includes: 2 bath towels, 2 hand towels and 2 washcloths. They are all made of 100% Luxurious cotton with two-ply 600 GSM cotton yarn, for a nice dense weight of 3.5 lbs for the bath towels which is very luxe.

What I really loved about this towel set, is that if you have double vanities, it offers two types of towel patterns in one set. So you can easily have a specific set for each person’s vanity.  So I took the Jacquard set and gave Ron the more masculine stripes for our bathroom set up.  However,  you could also layer the towels in an alternating pattern as well for a single towel or in a guest bathroom.
Plus, if you notice how pretty they are packaged I am taking note with wedding season coming up, these would make excellent shower gifts, for brides or even housewarming gifts. They are really well done, and impressive. So while we are still talking about the details I wanted to show a few other fun finds that we are utilizing in some unexpected ways in the bathroom. I know I previously mentioned in my Instagram stories that I was using dough bowls as soap dishes to pull in the rustic farmhouse feel, as you can see above. Using found items creates a personal sense of “home”, and gives your space personality so it is not so sterile cold and lackluster. It is nice to have a magazine quality home but if it is all store bought and had zero personality, it creates a space that feels unauthentic or just staged. Check out the old antique penny roll tray, we scored and is now my husband’s razor tray, and he loves it.  The rusty cake stand that I am using for my perfume tray and nightly skin care regime. This is the difference between a house and home. Another fun example is this new piece of art, this is one of my little projects I showed last week as a before, and now here is the end result. Yes folks I painted that, it is a one of kind, a “jennygirlgainer” original, one of many in my home, lol. I find if the mood strikes me I just paint want I envision, if I have the time. This was a replica of the same stencil I used two months ago on a piece of DIY furniture, I loved the pattern so I used it for the wall.

I also re painted the frame on this piece of art that I scooped up from Ballards several weeks ago. The frame itself was a little too ivory for this space. I find that when you mix ivory with white and gray the ivory looks very yellow, which unfortunately will make the item look aged, and not in a good way. So I decided to paint the frame lightly with some Selznick Grey by Amy Howard, leaving lines to create a wood grain finish which actually matches the mirror.
We also picked up a few of these matching galvanized rustic trays for rolled washed clothes and used our matching apothecary soap dispensers and H20 glasses for an industrial vibe.I decided to add a single round rug to to the center of the floor in lieu of individual bath mats. One reason is bath mats tend to drive me crazy, lol. The Roomba vacuum drags them all over the house, plus the cats always rumple them up as well. So for my own sanity I fine one large drip dry rug to cover both the the bathtub and the shower area works best in this space.


I love the idea of make the my own spa experience at home which is one of the big focuses we kept in mind throughout this entire process. I love the DIY bathtub tray that my sweet husband built for me so that I can read or take my tablet into the tub with me without fear of dropping it.
Loads of fluffy white towels, everywhere are something that are an endless supply when you are at the spa too. Making sure that you have enough on hand for all your needs really adds to that spa vibe.

Spa based products are another great way to easily add that feeling to your bathroom. Pretty hand cut soaps, masks, and scrubbers only add to the reason you are in the bathroom in the first place.Make sure the display them in pretty and decorative fashion as well. Decant bath salts into pretty apothecary jars or fill one up with your favorite bath fizzies, for more great ideas you can check out my post on the The Art of the Perfect Bath where I go into more details on how to create a luxury bathscape and serine spa setting in your own home. Well we did it in six weeks with a ton of elbow grease, a bunch of DIY projects, and we have a gorgeous On Suite Bathroom to show for it; which I know we will be spending a lot of quality time in. I am excited to announce that this project has leapfrogged us forward to a new project for our Master Bedroom coming soon… so stay tuned!

Be sure to check all the great participates from this round of the Spring 2019 One Room Challenge, there have been so many talented and amazing participants this season.


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