Proper Cord Management

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Proper Cord Management

Ask the Designer: Oh what a tangled web we weave in home decorating, that is why Proper Cord Management is so important.

Hi everyone, today I am here to show you how easy it is to get Proper Cord Management for some the hardest decorating spots in the home. One the most popular questions I get, on Ask The Designer is about Proper Cord Management, anything from floating office desks to lamps located on end tables in the middle of a room. BEFORE Cord Management Picture JENRON DESIGNSThe one universal question is, “How do you hide those pesky cords and make it look like a magazine picture?” Well, today I want to walk you through a specific area in my home and show you how I was able to achieve a well hidden electrical cord.BEFORE picture of Cord Management JENRON DESIGNS

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Today I will be using an invaluable home decor product designed to solve this very dilemma. I was recently introduced to the product line of sleek sockets. Which consists of a blank outlet cover with an extension plug available in both 8 and 9 foot lengths. The kit comes with everything you need to successfully hide your electrical cords all in one easy to purchase online kit.Sleek Sockets Cord Management JENRON DESIGNSAs you can see installation is a breeze,  you simply plug in the wall plug and use the provided self adhesive clips to attach the cord directly to your baseboards. That means no drilling and no holes, which is a total win win in my book.


Sleek Sockets Plug JENRON DESIGNSThe Sleek Socket is approximately 90% thinner than most traditional plugs and cords being thinner than the average baseboard it sits on top of an outlet and simply disappears. Then you can even use the perfectly sized adhesive cord strips to attach to your furniture.Stickies Cord Management JENRON DESIGNS They are safe for even the most delicate surfaces like this hand finished table, that I have a tinted aged furniture wax on to antique the surface. I tested the adhesive strip and it came off clean and did not even remove the the wax finish. Sleek Sockets Stickies Cord Management JENRON DESIGNSSo after testing, on an inconspicuous spot of my furniture to make sure it would not remove the specialty wax finish; which you should always do with anything, cleaners or adhesives, because you just never know. I felt confident enough to run the cord up the inside of the table leg to hide the cord for the table lamp above.Stickies Cord JENRON DESIGNSOnce under the bottom of the the table we continued to run the cord around to the back edge of the table where we wanted the plug strip to be for the lamp. Again, we used the self adhesive provided cord clips, provided in our sleep socket kit. There were plenty to do the entire job.Cord Clips JENRON DESIGNS.The plug strip has a total of 3 outlets, a single on one side and a double on the other side. We decided to install it to the table with two plugs facing out to provide an additional outlet perfect for laptop charging, or cell phone chargers. Plug Mount JENRON DESIGNS.Now this is the magazine quality photo worth picturing that we all want every day for these floating table areas in our homes. Cords that disappear from the eye, which also tends to make a space safer for children and pets from possible tripping hazards. I can also see these being a huge winner for my holiday decor, like mantle garlands and the hazardous staircase garlands as well,  so I plan on ordering a few extra Sleek Sockets ahead of time so I have them on hand for the upcoming holiday season! After Sleek Socket Cord Management JENRON DESIGNS.We also did a great segment on under desk cord management for computer stations too during a One Room Challenge segment seen here at Organizing Your Desk & Cord Management. It has great tips on how to drill in surge protectors for your computers and hide cords for floating desks, so check it out!

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  1. Wow the Sleek Socket is genius! It looks so seamless and you barely even notice it. I will definitely be purchasing one for all of those musky cords I got around the house. Thanks for sharing xxx

  2. Wow, that looks so much better! I will definitely be purchasing some of those for all the ugly cords in my house!

  3. Britt

    WOW – love this organization and idea in general. cords are the worst! thanks for sharing inspiration.

  4. Having messy cords is such a common yet unspoken problem! This post just gave me an idea of what to do with my cords. Thank you so much!

  5. Digitaldaybook

    Love this so much! When my husband and I get our own place it’s definitely worth investing in time and money to properly hide our cords!

  6. Tana

    I love everything about this article! I was always a hot mess with cords until my husband came along and fixed them LOL… he would love all of these ideas!

  7. Kristy

    These are great, thanks for sharing! I have a few places these will work fantastic!!

  8. Live2youJFM

    These are some great ideas, worth every penny! I love a neat place, thanks for sharing!

  9. judean

    I have never heard of these. I wish they would come in different colors because I do not have white baseboards rather wood.

  10. It is really important to secure the cords especially if we have kids at home. These are such great ways to secure them on a budget .

  11. These ideas are wonderful. Altough, I am not home decorating ki dof person but this concept inspired to give it a try.

  12. Victoria Smith Dorian

    What a great solution to a very common problem. Thanks for sharing!

  13. Bianca

    Your article helped me a lot, cords are always such a pain to organize and keep looking pretty.Thanks!

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