Adding a Modern Ceiling Accent Panel

Accent Ceiling Panel JENRON DESIGNS

Adding a Modern Ceiling Accent Panel

This is such a simple project, but today I want to share my easy way of adding a modern ceiling accent panel.

Many of you all may remember this amazing DIY from the One Room Challenge when we upgraded our Master Bathroom. Today I am sharing all my tips and tricks on adding a modern ceiling accent panel to really jazz up a hallway.So I am not even going to lie, my inspiration for this application came from touring the Atlanta Southeastern Designers Show House and it was stuck in my mind ever since. However, they used a tan brown burlap ribbon and brass tacks for a more farmhouse feel and I dressed mine up with a black burlap ribbon and stainless steel tacks for a tad more modern feel. Check this out, the before and after, now do you see why I was completely obsessed with this idea?DIY Ceiling JENRON DESIGNS Okay so here is how I did it. First I pre-painted the inside square of  the ceiling Dorian Gray from Sherwin Williams.  Then we installed the primed white trim to cover the imperfect edges underneath. Now we will paint the outer ceiling and the rest of the walls. No taping required, and all clean edges. Sometimes you just need to think through your projects and have a little prior proper planning, to prevent piss poor performance! The “Seven P’s” is a motto I adopted from my friend Karen (yes her name really is Karen) many moons ago, and it still serves me well to this very day!DIY Supplies JENRON DESIGNS I used a black burlap ribbon measuring 1 3/16″ wide and  large jumbo sized stainless steel upholstery tacks, which were approximately 3/4″ wide.
Supplies JENRON DESIGNS I pre-cut the ribbon the length of each side of the panel and evenly distributed the upholstery tacks into the ceiling. No glue, not even big holes will be left, even if you decide to take it down or change it out. Honestly this concept is brillant.Adding Tacks JENRON DESIGNS

Line Up of Tacks JENRON DESIGNS My only tip and suggestion is that you do not allow the ribbon to overlap. Since it is burlap over lapping creates a dark area so you will want to be pretty precise in your cutting at the corners.Accent Ceiling Tack Panel JENRON DESIGNS


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  1. It turned out so fun! I’ve never seen anything like that before.

  2. So pretty and it looks so chic, I love it

  3. Rose Ann Sales

    I really don’t have any idea on what to put on my ceiling. Great to see this post.

  4. Bella

    Oh this turned out so lovely!! it adds such a great touch. thanks for sharing this

  5. Wow! I love how creative this was. I have never thought about an accent panel on the ceiling. Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. That’s like having a piece of art on the ceiling every time you look up! That’s such a neat idea!

  7. Kimmy

    This looks so good!

  8. What a fun idea! Good work, well done!

  9. Digitaldaybook

    Wow so stunning! From the decor to the execution

  10. Okay, now that is just plain smart Jennifer. WOW!!!

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