Easy Garage Organization Ideas

$100 Room Inspiration Board JENRON DESIGNS.

Easy Garage Organization Ideas

It is that time of the year for the $100 Room Challenge: Easy Garage Organization Ideas is the theme this season!

Hi everyone, welcome to the first week of my $100 Room Challenge: Easy Garage Organization Ideas. If this is your first time viewing the $100 Room Challenge let me take the time to give you some background. This is a bi-annual challenge sponsored by my friend Erin, over at Lemons, Lavender, & Laundry. What is the $100 Room Challenge all about? The challenge takes place twice a year, January and September, Erin invites us to redo a room in our home using a budget of only $100. As you can see the premise of this challenge is real simple: one month, one space, and $100. If you want to know more about the $100 Room Challenge, check out Erin’s post to see how the concept was inspired, and it’s colossal growth since she decided to start it!

Weeks at a Glance:

WEEK  1     WEEK 2     WEEK 3     WEEK 4  REVEAL



Here is a look back at a few recaps of some of our previous $100 Room Challenges that we have done up to this point. Last season we worked on our Basement Staircase which has lead to many other very expensive projects, so we are very grateful to be sticking to a $100 room Challenge right now. However, it has left us with many great “leftover” construction items to utilize in other spaces like the garage, so waste not, want not right?100 Room Basement Staircase JENRON DESIGNSLast fall we completely renovated our Outdoor Terrace Patio. We were able to paint the ceiling, add string lighting and a few other innovative DIY projects to dress the space up on a tight budget, with items we already had just laying around our basement not being utilized.100 Room Challenge Patio Reveal JENRON DESIGNSWe have also done 2 bathroom transformations for under $100 which are amazing to me. Our secret weapon of choice being paint and fun stencils from Cutting Edge Stencils. The first was a farmhouse tile stencil application in a toilet room along with a wainscot panel application see in our Game of Throne $100 Challenge Reveal. 100 Room Challenge JENRON DESIGNS Toilet RoomWhile our second transformation included adding a coffered style ceiling application to dress up the space.  Along with a chinoiserie style stencil application to the walls, for a more formal look in this $100 Room Challenge for the Guest Bathroom, which doubles as a main level powder room. 


This season we are excited to be cleaning up and organizing that overlooked, hard working area of our garage. I think the entire pandemic is what really spurred this upgrade and transformation to become a priority for us and here is why.Before Picture $100 Room Challenge JENRON DESIGNSWe have never really been a household that leaves our shoes outside, unless they are really dirty or “yard shoes” as we call them. However with the virus outbreak we started to think about everywhere our shoes go and what might be on them, and in turn being tracked into our home. So we started to take them all off in the garage, which is something my brother and his family has done for years. This lead to a huge pile of shoes being left in the garage, our main entry and exit points of our home.  So, I really wanted to to have a bench with a shoe nook. This way the shoes could be properly rotated after sitting for 24-48 hours without being tracked into my home and on my floors.Before Drop Zone Picture $100 Room Challenge JENRON DESIGNSThis simple idea lead to the fact that I really wanted a little drop zone area with hooks, oh and maybe some shelving to put the coolers and patio cushions up off the floor. You can see where this is going? It is like that children’s book “If you Give a Mouse a Cookie”…LOL. Now this simple little idea of a shoe bench had morphed into the grandiose idea of a beadboard dropzone with coat hooks, shelving, oh and I really want to paint those oil stained concrete floors too. Hmmmm, sounds like a perfect $100 Room challenge to me! The good news is I think I have a fair amount of leftover building materials that need to go, just hanging out in Ron’s workshop.  So we shall see if we can make it happen for under $100!

$100 Room Inspiration Board JENRON DESIGNS.


The Proposed Schedule: 

Week 1: The Plan

Week 2: Clean, Get Old Freezer Removed, Repurpose Wire Closet Shelves, Organize Junk  Stuff

Week 3: Paint Concrete Floor

Week 4: Build Shoe Bench, Add Beadboard Drop Zone, Paint

Week 5: REVEAL

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  1. I love what you have accomplished with your other makeovers! This one is going to be just as awesome!

  2. Wow I absolutely love this concept! Currently trying to spruce up my condo on a budget. Your results are amazing, excited to see the garage transformation!

  3. Those are really awesome transformations! Everything looks so pretty and organized!

  4. Well hopefully in 5 weeks you will love the reveal!

  5. Oh I can’t wait to see how this turns out!! The other rooms look amazing- I can’t believe it was for less than $100!

  6. Oh I am so jealous! I was considering g doing my garage too! I can’t wait to see all you do! I need some serious organization. Looking forward to being a part of it this year!

  7. This is so inspiring! What you have done with that $100 is amazing, well done!

  8. Brooke

    This is going to be gorgeous!

  9. Oh wow this was less than a $100
    Great transformation

  10. I have always loved your style Jennifer! I can’t wait to see how you bring it into your garage. It sounds like such a fun project.

  11. Stephanie

    This is awesome!! You have inspired me to take this challenge with my garage!! I need it in several rooms so the bonus room will probably be next!

  12. Lately I’ve been looking for home organizational tips and I love all the things you’ve done!

  13. This is such a unique idea. Garage is a place that has limited use, but your designs will do wonder here.

  14. Oh girl I’m gonna need you to come to my house. You did such a great job with the other rooms you posted. Love the stairwell. I can’t wait to see how the garage will turn out

  15. I love your plans for this space! We need to do this type of design in our garage too!

  16. That patio makeover last year was so beautiful! I love your garage organization plans; I can’t wait to see it come together!

  17. I love garages that are fixed up pretty, I cant wait to see the reveal.

  18. I can’t wait to see how your garage turns out, I am sure it will be amazing. My hubby would love for me to tackle our garage at one point. I would love to paint our floor as well. You might just give me the push I need.

  19. I hear you on needing shoe storage in the garage! We can’t wear some of our shoes into the house because we go out to the barn in them… and those should not be entering the house! I’m excited to see how you put this drop zone together because I absolutely LOVE the idea. It probably helps keeps the entry less cluttered as well.

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