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Home for Holidays Home Tour

Hi everyone and welcome to our Home for Holidays Home Tour this year.

Welcome to our 2020 Home for Holidays Home Tour. I know this year has not the year that we have all been hoping for, supplies have been limited and shopping has not been the easiest thing to do as in years past. This year I’m hoping to share a little inspiration on how to reimagine your holiday decor in a brand new way.Holly Jolly Front Porch Christmas Tree JENRON DESIGNSI am embracing our house theme of holiday Christmas Carols and songs for this year with our Home for Holidays Home Tour.  As I take you throughout our home, each room has a decorating theme to a holiday song, which I thought was a fun idea, after doing the retro television show last year with Frosty, Rudolph and the Grinch. Feel free to popover and check out a few of last years greatest hits with our Island of Misfit Toys Table.This year’s front porch theme song was Holly Jolly Christmas, which I decided to play up through a very traditional red and green color theme. I was completely inspired by the fact that my holly bushes decided to produce a plethora of holly berries this year and the bountiful red and green bushes line the front porch. Sometimes it is nice to take your cue from nature, so I added my red berry looking ornaments to all of my window wreaths this year.Holly Jolly Front Porch JENRON DESIGNSThe existing red bows, while still in good shape, they seemed very plain so I added in a smaller gold bow to punch up the centers and add dimension and sparkle. This also made them look different from last year. I added a set of inviting light up Norman Rockwell style lamp posts by the front door this year with holly berries at the base.Holly Berry Christmas lights JENRON DESIGNSTo play up the holly berry theme at night we opted to go with all green lights this year. To achieve the holly berry light above we used green LED net lights and then replaced a few of the lights with red bulbs to replicate holly berries. The overall effect is very fun and truly goes perfectly with our Holly Jolly theme.Holly Jolly Christmas Lights JENRON DESIGNSI know it is a very unexpected and non-traditional choice, but sometimes in the sea of all white lights; which incidentally I overheard a very innocent small child say the other day “looked like a shopping mall or apartment complex” you need a little fun. Gosh do we ever need the fun this year, and besides who are we really decorating for anyways? I believe the child in all of us!  Holly Jolly Christmas Front Porch Lights JENRON DESIGNSThe front porch tree was prewired with warm white lights and we added red and green retro globe lights to create a red and green look for the tree at night to accentuate the red berry clusters and red ornaments. The tree base is homemade, by cutting the base out of an old garden hose bucket and spray painting it gold to match the ribbon drizzled through the tree. We decided to just upcycle a piece we already had and were not utilizing anymore in the garden. Home for the Holidays JENRON DESIGNSAs I mentioned each room is themed to a Christmas Carol or song, so for our living room we went with Home For The Holidays for our travel tree. Which seemed pretty perfect considering that we did not travel this, nor do we plan too for the holidays. Home for the Holidays tree at night JENRON DESIGNSThe color theme may be a little hard to determine with the pictures, and like I tell all my brides and clients the magic of photoshop is amazing and usually all the pictures you see on Pinterest and such are completely edited, so never go by those for colors of flowers or ribbon, lol it is all smoke and mirrors. This tree is actually done in a rose gold, champagne and burlap theme, however with the twinkle lights it photographes slightly to the pink or copper side with gray basket weave base. Home for the Holidays Mantle JENRON DESIGNSIn person it is more of a pink champagne color and very pretty, almost like a sunset skyline. Since our living room still has a very Montana ranch feel going on with the cow hides, shiplap and plaid, I really liked not going in the traditional red and green direction here and allowing the copper and brown, gold and tan to taken over this space. Besides our travel ornaments are a mix of everything from everywhere with no theme at all, so anything goes.

Home for the Holidays Living Room JENRON DESIGNSIn a similar color way in our newly decorated Books & Bourbon Library we have themed this tree after the Christmas Carol, God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen, which is kind of funny since it is the Books & Bourbon Library. Book & Bourbon Library Merry Gentlemans Christmas Tree JENRON DESIGNSI kept this tree very rustic and all of ornaments in the tones of bourbon; dark tawny charred browns, ambers, honey and maghoney. The base is our Rustic DIY pallet wood Tree Box which you can check out our full tutorial on how we created and built it at the link provided here. I felt like it looked like a bourbon barrel of sorts. God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman Christmas Tree JENRON DESIGNSI also added in some of my vintage cigar cases that I converted into hanging ornaments for this particular gentleman’s tree, which is perfect for the theme of receiving gifts from 3 wise men in a modern sense. Touches of pheasant feathers add just an additional hint of masculinity on this negative space, naked style tree for this lounge area.God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman Boubon Colored Christmas Tree JENRON DESIGNSWhich pulls the colors of the fireplace surround, where we have simply dressed the mantle with a green pine garland and DIY dried orange slices. I created these quickly by slicing Navel oranges and placing them into my Air Fryer on dehydrate mode for 6 hours, then stringing some simple twine through the slices. One of my local friends Leanna, from WayOutInWoodstock did this last year and I just loved her idea!God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman Mantle JENRON DESIGNSAs we head over to my kitchen, I added a few trees to my brunch bar this year. You may also see one of our holiday advent calendars from Nespresso ready to go for December 1. Farmhouse Kitchen Christmas Trees JENRON DESIGNS

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My coffee bar tree theme is my favorite song from Polar Express, Hot Chocolate! This small little self service tree is filled not only with marshmallow coated Hot Chocolate wands to stir into your cups of hot water, but also these adorable peppermint spoons. The peppermint spoons not only can be used for your Hot chocolate, but they are also tasty in coffee as well.Hot Chocolate Coffee Bar Christmas Tree JENRON DESIGNSI did a Gingerbread Man theme over in my baking area since that is where all of our holiday cookies are created. So, “Run, run as fast as you can, you can’t catch me the Gingerbread man!”Gingerbread Man Kitchen Tree JENRON DESIGNSOur Dining Room theme this year is a Jingle Bells theme, as we dash through the snow to plow into our dinner. The focus in this room is still a very natural wintery botanical looking tree, tablescape and a ton of Jingle Bells.Jingle Belles JENRON DESIGNSI think this room has a perfect mix of snow, holly berries and an overall natural look, as if I just brought the outdoor inside. Not a lot of ornamentation, with the exception of the Jingle Bell garland, which is the actual theme. I did add several sets of garland into our tree and loads of greenery picks to keep it all very natural feeling.Jingle Bells in the Dining Room JENRON DESIGNS

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You would probably be surprised to know that this tree was only a $140 tree on Amazon! Which just goes to show, it’s not always about how much you spend on a tree but all in how you decorate it. I will be sharing a complete tutorial on this room and tree DIY this week, so stay tuned my friends for all my tips on how I created this layered botanical look!Naturalized Colors for Jingle Bells Tree JENRON DESIGNSAs we head up to the bedrooms for the season I thought I would share the staircase garland which I just kept simple this year with magnolia leaves, lights, berries and pinecones. Hard Candy Christmas JENRON DESIGNSI released our Winter Wonderland Master Bedroom earlier this week in a Christmas Tree Blog Hop, which has been designed in a traditional red and green cozy quilt set. I added some snowy wreaths to our shiplap barn door style window shutters for a little added decor over the bed. Winter Wonderland Master Bedoom JENRON DESIGNSOur tree, which its theme Is Walking in a Winter Wonderland, is a flocked snow white tree with all white ornaments, snow picks, and snowflake ornaments. I added a touch of red caviar garland, for a nod to holly berries but I really wanted to keep the whole thing white. I feel like the red almost looks like red sprinkles, on a sugar cookie or maybe I am just hungry, lol!Winter Wonderland Bedroom Tree JENRON DESIGNSMoving on to one of our guest rooms, we decorated this room in the theme of the Grinch, with the song of Dah-Who Doris in mind. We wanted it to be bright, colorful, and of course fun. We used the white tree, which doubled as Frosty the Snowman last year on our front porch. This year it proudly stands as Mt. Crumpet, as the Grinch comes sledding back down with all the Who’s toys and decorations for the big Whobilation.God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman Christmas Tree JENRON DESIGNSOur second guest room is always a little bit more of an adult theme and since it has the wood paneling usually more to the countryside. When I think of a country Christmas song, I always think of Dolly Parton; which is one of our favorite country singers.  Hard Candy Christmas, is probably one of my favorite holiday songs by her, I know it is actually a sad holiday song, but it is kind of fitting for this year. Hard Candy Christmas Wreath JENRON DESIGNSIt was also perfect for my mannequin tree, so I dressed her up just like Dolly. A big flowing skirt filled with candy and candy ribbon. We covered her with actual hard candies, like candy canes, and wrapped candies as the ornaments. Even the garland on the new faux fireplace mantle is filled with hard candies galore, so while it maybe a hard candy Christmas, we got plenty of it. Hard Candy Christmas Tree & Mantle JENRON DESIGNSWe even put a cute vintage candy jar out on the bed tray filled with an assortment of hard candies, which I think are really fun this time of year. The ribbon candy and filled hard candies always remind me of my mom and grandma, as they both loved them. Even the butterscotches were one of grandpas favorites too.

Holiday Tradition- If you are doing a hard candy Christmas here is a fun idea, that one of my neighbors started in our neighborhood. Try a Candy Cane hunt, it is a lot like a Easter Egg hunt, but with Candy Canes hidden on all the bushes and trees. The kids to run around and search for as many as they can find and fill their little stockings. It could be a fun and affordable family tradition to start. 

Hard Candy Christmas JENRON DESIGNSOkay so I was so excited that I was able to decorate a new little space this year, so I call this my First Noel christmas Tree. This is our newest area that we have semi-finished in our basement. So of course it gets a Christmas tree, lol. While the area is still a work in progress, I still wanted to share it for the holidays and enjoy that new fireplace. First Noel Christmas Tree JENRON DESIGNSI added a sweet little Vintage postcard mantle, with these postcards we found while antiquing that dated back to 1909 and ironically addressed to an area that my family was originally from, so I had to snatch them up, as I might actually know some of these people. Seriously you can not make this stuff up, it is just so weird.First Noel Vintage Post Card Mantle JENRON DESIGNSThis final spot on the tour is our Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer Porch. Named as such because this is where we like watching the deer wander through our yard, and little baby Bambam, who is still growing and doing well after his adventure this summer. He has lost his spots now and his antlers are just starting to come in. Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer Trees JENRON DESIGNSWe also added a few glowing deer friends in the backyard under our arbor for Bambam and his other friends to hang out with at night, and the lights seem to deter the coyotes this time of year. We keep a close eye on them with our game cameras and home security cameras, so we know where they all hang out. Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer Porch JENRON DESIGNSI hope you have enjoyed our Holiday Home Tour this year and it has provided you with inspiration for your home, or maybe you just want to live vicariously through mine. Either way we wish you the holiest jolliest holidays and brighter new year!

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Christmas Carol Home Tour JENRON DESIGNS


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