Christmas Holiday Home Tour

Great Room Mantle Christmas Tour JENRON DESIGNS

Christmas Holiday Home Tour

Welcome to our Christmas Holiday Home Tour this year!

We wish you all a Merry Christmas season and are so glad that you can join us for the our Christmas Holiday Home Tour this year. You may notice that this years home tour might look a little different than it has in years past.Zooey Christmas Tour JENRON DESIGNSThis year we adopted a new kitten so our inside decor will be reflective of having a 5-month-old kitten on the loose, so all the ornaments are shatterproof. However, this is only for one year, for me it is more important to keep my sentimental keepsakes safe and show you how to do pretty in a non-breakable fashion this year. I will say we did actually give her a cat toy tree of her own; which gets destroyed on a daily basis, but has surprisingly kept her out of the others a bit.Zooeys Tree Christmas Home Tour JENRON DESIGNSAlso over the summer I broke my wrist, which was the result of an old injury from my high school discus days.  Unfortunately, this has limited my bow making skills. Therefore, you will notice a lack of any new bows this year as well, all my ribbon work is very minimal inside. Let’s go ahead and start the Christmas Holiday Home Tour, outside this year’s theme is the Reindeer Games. Reindeer Games JENRON DESIGNSThis will be a nightly community activity where the reindeer, with a special guest appearance from the Grinch, will be pulling BINGO numbers and prizes will be awarded throughout the season. We ordered packs of 5 part BINGO cards on Amazon, and will begin the Reindeer games for kids of all ages, on November 29th. Christmas Home Tour JENRON DESIGNSAs you walk through our custom-made reindeer pen, created with a hodgepodge of reindeer from over the years. You head up to the front porch, where we have two  7 1/2 foot trees this year, which have been adorned with all natural outdoor materials. The magnolia actually came from one of my trees that one of our local deer, Tripod, took out during Rut this year, lol! (Sidenote: We call him Tripod due to his front leg being injured during a Bobcat attack this spring.) I would normally have been a little peeved that he took half my magnolia tree. However, it did inspire the tree decor, so I just moved forward in the process and took it as a creative sign from above.Christmas Wreath JENRON DESIGNSMy front door wreath has the exact same bow as last year, since I mentioned I have been unable to make bows this year. However, I did plug in new rustic plaid ribbon loops to make it appear different. I also removed the red glitter ornaments that had faded from last year (seen here) and added in pine cones I spray painted white. Then I added in the sweet custom-made wooden reindeer from my friend over at Wooden Sugar.

Designer Tip: You do not have to reinvent the wheel every year, or be suck in a rut with the same old, same old decor either. Just a few minor changes and change outs can create all new looking decor from year to year, saving you a bunch money but keeping your decor from looking stagnant.

The Red Rider Tree JENRON DESIGNSAs you enter into my home you are greeted by the Books and Bourbon Library and our Red Rider Tree. This year each of trees color stories were inspired by childhood Christmas toys. Since this is more of a masculine room the Red Rider Tree seemed very appropriate with its retro themed lights and multi sized red and silver ornaments on a negative space tree. Again, sticking to no bows, I affixed my 3 retro Pottery Barn deer, keeping in theme from outside, together to create a one of kind, abstract, tree topper. Winter White Tree JENRON DESIGNSAs you head into my great room I have the 12 foot Day to Night Barbie tree, I ended up calling her that because during the day she is so stately like in a Showhome during the day. Filled with snowflakes, grapevine that I sprayed painted white, rustic silver bells strung on twine, green mistletoe garland, and red berries. Then at night when you light her up, we added both white and candy colored lights so she sparkles like and glittery evening gown for a night on the town.

Designer Tip: Don’t get stuck in a rut, if you layer your lights, you can always make them all white at a moment’s notice, just by unplugging the colored lights. Also, the more lights you have on a tree, the more it will glow. NEVER settle for only what comes on the tree from the store, it is never going to be enough.

Day to Night Barbie JENRON DESIGNSOver in the kitchen we added Ms. Betty Crocker, inspired from my easy bake oven days. Did you guys have one of those? My poor father had to eat all of my creations; can you say diabetus? So, I ordered this super cute little polka dot apron and decorated her with painted wooden spoons that I added family recipes and my mom’s vintage cookie cutters from the  60’ss and 70’s, see the full Keepsake Ornament DIY tutorial here. I think she is super cute, and turned out great.Easy Bake Betty Crocker JENRON DESIGNSAs you head upstair into our Woodland Guest Suite, we have our Radio Flyer Sleigh inspired tree. Adorned with large rustic pine cones, red winterberries, and rusty brown sleigh bells. This is our flocked tree, which we decided to put in a closed off room this year since our newest addition likes to eat things, and the flock on these trees can be toxic. Again, a very simple tree topper with a ready-made chalkboard sign that matches the decor. Then for the tree skirt we used a small faux brown bear skin rug to invoke that woodland vibe.

Designer Tip: You can use unusual things to create unexpected designs for your trees, it does not always have to be Christmas decor, especially if decor is hard to come by, just think outside of the box.

Radio Flyer Sleigh Ride JENRON DESIGNSYou may remember that I used these very same pillows and rug for my Woodland Fox Hollow Table back in the fall. Now they are getting a second life in the woodland guest room with this great wintery room design, which will last well into next year.Matching Christmas bedding JENRON DESIGNSOne of our two outdoor porches also got a mini set of trees, which give that sledding feel as you race down a snow-covered hill.  TImber Trees JENRON DESIGNSSince I decided to keep those trees simple with just lights and gold pine garland, it seemed like a good place to just add in a little beaded garland on our window box as well. Just to keep it simple.Outdoor Porch JENRON DESIGNSIn the twin guest room, I kept with an all green theme for the tree. I added in brown ornaments and feathers so it had a camo style feel, which makes sense for this color story which was inspired by the ever popular G.I. Joe action figures. While the tree itself is not particularly masculine, or militant, it still has a strong color pallet with a nod toward hiding in the wildness. You can see more details on this tree at in my A Green Guest Room Christmas Tree post. GI Joe Tree JENRON DESIGNAcross the hall in our Master Bedroom I went with a shade of an icy blue themed tree, with ivory fur ribbon and blue icy mesh. During the day this tree reminds me of Elsa from Frozen when I keep the white lights on, however it has the option to switch up the lighting option.Elsa JENRON DESIGNSWhen we switch over to the primary-colored LED lights this tree makes me think of my old childhood Lite Brite. Especially with the wooden peg picks I added into the tree that pull the tree box into the fold. I picked them up this year from Hobby Lobby, when they remind me a bit of wooden tinker toys, LOL, but I imagine they will be very useful in designs going forward too. Light Bright Tree JENRON DESIGNSI will say this tree was the first one up in our house, and has gotten the biggest workout from our little Zooey. It has been climbed and undecorated several times, usually around 3 am. If you look closely in the picture below you can see one of her recent escape holes, which I decided to just picture, to prove my point.
Snoopy Snow Cone JENRON DESIGNSDirectly off of our bedroom is the sleeping porch, and we added a tree to it for the first time this year. This tree was inspired by the Snoopy Sno-Cone Machine, which was one of my favorite holiday presents. It was a red and white dog house that created cherry or fruit punch flavored sno cones with the crank of a handle.
Snowman Topper JENRON DESIGNSThis tree sort of had the feeling of shaved ice drizzled with cherry syrup. I did add a snowman hat to the top just as a decorative topper. This was actually a tabletop plant holder, but I just wired it into the tree as a topper instead. In fact, I probably could have filled the top with extra picks if I had any left, but it seems like I have used them all at this point.
Outdoor Lights JENRON DESIGNSI hope you have enjoyed this seasons Christmas Holiday Home Tour. Be sure to check back to see more holiday fun this whole season, and be sure to join in all of Rudolph’s Reindeer Games, nightly this season at the Gainer house!

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Christmas Holiday Home Tour JENRON DESIGNS



  1. Okay that 12 foot Barbie Tree is so stunning at night! I love the decorations and how it’s Christmas around every corner! Also, that kitten is too cute!

  2. Amber Myers

    You have such a gorgeous home. I am loving all of the decor.

  3. It’s like a magazine! What a fun, joy-filled home this must be to wake up in. Sorry about your wrist, but the bows are still beautiful 🙂

  4. All the trees! I love it. I haven’t put up one in my house yet, LOL!

  5. Your house looks absolutely amazing! If my house looked even a fraction this festive and joyous I’d be thrilled! I especially love the colours in the twin guest room, so unique and beautiful.

  6. Love your house from in and out. Amazing decorations and xmassy mood. Sorry to hear about your wrist. Wishing you a speedy recovery. Perhaps petting your new kitten will help loads!

  7. Little bit too early for Christmas decorations for me, but the Barbie tree is lovely! And your kitten is such a cutie:) So sorry to hear about your wrist…speedy recovery and enjoy the pre-xmas time!

  8. How did you manage to put all the trees beautifully. It is like touring a Christmas museum on different eras. Such a nice, cozy home.

  9. Shar

    These are wonderful photos. Full of colour, liveliness, and joy! Perfect for the festive or holiday season.

  10. This whole holiday tour is giving me all the cozy vibes. It looks like the holiday spirit is in full celebration at your home.

  11. Barbara Ritzman

    Such cute ideas. I love the dress in the kitchen.

  12. Digitaldaybook

    Beautiful and magical inside and out!

  13. Bella

    Oh these trees are so pretty!! I love all of them. I just do a borning old fake tree lol I need to do one this like better this year.

  14. Your house looks divine! The white tree is gorgeous

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