How to Install Board & Batten

Board & Batten DIY layout JENRON DESIGNS

How to Install Board & Batten 

Welcome to week 3 of the One Room Challenge: Jack & Jill Guest Bath. This week we are discussing How to Install Board & Batten.

We are currently in Week 3 for the Fall One Room Challenge, officially known as HUMP WEEK since we are mid way through the 6 week challenge! This week we are going over How to Install Board & Batten for our guest bathroom walls.

Just to recap this happens twice a year, April/ October, the designers only have six weeks, from start to finish in order to complete a full room transformation. Each week the guest designer’s will link their progress to the ORC host page Calling It Home , and share their room’s progress. The best part you will be able to follow along with JENRON DESIGNS and all the participants progress just by clicking the ORC . The final completion date and big reveal of our Jack and Jill Guest Bathroom makeover will be on Thursday, Nov. 9th!!!


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INSPIRATION BOARDGuest Bathroom Inspiration Board Pin JENRON DESIGNS


As you might remember last week we completed the mirror frame out project which turned out exactly as planned. We also installed the towel rings, which was vital to have placed for this weeks project of the batten board installation. The reason it was important to get the towel rings placed was to make sure they would not be in a conflicting area of the batten board placement.

Mirror Frame Completion JENRON DESIGNS

As we dive into the meat and potatoes portion of our project the batten board walls. I want to take a moment to explain my design decision. I have always loved big fancy homes, the southern mansions, mountain chalets, and beach front hideaways. When I really analyzed these homes commonalities and what I found to be attractive about them, besides a fabulous locations, I noticed that fancy millwork was present in all the homes.  I decided long ago that upgraded trim and millwork could really elevate the look of a basic builder grade home to that of a custom home. Since that epiphany we have been adding additional trim, whether it be bead board, wainscot panels, chair rail with judges panels or in this case batten board walls to all of my homes. I have found it to be the single most cost effective way to enhance a space and add more curb appeal to your home.

How to Install Board & Batten:

As you can see, we started this project by taping up the 2  3/4″ flat trim boards to the wall at a 55″ height from the floor. The reason I chose this height is to create the illusion of taller ceilings and to elongate the room.
Board & Batten DIY layout with Blue Tape JENRON DESIGNSOnce we got the height set and level around the room, we added a Board & Batten DIY Filling Gaps JENRON DESIGNS to the baseboard to create a flat edge to set the vertical boards onto. Then measured each of the vertical slats individually, and taped them into place.Board & Batten DIY tips Blue Tape JENRON DESIGNSOkay so you may be asking why are you taping them into to place, why not just nail them up? My husband has gotten very smart over the years he knows that even though the tape measure may say the board is centered and in the right spot, my discerning eye can see the ever slightest bit of off center. Also with this type of project, sometimes you have to cheat a measurement to make it look visually correct to the eye. So he tapes I review, eyeball the design, then he nails, LOL.
Board & Batten DIY JENRON DESIGNS You can see this concept applies in the toilet room. This area required the measurements to be off set, since the batten board moulding would not fit behind the tank of the toilet.(CURSE OF THE DESIGNER’S CHALLENGE) So we had to make some adjustments. Board & Batten DIY layout JENRON DESIGNSAfter Ron got all the boards nailed up, we removed the tape and it was time to caulk the gaps and nail holes. This is a very important step in the process. It makes the wood look smooth and finished. Plus it’s getting us prepped to paint next weekend.
Board & Batten DIY Chaulk JENRON DESIGNSSince there are areas of our walls that are not completely flat, the moulding will gap and not sit flush to the wall. We used a basic paintable baseboard caulk available at your local hardware store. Ron applied the caulk bead and I created the flush wrap around seal, using my pinky. (the prefect tool for the job)This is a perfect before and after example of why the caulk will make such a difference. Above you can see the large gap between the tile of the shower and the batten board. Board & Batten DIY next to tile JENRON DESIGNSFilled with a little caulk and the job looks professionally finished and not at all like a weekend warrior DIY project. It is the little steps, like this one that will make the difference in your final project outcome.
Board & Batten DIYto Doorways JENRON DESIGNSNow we have the Board and Batten completely installed, with all holes and gaps filled, so we will be ready to paint next week. I am getting so excited, as I see the plan starting to really take shape. Let’s take one final look at the “to do list” time line below.ORC Week 3 PIn JENRON DESIGNS


Week 1- Introduction, Inspiration Board,  & Plan of Action

Week 2- Order All Items, Buy All Supplies, & Frame Out Mirror

Week 3- Start/Finish How to Install Board & Batten

Week 4- Paint Board and Batten, & The Secret Art Project.

Week 5- Install New Lights, Towel Bars, Shower Curtains & All Final Touches


I think we are in good shape headed into next week . I have obtained all the supplies needed for my secret art project, not originally listed on the inspiration board. We will pick up Pure White Trim paint from our local Sherwin Williams for the Batten Board. Then all that is left to do, is pick out a few decorative details to finish out the space, which is the fun part.

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How To Install Board & Batten JENRON DESIGNS

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  79. Hi Anell, thanks for visiting and leaving me a note. Please know that I will always try answer any questions, that I see on the comment posts, with that being said- We allowed the frame to dry for 2 days prior to removing the tape. The glue stated dry 3-4 hours but aired on the safe side, plus I think we got busy with another project and forgot about it, (thus why we use the easy remove blue tape…lol) We have had our bathroom mirror framed for over 6 months and we take daily showers. No wrapping or bowing so far so I think we are good on the front too. If there is I will add a follow up post just to keep everyone in the loop. Here is the link to our original mirror post in case you are interested :

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