Making a Bow & Gift Wrapping Ideas

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Making a Bow & Gift Wrapping Ideas

Do you struggle with Making a Bow & Gift Wrapping Ideas? Well check out my easy list of perfect packaging ideas.

As if it is not hard enough to find the perfect gift, now you need some pretty presentation ideas on how to make the gift look pretty to make the giving experience complete. This is why I wanted to share my easy Making a Bow & Gift Wrapping Ideas, with these simple techniques you can hand off a present that looks professionally wrapped with a custom flair designed for the recipient.

First off lets go over how to make a bow. This is my step by step Youtube Video that shows how to make a bow. The steps are the same for any size bow you will just alter the amount of ribbon you need with my handy chart below. So no matter if you are making wreath bows, mailbox bows or package bows this video is the perfect companion.

Basic Bow Ribbon Guidelines:

        • Small Bow with Tails  6-8″ Bow 8 feet
        • Medium Bow with Tails 10-12″ bow 12 feet
        • Mailbox Box or Large Wreath 25 feet
        • Large Christmas Tree Topper Bow 50 feet

Gift Wrap Ideas JENRON DESIGNS When making a bow you can also get creative and layer your ribbons to create more custom looks. Like this red and silver bow which was made by using two ribbons at the same time while creating the bows. This is a little harder to to, so I would recommend starting off with a nice wired ribbon in a single layer for your bow making experience, and then working your way up to satins and layers. Gift Wrap Ideas JENRON DESIGNS If you have already bought satin ribbon then you most likely have realized the difficulties of bow making with this slipper fabric. Don’t fret, maybe you can try your hand at a nice weave technique instead. This is created by taping the ribbon in place on the back of your package and layering the ribbon into a woven pattern. Which is a nice chic look and packs nicely into the car for travel without crushing the bows. Add in a little sprig of greenery and it is adorable. Gift Wrap Ideas JENRON DESIGNS If you decided that you like the idea of a simple knot bow try adding multiple layers or textures and patterns of ribbons to add simple interest to the center, as seen with this raffia. This bow is literally two knots, so if you can tie your shoes you can make this bow. The color patterns and texture is what adds all the interest. Gift Wrap Ideas JENRON DESIGNS

Gift Wrap Ideas JENRON DESIGNS You can also do a  simple shoe string bow as well, they are always pretty with a nice classic velveteen ribbon or satin ribbon. You can add more visual interest by adding a floral pick of greenery to the center or maybe just some holiday ornaments clustered together like below. Gift Wrap Ideas JENRON DESIGNS If you just decided bows are not for you at all try giving this easy accent a try. This is an elastic twine with ornaments that have been strung into to the twine. The twine was taped to the package and the ornaments lined up down the center for a snowman vibe. Gift Wrap Ideas JENRON DESIGNS I also created a similar look using peppermint candies to look like buttons. These were pinned on with pearl head pins but you could easily use a dab of hot glue or craft glue to secure the candies for kids, to avoid any choking hazards. Gift Wrap Ideas JENRON DESIGNS Speaking of gifts for kids I like to add a fun favor to the outside of the gift that goes along with what might be inside, because let’s face it, there’s nothing worse than waiting to open your presents. So if there is a little something on the outside, it keeps them busy while the rest of the gifts are passed out or if your family takes turns opening gifts.Gift Wrap Ideas JENRON DESIGNS For example, this gift below has a journal inside and a fun hand carved kitty pencil made out of stick on the outside. Yes it could have easily gone inside the gift or been wrapped separately but it really makes a cute package charm. Gift Wrap Ideas JENRON DESIGNS Also, another great gift wrapping idea for those hard to wrap gifts are canvas gift bags, or Santa Bags for the kids. These are really life savers for cute gift wrapping in a time pinch and are really a fantastic eco green options, as seen in Go Green for the Holidays post. Gift Wrap Ideas JENRON DESIGNS If you are crafty, maybe you can add a handmade tag that could double as an ornament to the outside of your gift. This adds an element of personalization to your gifts, as does the embroidered bag above.Gift Wrap Ideas JENRON DESIGNS If you are not crafty, you can pick a few up like these cute handmade Fabric Tag Ornaments from my friend Becky at Southern Spangled. They are absolutely adorable and make the perfect little add on gift to any gift package.   Gift Wrap Ideas JENRON DESIGNS If you are a baker you can always search for some fun vintage food tins to place your homemade baked goods into to for gifting. My personal advice on this  inspiration is to pre-package the baked items so they are sealed up prior to placing inside of the tins, especially if they are rustic or vintage. While old tins are fun, they are not exactly hygienic and can not be cleaned easily, so stick to a gladware or plastic sealed or wrapped goody to go inside.Gift Wrap Ideas JENRON DESIGNS Finally I know this is not a new idea to create reinbeer, but my spin on this was to be creative with the labeling as well. So I re-branded a very well known brand to read “Jingling” and then added the funny little reindeer toppers. Gift Wrap Ideas JENRON DESIGNS Details are what make the difference to me. For example, you may notice I also picked a nice Black and Tan, just like a reindeer. Sure you can put this idea on a Bud, but to me it just does not have the same effect. Those would need to be Buddy the Elf… little green hats stuck on with chewed gum with a flask of syrup….see it is all in the details.Gift Wrap Ideas JENRON DESIGNS

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Making A Bow & Gift Wrap JENRON DESIGNS

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  1. My gifts are going to look glorious this year thanks to you sharing your secrets!!

  2. Beautiful! Why has it never occurred to me that I could use more than one type of ribbon?!

  3. Boy do I ever struggle. I have two left hands when it comes to wrapping but with the help from this post I think I can turn things around. Your work is gorgeous!

  4. I do find making bows so tricky but you made it sound so easy. I haven’t finished gift wrapping yet and I might try what you’ve suggested. Hopefully it would work for me this time 🙂 Thanks for the tips!

  5. A nice package gives me even more emotion to unwrap and in fact when I find myself making them I feel the exact same emotion in trying to do something extremely beautiful aesthetically. So lovely!

  6. Great tutorial! I would like to try some smaller ones for gift packages.

  7. Such a timely and important post at this time of the year! Love your decorating bows, thanks for sharing and now I will def try making them over the Christmas break- they are beautiful!!

  8. Caressa Walker

    I have always been bad at making my presents look good, so I will be bookmarking this when I wrap my sons presents this year.

  9. What beautiful packages, in fact yes I should commit myself to some beautiful bows they give the idea of ​​a super Christmas! Love it!

  10. What beautiful packages! I must admit I’ve discovered canvas “sacks” and love them. All the kids gifts from “Santa” go in a big sack. The gifts that are from us get wrapped. A life and time saver (seven grand littles).

  11. Beautiful work, a cute package makes the gift even more exciting to me!!! I will definitely be trying them.

  12. Windy

    Now I have no excuse for my bows to look like trash after getting your tips. Merry Christmas!

  13. Kristy

    You make the best bows! Thank you for teaching me! <3

  14. Of course, anytime my friend! I hope they make your season extra jolly this year!

  15. My mom was always good at making bows, but that didn’t get passed down to me 😉 I love these alternative ideas, like using sticks and bells. They look so beautiful!

  16. Amber Myers

    Gorgeous! I love your ideas. My wrapping is pretty terrible so my gifts look like they were wrapped by a t rex.

  17. My bows are terrible so I need to save this when I’m wrapping my gifts

  18. Mimi when I first started in floral design at age 22, the older experienced ladies at the time, sat me in corner and made me make all the bows. I made so MANY bow, until my hands cramped up, LOL. Now I can make any bow in a flash, blindfolded, on a moving truck if I had too! So I get the reason they did that, because a bow covers everything you NEVER wanted to see in floral designs, weddings, and holiday decor.

  19. You can use almost anything as package decor these days, ornaments, hot cocoa, even actual mittens. It is all in how you tie it on to the gift.

  20. Janeane M Davis

    These are cute ideas for making opening gifts a fun and festive experience of its own.

  21. Tisha

    These gifts gorgeously wrapped! Can’t wait to try some on my gifts

  22. Lena Horowitz

    5 stars
    The recipients of these beloved the gifts are so lucky! They are beautifully wrapped and adorned for the season, so much prettier than and ugly stick on bow and it shows you care.You are so creative and have so many talents to share with us, thank you!

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