Christmas Home Tour 2018

Christmas Home Tour 2018

Happy Holidays and welcome to our Christmas Home, this year’s theme is a rustic north Georgia Ski Lodge.

We are very excited to be participating in our second Christmas Home Tour and Blog Hop. This year we have opted for the house theme based on having a mini vacation at a ski lodge.

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We are embracing everything winter, icy, snowy and all the fun old timey things that go along with that theme. So think cozy plaid flannel, faux fur, birch logs, everything short of putting a ski lift chair on my front porch; which I actually looked at trying to procure, but just ran out of time, lol!
We did however decide that adding an indoor/outdoor fireplace was a fun addition to the basic holiday lights and really created a very cozy feeling with the rocking chairs. Plus these cute Ski Lodge Pillows makes the theme pretty undeniable

. The white net light are a loose representation of snow, so we went all white this year on the bushes. We added green light to create a grassy meadow area for our reindeer that we have dressed accordingly with some scarves, not that reindeer actually wear scarves, but I just kind of thought it was funny. The blue lights are representing a pond just in front of the lodge. We decided to keep the Red and Black Buffalo Check Ribbon we purchased for our Nutcracker theme last year that was on the wreaths and front porch tree for one more year, since it was brand new last year and is still pretty popular. Plus, it works very nicely with the Ski Lodge theme. We added my husband’s antique snow skis to the front porch, along with our sled and ice skates; which are all things you would find in use at a Ski Lodge.This year we added white snow balls to the tree, another loose interruption of a snow ball fight. I looked at snowflakes, but I did them 3 years ago and donated them, so I just could not bring myself to repurchase them again so soon. You may also notice that we added some cute red lantern lights on the tree too. Well those were end of summer outdoor clearance patio lights I picked up for $5 a box and spray painted them red for this tree. 


As you enter our home we have covered our hall banister with our standard large faux garland. This year we changed things up by adding lights and snowball garland to add some gander to the banister. The newell post has a smaller sled hanging from the end. Our drop zone, which was already featured in Frame Your Name  , is filled with holiday pillows and greenery. Feel free to check out more details about this area in that post. 

I also added these fun little lantern snow globe scenes this year to one of the hall tables, I think they turned out super cute. It is another fun way to add the snowy theme into existing pieces of your home, just by removing the candles and adding a few Christmas pieces.  In the small lantern we featured our autographed Hot Chocolate Ornament which is part of the New York City Christmas book set we picked up several years ago. This is a great way to showcase a special collectors piece. 


Sticking with my Ski Lodge theme, our Winter White Travel Tree is the star of the great room standing at 15 feet tall. Each ornament on this tree was collected throughout our adventures and travels around the world. While the color theme may change from year to year, the ornaments will always remain the same and continue to grow with each and every trip we take. This year we added a lovely burlap and white mesh ribbon, along with the same snowball garland used thoughout the entire great room area, even the overhead garlands. We also added a few white LED snowball lights to the tree this year to really make the winter white come to life. As I mention previously, a focus on faux fur can be seen here on the mantle, in addition to my little wooden shoes that have been placed out for St. Nicholas Day. Fun factoid, my birthday is St. Nicholas day, thus my middle name is Nicole, it would have been Nicholas if I had been a boy. I also put a few on my parent’s antique ornaments out on display. I had been putting then on the trees up until now. There are so few left, that I fear for them falling off and breaking. Especially since this year I did away with all of the tree skirts which pad there fall on the hardwood floors.

I also sticking with the Ski Lodge theme I got these great Deconovo Square Checkered Plaid Throw Cushion Covers Scottish Tartan Plaid Pillowcases in Grey and White for a total steal on Amazon Prime. The best part they come in 2 covers for only $13.99, so I was able to get two sets to do my entire great room for under $30, plus this neutral pattern will be great for the entire winter. 

I just had to include a night picture of the tree with those winter white LED snow balls, they really do change up the entire look of the tree. Which is such an easy designer tip, just like the lights on the front porch tree, you can add something unique to make a statement on top of your basic pre-lit tree. This is how you get a custom look every time.


The dining room will be having two of it’s own separate posts this season. One that has already been released this week and one coming up soon about the tablescape, but here is a quick sneak peak of the room. In sticking with the snowy theme, you will see a blanket of snow and frosted sugar fruits paired with my Tartan Plaid dish wear by Lenox. Again I will save the rest of the details for the Tartan Plaid Holiday Tablescape are available at that individual post along with the complete shopping guide for the tablescape.I did just recently release my Ediable Cookie Advent Tree post this week, and those trees are housed in the dining room as well. They are flanking the sideboard perfectly, all ready for cookies and tea on each day in December. The colors on the cookies match the dish wear perfectly, beside to see all the details on how to get your own cookie advent tree. 



This room is where I decided to do my Icy Blue Frost tree, since the room already has blue and gray decor it just made sense. This is my Lenox annual ornament tree, so again the ornaments stay the same from year to year but I change up the type of the ribbon, and picks. This year I am posting a full DIY on how to stuff a tree with fluff to make it look full and frosty.Blue Lenox Tree JENRON DESIGNS This is also the only tree in the house with an actual tree skirt, so this is where our gifts are housed, and of course the wrapping needed to match the tree decor as well. We decided to raise this tree up onto a platform, which is a repurposed table top, this keeps the Roomba from eating our one and only tree skirt. Blue Presents JENRON DESIGNS This room also doubles as a quiet room or library. So it is always a perfect place to have a cup tea to do a little light reading or journaling as I talked about in my Prior Proper Planning post, and how to get organized for the season . It gets amazing morning light and I find a lot of inspiration when in this room.Christmas Journaling JENRON DESIGNS


Since this is our private quarters I wanted to make sure that the decor would not be to girly for the mister. We opted for a dark hunter green and tartan plaid combo this year for the holidays and just kept our white on white duvet and coverlet set, with the addition of a charcoal gray heating blanket. 

I found this super cute throw blanket at the Pottery Barn outlet which is right up the road from us. It was such a deal, and super cute with the green pom poms that kind of reminded me of the white snowball garland in the great room.

We alway put a tree in our bedroom and this year I was so excited to develop my Dreamcatcher Tree idea back over the summer. I feel in love with these rustic woodsy dream catchers and just knew they would make the perfect Christmas tree for our bedroom this year.I added in icy pine branches, pine cones and a sparkle snow colored ribbon to carry the Snowy Ski Lodge feel into this tree. The addition of Lambs Ear Greenery adds a velvety unexpected touch for softness to this tree to offset the bottle brush woodland creature ornaments. We also posted a full DIY tutorial on How to A Build Pallet Wood Tree Box; which has been a life saver for us this year from the the Roomba and the cats. Be sure to check it out if you have pets or roving vacuums that rumple your tree skirts.


You may recognize this bedding from our bedroom last year. It has made a new home on the sleeping porch for the season. Now with the addition of some heated blankets, this will be nice for some of the warmer evenings this winter. Plus, we have the heater on the fireplace as well. 

We added a few woodland trees and some beaded garland to top of the fireplace just for a rustic outdoor decor. The real find out here is this old antique fireplace screen I found over the summer while the mister and I were out trolling around the north Georgia antique stores.It was not in great shape and was an awful faded, brassy gold color when I found it, but just a little paint and cleaner for the the hanging ornaments, now it looks as good as new… or old… or semi-old again. Well, just not ugly anymore.


So when guests come to stay with us, this is the room where the kiddos stay, most of our family have girls so it only made sense to make this the Snow Queens Room from the Nutcracker. I was original going to make her the sugar plum fairy, but the room is orange and gray so her colors needed to be in that range, which is not very plum. Plus, you might run into a Snow Queen or two at a Ski Lodge.

You may remember this mannequin tree from my office last year with 3 generations of antique jewelry on it. Well this year I decide she would become a fairy for the girls. You may also recognize those orange roses too, they are repurposed from the DIY Carrot Door Wreath from Easter, hey waste not want knot, and she is pretty gorgeous. 


This was our One Room Challenge Room this year, so we just had to give it the perfect rustic tree. It needed to feel very farmhouse and rustic, but have a vibe that was relevant to the Ski Lodge theme. I decided on a ladder tree flanked by one of my Alpine spruce trees. This was an old ladder of husband’s that belonged to his father, left behind 25 years ago when he moved. It was rickety and ugly from years of painting, he was thrilled when I suggested that we should paint it and make it a holiday tree.  We added our frisky reindeers, a rustic sign, and some mitten adorned pine garland, and a Ski Lodge vibe was created.  Then we hung a few wreaths from the windows and added some Santa Boot Lelands to the desk.We were even able to find this super cute 6′ Long Artificial Popcorn and Cranberry Garland Vintage Christmas Garland to string on the tree and we added this cute vintage wooden train, that we found at an antique store down in South Georgia, to the base to create the perfect farmhouse vignette for this newly appointed guest room.Well I hope you have enjoyed my holiday home tour, now I hope that you can link over and visit a few of my friends to see all of their beautiful holiday decor and how they are ready to celebrate the season. This year we have such a talented group of ladies participating our home tour and I am personally am very excited to see what each of them have in store for the holidays.


Emy @ Semigloss Designs 

Bethany @ Salty Blonde

Sarah @ The Project Pile

Tina @ Eclectic Twist

Pam @ Momma Can

*Please note that this post may contain affiliate links for your convenience. These involve no extra cost to you, but may result in me receiving a small commission – for which I am very grateful! You can view my full advertising disclosure here.

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  1. Sarah

    Jen, your house and all of your decor is just gorgeous! I love the ski lodge theme and how you decorated almost every room in your beautiful home! So much work, but so worth it, as I’m sure your family and friends are going to have a blast hanging out at a personal ski lodge! Well done!

  2. You home always makes me wish I lived somewhere warmer! Everything looks amazing! But I really love the ladder the most.

  3. So much great decor! I love the ski lodge theme on your front porch. Everything is gorgeous!

  4. Thank You Emy I think that was my favorite this year too. It was a fun twist on a tree, especially for that room.

  5. Thank you Bethany I love doing theme every year, it makes the holidays fun for me as a designer instead of just doing the same decor every year, I like to challenge myself, to keep those skills on point, LOL.

  6. Thank you Sarah I can only hope for a little bit of snow now to really set the tone, but it is Georgia after all so we shall see.

  7. Oh my gosh Jen!! When can I come and stay?! This is incredible and gorgeous and all the amazing warm holiday feels rolled together. I can’t even pick out a favorite thing it’s all so beautiful!

  8. JEN!!! Your holiday decor is amazing! Your home just puts me in the Christmas spirit every year. That garland on your banister and all those beautiful trees…wow, just WOW!!! Wonderful home tour 🙂

  9. I am in love with the Snow queen room. I love all the rooms but I have a granddaughter now and she has her tree in my office. Because I only had boys I think I might want to indulge in some roses for her tree this year. It is the last tree I decorate because all the STUFF is in my office. Such a lovely home! I want a porch when we move. And when I see you cute decorations I want it sooner!

  10. I love how you decorated your home for Christmas. You have wonderful taste. And your tree is amazing!

  11. I love your dedication!! Your home looks like something from a Hallmark Christmas movie!!! 😍

  12. Wow everything looks so stunning! The big Christmas tree in your living room is just amazing! I also love the wreaths on your windows outside, such a nice touch!

    -madi xo

  13. I can’t even get over how amazing your entire home is! Fabulous job!!! One of my fav things is the popcorn garland! So cute!

  14. Thank you so much I loved that garland too, that when I saw it I bought it all 😂 it was just too cute and I knew I would use year after year.

  15. Fabulous job, Jen! Every little detail is gorgeous!

  16. This is incredible! I am in love with your foyer and the great room, but especially the tree skirt around the tree in the great room. I have never seen anything like it. I loved looking at all the details in each room that really brought the whole house together.

  17. I love your Christmas decor !!! I keep buying more Xmas decor for our place and I can’t help it lol. I live in Georgia as well!! In Buford .

  18. There are so many things that I love in this post. I love the icy blue Christmas tree, the sleeping porch and that cute ladder, decorated with reindeers. You are definitely blessed with a decorating talent. Your home is beautiful!

  19. Joanna K.

    I love what you have done with your place. I can see us turning the balcony into a porch of a cabin, to have the feeling of being in the mountains, ready to welcome 2019 in winter style.

  20. I love the pinecone wreath with the ice skates. Red and black ribbon has been so popular this year—it’s actually hard to find at the moment.

  21. Sydney

    Your home is absolutely gorgeous! Love it

  22. Justine

    So beautiful and inspiring! I would love to do something like this… even if I can only implement a couple of these ideas for now. 🙂

  23. This is absolutely GORGEOUS!! I love it! If my husband and I had our own house instead of military housing I would love to do this!!

  24. This is absolutely stunning! Gorgeous work and what a lovely, welcoming home.

  25. Awesome job! And What a lovely theme! I can just imagine how cozy your home must feel all dressed up like a ski lodge. I love your decor. Very inspiring! ❤️

  26. This is amazing!! I’m horrible about getting decorations up, but you’ve inspired me to get moving. I love the theme you chose and how it carries through!

  27. You decorated your house pretty well! And I love the high ceilings on your living room!!

  28. Sara Smith @Weebly

    Great article, fabulous home tour too! Thanks for sharing you beautiful home with us.

  29. You have such a great eye for decorating! I’m loving this holiday tablescape, and your beautiful home it’s just lovely!
    -madi xo |

  30. Joan

    Hello, this post was extremely interesting, especially because I was looking for inspiration on this subject last night.

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