Easy Tips To Organize Your Holiday Decor

Organizing Holiday Decor Totes JENRON DESIGNS

Easy Tips To Organize Your Holiday Decor

Easy Tips To Organize Your Holiday Decor this holiday Season.

Today on Ask The Designer I am covering one of my most asked questions, How do Organize All of Your Holiday Decor? I will say this is a look into an area of my home that I usually do not show very often since it is what I like to consider “back of the house” and it clearly is more of a storage area. So excuse the lighting or lack thereof, and the fact that the space is also unfinished.  I like to think of this as money saved on a storage unit, if you figure a conditioned storage unit would cost on the low end around $200 a month this space saves me $2,400 a year, plus travel, and time. Here are a few of my Easy Tips To Organize Your Holiday Decor:Organizing Holiday Decor JENRON DESIGNS

Label Each Holiday into Specific Bins

My area has specific bins for Christmas, Halloween, Easter, and Fourth of July. I also have a few seasonal cross over bins like Spring, Summer and Fall; with items that are more universal and specific to a holiday. Below you can see a section of my Christmas decor, which I like to keep in red totes for easy visibility at a glance. I know exactly what I am looking at, then I label accordingly to specific areas of my home. You can see I just used basic duct tape and sharpie, nothing fancy, just a removable label so I can easily change it, when needed. Organizing Holiday Decor Totes JENRON DESIGNS

Try Color Sorting Like Items Together

Consider storing bulk ornaments or greenery picks.  This way it is easy to find what you are looking for quickly. You can even do this with your ribbon as well. I have totes of all silver decor or all white decor, so when I am decorating in a specific color or theme I can easily locate all of the like items at one time. The tote below is all silver, which includes ornaments, ribbon, and even some decor pieces all in one tote.Color Coding Totes JENRON DESIGNS

Roll your Ribbon Back Up

This method will take up a lot  less space and packs away easier into your bins. I always like to think of ribbon like hair, so put it back on rollers to extend the life of your ribbon. The ribbon below was used on my large tree in the family room and various garlands through out my home; in order to be able to reuse it this year as outdoor bows I re-rolled the ribbon to keep in nice before it’s final journey into the outdoors.  Holiday Decor Ribbon Totes JENRON DESIGNS

Store your Bows on Hangers

I know a lot of people like to store bows premade, which is fine, but they usually end up getting crushed. This is a tip from all my years in the wedding business, hang them up on a dry cleaning hangers to prevent crushing.

If you are unsure of the hangers that I am speaking about, they have a cardboard tube that is removable from the wire hanger, see picture below. If you carefully dislodge the tube, it creates an area to slide the center loop of your bows into allowing you to hang 3-4 bows up freely, then you re-attach the tube back to the wire hanger. Hanging Bows JENRON DESIGNS

Try Storing all your greenery picks and garlands into totes together.

Bulky items like garlands take up so much space, especially if you plan on leaving them decorated and not crushing them. I personally remake mine each year to keep them fresh and new looking, so I take all the picks loose and store them separately by style and store all my garland in one tote together, which cuts the bulk. If you have a set style you can always store the items together in one tote for ease of locating. Organizing Holiday Decor in Totes JENRON DESIGNS

The Boxes for Your Tree to Store Them.

One of the most common mistakes people make is to toss the cardboard box the tree comes in. However, it was built to hold your tree for shipping and storage so why not keep it for your tree to go back into?  I know they make Christmas tree storage bags, but in my personal experience those things are a total pain and not worth the money you spend on them. Sure they look great, but are you really taking people into your Christmas storage room?Keeping Trees in Boxes JENRON DESIGNSKeep the box, they have handles, stack easily and take up less space. The trees will fit back in them just fine and you will always have to re-fluff them every year, unless you plan on leaving them up and assembled; which is a interesting idea, but who has that kind of space? We put up 8 full size trees each year, including a 12 foot tree, so trust me on this one. Notice that we used the top shelves and went all the way up to the unfinished ceiling, directly under the ductwork, but not compressing it, that is very important. Keeping Trees in Boxes Year to Year JENRON DESIGNS

Find Spaces for the Odd Shaped Large Pieces.

We have gotten creative with our storage for the larger pieces like the yard reindeer, which stack inside of each other, and art pieces. We dedicated spaces between shelves or in areas that can not house shelving units for these items. The idea is to utilize every stitch of space but still know where everything is and be able to put you hands on it easily.  Storing Large Items JENRON DESIGNS

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Organizing Holiday Decor JENRON DESIGNS

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  1. I do it a little bit too, but I’m not that organized, but I have to be. It’s easier to use and put away! I love it! So great!

  2. This post makes me happy. Where I have gone terribly wrong in the past is not labeling my bins. My husband takes down everything from the attic, and I am sure that we miss some every year. This method is brilliant and will make my life much easier. Thank you.

  3. I’m not one who decorates for holidays but I think these tips are great and the concepts can be applied to home organization. I like the ideas.

  4. Grand Pam

    If placing in an attic or shed not only label but number. Write in your Christmas
    Planner the number of boxes and you will be sure you have them all.

  5. Karletta

    Great tips for getting organized from someone who knows how to do this well. All the best for 2021.

  6. Put away all the decor yesterday. Bins and labelling is a must for me so it’s easy to pull out what I need the following year :). Great suggestions Jen as always. Will be putting some of these tips to use as I organize the rest of my home decor this month!!

  7. Your tips are so handy, and your organisation blows me away! I need to get more organised.

  8. Wow I am amazed by your organization of holiday decor. They look great, will use some tips from here:)

  9. Mary Ellen Ambaliya

    Amazing! I know nothing about organizing my holiday decor, what a wonderful looking place you have to explore seasonal goodies.

  10. Amber Myers

    Oh gosh, I need to do this. My holiday decor is all over the place and looks scary.

  11. I’ll take mine down tomorrow, so I definitely needed this!

  12. Monica Simpson

    I wish I had shelves like this for all our bins. Ours are shoved into our crawl space.

  13. Even though I haven’t decorated for years, I do remember the pain of having to put away decorations. These are great practical tools and suggestions. Perfect timing too!!

  14. tisha

    I need to go through and reorganize my bins and label them. Right now it’s a open and look type of thing.

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