Vintage Christmas Home Tour

Christmas Home Tour 2019 JENRON DESIGNS

Vintage Christmas Home Tour

Join us for our full Vintage Christmas Home Tour and take your own trip down memory lane.

This year I wanted to celebrate all the fun retro and vintage Christmas themes, like Frosty the Snowman and Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. I always find that these old 1960’s & 1970’s claymation cartoons, really take me back to my own childhood joy for the holidays. This year we decided to implement decor for a Vintage Christmas Home Tour.Christmas Home Tour 2019 JENRON DESIGNS

Our entire outdoor theme is dedicated to Frosty the Snowman, with a 7 foot tall Frosty the snowman style tree waving from our front porch. I created the the tree by using an all white tree, and purchasing a snowman head. I used cinnamon brooms for the arms with bright colored oven mitts as mittens to match my rain boots as his feet. He is adorned with all white lights and snowflake ornaments to keep with the theme, except for the six black ornaments used for coal buttons down his front. I added a scarf and a few small side trees in urns and snow in the windows. Christmas Home Tour 2019 JENRON DESIGNS

You may also notice that I remade all my wreath bows this year, and retired the red and black buffalo check from the past two years. I also have an additional Frosty hat which I added a quick greenery arrangement into and placed a top my  newly found vintage kerosene heater. Which I have refinished just in time for the holidays. I think this little heater will be a permanent part of the porch going forward as a small table to fit between the rocking chairs.

Christmas Home Tour 2019 JENRON DESIGNS I also picked up a few new holiday pillows for the rocking chairs as well. These cuties are available in sets of  two, which is a total deal. The Scottish Plaid  and Christmas Tree Farm are available at these links on Amazon with 2 day Prime shipping. So if you love them, pick you a few up before they are sold out over the holidays. Christmas Home Tour 2019 JENRON DESIGNS On the other side of the snow frosted glass we have played up our signature holiday color of red throughout the entire house. I have added many shades of red ornaments and red ribbon to the majority of holiday decor to carry the theme color story throughout our home. Christmas Home Tour 2019 JENRON DESIGNS Our grand staircase garland had lights and red ornaments added this year to our basic Pine and Magnolia Garland base. Along with pine cones and red berries. This is the first year we  have opted to light the railing and we absolutely love the additional light it provides at night. Christmas Home Tour 2019 JENRON DESIGNS We were easily able to conceal the cords this year with the addition of the 3 vintage crocks and rustic pines next to the bar cart, so it was a no brainer. Christmas Home Tour 2019 JENRON DESIGNS You can also see our red theme echoed into the great room which is where our 18 foot travel tree resides. The tree is actually 15 feet tall and then the star is a 36″ metal staked star that I repaint each year to match our color story. This year it has a pinwheel red and white pattern to add a little visual interest and whimsey to the top.  It houses our ornaments collected from our world travels. Some of the ornaments are from right up the road and others from countries far away. Christmas Home Tour 2019 JENRON DESIGNS Also new for this year; we opted to keep our living room table as a breakfast table in the kitchen. Since we already had the matching Pottery Barn Bench for our dining table it was very easy to reallocate the metal chairs to the breakfast area and provide more holiday seating. Normally we do not keep this table here since it is just the two of us. We do prefer the keep the floorplan more open,  however, we do like a small round table in this space so who knows going forward.

Christmas Home Tour 2019 JENRON DESIGNS I did add a few cute gingerbread men in the kitchen window this year, along with a stackable vintage cookie tin tree. Of course, you can see we added a few more red ornaments to our beaded garland. Christmas Home Tour 2019 JENRON DESIGNSWe decided, in a very retro style, to add Charlie Brown style snow to our windows in the great room. This looks amazing at night! We achieved this look by hanging premade pom pom garland that I was able to score in 40 foot bolts, since our ceilings are 22 feet tall. Christmas Home Tour 2019 JENRON DESIGNS (These are not lights! Yes I have been asked this a dozen times already, they are only felt pom poms.) For installation we found the center of the pom pom garland and then attached them with a flat head thumb tack to the tops of our window frames so they are undetectable. Christmas Home Tour 2019 JENRON DESIGNS Since this room was the whole “Charlie Brown” retro vibe, the red ornaments were absolutely key. Poor old Charlie Brown always put one red ornament on his tree and it would fall over, so I went the other direction and loaded the entire tree up with red ornaments. Along with all the adjacent mantles, wreaths and garlands. Christmas Home Tour 2019 JENRON DESIGNS Our mantle garland  is a beautiful pre-lit garland that I simply loaded up with multiple styles and sizes of red ornaments this year to match our theme. I also found some cute mini birch logs for Thanksgiving that I wanted to reuse, so I tucked them into the garland as well. Which pulls nicely form the full size birch logs in my olive basket next to the fireplace. Christmas Home Tour 2019 JENRON DESIGNS To finish off the room I added a few handmade garland charms to the gallery rails above, of course, keeping the red ornaments included in the design to complete the look. Christmas Home Tour 2019 JENRON DESIGNS For my dining room theme this year I went with a vintage Rudolph story. I chose to use my large mannequin tree to make a retro 50’s style, yeti dressed snow fairy. Covered in all my mom’s old, 1950’s hand painted Polish indent ornaments, and soda can stringers. I added in some new Christopher Radko Shiney & Brite Ornaments from Dillards, to fill the tree up.
Christmas Home Tour 2019 JENRON DESIGNS My table is based on the Island of Misfit Toys, filled with a selection of bottle brush trees in green and teal. I used a traditional mix of red and green for my textiles from Ballards and Magnolia, which matched nicely to my traditional Lenox Holiday plates.Christmas Home Tour 2019 JENRON DESIGNS The best score were these sweet little creations my husband spied at a local antique shop. Another really creative person had taken old retro ornaments that were not able to be used as ornaments anymore and repurposed them into arrangements in vintage spice containers. Christmas Home Tour 2019 JENRON DESIGNS I totally wish I could take credit for this one, but I can not. However, this idea is what inspired my Island of Misfit Toys tablescape. Since these ornaments were broken and damaged they were not able to be used, but someone saw beauty in them and gave them a loving new start, for that I say thank you!Christmas Home Tour 2019 JENRON DESIGNS While we are talking about my antique finds and treasures, do you remember this piece from my Waco trip? It was an antique spool holder that I repurposed into a fun unexpected tree in our wilderness lodge guest room. This is the room I used a ladder tree in last year, so I like to do unexpected things for my guest. I will say that my spool rack still has one more repurposed life coming, but first stop is Christmas before it’s forever home.Christmas Home Tour 2019 JENRON DESIGNS While we are in this room I thought I might show you the new holiday bedding I grabbed at my local Pottery Barn outlet. Christmas Home Tour 2019 JENRON DESIGNS It is a sweet little red and white duvet with a decor style christmas tree pattern stamped on a white background. Which matches perfectly with the gray and white everyday pinstripe duvet from Ikea.

Christmas Home Tour 2019 JENRON DESIGNS So I know many of you have seen our Gratitude Tree for Thanksgiving this year, if not you should check out the link. I decided that we would take those pretty DIY Rustic Handmade ornaments I created with my Wagner Fruno Wood Burner and reuse them in our bedroom. (If you have not checked out that tutorial, it is really a good one and worth a click over to see how they are made)
Christmas Home Tour 2019 JENRON DESIGNS I felt like the DIY Rustic Handmade ornaments really matched our DIY Tree Box  that we made for this tree last year. If you missed that post, we created the wooden base for the tree so my Roomba Vacuum would not eat the tree skirt on this tree. LOL! Everyday we would find the Roomba all jammed up on the previous tree skirt, so this was our answer.

Christmas Home Tour 2019 JENRON DESIGNS Out on our sleeping porch we just added some simple garland to the top of our DIY fireplace that we repurposed for this space. We did add in a few new pillows for the cats since they spend a ton of time on this porch, but honestly we kept this space simple this year.Christmas Home Tour 2019 JENRON DESIGNS We decided to add our original front porch tree to my office’s screened porch this year, seen below. Since it is outdoor tree, I decided it would be a great place to reuse the red and black buffalo check ribbon and outdoor woodland ornaments.

Christmas Home Tour 2019 JENRON DESIGNS Since I did decide to repurpose all of the red and black buffalo check ribbon which was originally on all the wreaths the front of my house last year, I had a ton of the ribbon and it was still in good shape, no sun fade which was impressive. Plus it matched the red cushions on the patio, so that was already a huge win. Christmas Home Tour 2019 JENRON DESIGNS Even the hanging window on this porch got a little snow action just like our front porch. It is important when decorating for the holiday to try and bring a sense of continuity throughout your home. This can be done by a color story or theme.

Christmas Home Tour 2019 JENRON DESIGNS A super simple way to add your signature color to a room without a ton of work is to just dump a few of your ornaments into a dough bowl or vase. Then it carries the color story into your space without a ton of work being done. I suggest if you have a little one get the shatterproof ornaments like these so that they will not get broken or cause any holiday injuries.

Christmas Home Tour 2019 JENRON DESIGNS This is our Peppermint Twist tree, named for the 1950’s dance, the Peppermint Twist. This is our Lenox collectable tree and houses all of our annual holiday collectable ornaments, which date back to the 90’s and a few vintage pieces I have found that are older. Every year we order 2 or 3 new ornaments dated for that year as part of our holiday tradition. Christmas Home Tour 2019 JENRON DESIGNS This year the ribbon on this tree and throughout my home was all purchased at an end of season sale. I picked up grab bags for $4.00 a piece containing 10 bolts of miscellaneous ribbon. Of course I looked through the plastic to see what was in each bag to try and get similar patterns. I spent a total of $20 for all of the brand new ribbon used this year for the entire house, inside and out. Christmas Home Tour 2019 JENRON DESIGNS The final guest room and tree on our tour is our whoville tree. This is a new tree to our home, which I procured end of season last year as well. I wanted a tree with “negative space” or a naked woodland tree. We picked this up at the Frontgate Outlet for $39, which is a total deal. To create the retro whoville vibe, we lined it with white and colored lights and jingle bell wired garland, which you can also see on the head boards below. Grinchy lime green ornaments along with bottle brush creatures adorned this fun and festive tree. Christmas Home Tour 2019 JENRON DESIGNS Thank you for joining us for our annual Christmas Home Tour. Please check back in as I will be joining a few holiday blog hops this season and will go into more details regarding holiday trees, baking and decorating. If you want to see more you can check out our previous home tours Christmas Home Tour 2018 & Home for the Holiday 2017.

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  1. Lovely tour, Jen. It’s so fun and creative. Love the colors and stories. Looking so forward to our Tree Hop in December! Happy Thanksgiving…

  2. Thank you so much Susie I am excited about the blog hop, please let me know if you need anything as it gets closer. I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving too!

  3. This looks worthy of Santa Claus himself! I especially love the peppermint twist tree!

  4. Jenn ~ onehoppymomma

    I love your vintage Christmas tour and all your creativity, and originality. It is always a pleasure to see your home at the holidays.

  5. Elena Toma

    I love a classic vintage Christmas decor, always elegant and beautiful ! I love those pillows and you just set the Christmas magical mood for me with your tour!

  6. You’ve outdone yourself! Your attention to detail is incredible. I especially love the wreaths on all the windows outside, and the decorations in the center of your table. The little trees remind me of the decorations from my childhood! I want to move into your house for the holidays! Haha!

  7. Jazmine

    Wow. This post literally made me tear up. Your home, the decor, the obvious love you have poured into all of this… I feel like I don’t even have words for it. This is amazing. I can literally feel the love and warmth of your home from all the way over here in Australia! Thank you so much for sharing with us.

  8. Karletta

    Very pretty. Delightful. Happy. Fun. I’m loving those cushions AND the table decorations!

  9. Abby

    These decorations are so beautiful! What a dream home!

  10. Looks like a dream home! Love these decorations for the holidays!

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    I love the snow effect on the doors! I have never seen that before, what a fun idea!

  12. These vintage ideas are so lovely. Excellent job!

  13. Very nice home decorations for Christmas. The snowman Tree made me laugh.

  14. tinycat99

    Please keep this going, great job!

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