$100 Room Challenge: Covered Patio Reveal

$100 Room Challenge: Covered Patio Reveal

Yay it Reveal Week! Welcome to Week 4 of the $100 Room Challenge: Covered Patio Reveal.

Hi everyone, welcome to $100 Room Challenge: Covered Patio Reveal. If this is your first time seeing the $100 Room Challenge it is a bi-annual challenge sponsored by my friend Erin, from Lemons, Lavender, & Laundry. So, let me give you a little background on what the $100 Room Challenge is all about. This challenge takes place twice a year.  January and September is when Erin invites us to redo a room in our home using only $100. As you can see the premise of this challenge is real simple: one month, one space, and $100. If you want to know more about the $100 Room Challenge, check out Erin’s post to see how the concept was inspired, and it’s colossal growth since she decided to start it! This season I have decided to work on a Covered Patio, located just outside of the basement. 

Weeks at a Glance:

WEEK  1         WEEK 2        WEEK 3       WEEK 4

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The Scheduled Plan: 

Week 1: Pressure Wash Patio & Painting 

Week 2: DIY Refurbishing Lights & Installing Existing Sting Lights

Week 3: Window Seat & Container Garden

Week 4: Accessorizing- Shop You Home & Patio Reveal 


Here is a quick look back at the before picture: AFTER

Now here is our reveal:

Wow what a difference right? It is amazing what a little paint and color coordinating fabrics will do for a space. Since all of these items, with the exception of the rug and window shutters, are all completely upcycled into a new look for this space. The ottoman is from our existing patio fireplace patio furniture, but we replaced it with a difference patio table that is a bit more functional for the space. These cushions and pillows are all from various pieces of previously owned outdoor furniture. Where we kept the best pieces and got rid of the rest. The colors all work together nicely and now this bench is super comfortable to sit on.

We even had a throw blanket that was from Christmas 2 years ago and used it on our sleeping porch last year. The pillows were given away but the throw is still in great shape for snuggling on a cooler evening, plus it matched great.

My potted urns look nice flanking each side of the covered patio but they will still get sun and rain. Unlike if we had created a window box under the  covered porch, where I think the plants would have really suffered. The string lights add a ton more light in the evenings for reading, plus now that the ceiling is white the light will reflect even more. This is a great designer trick to remember if you have a darker space or area with low lighting. By adding a brighter ceiling it will reflect more light down into the space and make it seem brighter. We added this little ladder as a fun planter rack in the corner for the time being. This ladder has had so many lives, last Christmas it was our Rustic Guest Room  tree and now we have made it into a cute fall plant stand. I love a good ladder project so many fun things you can do with them. I have my cute little vintage Gas Can Pumpkins sitting out here now but soon they will be headed around front for the Great Pumpkin Patch. I had this little Danielson Design wall sign from our other house, and I thought it would be cute to hang it up here, for our fireplace skewers. These are perfect, heavy duty enough for roasting hotdogs or s’mores over an open fire and now they are hung perfectly in range of the fireplace. You can check out both of posts with some of our favorite recipes here:

I also went ahead and put a little fall wreath up down here too for the season. I mean why not? I already have it and the door hanger, so decorate this space too. I think going forward we may change out this door to a pretty dutch door, or french door but for now we will just dress up and make pretty.

This wreath is a more traditional one I made with orange Dahlias, yellow pods and and grapevine. It looks more like a Thanksgiving Day wreath to men so it is on the back of the house now and will be moved to the front after Halloween.  I love to have selection on hand to quickly change out during the season. One of my floral designer tricks, is that I keep them hanging up in storage my room, so they do not get crushed. Again, this is the second urn which flanks the two sides of the porch. I love the way it creates a subtle natural division between indoor and outdoor. Plus all the really bright fall colors in the foliage. It is so easy to get stuck decorating with only mums in the fall, when there are so many great fall flowers and plants available.

I do really love these sweet little pepper plants that I added to these urns. The pretty little purple, orange, and red  peppers really add a nice color combination for the fall.I also added a tray to the ottoman to make a nice table top space for drinks or vases. I added a complementary colored placemat layer with a single charger to hold the candles. Then added a single bronze pumpkin just for a little touch of fall. The window seat bench is perfect and I am so glad we decided to go this route. I think it will serve us well in the long run. We have a bit of storage with the baskets for garden gloves or shovels. Plus now we had a nice covered conversation area, or just an added seat to take load off while working in the garden.

I will say that this seat also has a magnificent view of the back yard. Which is one of my favorite places to be in the fall. However if it is still sunny or maybe a light rain storm comes in, you will be grateful for a little coverage.Well I hope you have enjoyed the $100 room challenge make over. I will go over the entire budget below which I did go over this round…

The Budget: ( $100 Available)

Week 1:

Pressure Washing was already being done on our driveway and rest of home- Included in Home Maintenance Budget (free)

Week 2:

Paint- Leftover Trim Paint from Painting our Deck & Screened Porches 2 years ago (free)

Various Paint Supplies- leftover pieces from previous painting projects/sponsored posts/etc  (free)

String Lights- Previous Owned- Picnic Under the Stars (free)

Porch Light- Refurbished/ Re-Painted originally from the garage door light  we replaced (free) Craft paint/brush owned (free)

Week 3:

Truck Bench Cushions – Old Outdoor Furniture Cushions Reworked (free)

Window Bench- Repurposed Piece of Furniture (free)

Window Bench Cushion- Lowes $25.00 – 75% off = $6.25 (Lowe’s Card addition 10% off ) $5.62

2 Planter Urns-  Lowe’s 20.00 marked down to $8.85 (Lowe’s Card addition 10% off ) $7.97 x 2 = $15.94

2 of Each Plant-  Pepper Plant $3  & Rosemary $2

2 of each Lantana, Coleus, and Sweet Potato Vine $1 ea. = $16.00 (Lowe’s Card addition 10% off ) $14.40

Window Shutter Wall Hanging $49.99 each x 2 (50% off Sale Hobby Lobby) $49.99

Week 4:

Rug- Wayfair- WAYDAY sale $15.00

Accessorizing Shopping from your Home (free)

Project Total: $100.95

So I was 95 cents over this time, ugh I can’t believe it, 95 cents! That is one clearance plant, but I just could not let the urns be uneven. So with that overage under my belt I figured why not go on over. You see I am sort of a go big or go home kind of gal. We really wanted a to add a fan to the space but it was just not going to work out with the budget. We even tried to repurpose the one from our bedroom but it was not outdoor rated so it was only going to get ruined, which did not make any sense at all.

*Optional Fan Add On- $99.00 (Lowe’s Card addition 10% off )  $89.00

The beauty of this fan is that it is removable and can be taken with you for tailgating, camping, cookouts. It’s perfect for tents, gazebos, and my little patio. It went right in with just a simple plant hook. and plugged right in to end of my string lights. It really could not have been any simpler. So now we have a fan on this porch in addition to it being a great outdoor space we never really had before.  I look at it as you could do this project in phases and really budget it out, even if you only had $100 to work with, maybe you save up the next $100 for the fan or wait until the end of season next year and scoop one up, although they did not go sale this year. They were exempt from the sale so this is the regular price minus our Lowe’s discount.

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  1. Jen this looks amazing. I love your outdoor living space. Looks so cozy and a great place to sit and enjoy the cooler weather this Fall. love it!

  2. Wow!!! This space turned out absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! I want to come over and drink a cup of coffee out here!!

  3. Wowza. That has got to be the best transformation yet. Love all the color but to me it’s the little details that make a big impact. Like the frame hanging over the bench, the license plate, and those fantastic shutters. Great job!

  4. I love that bench!! So pretty!! Great job!

  5. This patio looks wonderful! You found some amazing deals at Lowe’s too!
    Is your deck right on top of this patio? I would love to paint our patio ceiling white like this, but I’m afraid of getting white paint on the wood deck floor directly above.

  6. Susie

    Wow! The space is so beautiful. I cannot believe you did all of that for $100! 👏 I love the little touches like the string lights, pumpkins, candles & the beautiful pepper plants. Amazing job!💕💕

  7. I am in love with what you did here!

  8. Love to see how you end up transforming any corner in your house. Great selection of patterns and colors!

  9. Kayla Jones

    Oh my goodness this is amazing, I can’t believe you did all that for $100! It’s amazing and so fun!

  10. This is gorgeous – I wish reading all of your redesigns would help me do some of my own – I just love the look of this, especially the wood bench!

  11. This space is absolutely stunning!
    It is my goal to buy a house for myself in the next couple of years and hope to use some of these ideas!

  12. Kathy A

    You did a really great job. It looks like such a comfortable place to sit for a spell!

  13. This is absolutely STUNNING!!! I love all the colors and patterns you chose. They all work together beautifully! And hey, $0.95 over is nothing. I realize the fan was an additional expense, but so pretty. I am so glad you joined the challenge again. You always work wonders!

  14. I want to come hang out on your patio! It looks so inviting with the seating, plants and rug. It turned out so pretty!

  15. This looks amazing. Such a beautiful pattern and color combination.

  16. This patio is the perfect space to sit and sip some lemonade and unwind! How pretty it turned out with all of the beautiful colors and cushions! Great job! I am so glad to have joined in with you on this challenge!

  17. Turned out great! Love the chairs and cushions!

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