One Room Challenge: Guest Bath Week 2


One Room Challenge:

Jack & Jill Guest Bath Week 2


So in case you are just now joining us. We are currently in Week 2 for the Fall One Room Challenge. To recap this happens twice a year, April/ October, for the past 11 seasons, the ORC has hosted over 200 interior design bloggers, as they join together and choose one room in their homes to make over. The designers only have six weeks, from start to finish in order to complete a full room transformation. Each week the guest designer’s will link their progress to the ORC host page Calling It Home (link here), and share their room’s progress. The best part you will be able to follow along with JENRON DESIGNS and all the participants progress just by clicking the ORC (link here). The final completion date and big reveal of our Jack and Jill Guest Bathroom makeover will be on Thursday, Nov. 9th!!! 

WEEKS AT A GLANCE:   WEEK 1         



This week on our agenda I bascially ordered a whole bunch of stuff !!! I sourced out where I could get some of my bigger ticket items, for the best prices and then put them on order.please know that some of the decor items will just have to be last minute run and get items, as we finish off the project and see what the space still needs. Alway remember less is more, sometimes too much stuff clutters a new space making it cramped, the entire purpose of this project was to make the room feel bigger. 

This week I ordered the new light fixtures as seen on our inspiration from Bellacore, which is a offical sponsor for the ORC.  I decided to get the 251 River Station Stain Nickel Two Light Bath Sconce for over the sinks. They are the exact light fixtures on my inspiration board above, only they are the 2 light version, after measuring the 3 light fixtures were too big for the   space and would awkwardly bump into each other upon installation. 

I ordered my shower curtain from Bed Bath and Beyond, since I will need a longer length then they actually carry in stock at the stores. Most store only carry 72 x 72 in stock which is an average size curtain I needed a 72x 84 for this space.  I decided on the Wamsutta Barratta Stitch Curtain in Seaglass. This is a part of the HOTEL chic contemporary collection and very similar to my inspiration board pick. I am wanted a chic spa like feel, with just a touch of rustic beach house.  I also order the shower curtain rod from J.C.Penny’s which came with a matching set of hooks, bonus!!

Designer Tip: order a long length shower curtain and mount them closer to the ceiling to create the illusion of height in a small room (also a good tip for curtains).

We also picked out some cute satin nickel towel rings, Phoebe by Delta available at Home Depot.  This picture just makes me realize how horrible these lights are, even after putting it though light box the pictures are still very yellow.  Well they are on order! Soon my friends, soon….. I can not wait. 

We also decided to tackle the frame out surround for the existing the mirror. I have decided to attached the DIY portion on to this post below since the project was so simple and really made a huge impact to the room. It was also very budget friendly at —- for the whole project. 


This is a before picture of the large builder grade mirror in this room. I though about ripping it down and replacing it, but honestly the space really needs large mirror to reflect the light and make it seem larger. I think if I pick out two small mirrors it would just make the area feel even smaller. So we decided to frame it out instead, to give it a some character. 

I picked a pretty carved piece of molding that I just loved from my favorite store: Home Depot. I pre stained it with Minwax stain color: Jacobean.

(Just as a friendly PSA this color is pronounced as [Jac Ko Be In] as in: The Jacobean era, refers to the period in English and Scottish history that coincides with the reign of James VI of Scotland (1567–1625), who also inherited the crown of England in 1603 as James I.) 

To create the frame around the mirror first  measure the size of your mirror. Then measure the width of the frame material you’ve chosen. Double that width and then add it to the length and width of the size frame box you are making. Those numbers will be the length and width of your frame material.

{Example- For example, let’s say you want to frame an 8×10 photo with wood that is 1/2” wide. That means the length of two sides of your frame must be cut to 11” and the other sides must be cut to 9” in length.}

 After cutting your 45 degree miter corners the inside of the frame should line up with your purposed box lines for the mirror.

We used Liquid Nails Fuze It- multi surface, which will adhere wood to glass. It takes about 10 minutes to permanently set. We used 3M Scotch Blue Painters tape to hold the frames in place over night just to be safe.  As you can see the finished project gives a whole lot charter and interest for very little time, effort or energy. 
 Designer Tip: If you are not very handy, you can purchase pre cut frames from Mirror Mate, keep in mind that your are paying for the measure and cut work to be done for you, but you still have to adhere it to the mirror yourself.As you can see the mitered cuts came together perfectly in the corners. Since the molding I chose did not have a wrap around lip, which would conceal the gap between the wall and mirror. We also decided to add a small piece of cover trim. Again, super easy, it was one cut to the pre stained trim and we glued it directly to the edge of the frame. After the glue dried Ron popped it a few times with small  brads from the nail gun just to make sure it adheres tightly. (NOTE: This must be done very carefully to not hit the mirror!!! You must make sure you are aiming into the wall of you will shatter your mirror.)
Ironically we did this very  project back in Febuary of this year using a faux barn wood shiplap and last month it was featured at Top Reveal as one of the Best 17 DIY’s for 2017.  You can check out the link here if you are interested in it’s final revel.  DIY Barnwood Mirror FrameI really like the over look of this homemade frame, it has a very farmhouse/craftmans feel to me, which is exactly what I was going for with this project.  You may also notice that we have already installed the towel rings this week too, which I am  super  happy with as well. Still can not wait to get those light fixtures replaced!!! They are on order so soon they will be gone.  So check out what we have left on our to do list below.  


Week 1- Introduction, Inspiration Board,  & Plan of Action 

Week 2- Order All Items, Buy All Supplies, & Frame Out Mirror

Week 3- Start/Finish Batten Board Mill Work

Week 4- Paint Batten Board & The Surprise Art Project 

Week 5- Install New Lights, Towel Bars, Shower Curtains & All Final Touches



The millwork will be the big undertaking and take some time to perfect before painting can start. Oh, and I have added a secret “art project” to the list, that I will be starting work on soon. You know how I like to add in a recyced or upcycled art project. Be sure to check back in next week to see how the millwork installations going, Ron was super happy to get the clearance from his doctors to be able to start do some light DIY project again, and I really tried to make sure sure he would not be putting any stress on that freshly repaired shoulder of his, wink wink. 




  1. Wanted to tell you that I am following and cheering for you during this challenge. I expect great things from you, just like last time. You always have such great ideas and designs, good luck!

  2. So I am new to your blog, and while I have meandering around you site I clicked on this post. I feel like I am missing something. I gather there is a design challenge that you are taking part in. I think I will click Week 1 and go from there.

  3. Jennifer,
    Nice Progress! Love that you found extra long shower curtains. I’ll be scoping them out later. Mirror trim is beautiful!

  4. Builder-basic mirror be-gone! Love the carved detail on your DIY mirror frame, it’s lovely. I decorated a friend’s condo and did the same thing with her bathroom mirror – it’s such an easy way to get massive impact in a space. Love how this is coming along!

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