Bedroom Makeover Final Reveal

Bedroom Makeover Final Reveal

This project has been so much fun and we are excited to share our Bedroom Makeover Final Reveal this week.

Sometimes you just always put everyone else’s needs ahead of your own. That is exactly how we felt about our master bedroom area and why I am so excited about this Owners Suite Bedroom Makeover Final Reveal. We have decorated so many areas of our home but always seem to keep our own space simple and unadorned. Like the old story of the cobbler and making shoes for his family. In the story the cobbler made shoes for everyone in town but at the end of day by the time he was done taking care of the town he just did not have the energy to make his own family any shoes, so they did without. Ironic don’t you think?Well this room was my cobbler of the house, we spend most of our time here but we never really made it into a space that reflected us. As you can see by our before pictures it was comfortable and served its purpose. However, in the case of  having any “wow factors”,  sadly it did not, it was just very basic and plain and did not match the caliber of the rest of our home.

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It is said in real estate the main areas you should focus your money into for resale are kitchens, bathrooms and master suites. Well our kitchen was built beautiful right out of the gate, along with the finishes we had choose for our bathrooms. We had just upgraded our master bathroom during the Spring One Room Challenge to add some more decorative finishes to elevate the plain walls but as far the tile and countertops, I chose classic items which will stand the test of time.The DIY Shiplap Ceiling we installed from UFP Edge has really made a huge difference in this room. We just recently added the the cherry on top with this beautiful 52″ Monte Carlo Ceiling windmill style ceiling fan in aged pewter. One of the things that I absolutely loved about this was the color match on the fan blades to our shiplap boards. This is really spectacular and since this accent color is not directly under the fan it really makes the blades pop against the smoke white charred wood boards. The second selling feature for me was the the 6 speed remote control with dimmable LED light. Not only will this fan kick up a breeze on these hot Georgia nights but with the convenient remote control feature we can adjust the setting directly from bed without having to get up in the middle of the night. It was super easy to to install with clear simple to follow instructions, if it is your first fan installation. Ron had it up and running in less than an hour and he did not even need my help to hold it with the easy hang mounting bracket.It also adds so much more light to room than our old fan, with the LED light kit. It is also dimmable and can be controlled by the remote as well. I have to say I will never be able to have a bedroom without a fan, so going with the Cadillac of fans is the way to go. As much as I love the look of a chandelier, I have had my guests complain about the lack of a ceiling fan in my guest room, LOL! Seriously let’s face it I live in Georgia, it is hot 10 months out of the year, so I might as well just be practical. Kudos’ to those that can hang a chandelier in their bedrooms and get away with a table fan, you are amazing people I am in awe of you.The next big decor item we added was this amazing Safavieh Kenya Jona Braided, Abstract Fringe Area Rug in an 9 x 12 size. Which is perfect for the room. It is a soft blend of 90% Wool and 10% Cotton and feels like you are petting an Alpaca. I love all the texture and the varied heights of shag in some areas to a tight knotted weave that this rug style offers. It was hand-knotted in India and has made a beautiful, warm addition to this room and softened all the solid surfaces that we added. A few other items that we also received from Walmart were this plush HomePop Tufted Storage Bench and Settee with this fun 20″x 20″ Zanthia Tribal Indoor Throw Pillow by LR Home. Which both match the rug perfectly and go with the overall theme of the room. The fringe on the pillow really carries the hand knotted fringe of the rug through the room and continues the artisanal bohemian vibe that we have created.The HomePop Tufted Storage Bench is the perfect spot to put on our shoes as we are heading out the door, but I do love the fact that I am able to hide a few of my throws and blankets inside. While I love the look of a basket filled with blankets in a house full of cats it just not practical, lol. It becomes a sleeping basket for them and all my cute blanket end up covered in fur. So when I want to use them I now have an unexpected new laundry project. Any other pet owners out there feel my pain on this? Oh I know you do!

One of the lovelies you see stored inside, that I can not allow to get furred up, is my new Weighted Blanket from DECONOVO. This is 60 x 80 blanket filled with 15 lbs of glass beads, weighted to simulate deep touch pressure and a hugging feeling which will assist in achieving a relaxing and calm sleep. It is recommended that you choose a blanket that weighs about 10% of your body weight. I have to say it does give a very restful nights sleep and I do recommend you try one especially if you have trouble sleeping or anxiety.
Remember a few months ago when I mention that I had been asked to be a product Ambassador for SensorGel Products? Well this is product we both received to relieve our tired sore over worked bodies during this DIY process was a set of Copper Memory Foam Pillow with Built-In iCOOL Technology System, compliments of Macy’s and SensorGel. These are amazing, copper is known for antimicrobial properties preventing odor causing bacteria to keep you sleeping refreshed at night. They also feature a built-in ventilated iCOOL Technology System enhancing air flow & ensuring optimal breathability and the SensorGel memory foam is a proprietary formulation of super open-cell memory foam offering supportive pressure point relief. I fell in love with these awesome Vintage Washed Denim Euro Shams from a bedding line called Cremieux. I will say over the last year I have had a so many issues with proper fitting Euro Shams. It has literally taken an entire year to get a new set that works in this room. All I can say my previous set is they were overpriced and oversized, and constantly looked frumpy on the pillow, and I would never recommend them to anyone, LOL! This beautiful bedding line is designed by Daniel Cremieux which is a designer for a preppy style clothing, mainly menswear launched in 1976 from France. This line of bedding and linens, seen on my bed, include Cremieux Warren Striped Coverlet Mini Set as seen below is an exclusive brand available only at Dillard’s so since I am a brand ambassador you know why this is one of my favs, you can’t get it anywhere else!

I can not begin to tell you how life changing the adjustable shiplap shutter window treatments have been, not only do they keep our bedroom cooler during the heat of the morning sunrise but it also blocks a lot of the light bleed from full moons, car headlights, and even the rogue thunderstorms with lightning. They also block out a good amount of sounds as well, since we have a few large trucks with intentional muffler issues here in the “good ol south”, lol. Now I don’t even hear them. Honestly, I sleep with ear plugs, so I never heard them to begin with, it was my poor husband, so he doesn’t hear them either. As far as the rest of the room we just kept it very simple, we added a slipper chair, ottoman and large canvas art to the corner. Along with a basic greenery arrangement to the sideboard. I relocated some antique iron church lanterns here as well, since I felt they were better suited fo this space now that it has a more rustic feel.  I also finally found a place to add my hand cut “This Is Us” sign that I won in a contest last year on Instagram and I would totally call out the group but I do not think that they even exist anymore. If you do and have changed your IG name, message me and I will add you in. Sorry…I also decided to keep a few of my old original things too, like our wall quote which I know is kind of outdated since Twilight is not big or popular anymore, but I like it. Besides iconduring the day it is hidden by our new beautiful barn doors, so nobody even knows it is there expect for us when we close the windows up at night. So it is like a private little message for us. I also keep our original bedroom suit since it is coming up on 25 years old. The only change is I shorten the posters which was an option originally built into the bed. I just removed the center section and stored them away to give the  bed a new look for us. I felt like with all the wood now on the ceiling I did not need the posters to go all the way up. I think that about covers everything we did in our new master bedroom. We are completely overjoyed and still pinch ourselves every time we walk in the room. I have to say I think the funnest thing about the entire renovation had been the reaction of our fur babies. First when we all moved across the hall and stayed in the guest room that was an experience. Then our first night back they just kept staring at the ceiling like they could not figure out what happened. Heaven forbid when we put up the fan, they were for certain that was going to get them every time we turn it on. LOL! Finally the Alpaca rug has soothed their souls and they roll around on it as if they were at a spa treatment of some sort. So needless to say I think everyone is adjusting nicely and loves the space.


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