Going Green for The Holidays

Going Green for The Holidays

I am very excited to announce that Jenron Designs has teamed up with Arhaus. This month I will be sharing my decorating tips on, Going Green for The Holidays.

Did you know that Americans throw away about 25% more trash between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve? It is not that hard to make sustainable holiday choices while decorating, traveling, sending cards, or even choosing and wrapping holiday gifts. When you save energy and resources, you are choosing to protect the environment to safeguard life, now and for the future. 


  • Buy an artificial tree with LED lights that you can use for years to come; make the most energy efficient choice. Safety and energy-efficiency should always be considered first.

I really love decorating for the holidays, and lately I have started to make the conscience decision to slowly integrate LED lights into our holiday lighting. I will admit, I was not a fan of the original LED holiday lights when they first came out. I was very unimpressed with the color value they provided; which was very stark, with a ton of cool blue undertones, not the traditional warm white holiday lights I grew up loving. As advancements have been made in the technology, I now find that the warm white LED’s rival that of the traditional white incandescents. As you can see, with my newest tree below.LED lights are also safer for pets and children, since they are usually low voltage. Plus, they do not heat up like the traditional lights, so they are unlikely to catch fire in dry holiday trees. I also have found they last up to 10x longer; which also means less glass and metal going into a landfill, not to mention all the money they will save you on your energy bill.

  • Decorate creatively and inexpensively with natural materials from your yard or with items you already own.

I rotate my holiday picks and recycle my ribbons from tree to tree in different combinations to create new looks each year. The red snowflake ribbon shown below was utilized on an outdoor wreaths for the last 2 Christmas seasons. While it is still in good shape, we brought it back inside to our Nostalgic Woodland Tree. This makes my trees appear different every year; while being cost effective by recycling the ribbon for another year.

  • Wrap Smarter, and Recycle your Gift Wrap

I think we all recycle pretty gift bags and ribbon bows that we receive.  The ribbon is so easy to roll it back up and save it for next year unlike the sticky bows of years past. This is another great way to save on waste going to the landfill. Also you can get creative with your gift wrapping, maybe use a scarf as the paper which is also a gift for the recipient. A leftover paper towel tube works great for those hard to wrap small items. I have also been known to cut up paperer bags and wrap a gift or two with the brown side out. 

  • Buy a living tree you can plant outside or keep as a houseplant after the holidays.

While celebrating  our first Christmas in our home, we purchased a dozen small live trees to decorate with throughout the house. Since we had no landscaping in our back yard at the time they were planted after the holidays were over.  We planted all of our little Italian Pines, to be used as a naturalized buffer between our yard and the woodland creekside directly behind our home. As you can see in the past 3 years these little table top trees have grown about 2-3 feet tall.

 So, how do you go green for the holidays?

Something really cool that Arhaus is doing is partnering with the American Forest Foundation to plant more trees in our depleted forests. Arhaus, really is a company devoted to this mission, and their sectional sofas are just a few of their products that are made with 100% organic material. All of their dining tables are made using reclaimed wood, which helps to protect endangered rain forests. They encourage sustainable behavior every day, and have created a graphic that highlights different ways you can make your own home more eco-friendly, and for every purchase made during their in-store sale,  Arhaus will plant a tree in partnership American Forests Foundation. From biodiversity to climate change, clean water to air quality. American Forests is a foundation that strives to save the forests and make a more sustainable life for all. There are so many ways that you can help make the planet more eco-friendly, and many efforts often start in your own home. Check out the infographic below for more details!


  1. This is a great collaboration for your company. I love that you are eco-blogger that is paying it forward to the environment, not just making a profit for your company through sales. The American Forestry Foundation is a great way to support going green, they get so little acknowledgment but do so much.

  2. I really appreciate this post. I have been looking all over for this! Thank goodness I found it on Bing. You’ve made my day! Thank you again!

  3. Wow this is quite an honor my friend. Arhaus is a large company and for them to approach you that is wonderful. You are on your way now! Good luck in all your future endeavors.

  4. I am so glad the led lights came out in a warmer white, they are perfect for the tree now :). We reuse gift bags and bows until they are no longer presentable…our girls even bring home unwrapped gifts to use what we have rather than buying excess wrapping supplies.

  5. I am all for the environment and being green. Loved your tips on picking the Christmas Tree. Going to share it now

  6. I adore Arhaus, and they really fit your style of design. The Going Green, post is perfect we do waste a lot this time of year, and we should all be cognizant of it. Thank you for embracing our environment while celebrating the holidays. Sometimes home design can be so wasteful, you are like a breath of fresh air when it comes to design ideas.

  7. We switched to a phony prelim tree a couple years back. I miss the smell but I like that we’re saving trees. We also try to reuse a lot of gift wrapping/ bags/ etc so that stuff doesn’t go to landfill. I love the mission of Arhaus, thanks for sharing it.

  8. I love the planting a tree outside suggestion! Such a great idea. I grew up chopping down our family Christmas tree. As an adult, I have been more inclined to put up a fake tree because I can put it up whenever I wish. Plus they are way easier to “clean up” after. No needles. But the planting a tree outside is such a lovely way to give back, esp after all those years of cutting them down. Thank you for sharing!

  9. We’re cramped for space, so I stopped putting up a tree several years back. We sometimes cut greenery from living evergreens to bring indoors. Or we’ll make a Yule log or set up decorations that can be used over and over. One final thing I like to do is to decorate a tree outside with things like cranberry strings and orange bird feeders, that the birds and other wildlife can enjoy 🙂

  10. Love these suggestions for an environmentally friendly Christmas! You’re right – there’s SO much waste that goes on around the holidays. It’s definitely made me more conscious about what we consume, and how.
    xo Jaime

  11. Congratulations girl a partnership with Arhaus that is big account to work with, talk about the gateway to greatness.

  12. I love that your are taking the opportunity to use your beautiful home decorating for doing something good this holiday season. Congratulations on partnering with Arhaus and The American Forestry Foundation that is dynamic duo.

  13. Thank you for sharing such a beneficial post for the holidays. This is the time of year for excess and we all need to be cogniscent of the repercussions of our actions.

  14. Congratulations on working with Arhaus, I love everything they sale, so much that I could go broke! I love that you are Doing the Go Green initiative too, what a great way to give and design pretty things.

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