3 Quick Centerpieces with Grocery Store Flowers

3 Quick Centerpieces with Grocery Store Flowers

Today, on ASK THE DESIGNER, I am sharing 3 Quick Centerpieces with Grocery Store Flowers.

Today I would like to share a little bit of my floral design knowledge and teach you how to make a quick and easy centerpiece with those pre-bundled grocery store bouquets. 3 Quick Centerpieces with Grocery Store Flowers will help you navigate what you need to be successful in this venture.It is that time of year as the holiday season quickly approaches. I am sure you have planned a few holiday gathering…. or have had a few impromptu one pop up along the way, believe me we have all been there. In those cases we go tearing out to the grocery store to try a pull something together out of nothing; and we inevitably grab a bouquet of fresh flowers. We get home hoping to make something pretty for the table, only to get home and find we have a maybe few roses, daisy’s and a sprig of greenery. Now we have no idea what to do with this collection other than to shove it all in vase. This is how I came up with idea to share 3 Quick Centerpieces with Grocery Store Flowers.Please know that while you can simply buy a mixed bouquet like this at the store, take it home and plop it into a vase. This is not really the best possible design, and does not really say custom or designed. Inevitably, you will end up with a vase arrangement that is all the same height and looks like the end of a trumpet, which is not very aesthetically pleasing.My very first recommendation is to buy 2 or more of the same type of mixed bouquets which will offer you more flower to work with, or you can purchase additional types of flowers like a dozen roses to add into a mix set. Traditionally  mixed bouquets are only packed with only 1-2 stems of each type of flower, so either of these options will actually give you some numbers to work with as you design. Today, since I like a challenge, I will show you how to make 3 centerpieces out of 1 large size bouquet.First make sure you have the proper tools and a container. As a classically trained floral designer, I know how to create all types of centerpieces, such as the Japanese style Ikebana, Flourish Renaissance, English Garden, and even Mid Century Modern Pave’.  Please know that all of these style all start with the same flowers as a simple grocery store bouquet. The only difference is what length you decided  cut each of the stems, and how you arrange them into the containers. For example, Japanese Ikebana is the use of negative space, so the use of very few flowers is key, with specific spacing and heights create a very stylized look like potted orchids.A simple tip is to the use floral sheers, these are very similar to pruning shears which would work just as well, but I do not recommend scissors. I know several people that like to use scissors, and while they cut the stems, the thick woody stems will ruin your scissors and scissors also tend to crush the fragile stems leaving them to not drink properly and die quicker. I personally use a floral knife, which is the professional method but I would not recommend that unless you know what you are doing, you could lose a finger,  just stick to the floral sheers.


So, the first arrangement I will show you is a simple vase arrangement. The easiest way is to start is with the greenery, or filler, it will create a grid work to hold your flowers in place. If this is still challenging you can use floral strapping tape to create grid across the top of your vessel to hold the stems upright. Just see the video below for more information on that process. Next, you will want to strip all the leaves or foliage that will be below the water line. This preserves your water and keeps it clean. This is also what cuts down on smelly water as well, because as the foliage breaks down in the water it will cause an unpleasant aroma.Next, you will choose your filler flower. It is usually whatever you have the most of in the bouquet. Then, cut 1″-2″ off at a 45-degree angle and place directly into the the vase. The angle cut increases the surface area that the flower will be able to drink from, which helps them to live longer.  Placing them into water directly after the cut will start the siphoning effect to draw water up into the stems.In this case, you will notice that I started with the mums. Since I had a lot of them and they take up a lot of space. I had four stems of mums total. So, I cut 2″ off of 3 stems  and 1″ off the last stem and placed them into the middle to create hight. Continue adding in flowers, while saving your primary focal flowers for last. Once your filler flower has been placed like these carnations seen above, you can add your focal flowers. Focal flowers are what floral designer call money flowers. They usually cost the most and you want to feature them in the arrangement, like lilies or roses. Notice above how the 3 roses included  in the bouquet are prominently featured in this vase arrangement. Depending on your vase, you can always add a final touch of ribbon to dress it up. I used a very simple knot of ribbon to dress up this mason jar and give it some character. You could add a bow, cute wooden sign , of even a silk scarf if it going to be a gift for a friend.


For this technique you will need a  Lomei Bowl (which you could always reuse from a previous arrangement) and Oasis aka floral frogs (which can not be used again but are available at craft stores). I have also used just a simpler form of chicken wire as well. You would use a loose form ball of chicken wire as a makeshift holder. Keep in mind that the oasis method is better if you are moving the arrangement around where the chicken wire method does not travel or move well, and can look awful upon arrival to the final location, so those should be built on the spot. Today we are using  Oasis, make sure to soak your Oasis in water before starting. You can start by greening in the base of the bowl as seen above.Following the same rules as a vase arrangement. Add in filler flowers and then focal flowers until the oasis is covered. For this arrangement you will need to cut the stems to a similar length for a pave style round; or if you prefer more of an English garden, handpicked look, you can vary the height of the stems like below.

3. Multiple Minis:

My final centerpiece option is what I like to call multiple minis. This is where you line the table with multiple mini arrangements. I usually place candles in between to create ambiance.
For me this is by far the easiest method. You basically design with the flowers in your hand, creating a small handheld nosegay. Then you rubber band the base directly under the flower heads, as seen below.Then, cut the remaining stems off until they are short enough to fit in the mini vases, cups, or jars. For the minis below I used a plastic mint julep cup, perfect for the Derby.  Plus, the fact they are opec, they cover the ugly stems.


Also, a fun holiday tip I love to use is spray painting your greenery. In this picture, I have sprayed my Seeded Eucalyptus gold.  This will add a bit of flair to any basic floral arrangement. Seeded Eucalyptus also dries very well, so be sure to keep you eyes open at my Christmas Home Tour and I bet you can spot some of these lovelies in my garlands, trees and centerpieces.

Also feel free to check out more of my work over at www.butterflylandings.com. Here is my most recent YouTube video from the LIVE PINTEREST EVENT demonstration on this topic. I apologize in advance for the coloration of this video it was unfortunately recorded this way and has not been able to be color corrected.

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