The Art of a Perfect Bath

The Art of a Perfect Bath

Have we lost the art of a perfect bath? Are we all just to become mindless shower people? What happened to relaxing?

I can not begin to tell you how sad it makes me, to hear that people today are opting out of bath tubs in their homes. I have heard people say ” they are just dust catchers” and ” just give me a huge shower”. Well yes, I love a palatial shower as much as everyone else, in fact, I have huge a double headed shower in my master bath. Although, I  could not image living without my large Jacuzzi bath tub. I try to take a relaxing bath at least once a week, especially in the winter when it is cold outside, a nice hot steamy bath cures all that ails you.I believe that the perfect bath is truly a lost art. You see, I believe in living a resort lifestyle, where you are able to integrate work, play and relaxation to everyday living. Daily stress is one of the big killers today, it ages us, causes us to develop physical and mental illnesses; it affects our sleep habits and let’s not even get me started on “eating your feelings”. Isn’t your health is worth carving out a little “you time” and relaxing with a dip in the tub?My advice is do not skimp on the bath products, taking the time to do something nice for yourself, and using good quality products will only enhance your tub time. I personally like to create my own spa like experience at home. Soft tranquil spa music, fluffy white towels, scented candles and of course the star, fantastic bath products. I use specific products depending on the season, to soothe my itchy dry skin or rest my sore achy muscles.

BEAUTY SECRET: It is incredibly good for you to dry brush your skin, prior to baths and showers. Especially during the drier winter months or in higher altitudes with dry air. I like the softer boar bristle brush, shown above. It is not harsh on the skin but does a nice job of exfoliating prior to a nice warm soak. Dry brushing has also been shown to improve the bodies circulation too. 

One of my all time favorite bath time scents that I personally love to use is  Jo Malone Orange Blossom Bath Oil, it is especially refreshing in the dreary winter months. The bright citrus smells can perk up any cold dark day. It is a fresh mixture of clementine, orange blossom and water lily, with some warm undertones of orris and balsamic vetiver. This particular oil is enriched with sweet almond, jojoba seed and avocado oils, which are natural skin conditioners, and perfect to soothe and hydrate tired skin, so it is a pure delight. A sumptuous bathing treat for the winter months.

SAVVY SHOPPER HINT: If you sign up for email reminders from Jo Malone they offer free engraving of their products. Nothing says “Lux” to me, like having my initials engraved atop that pretty silver cap of my favorite Jo Malone fragrance.  Another fantastic and cost effective bath product, to always keep on hand, are Epsom Salts. I am sure you have heard of Epsom salt baths from your mom or grandma when you were a kid, as a virtual cure all. Epsom salt is a natural exfoliate and anti-inflammation remedy that can be used to help to relieve sore muscles. It will also pull toxins out of your body. Epsom salts are perfect to way to relieve the pain from tired achy muscles if you have a cold, or as a post exercise workout treatment. They also have the ability to reduce swelling and increase circulation to soothe muscles, and can relieve tired feet, aid in leg cramps, and relax the mind. Did you know the quickest and most effective way for magnesium to be absorbed through the body is through an Epsom salt bath? Magnesium is responsible for many different processes in the body including, controlling blood sugar, regulating blood pressure and making new proteins. I personally like the Dr.Teals brand of Epsom Salts they have lots of different scents and  types for specific skin concerns. I also love their skin scrubs too for exfoliation which are heavenly in the winter months.

DESIGNER TIP: I like to store mine, as seen above, in a pretty glass apothecary jar and use a large scallop sea shell for the scoop; 2 scoops is what I add to my tub. I really like the idea of displaying my bath products as part of the bathroom decor. I also use an apothecary jar to store hand creams I might have picked up while traveling. Some hotels have very high end creams which are totally worth squirreling away in the luggage for later. I also use an pretty Apothecary jar to store my collection of LUSH bath bombs. These bath bombs are my brand of favorite bath bombs on the market today. LUSH is a environmentally responsible company, producing organic handmade products, with no animal testing. Plus they have so many amazing, one of a kind, scent combinations, that play up the aromatherapy spa portion of any bath time experience. If you are not familiar with their line be prepared, some products, such as the Dragon’s Egg have gold glitter and confetti inside the bath bombs. They are completely biodegradable, but can and usually do leave behind some tub residue. Nothing has ever stained my tub or made a huge mess. In fact, the Dragon’s Egg and Avobath  are two of my all time favorite bath bombs. The stunning visual display while dissolving, paired with the lasting smell of Lemongrass and Bergamont makes me smile every time , and just a hint of gold sparkle on left as a reminder on my skin.   So maybe you are a purest, and the sparkles and rainbow swirls are just not your thing. Then allow me to present my favorite soap, Beessential Natural Lemongrass Oil. Sooth your skin with relaxing essential Lemongrass oil while hemp oil hydrates and moisturizes with Beessential’s Hip Hemp Lemongrass Bar Soap, which comes in a 4 Count Variety, with Moisturizing Beeswax, Shea Butter, Olive Oil (Peppermint, Honey & Yogurt, Tea Tree, Lemongrass) – and it is Made in the USA.

BEAUTY SECRET: I also like to use face masks and give my hair a hot oil treatment, Coconut oil or Moroccan oil treatment, while I am in the tub. I apply the oil to my dry hair and the wrap in a twirly hair towel and the steam from the tub and towel do the rest. Finally enjoy your soak. Do whatever it is that helps you to decompress and relax. Whether you put cucumber slices over your eyes, or 24K gel eye pads. Meditate, catch up reading a good book, or like me flip through the pages of your favorite magazines. Whatever it is, just enjoy your time to yourself to clear your mind, recharge your battery and become a better you.

DESIGNER TIP:  I prefer the usage of all white towels in a home for three reasons:

  • One, white invokes a spa like quality of cleanliness.
  • Two they are very easy to keep crisp, clean and maintenance, by bleaching with no color fading. By adding vinegar to the rinse you can re-fluff a flatten towel. 
  • Three easy of replacement, since they are all white it’s a snap, no color matching needed.

Another of my favorite things I want to share is the Farmhouse Fresh Honey Heel Glaze. This is also listed as one on Oprah’s favorites things. It is by far the best heel balm for dry or cracked feet. I love the entire Farmhouse Fresh line, but this is probably my favorite product to date. Perfect for after you get out of the bath and for sandal season. If this post isn’t enough to make you want to go take a good soak, you must not be a bath kind of person. Well I am, and I can hear that tub calling my name right now. Happy Bathing!

*This post also contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links. You can view my full advertising disclosure here.

Create Your Own Perfect Bath: 


WALL PAINT- Agreeable Gray Sherwin Williams TRIM PAINT- Pure White Sherwin Williams FLOORS- Mohawk 3″Forrest Lake Oak Color: Oxford CABINETS- Harmony Maple (Color- coffee) COUNTERTOP-Piedrafina Carrara TILE FLOORS-Paraiba White Amazonia Interceramic MAKEUP BAR STOOL- Chapman 24″ Swivel Frontgate  TOWEL RINGS- Mercer Polished Nickel Pottery Barn LIGHTS- Progressive Lighting Archie Collection BARNWOOD FRAME- Home Depot  H2O Water Glass (Discontinued)- Anthropologie (Similar) Silver Perfume Tray- HomeGoods Apothecary Soap Dispensers- HomeGoods  RUG-Safvieh Adirondack Vintage Ivory Overstock. com BEAUTY ROUTINE- Tata Harper Gift Set BATH OIL- Jo Malone Orange Blossom


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  3. Jennifer

    Glad I could inspire, I love a good bath, I feel like it cleanses my soul.

  4. Jennifer

    Desiree, thank you for the gracious complement. I do love my bathroom and have spent a lot of time trying to recreate a spa like environment. I can tell you a remodel, while hard, will be totally worth it. Maybe just start small with new fluffy towels, pretty candles and great products until you decide to take the plunge on the remodel.

  5. Jennie Mayes

    Girl you had me at bath time!!! There is nothing better than a big tub full of bubbles!!! Except maybe a claw foot tub full of bubbles. I also have an obsession with LUSH products (wink wink) and I think you know why…..

  6. Will, I am so glad you were able to stop by and read my little post. Of course I know why, I am sure you have at least one of everything!!! You can always hook a sister up 🙂 Take care…..hugs!!

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  26. Yanitza

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