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What is GET A ROOMEach month I will provide my followers with a free Vision Board complete with all the links to recreate the room in their own home. It will all be designed, matched and balanced to create a perfect room every time, all you have to do is know your room dimensions for windows, rugs and furniture pieces. Think about those box  cosmetics and fashion subscriptions, it is the same idea but no charge to my followers.

Why is it FREE: First and foremost I LOVE Interior Design. I have decided, that while I personally love Industrial Farmhouse Chic and Farmhouse design is uber hot right now; I know it is not everyone’s cup of tea. As a Interior Designer I can appreciate all forms of home decor and I wanted to provide some of my other creative visions. Then, make them available to my followers, for free.  Also, I get a lot of inquires about interior design for specific types of rooms, and yes I can still do some custom design work but I felt like this was the quickest platform to packaged a few universal designs, you might be able to find a design that works for you that you just love.

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This month with spring in the air, I focused on an outdoor living space.  I present a bright and cheerful outdoor patio perfect for all your outdoor entertaining needs. We love the outdoors and we actually have a lot of outdoor living spaces in our home. Two screened porches, one of which is a Sleeping Porch we created for the One Room Challenge last spring. We also have a grilling porch with outdoor dining area, along with a large Terrace level patio with a Fireplace and hammock for lounging. I wanted to represent all of these types of outdoor spaces onto one space for you. This way you can pick and choose the pieces that make sense for your outdoor area. 

The Dining Area: 

1.Nathalie Cream Indoor/Outdoor Area Rug  2. Van Glider 5 Piece Dining Set   3. Porcelain Lantern Set


The Conversation Area: 

 4. Aitana Outdoor Throw Pillow Pool  5. Raven 4 Piece Sofa Set with Cushions  6. Mosca Navy Indoor/Outdoor Area Rug

7. Ambience Pro LED 15-Light String Lights 8. Amy Indoor/Outdoor Pillow  9. Corbin Striped Outdoor Grommet Single Panel


The Fire Pit  & Yard Game Area: 

10. Charlize Reclaimed Solid Wood Adirondack Chair  11. Wadlington Metal Stool  12.Cheree Welcome Outdoor Lumbar Pillow


  • The Herb Garden – Aside from the fact that herbs are actually useful, since they are edible.  Some herbs will actually repeal some insects, and there are several varieties that produce pretty flowers as well.  I have a large Vertical Herb Garden on my terrace, but I am considering purchasing this table top herb garden to be a year round centerpiece for my outdoor dining area. 

4-Piece Wood Pot Planter Set



  1. I love everything about this post, we are big patio entertainers. So I can only imagine how these spaces are so very useful.

  2. These items are amazing. I liked this Patio inspiration. Thanks for sharing this post.

  3. I absolutely love orange and blue together — it’s probably one of my favorite color combinations to pair. It has such a refreshing and calming look to it with the blue, and the orange brings in the perfect pop of color.

    Love your list of items! x


  4. My family just moved to a house with a big beautiful deck so this is seriously perfect. I’m obsessed with the color palette you laid out here, especially that rug!! Also, the lights and the fresh plants are stunning. Love it!

  5. Just reading this article is making me think of sunshine and chilling! Love the cool colors! Looking to revamp mine now!

  6. Thank you so much for bringing some sunshine into my day. I am so ready to get outside and up date our decks. I just ordered those great vases, so excited.

  7. Heather, me too! I am soooo ready for 70 degree days and 50 degree nights. Today was perfect, Warm with sun but a nice ambient breeze!

  8. Oh this makes me so antsy for warm weather and patio time! If it ever stops snowing here I’ll revisit this vision board! 🙂

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