Fall Bedroom Feng Shui & Chi


Fall Bedroom Feng Shui & Chi

This season I wanted to add a little Fall Bedroom Feng Shui & Chi to our owner’s suite.

For this month’s Ask the Designer, I thought it would be fun to discuss a Fall Bedroom Feng Shui & Chi plan. I know I have had a lot a clients ask me about Feng Shui design, what it is and how to utilize it in their homes. Well, it is a very in-depth subject matter, given the season I thought it might be fun to talk a little bit about the mystical side of the feng shui methods and design integration.Luxe Layers JENRON DESIGNS

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Freshening things up with new plush bedding and cozy sheets are a great way to make your bedroom an oasis. You know what a fan I am of the Cozy Earth Bamboo sheets, which are by far one of my favorite things, so if you have not tried them use my code: JENRONDESIGND40 to save 40% off your order.

Opening Windows JENRON DESIGNSWe also love to keep the windows and doors open this time of year to let in the fresh fall breezes. However, at night we close our custom built shutter panels, DIY link here. Which provide darkness from street light bleed and additional sound blocking, which is big in Feng Shui design, to create a sound sleeping environment. Honestly, you may not even realize how little sleep you are getting at night due to environmental factors that are beyond your control; streetlamps, traffic sounds, light bleed from neighbors porch/flood lights or dogs barking.  These are all things that are hampering your ability to sleep and stay asleep. I hear about these struggles from clients all the time.

Foot Warmer JENRON DESIGNSOne of the other things we add for the season every year, in addition to new bedding, which you can see here is a new heating blanket at the foot of the bed. In our home the heating blanket doubles as a pet cover as well for our cats, which they love because it is a stay on heating blanket. Warmth is a big part of feng shui it brings a sense of well being to your soul, along with comfort.

Designer tip: You may notice that you can see the heating blanket cord in the first picture above, I left them there on purpose so I mention how we hide them under the mattress the place the control on the posters on each side of our bed, seen below.
Heating Blankets JENRON DESIGNS

As you can see, we always have a few of our cozy kitties on the bed at any given time, which proves that the comfort level of this space is spot on in the Feng Shui world. Animals have a keen sense about things like this as well. If they do not like an area or seem to be bothered by a place in your home, it might have an issue. I know one of our other kitties, which has passed on now, would predict pipes and a water heater bursting before they actually burst in our previous home. Cuddly Kitty JENRON DESIGNSWhile I am talking about warmth in a room, you can also add in heaters like how we added this faux fireplace to give you additional warmth as well. This also provides ambient lighting as well. In Feng Shui a fireplace located in the southwest or west areas will bring added romance into your love or married life. Located in the Northeast location of your home the fireplace helps you keep a cool and calm head with clear thinking, education and luck.

In Feng Shui teachings all of the designs are based on location of sacred items or objects and the location of them in your home. This is based off compass directions like north, south, east or west while standing in the room. Warming the Room JENRON DESIGNS

Scent is another big part of home design in Feng Shui. I recently found this amazing room and linen spray Palo Santo by Brooklyn Candle Studio which I adore, but then again, I love anything with Oakmoss in it. This scent brings a sense of well being without a perfumy smell, it is clean and natural.Paleo Santo Room Spray JENRON DESIGNSYou may also notice I have a few of my crystals laying around as well. Feng Shui also focuses on different healing properties. This makes them very versatile, and they can often be used in more than one sector. They have enormous wealth enhancing, healing and protective properties, so it could even be used to boost your wealth. In feng shui, wealth can be actual monetary wealth or being wealthy in a specific area of your life, such as other non-monetary riches like relationships or a just a healthy life.Salt Lamps JENRON DESIGNSOne of the largest crystals you may have seen on either nightstand are actual salt lamps. I was recently introduced to these after a spa experience in a Himalayan salt room. Salt lamps can promote healing properties, like boosting your mood, improving sleep, easing allergies, relieving asthma so you can breathe better, and cleaning the air. These lamps are supposed to attract positive ions in the air and replace them negative ones. While that may sound backwards; negative ions are the ones that clear the air of airborne allergens such as pollen, mold spores, bacteria, viruses, dust, pet dander and cigarette smoke. Closing out Sound & light JENRON DESIGNHowever, if you are concerned about “negative energy”, which is an entirely different topic all together, I suggest you consider a nice sage smudge for your home. Burning sage is one of the oldest and purest methods of cleansing a person, group of people, or space and of getting rid of unwanted spirits or energies. This practice dates back to prehistoric times and it’s been documented as having been used in every corner of the world by our ancestors. I smudge my house monthly just to keep it clean, but I also have haint blue ceilings on all my porches as well.  Sage Smudge Sticks JENRON DESIGNS

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  1. Monica Simpson

    I’ve been thinking of getting some new bedding for the fall/winter season. I love changing my room decor!

  2. Grerat Feng Shui tips! I think it’s time give our room some make over!

  3. Tisha

    I absolutely love this bedding! SO cute

  4. Monica bedding has become my new go to lately I change it almost twice a year now, but it seems like the quality of bedding is not what it used to be, so it needs it.

  5. Thank You sometimes it is the little things that will make such a big difference in your wellbeing.

  6. So that bedding is Better Homes & Garden from Walmart. It was under $100 for the set you can not beat that price, however I know it will need to be replaced in the spring as all my Bed in Bags only least about a season or two.

  7. Great advice for balancing a room with feng shui. I love the cozy touches you added to the decor. Such a pretty room!

  8. Thank you sometimes you can balance a space with just a few simply changes and it will make a world of difference.

  9. Valerie F.

    Enjoyed studying this article so much, it was packed with very good stuff, and I really appreciate it.

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    You are so intelligent and your stuff is excellent. I always love reading it please always maintain you high standards and keep it up!

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