FINAL REVEAL One Room Challenge: Home Office

FINAL REVEAL One Room Challenge: Home Office

Here is the FINAL REVEAL One Room Challenge: Home Office. Praise the Lord, I finally have my home office back, after 6 long weeks!

Check out my before and after pictures for the, FINAL REVEAL One Room Challenge: Home Office! If you are not familiar with the One Room Challenge, here is brief recap about the ORC. This challenge happens twice a year, April/ October, the designers only have six weeks, from start to finish in order to complete a full room transformation.  Each week the guest designer’s will link their progress to the host page, Calling It Home, and you can follow along step by step with all the participants progress at ORC Spring 2018 post. 


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Welcome to the FINAL REVEAL One Room Challenge: Home Office. Honestly, I hate to even show these home office pictures now, but I know it is a necessary evil for the FINAL REVEAL of the One Room Challenge. So here is a jump back to 6 weeks ago at the before pictures just so you all can remember where we started, and even the lighting was horrible!You may remember the heavy drapes and messy Roman shades that blocked light from coming in my windows. All the ugly cords that were hanging out of the back of my computer located on my itty bitty desk. My attempt at channeling my inner Joanna Gaines with a collage of silk plants trailing down the wall mourned a fresh herb sign. The sad builder grade flush mount “boob light” that didn’t even make the picture because it was so sad, and did nothing to light up my work space. My really cool antique furniture that we relocated to my future basement floral workshop to make room for a proper printer station. Okay, okay, enough; here is my new office space where this entire blog post was written……….


I am so happy with the way it all came together. My new chair is so comfortable and it is so nice to have a padded chair again. I am not sure it made it into the pictures but my previous chair was a metal rolling chair, which I loved esthetically. However, as a new blogger spending more and more time in front of the computer, it was awful on my back. The custom upholstered parson chair from Ballard’s Design is perfect. It is not too over sized, that I feel like it is the star of the room, but still  had plenty of padding so it is comfy. Ballard’s added castors to the legs so it rolls just like any regular office chair, and the punchy coral color adds just a touch of whimsy to my office to keep my spirits bright.   
Look ma no cords!!!! I cannot tell you how excited it makes me, not to see all those ugly cords coming out of the back of my computer. They literally drove me nuts. It is always the biggest problem with floating a desk in the middle of a room, but we handled it with Mr. Gainer’s handy cord management techniques seen in Week 4.  So, if you missed it be sure to check it out. 

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I also have to say, that I love my desk! I absolutely fell in love with the Valerie Dining Table from Wayfair, which is the one I ordered (in the color of barn wood). My gallery wall which is now surrounded by the newly installed open farm house shelves are exactly what that empty big wall needed. Since the wall is too narrow to do any type of built in that would not block the windows, this was the best option for the space. Plus by having the open shelves, it creates the illusion of a built in cabinet but gives you versatilely to remove the shelves should this room ever need to become a bedroom on the main floor. 

This room was was very challenging to design since it has a total of 4 doors and 2 windows. This particular layout does not lend itself to large pieces of furniture that can be placed against the walls, since there is literally only one full wall in the entire room.  I decided to keep the bench for additional seating, should I have a guest or client that might drop by my office.This is a view from my desk, as you can see my beautiful signed piece of art is directly in my site line, as my primary focal point. This lovely piece is named, Rift, by Kelly Johnston which is available through Minted. I found this to be a very soothing place to rest my eyes from my computer screen while crafting my next blog statements or contemplating emails. 

The colors in this piece helped to inspire me in the selection of many of my accessories and trinkets used to decorate the shelves. It also helped to solidify the fabric choices for my custom chair, pillow and pet bed.  While I truly love the sea tones of blues and greens, sometime you have to go outside your design box and do something daring which is where that pop of coral came into play with the undertones of green tea.

Last of all we can not forget this beautiful built in cornice that my darling husband crafted for me last weekend. I am not going to lie, this beast was heavy, and lifting it up to install was a challenge all by itself! Honestly, it may have been the biggest challenge of the entire One Room Challenge, LOL, but I truly love it. I feel like it finished off the room perfectly. It really fills that awkward space above the window and is exactly what that window so desperately needed to dress it up with out blocking that gorgeous view. 


The details are really what makes a space your own, it is the best way to add your own special brand of personality to a room. I love curating really unique items, that really represent me. I want them to make me smile when I walk into my space.

Most of these items where things I either shopped my own house for or I picked up at Home Goods. In fact most of my staging items usually are one offs from Home Goods, I can always find the best stuff there. I  will tell you that the flower dome on the second shelf and to the right is an original. I made it and it houses the flowers from my mother and father’s funeral blankets.All of these lovelies illustrated the perfect way to add color into your space with accessories. Each of these items actually pulls a color from my inspiration art into the room. 

This mirror may be one of my other favorite pieces. So, I have a little bit of a thing for the Union Jack, not sure why. Maybe it is my inner British rocker trying to escape….lol or just leftover from the 80’s British invasion who know’s…..aside from the point, I know…..Anyways I love the antique finish on this guy and I knew it had to go into my office, regardless of the design.Another favorite piece I have in my office is my Creative Co-Op Metal “Flower Market” Bucket. Currently I am using this as my recycle bin. I do have a feeling that this pretty will end up in my future flower shop in the basement but until then it stays here. 

These great pieces were all custom made with the Ballard’s custom design program. The beauty of selecting all these items at the same is you can get the several different things made in coordinating fabrics, which carries a very custom look through out your space. I opted for two different coordinating fabrics to match my desk chair.  
I decided to have pillows made in two different sizes for the small Dochester Side Bench also available from Ballard Designs.   I did (2)  20x 20’s and (2) 12 x14 lumbar pillows. The reason for these numbers is simple, by purchasing a set I can use them with bedding or even a sofa again some day, if I tire of them in my office. 

I also decided to purchase additional fabric by the yard from Ballards, to match my desk chair. Originally I thought I might make a roman shade or some kind of valance for the window. Instead I actually made a sweet little matching pet bed in this antique Priato box, because there is always a feline or two snoozing in my office while I am working.

I stashed the pet bed under my rustic rolling printer station, which is the perfect spot. It is out of the way but yet not hidden since it turned out so cute. I got to tell you I love this Williams Media Console I scooped up at the Pottery Barn Outlet. 
I get so many complements on it and it may be one of my favorite pieces to date. I was so excited that the wood on the printer cart matched my ceiling fan. This was not even planned, although my husband says I should tell everyone that I totally searched everywhere for an exact match, lol.I always love a good Flea Market or Antique Store find. Here are a couple of close ups on some the treasures we found while completing this project. I have had a thing for cotton bolls for a while now. I think the first wedding I did with cotton was almost 10 years ago now and I still have an affinity for raw cotton.  I got this beautiful cotton from The Cotton Man he is where I order all my cotton from for weddings and crafts.I loved these big rusty old gears. I originally bought them thinking I would use them as paperweights in the office. I still might, but for now they just make a pretty collage of metal next to my cotton and greenery.  Below is a basket of antique player piano scrolls I picked up for 50 cents a piece at an antique store in Dahlonega. I just thought they were too cool to pass up and I feel there is a craft in them some where.

Going from old to new, this might be my favorite new techie thing I picked up for my office. This Samsung Fast Charge Wireless Charger Stand is super handy, it allows me to charge and still FaceTime while still working from my computer. I do not even have to take my phone out of the case just place it on the charger, it is just that easy. 

The Surrounding Areas: 

I have found that with the ORC, I alway get asked about how the focal room lays out in regards to the rest of my home. My office is located on the main floor just off of my open concept great room and kitchen.

This room was designed as a 5th bedroom for this floor plan, so it does have an attached full bath.  This bath also doubles as the powder room for the great room.  Since it can be utilized as a Mother-in-Laws suite, it has a large walk in closet. Which I have turned into my “craft room” in a previous project.It also has a large outdoor screened porch area, which we  decide to upgrade a bit since you could see it from my office windows. It was originally featured last year on the  Outdoor Living Tour. It is adorned with string lights hanging from stained beams and a haint blue ceiling.  
This is where you can normally find my heard of felines sunning themselves and partaking in the freshly planted catnip as seen in 12 Pet Safe Houseplants. I can also be found here sipping on lemonade and drawing inspiration for my next design project or blog post while soaking in this magnificent view. Life is good 🙂

*Please note that this post may contain affiliate links for your convenience. These involve no extra cost to you, but may result in me receiving a small commission – for which I am very grateful! You can view my full advertising disclosure here.


WALL PAINT- Agreeable Gray Sherwin Williams | TRIM PAINT- Pure White Sherwin Williams | FLOORS- Mohawk 3″Forrest Lake Oak Color: Oxford  | CEILING FAN-  Home Decorators Collection 52 in. Indoor/Outdoor Weathered Gray Ceiling Fan-89764 (discontinued) The Home Depot  | DESK- Valerie Wayfair | PRINTER CART-Williams Media Console Pottery Barn  | WALL ART- Rift, by Kelly Johnston, Minted | WALL SHELVES- JENRON DESIGNS | WALL BRACKETS-  Mountain Metals | RECYCLE BIN-Creative Co-Op DA2847 Metal “Flower Market”   |BENCH- Dochester Side Bench Ballard’s | OFFICE CHAIR- Parson Chair Ballard’s | CHAIR/PET BED FABRIC- Merrick Coral Ballard’s 20 x20 | PILLOW FABRIC- Malabar Coral Ballard’s | LAMP- (discontinued)Ballard’s | LEATHER COW HIDE RUG- Brindle Tri-color XL  | BLACK B&W ART WALL FRAMES- 11×14 Inch Picture Frame Black (2-pack) | UNION JACK MIRROR- Room’s To Go (discontinued) |


  1. What a fun and inviting office! I bet you’ll get a lot of work accomplished in this pretty space!

  2. Thank You Tee I certainly hope so 🙂

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    Another project well done!! The beauty that you see in nature is always evident in your designs! I love all the detail, but I have to be honest, like you, I did get a tingle with the cord solution for your desk!

  5. Alexandria

    I love your new office look! The pop of pink is perfect!

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    WOW! What a difference! It looks amazing

  7. Pari

    Wow! your workspace looks so cute and organized now. I love that chair. Fits in perfectly in the room. I would love to have a comfy chair like that too 🙂

  8. It really is very comfy! I highly recommend it.

  9. Hehehe, Yes it really makes me so happy every time I enter the room too. 🙂 No uglies just hanging out the back, now to get my hubbies office under control, cord gone wild in there. I just can’t look.

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  15. Thank you so much for sharing you beautiful home office upgrades. The space really looks nice. We loved following all your DIY projects along this journey and feel as if we learned a lot. WE love what you do so we hope to see you next season too!

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