ORC FALL 2017 The Guest Bath

ORC FALL 2017 The Guest Bath

It is that time of year again, and I am so excited to announce that JENRON DESIGNS will be a guest participant in the ORC FALL 2017 The Guest Bath.

This season we will be a guest participant for the ORC FALL 2017, The Guest Bath a Jack & Jill will be our primary focus this season.

In case you are wondering what the “ORC” is, here is the scoop. Twice a year, April/ October, for the past 11 seasons, the ORC has hosted over 200 interior design bloggers, as they join together and choose one room in their homes to make over. The designers only have six weeks, from start to finish in order to complete a full room transformation. To give you a better idea you can check out our very first ORC Spring Challenge the Sleeping Porch, and here are some fun flashback before and after pictures to get your ready for our next challenge. 

Each week the guest designer’s will link their progress to the ORC host page Calling It Home, and share their room’s progress. The best part you will be able to follow along with JENRON DESIGNS and all the participants progress just by clicking the ORC. The final completion date and big reveal of our Guest Bathroom makeover will be on Thursday, Nov. 9th!!! I might regret choosing the guest bathroom this close to the holidays, but hopefully by the end we will have a pretty new bathroom for all our holiday guests.


WEEK 1        WEEK 2      WEEK 3     WEEK 4     WEEK 5     WEEK 6

FALL 2017 Mission: The Jack n’ Jill Guest Bath


As you can see this space is very plain, and while this is actually new construction and everything is brand new, it just lacks any kind of feature or focal point with in the room. To me it is all just a big vanilla box, even the basic light fixtures we picked upon building 2 years ago are boring.

Since the space is on the smaller side, I do not want to add any colors that are too dark. I want to keep it very light and airy. I am thinking some custom built, white wainscoting or batten board. It should  to be about 5 feet tall mourned the room with a small ledge.  I also think we need to  add a custom frame around the big blank builder grade mirror. I am thinking I would like to add some hooks, to go behind the bedroom door. So you have a place to hang up your towels to dry. Not sure what that will like like yet. Maybe barn wood with rustic farm hooks??? I am just not sure yet.

We actually though about a barn door here to eliminate having so many doors in this room, but after measuring we realized that it would jut into the toilet room doorway a little too much.  So we decided we would just add one to the adjacent bedroom, later on instead. Which would also open up that hook space we are creating. The shower is very basic so I am thinking a nice crisp white shower curtain maybe with a touch of embroidery, nothing too pattern or dark since this are is very small. It could be textured as long as it is white.

We did opt to have the shower completely tiled instead of a pre fab drop in tub. By doing this we also got the soap niche built in which provides great in shower space  for soap, shampoo, etc. I think it just make your space feel more custom built. Permanent things, like millwork and wall tile adds a sense of evaluation in a home, especially the bathroom. We did put up this towel bar upon moving in, and I do like the silver nickel finish. So I think we will keep this one and find something in a similar finish for the sink area.  Currently we have a towel ring that sits on the countertop which I do not really like but it works for now. However, every time we have guests I hear it get pulled or knocked over and clank on the countertop. So it just needs to go. I also might find a new toilet paper dispenser that attaches to the wall, but I do like the current one since it holds extra rolls in the base, so the jury is still out on the accessory too.

I do still love my choices for the countertop, tile, cabinets and plumbing fixtures. So we will be keeping all of those items which will save us some money. Plus they are all new, and when we build the house I made my selections basis on the current styles and trends.
I know we need  some new light fixtures. Let me tell you how much I loath the “boob light” in the toilet room!!! Yikes why are these even a part of the basic light package? Nobody likes them!!!! Plus even with the best photo light filter on the planet, my pictures still turned out yellow due to insufficient lighting.


Guest Bathroom Inspiration Board Pin JENRON DESIGNS


I really do not want to spend over $1,000 for this project, but I am capping myself at $1,500 in case things go awry!!!  Better safe than sorry I  always say.


Week 1- Introduction, Inspiration Board,  & Plan of Action

Week 2- Order All Items, Buy All Supplies, & Frame Out Mirror

Week 3- Start/Finish Batten Board Mill Work

Week 4- Paint Batten Board

Week 5- Install New Lights, Towel Bars, Shower Curtains & All Final Touches


Ok guys it’s “GO TIME ” wish me luck!!!



  1. I totally love your plan! We have outdated baths galore so your weekly updates will be wonderful to watch and learn. Thanks so much for sharing your journey with us. Susie from The Chelsea Project

  2. Ola

    This is going to look absolutely stunning. Can’t wait to see it in the end.

  3. Oohhh! I love what you have planned!!!

  4. Thank You Tracy we are looking forward to our second ORC!

  5. Thank you Susie!!! I am so happy you will be joining us each week 🙂 We are very excited about this project.

  6. silk and plaster

    Just checked out your purposed ORC plan for this season. Looks good!!!!! I can’t wait to see the finish product. I will be cheering you on the whole way my friend, good luck!

  7. Rosalyn

    So happy you are joining us again for the Fall ORC. We are looking forward to following along you with your progress and seeing your finished decor creation. Within you all the best luck on your project.

  8. Jill S.

    So happy that you are joining us in the ORC this season. It is a lot of fun and you will enjoy it. I find that it cultivates friendships that last a lifetime.

  9. I love the lighting that you have picked out! All of the little details in this space will look amazing! Can’t wait to see the finished result!

  10. Blue Constantine

    I just saw this post while I was here, I did not know you were a part of the ORC! My sister in-law is doing it too, small world. Good luck 🙂

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    Girl I got to remember to get out see this every week! I loved the sleeping porch you did last time, so I know this will great too.

  12. I must live under a rock this is the first time hearing about The ORC. I also noticed you said you competed in the contest last season too. What do you win? Can anyone join?

  13. Letra Himiya

    I am following a bunch of designers this go round and plan to try and join next time. You are in my top 10, because I love your style and your entry last season.

  14. The Old Farmstead

    I just heard about you doing this designer challenge, I am so excited for you. I can’t wait to follow along to see your progress over the next 6 weeks. Good Luck!!!!!!

  15. Hi Valerie, no worries, I just learned about the ORC this time last year. It is a bi-annual contest that takes place in April & Oct. You can find out more details at Calling Home which is our host site. This year 2 winners will become the featured designers for the 2018 Spring ORC, hosted by House Beautiful.

  16. gigi58

    You have a absolutely beautiful home. Thank you for opening it up for the holidays and sharing you decorating talents with us all. I am excited to see what you do for your ORC bathroom. The batten board looks like a great addition to your room. I can not wait to see the finished project. Best of luck to you!

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    Oh my your house is sheer perfection. I love everything! Your kitchen is so big, and perfectly farmhouse styled it should be all over Pinterest!!!!!! Not to mention that dining table is the prettiest thing I have ever seen. Girl, I am so glad I found your site, I might be here a while.

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    This is my first time hearing about the ORC, what is it exactly? I love you design board and project overview, but why is it such a big deal? Do you win something?

  21. Thanks for stopping in, and your supportive comments about my Inspiration Board. The ORC is a 6 week design challenge hosted by Calling It Home and House Beautiful. It was originally designed to globally connect designers to support each other in their design endeavors. This season the guest participants can win a chance to become a featured designer for the 2018 Spring Event.

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    I think I have already commented once on this post but after looking at a few other ORC participants, I wanted to tell you I really respect that you do your own work. I have noticed a lot of other bloggers/designers are hiring out to sub contractors, while you seem to be doing all your own work. Please know I appreciate that your are willing to roll up your sleeves and take on a project like Chi and Joanna Gaines do.

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  37. It is a bi annual contest where designer join together to renovate and decorate rooms in there homes. This year 2 winners will land a feature spot for the competition next spring. Yes I do believe anyone can enter, you are must fill out a entry form with Calling it Home prior to joining the challenge.

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