Bathroom Makeover- DIY Barn Wood Mirror Frame

 DIY Barn Wood Mirror Frame

Check out our simple DIY Barn Wood Mirror Frame project, we did this weekend. So easy and can be completed in a single day and you get  a lot bang for a little buck.  

You may have seen my DIY Barn Wood Mirror Frame project online several places. It has been linked at Saw Hub, as “27 Fun DIY Bandsaw Projects You Can Start Today”, and was chosen to be Featured at Top Reveal on “Top 17 DIY Woodworking Projects ANYONE Can Do- Even You!”*Please note that this post may contain affiliate links for your convenience. These involve no extra cost to you, but may result in me receiving a small commission – for which I am very grateful! You can view my full advertising disclosure here.

This was such quick and easy DIY project. Yes, I know it is more shiplap…. I told you it was migrating all over my house. This project we used the UFP 1x 4 Trim Board Rustic Gray Barn Wood instead of the actual shiplap style boards that we used on the last two projects for the Great Room Fireplace & Hallway Drop Zone.  This project is the perfect way to use up any extra supplies you might have bought and not used, for example too many trim boards during your fireplace project 🙂 LOL

Before/After:As you can see we have the standard install builder grade, flat sheet mirrors. They provide no character or interest to this space at all, but I do like the size. They reflect a lot of light which makes our bathroom seem much larger so I do want to keep them. I could easily rip them down and put fun individual framed ones; but because of the scale of the bathroom along with length of the vanities I felt that incorporating smaller framed mirrors would just not read as well as the larger mirrors do for this space. So we made the decision to frame them out, we have done this same technique in our previous home and loved the outcome.First we measured the length and height of each mirror. Deciding to keep with our rustic theme, we would be blunt cutting or the boards instead of using a fancy miter cut for the corners. I personally felt like to miter cut the corners was just a little to traditional and formal for the look we are trying to achieve. Our previous home was a very traditional style, brick home so it warranted miter cut corners, but we built our new home to the feel of a modern industrial style farmhouse. In the spirit of a farm house we opted for simpler cuts, which my husband was thrilled about, it made the project much easier for him. 
Once you have made your cuts all you have to do is glue the boards to the mirror. We used Liquid Nails Fuze It- multi surface, which will adhere wood to glass. It takes about 10 minutes to permanently set. We used Frog Tape to hold the frames in place over night just to be safe. As you can see the finished project gives a whole lot charter and interest for very little time, effort or energy. You can see a more detailed process of this DIY  in our Fall ORC Guest Bathroom post which will give you the full step by step process.
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*Please note that this post may contain affiliate links for your convenience. These involve no extra cost to you, but may result in me receiving a small commission – for which I am very grateful! You can view my full advertising disclosure here.




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    You know how I love a super easy DIY, loads of bang with not a lot of bucks invested!!! Sidenote:
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    This is such a easy weekend project, the fact you simply glued to molding up is genius. I would have never thought to do this, but it truly is very simple. Thank you for saving my ugly bathroom mirrors and 7 years of bad luck is we broke them.

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  116. No we live in GA so heated floors are not really a must have here in the south. However, I agree that up north they are fabulous in the winter 🙂

  117. No this post is not sponsored, we paid out right for everything. I just listed the products we preferred using to make it happen. Actually I do not have a single sponsored post yet.

  118. It was from a local Home Depot here in GA. I think you can order it online if you get into a bind. It is so popular right I am not surprised that they are out…..good luck 🙂

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    Your post is very helpful and insightful. The finished project turned out great, and you should be proud of your accomplishments. Clearly you and your husband are very handy. I enjoy tuning into to see you vision each week. Reach for the stars!

  168. Grammy Know Best

    I remember when medicine cabinets were all the rage and you had to cut a hole into the wall just to have one. Then everything would fall out into the sink. Ah those were the days, be glad you have flat mirrors. They turned out lovely with those frames dear.

  169. holy moses 1:13

    You bathroom is beautiful and your upgrade turned out very nice. I really like the wood you used it complements you color scheme and floors perfectly.

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    Great post, it amazes me how such a simple idea can make a big difference.

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    You have some fantastic ideas for home improvement. You should hook up with Home Depot or Lowe’s as a spokes person.

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    So easy there has got to be a catch. Does it ruin the mirror? Have you even taken one down.


    We linked to this post from a vendors site, on current home trends. We are happy we did this is a great idea to use barn wood, as it is so hot and trending very high right now.

  177. Louise G.

    This post has been rather popular here in Surrey. I attended a ladies tea just the other day, and I overheard some of the ladies talking about this very project. I asked where they seen such a thing, and they referred me here. So I wanted to extend you my gratitude for entertaining a bunch of old coots at tea.

  178. Verdie

    Darling your home belongs in the pages of a magazine. It is beautiful, and every project to choose to do, adds even more beauty to it. Please let me know if you ever sale, I would consider moving just to have your home,fully furnished of course. 😉

  179. Thanks Ariahanna it does the heart good that you like our blog and keeping joining us as we grow. Thanks my friend!

  180. princephilliplovesme

    This story is all over the place, glue wood to your mirror and such. It looks good, I agree but the world has gone mad over it. You must be one famous designer in the states.

  181. Verdie it is so nice to meet you, and wanted to let you know that you made my day!!!!!

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  191. This is a great way to elevate bathroom decor. We at Hinter Brook appreciate a good DIY and when your done, kick back with a great glass of vino on us! Cheers

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    Great post, pretty bathroom. I really like the size and shape of your shower. Did you install that or was it part of the house? The project turned out great and make your already superb bathroom even better.

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  199. My Deco Life

    I love that you kept the existing mirror and just accentuated what you had. The choice of wood is very rustic perfect for a farmhouse. Your floors are beautiful too. Is it tile or wood? I am hoping tile that looks like wood as it is a bathroom.

  200. decor cheapskate

    I love a good bargain and this mirror upgrade fits the bill. A super cheap way to make over and existing accent item for a al room. Great post, following your journey now.

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  209. Gail Simpson

    This project deserves it’s ranking on the Top DIY for 2017, such a easy fix to an age old problem.

  210. Love this idea and we are sending all our support from our tribe of lovely ladies! Girl power rules all, and we need to elevate our own to the tops of the list. You are strong inspiring woman and many of of survivors are fans your blog. It’s a fun light read during treatments. So happy you made the DIY 2017 list, You are our #1, you go girl.

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    Thank you for such a lovely read this afternoon. I feel like I know you after reading a few of your posts. You have a lot of creative talent and I am so glad that you sharing it with the world.

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    I am in love with this entire project but what I really want to know is where did you get that beautiful makeup seat? I am absolutely in charmed with it!

  214. Drawing so much positive energy from you and your site. I can not wait to read more of your posts. Booking marking for later reading before bedtime. Thanks for all you do!

  215. Thank You Ivy, I found that beauty at Front Gate, you can order it online if there is not one near you.

  216. Thank you so much. No, I have never thought about teaching people to blog since I am so new to it myself. I just started in January this year and I am still learning myself. 🙂

  217. Hi Chari thanks for dropping by. The wood we used is available from Home Depot and is already painted. They offer several colors now, and I believe this one was a Behr Gray paint.

  218. A Happy Home

    Just finished reading your post on the mirror upgrade, love that barn wood or is it ship lap? Either way it is perfect for that room and dresses up the mirror nicely.

  219. The Swiss Miss

    Whoa you have a huge bathroom, and it is sooooooo pretty. I can not imagine why you felt it needed to have more work. However it turned out nice and did accent those mirrors.

  220. I believe you can order the Piedrafina counters in Canada. I am not sure where your local supplier would be, but I am sure you can do an internet search and find one.

  221. Hi Katie thanks for stopping by. My tile floors are Paraiba White, Amazonia by Interceramic. Thank you for noticing how fantastic they are since we spent a small fortune on them. When we were building, I found out that they were a level 17 at the builders design center. So your basic tile starts a level 1, hahaha so when I picked them I had no idea they even went to a level 17 which I think means 17x’s the cost LOL!!!! 

  222. Katie Moore

    What is the name of that fantastic floor tile? I really must have it, because it is gorgeous. Most of the barn wood tiles I have seen are so dark and shrink up a room very quickly. I like how open fresh and clean your bathroom feels.

  223. Alicia @ What a Difference A Day Makes

    Where can I buy this countertop I love it?

  224. Coralee Watson

    Your bathroom is a beauty, and the frame work only adds to the appeal. Thanks for sharing.

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  240. Hey Sharonoox

    Girl you have major talent, and your husband must be a Bob Vila mines more of a Tim the Tool Man, always blowing stuff up. I am not sure I would let him in the house with an epoxy, god knows what he would glue together! LOL

  241. I love this idea, so doing it in our outdated bathroom. Anything is better than nothing.

  242. ducky

    I really like this idea a whole lot. My husband and I have been trying to figure out how to make our pitifully old bathroom feel fresh and new. First thing we are ripping out the carpet, I mean who put carpet in a bathroom? Adding linoleum and repainting the cabinet. We have to strip some wall paper and see what we are left with. This will be the perfect add to our renovation. Thanks!!

  243. Good luck that is a big undertaking. My parents 1970’s home I grew up in, had carpet in the bathrooms so I feel your pain. Probably one of the main reasons I became a designer…….LOL

  244. Tonya

    Such good idea to make your mirror feel more custom to the room. Thanks for sharing.

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  256. Olesa Gerdon

    You have so much talent, and this project turned out beautifully. I have to tell you, your make up chair really caught my eye. It is very pretty, do you mind sharing with me where you bought it?

  257. Hi Olesa I actually purchased it from Front Gate, which is primarily a catalogue/internet based store. We are luck and have a outlet and a brand new full price store here in Atlanta, but if you do not have one near by check it out online.

  258. Ana Heaster

    Now I am reading you were featured as a 2017 DIY Champion, so my previous comment on the pantry door is correct. Never give up and see you are arriving.

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    Congratulations! I have read your post/comments, and I believe you were awarded a best DIY for 2017 award? I wanted to say I love your blog and it truly helps me focus on something other than my on going treatment. You are bookmarked in our reading iPad, and I always make sure to tell my fellow survivors to check out your page. Please know you have a loyal following of people that are living vicariously though your posts. Send you much love and light, Cynthia Addams

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  268. Staci Berrong

    This is a very unique idea, and it adds so much drama to a static basic bathroom. Your bathroom however is neither of those things, the shower along needs it’s own zip code. I wish I had a duel headed shower, it’s hard to get ready for work at the same time as my spouse, since he hogs the all the water.

  269. homereno

    The beauty of this DIY is you can use any wood or moulding, in any color or finish and come up with thousands of unique options. Thank you for blowing that design door way open!!!!

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  272. I think that is a fantastic idea!!! 🙂 I really appreciate when a company owns their products, and embraces them in every aspect!!! To me that is what true design is all about, make a space your own space and really thinking out side of the box. Thanks for the sweet comment and stopping by. I will have to look up your company and place a holiday order too 🙂

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    You had me at BarnWood!!!!! I love barn wood, the older the better, and that gray tone is perfection for you room.

  288. Rilley Gregg

    Linked over from the ORC week 2, I gotta say I like this trim better, but I guess that’s why you put it in your bathroom, lol.

  289. Cindi Johns

    You master bathroom is what I dream of having. It is so spacious, with those separate vanities and has a huge shower, oh I would never leave.

  290. Marilyn Dugger

    Your bathroom is glorious, I love that big old shower you got there, with dual shower heads. I wish I had one of those. The mirror turned out great the barn wood was a perfect choice for the room.

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    Wow, this barn wood is beautiful and such a great gray color. Hard to believe that is straight off the shelf, home improvement materials are really getting so much better.

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    Oh my goodness I really love this idea and the materials you chose. That barn wood is so pretty and the such a hot color for wood theses days. Also you bathroom alone is gorgeous, love the tile, that huge shower and the deep soaker tub. Girl you got it good.

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    Well this post has created quite a stir with our friends at Top Reveal, maybe they should check out a few more of your projects. Your portfolio of success design is all right here!

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    So I had to check out this post too, from the ORC mirror. I have to tell ya I like the barn wood you used here a little bit better. I am not sure why they are both nice, but I just do.

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    It is like you read my mind, I wanted to update our old mirrors for cheapened this is perfect. Easy too!

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  328. This particular barn wood was purchased at Home Depot please see the link in post.

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