Closet Reveal 

ORC Master Bedroom Closet JENRON DESIGNS

Closet Reveal 

Ready for the Reveal? We made it to week 6, the ORC Closet Reveal. Check out full reveal and all the details for this room.

Are you ready for the ORC REVEAL? We completed our owners suite closet, which is directly off of our on suite bathroom that we completed this past Spring. That challenge plus our recent Owners Suite Bedroom Renovation just left us excited to finish up the owners suite closet as well. Now in Week 6 we are celebrating all of our design wins in ORC Fall 2019: Closet Reveal.


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Just in case you maybe wondering exactly what is the  ORC aka The One Room Challenge here is the full scoop. This event was started by Linda Weinstein @ Calling It Home and is hosted twice a year, in April and October for the past 16 seasons. The ORC has hosted over 300 interior designers & home decor bloggers, that have joined together in this challenge to makeover one room in their own homes.  The participants have a total of six weeks, from start to finish, to complete a full room transformation. Over 3,500 rooms have been transformed through the One Room Challenge to date, and many spaces have been recognized and featured by several prestigious sites seen here:

Thank you to the One Room Challenge Media Partner, Better Homes & Gardens, for your continued support and love for original interior design.



WEEK 1: Introduction, Inspiration Board, Ordering and Procurement of Supplies 

WEEK 2:  Build a Custom Sized Window Cornice

WEEK 3: TRIM- DIY Wainscot Panels 

WEEK 4: PAINT – Paint Room, add new Light Fixtures

WEEK 5: ELECTRICAL- Sort & Organize all clothing, Add new Elfa fixtures, Add decorative features 


We checked off all the boxes on our to do list. Are you ready to see the reveal?


So here is a quick look back at the before pictures as we launched this project. Just so the closet in it’s before state is fresh in your mind. It was dark and over filled. It really needed some organizational protocols added to the existing plan.

The Owner Suite Closet Reveal 

First of all, let me just say look at all the light coming in now. The white walls reflect all of it making the space so much brighter. The addition of the new light fixtures have also added much needed light into the dark areas of the closet, like my shoe rack.  This once dark pass though is now one of my favorite areas. We added in basket shelves to house my flip flops and sandals which freed up a bunch of additional space for my shoes. We removed the double decker shelves and repurposed them as hat racks for Ron.We also changed out the mismatched laundry baskets and now have 3 matching ones, for whites, lights and darks. As you can see these basket are well utilized and now we can see that laundry is piling up, where before we would see the lids buckling and bowing due to being overfilled.We also added a sitting bench, which is perfect for putting our shoes on,  along with his and her’s rugs which will be so nice in the winter. This room is located over the garage so the floors tend to be cold in the winter, since that is a unconditioned space. I like the idea of his and hers rugs since the closet is divided in half. I wanted to use two rugs that would compliment each other, with a masculine and feminine vibe. I think the mix of cow hide and sherpa really archives my design plan, while adding a softer warm surface for bare feet.You may also notice that the bench matched the sherpa rug which Khalessi is certainly enjoying now. She may use the bench more than us, lol since she likes to follow the sun and the room gets great morning light.As for my side of the closet it has a lot more storage space after sorting through my clothes. I decided to put all my designer bags back into there dusters on the top shelf and was able to spread them out a bit more too. While I still think it was prettier to showcase them out of the duster bags, they call them dusters for a reason. My poor handbags all needed a quick wipe down with leather conditioner prior to going into there bags.We also lowered my pant and skirts rack, so now I have more hanging length for longer tunic style shirts. Before they were getting hung up and tangled in the hangers below. Now there is a clear division of space. I also decided to put all my folding pants onto wooden hangers,  so they would all match, unlike other people….Ron.I still have my long hanging garment section at the far end. I also added a scarf hanger to that end as well to house all my cold weather scarfs. In my folded section we added two more additional wire basket racks to hold a few more of my t-shirts and leggings that had taken over my cold weather apparel. I also used those pretty bright gift boxes as sectional storage for smaller hair ribbons and silk scarfs. Across the room on his side we reallocated the basket drawers for his undershirts and foldable t-shirts. Please know I did try to show him how to fold in a vertical fashion and like his hangers he baulked at the change. I chose not to waste my time of refolding, simply for a photoshoot, since this will be how the closet truly looks on a daily basis. Plus our dry cleaners have now changed the color of our hangers so, there is that little OCD nightmare for me when I look that direction, but I do like the new color better.  On the upside we are both happy with his new hat racks. He can now see his hats which he wears all the time. Before they were stored in a basket that would have to be pulled down to see the hats, which just did not work for him. We also added an additional shoe rack for his very small collection of shoes, LOL. These are the ones he hardly wears, and his boots stay over on his dressing butler.  We also added an additional wire basket for our giveaways. This is a life changing process to have a giveaway basket in the closet. Then items can be put directly into the basket upon trying them on. If they are ill fitting or we no longer like them, they go for donation day.

Finally you can see where we streamlined the artwork in the closet entryway. Now all the frames match our shelves thanks to Art To Frames, which adds to the cohesive feel of the closet. One final tip for refreshing your closet. I like to use an oil diffuser verses a candle when it comes to my closet. Candles tend to release a little bit of smoke which can discolor your apparel. I also like to get a diffuser that matches up to a similar fragrance of my perfume. This subtly scents your clothes and keeps the room smelling fresh. You can also use sachets for your drawers as well, so I recommend a combination of both.


  1. This looks fantastic!! Congratulations on finishing up so strong.

  2. Wow. Wow. Wow! I love it! Favorite parts, the valance and the shoe racks! Really, it turned out gorgeous!

  3. Beautiful job, Jen! Love the organizing system you used. And yes to the bench. You’ll find you use it often.. Super congrats on a great makeover. XO ~~ Susie from Chelsea Project

  4. I wish my closet looked like this! It turned out so beautiful, what a difference! How convenient to have a bench!

  5. It looks great Jen! Congrats! We’re done! Cheers!

  6. This is a dream closet!! A place for everything and everything in it’s place!! I love the whole closet system you’ve got. Great job and btw, love the rugs

  7. Wow Jennifer! What a dreamy closet! You did such a great job!

  8. WOW – your closet is a beautiful space! The bench is a great idea and we LOVE the his and her rugs! Congrats on a beautiful closet!

  9. Jen what a fantastic job! The trim work, the cornice the organizers, this is a dream closet for sure!

  10. Andrea

    It looks so good. Extra shelves and organization are always a plus. Nice job.

  11. Mary K Hunnicutt

    It looks amazing! I need some baskets like that for my scarfs and such!

  12. Oh how I would love to have the space to do a closet like this! You did such a fantastic job! I LOVE it!

  13. I love the way you organized it! It made the master closet looked bigger too!

  14. O wow I am so jealous of your closet. It is so neat I love it! I also could help the hardwood floors and notice the patience!

  15. What a fabulous place to get ready in the morning! My goodness, great job.

  16. So much organization!!!! Great job Jen. I bet you love putting clothes away now

  17. Nita Okoye

    All of this looks so pretty! Wow! So amazing!!

  18. nicole torres

    I love the new look. So much space and the floor is gorgeous.

  19. This is closet goals right here! I love all the space you have and it looks great! The his and her rugs are so neat!

  20. It is always a good time when you break out the wood burner! LOL!

  21. Chantel

    Nice closet. Thank you for this post. It helps me a lot to think what appropriate design to my room especially my closet because I’m planning to change the style of my room. I think this is great if I combine it.

  22. Ali Brummitt

    Great article! I have so many ideas for my closet now, thank you!

  23. Lunding Hessellund

    Found your post interesting to read. I can not wait to see more of your articles. Good Luck for the upcoming reveal,this one has truly been very interesting and effective.
    Kind Regards,
    Lunding Hessellund

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